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I have been reminded (after a new member got stuck in the mud at New Hall) to resurrect this Mudwatch post:

Extreme caution (5) (unless you own a 4WD vehicle):

Brick Kiln Pond – the car park is churned up.  We will forgive you for parking outside the gate under these circumstances.
Little Park 1 & 2 – the track is good but in regular use by farm vehicles.  There is now a new key padlock on the white gates.  The grass car park can get very slippery.
New Hall – the access track is good but please do not drive beyond the water works entrance as the car park is extremely muddy and you will probably get stuck.
Whitehouse Farm – re-opened 1st Feb – Pages Lane is firm but bumpy.  The side track is muddy but the car park is OK if you can get that far.  Please do not try and drive beyond the car park.

Good/Fair (11):

Beckingham Hall – fine if you park just inside the gate on the right but increasingly iffy the further up the slope you go.
Bog Grove – the track is firm and most of the car park is OK as long as you keep off the grassy bits.  Parking for 8 cars max in the winter.  Please proceed to your swim with extra caution as the sloping banks are made of clay and very slippery underfoot.  We are planning on upgrading the car park soon as this is one of our most popular venues.
Heron Hall – firm track and car park but fairly tight for turning round.  The small layby opposite the gate is flooded again.
Little London – the access is firm but uphill, the car park has been resurfaced.  Turning round can be a bit tight.
Howells – the track is firm although the car park can get a bit churned up due to regular use.
Railway Pond – parking on the tarmac spur road.  Water level high.
Rook Hall 1,2 & 3 – re-opened 1st Feb – solid car park just inside the gate on the right.  Please do not drive on the grass.  Water levels high.
Slough House Farm – the car park is sound but there is a large puddle just outside the gate.  Please do not drive up the side of the car park.  The padlock is being changed to a combination to hopefully make it easier to get in and out.
Totham Pit – well established hard standing, no problems here.

Locks and gates

The key lock at Slough House Farm is being replaced with a combination lock this Friday 12th Feb so please have your number to hand if you are planning on fishing there from Friday as vehicles parked outside of our car park can be towed away by the land owner.  Our combination lock number can be found on page 1 of your 2015 rulebook and on the back of your 2015-16 membership card (blue sticker).

Our welder will also be inspecting the Totham Pit gate on the same day to advise us on how this can be made more secure so please approach the entrance to Totham  Pit with extra caution on Friday.

The entrance to Little Park now has a key lock fitted and members are reminded that the white gates on Maypole Road are now our only entrance to this fishery.

Finally, our key locks at Howells, Rook Hall and Heron Hall have all recently been serviced or replaced so all should now be working smoothly.

Whitehouse Farm closed to members on Wed 10th Feb

Please do not fish at Whitehouse Farm on Wed 10th Feb as the owner is intending to undertake extensive clearance of the undergrowth down to ground level on this day and this will involve the use of heavy machinery.


I am pleased to confirm that all of our agents now have 2016-17 memberships available for renewals and new members alike in their shops.  Our agents are JP Tackle in Maldon, Angling Essentials in Witham, Specimen Angling (now re-opened) in Springfield and WASS in Copford – Paul.

Important news for existing concessionary members

Following phone calls to the membership secretary from two respected ex-committee members it was agreed unanimously at the 3rd Feb committee meeting that existing concessionaries can renew as concessionaries in future seasons and only new concessionaries must be aged 65+.  If any existing concessionary members aged 60-64 have already re-joined as adult members you will be entitled to a £26 discount on your concessionary membership fee for the 2017-18 season.

Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm re-open

All three lakes at Rook Hall and our Whitehouse Farm fishery are now re-open to members after their four month shut down for duck shooting.  As in previous years expect the water level at Rook Hall to be on the high side and the track at Whitehouse Farm to be slippery.  The padlock at Rook Hall has been freshly WD40′ed so getting in and out shouldn’t be a problem.

A wintry Whitehouse Farm.

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