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Our fishery management officer has asked me to remind night permit holders that the maximum length of a night session at Totham Pit, Howells, Beckingham Hall, Little London and Bog Grove (until the end of April when night fishing at Bog Grove ceases for five months) is three consecutive nights (four days).  Night anglers must then leave the fishery completely for 24 hours.  At Slough House Farm there is a maximum of one night followed by a 24 hour break (rule 2.2).

Also the use of leadcore or any other leaders is banned to help prevent fish becoming tethered in the event of your mainline breaking (rule 6.4).

Totham Pit – you can’t fish here for the whole week but you can with a night permit for 4 days.


This rubbish was collected last Thursday from Rook Hall, Heron Hall and Beckingham Hall, most of it came from Beckingham. Rule 5.7 is being actively enforced by our bailiffs and anyone found leaving litter will be banned, no exceptions.

All night permits are now sold out

As of 7.30pm on Wed 21st Aug both types of night permit (Howells and Standard) are now sold out for the 2013/14 season.  Howells night permits will go back on sale on 1st Apr 2014 and standard night permits from the date of the annual general meeting (TBC).  All night permit holders can use 3 rods from the 1st Oct and non night permit holders wanting to use 3 rods can purchase an additional 3 rod permit upgrade costing £30 which is valid from 1st Oct 2013 to 31st Mar 2014.

Beckingham Hall Organised Shoots

It has recently come to light that the farm partner of the owner of Beckingham Hall has organised a series of shoots.  We were not aware of these when the 2012 rulebook was printed.  Charlie who organises the shoots says that there are about 6 a year.  They are always on a Friday and he says they try not to go too near the lake.  He has said that on shoot days he will go round and warn any anglers that the shoot is imminent and that they only drive for about an hour anyway.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused and a note to this effect will be included in the 2013 rulebook.

These two have long since flown to somewhere safer.

Winter one off night fishing special offer

As night fishing ceases on Slough House Farm at the end of October and 5 Howells night permits are now unsold the committee have agreed that they can go on sale with immediate effect to the 94 standard night permit holders who joined before mid Sep 2012, regardless of how long you have been a member.  The next 5 standard night permit holders to send me their membership card along with £30 will be upgraded to a Howells night permit and can join our existing 45 Howells night permit holders for the winter on our most prolific twenties water. This will also guarantee you first refusal on a Howells night permit for next season.  So if you have been fishing Slough House Farm, fancy a change from Totham Pit or want to catch some carp a bit larger than Bog Grove and Beckingham Hall have to offer, now is your chance to fish a few nights with a good chance of getting a decent bend in your rod even if there is frost on the ground. 

As members upgrade this will free up standard night permits for new members, pike anglers and those wanting to use three rods up until the end of March 2013.  These will remain priced at £60 in addition to your (half price) membership fees.

More info can be found on our night permit page.

George Basham with Pearly Tail from Howells, just one of the lakes twenties which in previous years have carried on feeding throughout the winter.

Thank you Kelvin

Kelvin Willis has stepped down as Match Secretary to concentrate on his latest venture as the new landlord of the Queen Victoria pub in Spital Road Maldon.

Kelvin in action in his last senior match in charge, the Presidents Trophy which he won by some considerable margin.

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