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Early Renewers

Thank you to the 60 members who renewed early at the AGM, or by printing off a renewal form from this website, as this has saved us over £20 on postage which equates, at todays prices, to over 100 ide to stock into either Slough House Farm, Whitehouse Farm, Bog Grove or Heron Hall.  We are hoping to buy 7,000 fish in total, subject to availability, to stock into these four venues and Rook Hall before the weather warms up and makes fish movements unwise.  Full details, and hopefully some photos, will be posted on this website following delivery.

Slough House Farm – just one of five venues earmarked to receive more silver fish for next season.

Bailiff Hooked

Our Bailiff at Bog Grove, Allan Knight, has found a discarded carp rig at Bog Grove.  Unfortunately the first thing he knew about it was when the hook impaled him in the leg:

I thought I would post these pictures to highlight the rubbish I collected from Bog Grove which included half full bags of carp boilies, sweetcorn cans, a fishing umbrella, beer cans and cigarette packets.

While collecting this rubbish , a barbed carp rig hook went through my trousers and embedded securely into my leg.

This year I have also picked up bed mattresses, tyres, bbq packets and parts of burned out carp chairs.  I had hoped that members would be more considerate after recent warnings.  It is not the responsibility of the bailiffs to clear up everyones’ rubbish, members should take responsibility for their own rubbish.

If members continue to disrespect the environment, it is likely that we will lose the facility to fish there!

We wish Allan well and you have been warned (again).

Now we are into October

Please remember that from 1st October onwards:

Night permit holders only can use 3 rods on all venues.

Night fishing has started on Bog Grove (until the end of April).

Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm are now closed for their winter shooting breaks and re-open on 1st February.

Also its the last month of night fishing at Slough House Farm which ceases at the end of October and restarts on 1st April (the lake remains open to day fishing from 5am to 10pm throughout the winter).

George Basham caught this fine Common from Whitehouse Farm just before it closed and wrote:  “I went to Whitehouse farm for an after school session and 5 mins after I put my first rod out it went screaming off. I had never seen such a fighter like it and it took me half an hour to get in the net.  My friend had to walk in a bit just to net it but it was all worth it for this stunning common.”

Nice One Fred

Fred Phillips is not only a new member but new to the sport of angling.  This hasn’t held him back though as Fred takes up the story:

I have now been fishing for 3 weeks.  I started by going to Bog Grove and caught a 3lb Mirror and a 2lb Common.  These were my first two fish, after this I went to Whitehouse Farm in Tolleshunt D’arcy and netted a stunning 17.2lbs Common Carp.  This was my third fish and a nice catch which I was very proud of.  I just thought I would show everyone, and recently me and my mates have had loads of double figure fish out of there.

Fred Phillips with his third and largest carp.

Thank You

The committee would like to say a big thank you to the un-named member who picked up all the litter at Bog Grove after a particularly busy week at the fishery.

Bog Grove – looking much tidier thanks to one of our caring members.

Were you at Bog Grove on Thursday 25th August?

If yes then Dave Brock asks:

Has anyone found 3 carp alarms on bank sticks left at Bog Grove by my grandson on Thursday 25th August? If so please contact the Membership Secretary who will put us in touch.  Thank you.

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