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Tue 24th Feb concessionary match moved to Little Parks

The 24th February concessionary match should have been at Bog Grove but because of the ground conditions we are now holding the match at Little Park (all depending  on the  weather conditions).

Essential tree maintenance at Bog Grove

Please be aware that there will be some essential tree maintenance at Bog Grove over the next week or so and especially on the evening of Wed 30th July and the morning of Sat 2nd August.  Committee member Dave Brock will be present at Bog Grove on both days to oversee the tree felling activities and the lake will be closed for a while (insurance instructions) to prevent unauthorised access.  The trees designated for removal have been sprayed up with yellow spray.  We apologise for any inconvenience this causes but hopefully dealing with these trees now will make Bog Grove far more accessible when the weather turns nasty again in the autumn.

Rod, reel and leg update

For followers of the rod that was pulled into the top lake at Little Park and the missing seat/box leg that was found at Bog Grove you will be pleased to hear that both are soon to be re-united with their rightful owners.

Do you own a digger? Can you help?

If you own any equipment suitable for scraping the tracks at Totham Pit and Bog Grove to remove the pot holes please contact our Fishery Management Officer Paul Kemp via the webmaster at


Concessionary match moved to Slough House

The concessionary match scheduled for Tuesday 14th January has been moved from the canal at Boreham Black Bridge to Slough House Farm.  Bog Grove was also considered as an alternative venue but was ruled out as the recent wet weather has made some of the swims slippery under foot and the good turn out at these matches would mean that nearly every swim would need to be pegged.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Membership as a Christmas Gift

The fees for next season 2014-15 were agreed at last night’s commitee meeting and this means I can now launch our new ‘buy a loved one a Maldon AS membership for Christmas’ idea (thank you Brian for suggesting it!).  The fees are staying the same so please print off this 2014-15 application form and either post it off to the membership secretary or take it along to one of our agents.  Important – if applying by post please ensure that the enclosed envelope has your own address on it and not the address of the member so you can receive the membership card, rulebook and key directly and gift wrap it appropriately (maybe tucked inside a new tackle box, scales pouch or weigh sling).  The membership you receive will be for the remainder of the 2013-14 season (valid from Christmas day) and will run until the 31st March 2014 but the fishing for these 3 months is effectively free as you are really paying for the 2014-15 season which runs until the 31st March 2015 (15 months fishing for the price of 12).  The member will be expected to return their card to the membership secretary only by the 31st March 2014 for upgrade at no extra charge (apart from the cost of 2 stamps) to take full advantage of this deal.

Please note that this offer can include the winter 3 rods upgrade for an extra £30 (valid for 25th Dec 2013 to 31st Mar 2014 and again from 1st Oct 2014 to 31st Mar 2015) but NOT a night permit (although this can be applied later as an upgrade from the end of January).  Merry Christmas!

A festive Bog Grove.

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