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Standard night permits sold out

Standard night permits for the 2012/13 season have now sold out.  Sorry if you missed out.

Settling in for the night at Slough House Farm.

Presidents Match

Please note that both Beckingham Hall and Heron Hall will be closed from 6.30am on Sat 11th Aug for the Presidents trophy match as the draw is at 8.30am and not at 12.30pm as stated in the rulebook.  The committee versus members match will start at 10am and finish at 3pm with both venues re-opening to members from 4pm, four hours earlier than originally stated.

Heron Hall – now re-opening to members on Saturday long before the sun sets.

Accessibility of venues

A potential new member recently asked about ease of access from car to swim around our waters and I thought I would share my reply:

In terms of accessibility we can split our venues into 3 categories:

Very good – you can park in at least one swim: 

Howells (1 swim)
Little London (1 swim)
Little Park Main Lake (3 swims) 

Good - the nearest swim is a short walk (10 yards or less): 

Beckingham Hall (if parked by pump house)
Bog Grove
Brick Kiln Pond
Chelmer & Blackwater Canal (Heybridge Tesco stretch only)
Little Park Top Lake
New Hall
Railway Pond (but its too weedy for you to want to fish there)
Rook Hall 1
Slough House Farm
Totham Pit
Whitehouse Farm 

Poor – a lengthy walk to the first swim:

Heron Hall
Rook Hall 2 & 3
River Blackwater
The rest of the Chelmer & Blackwater Canal

Little Park scores highly on accessibility.

Fred banks Birthmark

Fred Phillips has been catching well at Howells and has recently landed a nice mirror called ’’Birthmark’’ and a new pb 25lb 8oz Common.

Please can I take this opportunity to remind juniors that they can only fish Howells and Beckingham Hall if accompanied by an adult member.  Fred has done the sensible thing and on reaching the age of 16 he has upgraded his membership to an intermediate which allows him to fish Howells and Beckingham Hall unaccompanied.  Juniors caught by bailiffs fishing on either of these two venues without an adult will be asked to pack up and leave / be collected and could also receive a warning / ban.

High water alerts

Please take the following into account if you are venturing out onto the soggy banks over the next week or so:

Flooded:  Little London

Higher than normal water levels:  Rook Hall (the middle and far lakes have joined together but some swims on all 3 lakes remain fishable), Railway Pond.

Brim full: Slough House Farm (outflow pipe cleared), Bog Grove, Little Park. 

Low Risk:  Heron Hall, Whitehouse Farm, Totham Pit, Beckingham Hall, Brick Kiln pond, Howells.

Closed:  All rivers and canals (just as well!). 

Please also remember that the access tracks at some of the venues that aren’t flooded such as Whitehouse Farm, Beckingham Hall and the alternative entrance to Little Park can get very slippery for ‘ordinary cars’ and only members with four wheel drive vehicles should attempt to access them. 

This must be the wettest drought since records began!

Rook Hall far lake is brim full and has joined up with the middle lake.

Please stick to the car parks

Members are reminded that under no circumstances can they drive beyond society car parks and around society waters.  Anyone caught doing so will be liable to receive a warning and lose their right to hold a night fishing permit.  The main venues where people are tempted to ‘drop off tackle in their swims’ or ‘fish from their vehicles’ are Slough House Farm, Rook Hall and Beckingham Hall but reports have also been received in the past from Howells and incredibly from Little Park, Bog Grove and New Hall!

Also if someone else drives around the lake to visit you or drop you off (member or not) then you are still responsible so please ask them not to do it!

Finally we are working on replacing the combination padlock at Little Park so until we do you might still have to use the alternative approved (by the landowner) entrance by Red Lodge.  It is very important that you close and lock all access gates, especially at Little Park and Rook Hall where new signage will soon be put up reminding members to do so and improve the security of these popular lakes.

Please keep access gates locked and stick to the car parks.

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