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Rules revamped

The rules now have a new look and numbering system which hopefully makes things easier to find.  Most are still worded the same but the following new and updated rules were agreed at the committee meeting on Wed 7th Mar 2012:

Updated:  ‘No member is to use a fixed weight of greater than one ounce’ replaced by ‘Any fixed lead used must be able to detach itself from the hooklink should the main line happen to break (excluding split shot)’.

New:  ‘Members must produce their membership card when asked to do so by another membership card carrying member’.

New:  ‘The society reserves the right to refuse an application to join from anyone without giving a reason’.

Updated:  ‘No bait is to be discarded into the water at the end of a fishing session’ replaced by ‘Surplus bait must be taken home’.

Updated:   ‘Howells Lake, Little Park and Beckingham Hall; no junior members are allowed on these waters unless accompanied by a responsible adult member at all times’ (this is now a lease requirement).

Rule changes

These recent rule changes were shared with members at the AGM on Sunday.

Festive Stocking

On Sunday 18th December the planned netting of a lake the other side of Colchester went ahead.
310lb of small carp were stocked into Beckingham Hall to grow on: 

along with one good Perch as a Christmas present for the little Rudd:
Nearly all the mixed silvers (about 250lbs) went into Totham Pit, including some nice Perch:
and the largest Common, a mid double, also went into Totham Pit:
In all a total of 586lbs of fish were stocked into the two lakes.
Many thanks to Sam, Dan, Paul Kemp and Pete for their dedication above the call of duty so close to Christmas and to David who was on hand to record what went where.  More detail will appear in our forthcoming January newsletter.
The carp are the offspring of a very good hump backed strain and should grow on well.

Beckingham Haul

Our first report of the season has arrived from Beckingham Hall and it appears that we have all been missing out on some great sport and some stunning looking carp:

‘Mayhem  at Beckingham Hall with all five of us catching starting with Paul who had 17 carp then Jack with 9 carp, Chris with 2 and Dave and Paul’s son with 1 each.  That’s 30 carp out Thursday to Sunday with the biggest being 13lb 8oz and some very nice old  Mirror carp.’


The pick of the bunch – a stunning 13lb 8oz fully scaled Mirror for Jack (this and 6 more doubles from the combined haul can be found in the gallery).

Fish stocking at Beckingham Hall

On Sunday 23rd May an additional 200lbs of fish were stocked into Beckingham Hall. These were mostly carp to 7lbs and a few mixed silver fish.

Beckingham Hall WD

Single Night Tickets Scrapped

At the committee meeting on Wed 5th May it was agreed to stop selling £10 one off night tickets with immediate effect.  Night fishing at Totham Pit, Howells, Slough House Farm and Beckingham Hall is now strictly for full season night permit holders only.

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