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New Hall Close Season

New Hall (aka Purleigh Vineyards) is closed for fishing from Friday 1st April (this is not an April fool) until Saturday 30th April, re-opening on Sunday 1st May.

New Hall – out of bounds for the month of April.

New Hall re-opens and surprises Alan!

Alan Cleave, who particularly enjoys a trip out after a predator or two, has recently sent in this report:

Just thought you would like to know the results of my predator sessions at New Hall.  Very surprising, had three large perch to over 2lb 12oz and the eels in there go to 5lb 4oz.  That relly threw me as they take float fished half smelt.  Also it looks as if there might be some american bullhead catfish in there along with a couple of koi carp!

If you hook, land or see anything out of the ordinary on any of our venues please do let us know.

New Hall Closed

Please remember that New Hall is closed for the month of April.  If you are planning a visit before the end of March you may find the entrance blocked as there is a fly tipper at large in the area and our entrance gate to New Hall seems to be one of the favoured spots!  If you cannot gain entry to the fishery please park as close to the gate as possible and avoid blocking the entrance to the water works.  If you can get to the gate the combination lock will open with the same number as Howells.

Have you considered fishing New Hall lake at Purleigh?

New Hall re-opened on 1st May after its one month close season and member Kelvin Willis wrote:

‘I have fished this great (although very under fished) lake regularly and have had some fantastic bags (up to 40lb) of Roach, Rudd and Roach/Bream Hybrids ranging from tiny ones on Maggots, up to 10oz plus on bigger baits like corn and pellet. I feel that this lake could become Maldon AS signature silver fish lake. I’ve had a few Tench but not in any numbers and have seen one 3lb plus Perch come out to a friend of mine. It’s a lovely even depth lake, easy for youngsters to bag up and not too weedy. I’ve also had one lovely little Orange/Black Koi out of there at about a pound but this is the only carp activity I have seen there.’

Please note that the rulebook states this fishery has a key lock but it currently has a combination lock on the gate (the number is the same as that stated for Howells in the 2009 rulebook).


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