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Please support our bailiffs

Our bailiffs have asked me to gently remind members that all of our bailiffs are unpaid volunteers who are looking after all of our interests rather than just being a nuisance when they ask to see your membership card or remind you of the rules.

Leaders banned on Howells

Following the capture of 5 carp at Howells trailing lost leaders and instances of carp becoming tethered to marginal bushes all forms of leader are now banned on Howells with immediate effect.

Fred banks Birthmark

Fred Phillips has been catching well at Howells and has recently landed a nice mirror called ’’Birthmark’’ and a new pb 25lb 8oz Common.

Please can I take this opportunity to remind juniors that they can only fish Howells and Beckingham Hall if accompanied by an adult member.  Fred has done the sensible thing and on reaching the age of 16 he has upgraded his membership to an intermediate which allows him to fish Howells and Beckingham Hall unaccompanied.  Juniors caught by bailiffs fishing on either of these two venues without an adult will be asked to pack up and leave / be collected and could also receive a warning / ban.

New rule for treble hooks

The following new rule was passed at the May committee meeting:

“Treble hooks used on wire traces for fish deadbaits must be semi-barbless.”

This rule was passed too late to be included in the 2012 rulebook.

This 6lb 4oz Totham Pit pike was hooked and landed on maize so it must have been hungry!

New rule

In readiness for next winter the committee have, at the request of a member, introduced a new rule of:

“Dead fish baits are only allowed if fished with a wire trace”

It is hoped that will reduce the number of pike that are landed each winter with bitten off hooks in their mouths.

This rule change will not feature in the new 2012 rulebook, which incidentally is now at the printers so should hopefully be dropping through members doors in early May.

We also encourage members to flatten the barbs on at least two of each of the treble hook points to aid unhooking.

Please stick to the car parks

Members are reminded that under no circumstances can they drive beyond society car parks and around society waters.  Anyone caught doing so will be liable to receive a warning and lose their right to hold a night fishing permit.  The main venues where people are tempted to ‘drop off tackle in their swims’ or ‘fish from their vehicles’ are Slough House Farm, Rook Hall and Beckingham Hall but reports have also been received in the past from Howells and incredibly from Little Park, Bog Grove and New Hall!

Also if someone else drives around the lake to visit you or drop you off (member or not) then you are still responsible so please ask them not to do it!

Finally we are working on replacing the combination padlock at Little Park so until we do you might still have to use the alternative approved (by the landowner) entrance by Red Lodge.  It is very important that you close and lock all access gates, especially at Little Park and Rook Hall where new signage will soon be put up reminding members to do so and improve the security of these popular lakes.

Please keep access gates locked and stick to the car parks.

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