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Practice match for Eastern Region Shield

The Maldon Open on Sunday 7th September will be held as a practice match for the Eastern Region Shield at Boreham Black Bridge and Papermills.  If you are interested please contact Russell Samuels on 01621 891572.

Concessionary match on Tue 2nd Sep moved to Slough House Farm

There are not enough pegs at Whitehouse Farm for the concessionary match on Tuesday 2nd September so the match has been moved to Slough House Farm which will now be closed to non competitors from 7am on that day, re-opening at 4pm.  Whitehouse Farm will now be open to members on Tue 2nd Sep.

Please dry your nets to help keep KHV at bay

It has been brought to our attention that there have been two cases of KHV (Koi Herpes Virus)  in Essex, one at Great Oakley and one at Upminster.  Other local clubs are looking at introducing a keepnet ban on there carp waters.  We are currently considering introducing a keepnet ban with the exception of matches where all keepnets must be thoroughly dry.  In the meantime please ensure that your nets are dried out thoroughly between trips (the EA suggest that sunlight kills more viruses than the best net dips available) especially if fishing waters controlled by other clubs and syndicates between trips to Maldon AS fisheries.

22 concessionaries turn out for this year’s Alf Burton Trophy

This years Alf Burton Trophy at Slough House Farm attracted 22 of our concessionary members and over 200lbs of fish were landed.  The match was won by Bob Pallet with 16lb 12oz.  To see the full result please visit our  Concessionary match results page.

Standing room only in the Slough House Farm car park.

Totham Pit will appear extra busy on Sat 16th Aug

If you are planning on fishing Totham Pit on Sat 16th Aug don’t panic when you arrive and find the car park full of cars as most of their occupants will not be fishing and hopefully your favourite swim will still be free.  If you can find a parking space the lake is open to all members for fishing.

Nice one Jack

Jack Lowe wrote:  I arrived at Howells to find that the point was free after seeing numerous carp topping on the left hand side of the point I decided to cast a small zig with white foam to the showing fish and after 20 minutes it was away.  I was we’ll chuffed as it was a fish that I wanted to catch because of its unique scale pattern.

Jack’s distinctive 19lb Howells Mirror carp.

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