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Worth the long walk round the back!

Ryan Diggons wrote  “Not a bad first carping session for Dan as he also had his PB at 16lb 4oz and we ended the session with this lovely double take.  This made the long walk round the back worthwhile.”

Happy Dan and Ryan with two fine Mirrors at Slough House Farm.

Winter one off night fishing special offer

As night fishing ceases on Slough House Farm at the end of October and 5 Howells night permits are now unsold the committee have agreed that they can go on sale with immediate effect to the 94 standard night permit holders who joined before mid Sep 2012, regardless of how long you have been a member.  The next 5 standard night permit holders to send me their membership card along with £30 will be upgraded to a Howells night permit and can join our existing 45 Howells night permit holders for the winter on our most prolific twenties water. This will also guarantee you first refusal on a Howells night permit for next season.  So if you have been fishing Slough House Farm, fancy a change from Totham Pit or want to catch some carp a bit larger than Bog Grove and Beckingham Hall have to offer, now is your chance to fish a few nights with a good chance of getting a decent bend in your rod even if there is frost on the ground. 

As members upgrade this will free up standard night permits for new members, pike anglers and those wanting to use three rods up until the end of March 2013.  These will remain priced at £60 in addition to your (half price) membership fees.

More info can be found on our night permit page.

George Basham with Pearly Tail from Howells, just one of the lakes twenties which in previous years have carried on feeding throughout the winter.

Basham out and about

George Basham has done well over the last couple of months landing a lovely 15lb 2oz Mirror from the shallows at Totham Pit and a stunning 22lb 14oz Mirror from Slough House Farm taken on a snowman setup cast into mid water with a few boilies scattered around. He has also banked  Pearly Tail the Mirror off the surface from Howells at 23lb 10oz and a new personal best Common from the same venue in the shape of Cut Tail at 24lb 8oz, which put up a great scrap and was caught from the point swim casting just in front of a weed bed.

George’s new PB.  His other three carp can be found in the gallery.

Senior club match moved from Heron Hall to Slough House Farm on Sun 23rd Sep

Our new match secretary Tim Claydon has consulted his match anglers and after analysing their vote has moved the next senior club match on Sunday 23rd September from Heron Hall to Slough House Farm.  This will be a silvers only match.  The draw will be at 8.30am with fishing from 10am til 3pm.  A notice is on display at Slough House notifying members that the lake will now be closed to non competitors from 6.30am to 4pm on Sun 23rd Sep.  Heron Hall will now remain open to members all day.
Slough House Farm is full of silver fish.

Standard night permits sold out

Standard night permits for the 2012/13 season have now sold out.  Sorry if you missed out.

Settling in for the night at Slough House Farm.

Accessibility of venues

A potential new member recently asked about ease of access from car to swim around our waters and I thought I would share my reply:

In terms of accessibility we can split our venues into 3 categories:

Very good – you can park in at least one swim: 

Howells (1 swim)
Little London (1 swim)
Little Park Main Lake (3 swims) 

Good - the nearest swim is a short walk (10 yards or less): 

Beckingham Hall (if parked by pump house)
Bog Grove
Brick Kiln Pond
Chelmer & Blackwater Canal (Heybridge Tesco stretch only)
Little Park Top Lake
New Hall
Railway Pond (but its too weedy for you to want to fish there)
Rook Hall 1
Slough House Farm
Totham Pit
Whitehouse Farm 

Poor – a lengthy walk to the first swim:

Heron Hall
Rook Hall 2 & 3
River Blackwater
The rest of the Chelmer & Blackwater Canal

Little Park scores highly on accessibility.

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