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Howelling Success

The photo of Kris’s thirty from Howells has arrived and Kris takes up the story:

I got to the venue at first light Friday morning, and did a couple of laps of the lake, didn’t really see much just the odd one or two shows from small fish so decided to set up in a swim that controls a lot of water. I managed 4 takes during the day but only landed 2 due to hook pulls which I wasn’t very happy about. It was about 7 o clock that evening when my left hand rod started peeling line. Whilst playing it at the beginning I didn’t think it was much bigger than 10lb until it was under the rod tip then it seemed a bit better. After about 20 mins I finally had its head up and she is kissing the spreader block. As I was preparing the unhooking mat my girlfriend lifted the fish with a struggle and placed her down while I unhooked it. As I don’t really fish this venue I was unaware of what fish it was and as I didn’t lift the fish out of the water I was unaware of the weight until the scales flew round and settled on 30lb 2oz. After a few snaps, I got the kettle on for a brew to try and stop me shaking.


Well done Kris!

Mitchell Reels Them In

Mitchell Harwood has only just become a member this year with his Dad and has had a great start to his first session at Howells this weekend bagging a total of seven fish, with a combined weight of 78 1/2lb beating his dad and setting himself a new personal best by bringing in single handed this 18 1/2lb Mirror Carp.  He would like to thank his Dads mate Deano for making his bait for this weekend…



Howells about that!

Jason Smart was disappointed when he found out there was a carp match at Totham Pit but certainly made the most of his enforced switch to Howells.  Jason takes up the story:



Well after my session the week before I was eager as ever to get back over Totham Pit only to find a match was on for the weekend so off I went to Howells to see how busy it was. When I arrived the point on the lake was being fished by a few gents so I decided to set up left of the island.  Well I wasn’t disappointed having fish of 7lb Common, 15lb Common, 27lb Common, 29lb Mirror and a very scaley 19lb Mirror. At the time in my haste I made a claim that the Common was a thirty but now I believe that I did not adjust the zero setter correctly, and after seeing the same fish caught recently at 27lb that just confirmed I was 3lb out.  At the end of the day I would only be cheating myself and it just makes me want a Maldon thirty more.





We wish you well in you quest for that thirty having already received reports of 3 different scraper thirties landed from Totham Pit and Howells so far this season.

Bank Holiday Bonanza

News has already started to arrive of catches over the Bank Holiday weekend.  One of our bailiffs, Kris, has reported landing a 30lb 2oz Common from Howells (photo to follow).  Tom Howlett has made the news page again with a new personal best 24lb 1oz Mirror from Totham Pit.  Tom takes up the story –  ” I was fishing on the point and had to get in the margin to pull it back round as it was going round the corner, I was absolutely soaked but it was well worth it as it is my new pb!”.  Last but not least, friends Jack Childs and James Morris hooked carp at Bog Grove only seconds apart and got both into the net at the same time (see gallery).

Please remember that LEADCORE is banned on all of our fisheries

Members are reminded that Leadcore is banned on all of our waters (rule 45 refers).  We have received info from one of our bailiffs on Howells that over the last month he has seen three people using it on different waters and also when raking out weed on Howells he has pulled in a rig with leadcore attached and the lead clip superglued on!  Repeat offenders will be reported to the committee and may be subject to disciplinary action which can include the withdrawal of your night permit / syndicate place (rule 27.1 refers).

Congratulations to Clive Harwood…

Congratulations to Clive who recently beat his personal best twice with an 18lb Common from Totham Pit on the 7th May, closely followed by a 24lb Leather from Howells four days later.  Both of Clive’s fish can be viewed in the gallery.

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