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Bailiffs to check rigs

Following increased reports of members using leaders (all forms of leader are banned on all of our fisheries) and also death rigs with permanently fixed leads our bailiffs will be carrying out increased checks of rigs to ensure that they comply with our rules.  If a bailiff asks to see your rig please show it to him as we are only trying to protect our valuable fish stocks.  This Safe Rigs pdf from a few seasons ago still applies in this situation.  Thank you.

Slough House Farm might have to close

The committee have decided that if the new permanent pegs at Slough House Farm (numbered white wooden posts) continue to be pulled out, snapped off, tampered with and generally vandalised then the lake will have to be closed for fishing until further notice.  This might also lead to a permanent ban on night fishing being imposed.  Any member caught vandalising a peg will be subject to disciplinary action which could result in the withdrawal of night permit or a suspension / ban, but if not caught in the act then closing the lake completely is the only other option.  There are 25 numbered pegs on Slough House Farm and the numbers are not just to benefit match anglers but also assist our bailiffs as well.  A notice to this effect has been put on the gate at Slough House Farm and the situation is being actively monitored by our bailiffs.

CAPS join us on the canal

From 16th June 2015 the Chelmer & Blackwater canal re-opens for fishing and along with Maldon AS, Chelmsford AA and Kelvedon & DAA members we will be joined this season by members of Colchester APS who can also now fish the towpath bank from Chelmsford gasworks to Heybridge Basin.

IMPORTANT - everyone fishing the canal must show their MAS, CAA, KDAA or CAPS membership card to any bailiff from any of the four clubs.  If you are not a member of one of these four clubs you will be expected to buy a day ticket from a MAS day ticket bailiff, the kiosk at Heybridge Basin or from JP Tackle  (£6 for adults on the bank).  A day ticket allows fishing from 5am to 10pm, night fishing is for members of MAS, CAA, KDAA or CAPS only.  In line with the rules set out by the C&B Canal Company fishing is NOT allowed near or between boats, opposite moorings, off landing stages, from bridges or within 30 metres of any locks.  Anyone found doing so will be asked to pack up and move/leave.

Just a small piece of the canal which can now also be enjoyed by CAPS members.


Our fishery management officer has asked me to remind night permit holders that the maximum length of a night session at Totham Pit, Howells, Beckingham Hall, Little London and Bog Grove (until the end of April when night fishing at Bog Grove ceases for five months) is three consecutive nights (four days).  Night anglers must then leave the fishery completely for 24 hours.  At Slough House Farm there is a maximum of one night followed by a 24 hour break (rule 2.2).

Also the use of leadcore or any other leaders is banned to help prevent fish becoming tethered in the event of your mainline breaking (rule 6.4).

Totham Pit – you can’t fish here for the whole week but you can with a night permit for 4 days.

Bailiffs can confiscate cards

Members are reminded that bailiffs can confiscate your membership card if you are caught breaking the rules – Shaun McGuinness (Head Bailiff).


The new blue 2015 rulebooks have now arrived and will be posted out to full members who have rejoined for the 2015-16 season tomorrow (Tue 21st Apr).  JP Tackle have a supply of rulebooks.

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