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Tree felling at Bog Grove this Sunday 21st Feb

Members should note that Bog Grove will be closed this Sunday until tree felling has been completed.  There are four potentially dangerous trees being removed including the tree in the water just in front of the car park which makes fishing pegs 1 and 25 awkward.

Attention all anglers at Bog Grove – please proceed with caution

A recent visit to Bog Grove showed that the front bank and both ends are quite dangerous with leaves covering thick mud and the only way down is the water. So be warned and beware. The car park is boggy on the green stuff so please park on the hard areas.  K.Leverett – concessionary match secretary.

It’s usually a bit colder at Bog Grove by now.

Bog Grove tree removal on Friday 9th October

Bog Grove was closed for safety reasons on Friday 9th October so that a large tree could be removed by experts prior to the autumn winds arriving and putting anglers at risk.  We are pleased to report that the operation went smoothly.

Now you see it, now you don’t.

Club match update – Bog Grove Sun 7th June

This Sunday 7th June the third senior match of the season will be fished at Bog Grove.  The draw is at 8.30am with fishing from 10am to 3pm.  This is a team event so the whole lake will be closed until 4pm.

The first match of the season was also at Bog Grove on Sun 26th April and was won by Russell Samuels with 43lbs 15ozs (10 carp plus a few roach ), 2nd Steve Root 30lbs 12ozs 8drms, 3rd Mark Boulton 25lbs 2ozs 8drms.

Snakes alive at Bog Grove

I have received reports that there have been several  snakes, possibly  adders, very active at Bog Grove doing the breast stroke? Adders are dangerous so please do not attempt to scoop them up in your landing net, catch them on floaters or weigh them in at matches (they don’t count) – Kind Regards – Dave (Balliff).


Our fishery management officer has asked me to remind night permit holders that the maximum length of a night session at Totham Pit, Howells, Beckingham Hall, Little London and Bog Grove (until the end of April when night fishing at Bog Grove ceases for five months) is three consecutive nights (four days).  Night anglers must then leave the fishery completely for 24 hours.  At Slough House Farm there is a maximum of one night followed by a 24 hour break (rule 2.2).

Also the use of leadcore or any other leaders is banned to help prevent fish becoming tethered in the event of your mainline breaking (rule 6.4).

Totham Pit – you can’t fish here for the whole week but you can with a night permit for 4 days.

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