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Our fishery management officer has asked me to remind night permit holders that the maximum length of a night session at Totham Pit, Howells, Beckingham Hall, Little London and Bog Grove (until the end of April when night fishing at Bog Grove ceases for five months) is three consecutive nights (four days).  Night anglers must then leave the fishery completely for 24 hours.  At Slough House Farm there is a maximum of one night followed by a 24 hour break (rule 2.2).

Also the use of leadcore or any other leaders is banned to help prevent fish becoming tethered in the event of your mainline breaking (rule 6.4).

Totham Pit – you can’t fish here for the whole week but you can with a night permit for 4 days.

Bailiffs can confiscate cards

Members are reminded that bailiffs can confiscate your membership card if you are caught breaking the rules – Shaun McGuinness (Head Bailiff).


The new blue 2015 rulebooks have now arrived and will be posted out to full members who have rejoined for the 2015-16 season tomorrow (Tue 21st Apr).  JP Tackle have a supply of rulebooks.


This rubbish was collected last Thursday from Rook Hall, Heron Hall and Beckingham Hall, most of it came from Beckingham. Rule 5.7 is being actively enforced by our bailiffs and anyone found leaving litter will be banned, no exceptions.

For those who missed our annual general meeting…

We held our AGM on Sunday 18th January 2015 and for those who missed it here are the AGM 15 Minutes and the Fishery Management report for 2015 AGM.

In brief the proposal to ban keepnets was rejected and the proposal that everyone representing Maldon AS in team events must have attended at least 20% of club matches in the previous twelve months was accepted.


Reminder of rule 4.1 “Gates”  - All members will lock Society gates on entering and leaving waters.

“By ensuring you ALWAYS lock the gate, you are not only securing the land owners property, you are also restricting vehicular access by non members into secluded areas of land, potentially making your own and other members cars and personal belongings vulnerable to the opportunist.  This also helps to prevent the Friday/Saturday youths from sitting in our car parks eating their take away food and dumping their rubbish before they leave.

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