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New Hall Close Season

New Hall (aka Purleigh Vineyards) is closed for fishing from Friday 1st April (this is not an April fool) until Saturday 30th April, re-opening on Sunday 1st May.

New Hall – out of bounds for the month of April.

Rule Changes

The new 2011 rulebook is currently being printed.  In the meantime please note the following amendments / new rules: 

33. Bog Grove, Little Park Langford and Whitehouse Farm, cereal groundbait and boilies allowed at a maximum of 1 kilogram per fishing session.

45. Braided main lines are banned.  Leadcore is no longer banned but only shop bought ready made leaders and those made with a spliced loop are allowed.  Maximum length of home made leaders to be 1.5 metres.  Bailiffs have the right to inspect any rig to ensure that it is fish friendly in the event of the reel line breaking. 

49. The society reserves the right to refuse an application to join from anyone who is known to have been banned from another fishing club.

Please also remember, at the Head Bailiffs request: 

31. All anglers fishing for carp or pike on Society waters must be in possession of an unhooking mat.

Not the largest of carp but this low double from Howells is safely on the mat.

For the full list of rules click here

Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm Re-Open

Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm re-open for fishing after their respective 4 month close seasons on Tuesday 1st Feb 2011.  Members are reminded that fishing at Rook Hall is from dawn until dusk only while fishing at Whitehouse Farm is permitted between 5am and 10pm (no night fishing allowed).  Please proceed with caution when approaching and parking at both of these fisheries as water levels are still very high and parking areas are likely to be very soft.  Even the Chairman managed to get stuck at Whitehouse Farm last year and needed to have his car pushed out of the mud by two other anglers, so nobody is completely safe from the ‘dreaded wheelspin’.

Rook Hall Front Lake.

Whitehouse Farm.

Bankside Etiquette

Members, especially new members, are reminded not to cast into other peoples swims.  This can be more of an issue during the winter when night permit holders are permitted to use 3 rods.  For example if you are casting from the sandy island swims at Totham Pit over towards the sheer bank this is fine as long as NO ONE IS FISHING on the sheer bank.  As soon as another member starts to set up opposite you rule 30 applies, ie No member to fish their swim over half way to another angler.  If you have just baited up you can of course politely ask the newly arrived member if he would mind fishing a different swim but there is no obligation on him/her to do this and if they continue to set up the rod cast more than half way towards them must be wound in and repositioned.  Members failing to wind in are breaking a rule and liable to be reported.  If you are considering baiting up with a large quantity of bait it pays to fish as close to your chosen area as possible to avoid disappointment.

Totham Pit Colliers Bay from Wooded Bank

The far margin – a tempting cast but only if no one is fishing there.

Mistake in Rulebook

Please note that page 33 of the current red rulebook should state that the season for Whitehouse Farm is 1st Feb to 30th Sep and NOT 31st Oct.  The correct dates do appear on page 17.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Whitehouse Farm is closed on 1st Oct for 4 months and re-opens on 1st Feb.

Steer Clear of Boats

The committee have received two separate reports this week of anglers fishing very close to or between moored boats on the canal.  While we appreciate that this is often where the bigger fish are lurking this is in breach of our lease.  If you are a Maldon, Kelvedon, Chelmsford, Does or day ticket angler please refrain from fishing permanent landing stages and the sections of the canal (usually close to lock gates) where boats are moored.

C&B Heybridge Basin

Sections like the one close to The Ship pub at Heybridge Basin look appealing but cannot be fished from the bank due to the permanently moored boats (although if you are a boat owner you can fish off of your boat).

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