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Fish Sunday Senior Club Matches

Have you ever thought about fishing our Sunday Club matches?

Don’t be put off by thinking that we are all serious match anglers and you won’t stand a chance, or by any lack of knowledge you may have of our waters.

Matches are a great way to find out how are waters fish and what pegs are better than others, what methods work best, and of course they are a good way to meet other anglers who like that slight competitive edge.

We have a good crowd who regularly turn up and we all have a good laugh and enjoy the banter. Sometimes we even have a good days fishing!

Come and Join us you might just learn something!

Our club matches are pretty much every other weekend, with a few more in the summer months.

Senior Club matches are only £6 for entry, just enough to keep it friendly.

As of this season we will be inviting Kelvedon DAA members to our matches and in return, we are invited to some of theirs (Seabrooks Reservoir, Layer Marney Lakes, and the river Stour at Dedham for example), so you can even fish other waters at no extra cost.

Regular participants will be invited to take part in our team events, such as the Presidents match, Comittee V Members, Maldon V Does AC, Maldon V Chelmsford AA and Maldon V Chelmsford AA V Billericay DAA, these matches can also involve fishing away matches on the respective clubs waters.

We also run a matchman of the year trophy, in which your best 8 results of the year count towards our new matchman of the year shield. There are also a few other trophy matches for that extra incentive.

This seasons match fixtures will be in your club rulebook

Please contact me, Kelvin Willis, to book your place in any match, all ages and levels of experience are welcome, and remember, we are not all serious matchmen, we enjoy the banter and learning from eachother to make ourselves better anglers.

My contact number is 07706047342 and I will look forward to hearing from you!

The Maldon AS team who fished against Does AC at Rook Hall last year.

Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm Re-Open

Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm re-open for fishing after their respective 4 month close seasons on Tuesday 1st Feb 2011.  Members are reminded that fishing at Rook Hall is from dawn until dusk only while fishing at Whitehouse Farm is permitted between 5am and 10pm (no night fishing allowed).  Please proceed with caution when approaching and parking at both of these fisheries as water levels are still very high and parking areas are likely to be very soft.  Even the Chairman managed to get stuck at Whitehouse Farm last year and needed to have his car pushed out of the mud by two other anglers, so nobody is completely safe from the ‘dreaded wheelspin’.

Rook Hall Front Lake.

Whitehouse Farm.

Rook Hall Netting

As part of our ongoing fishery management policy the far lake at Rook Hall was netted on Sun 31st Oct and about 100lb of silver fish were moved to the front lake, with 4 small carp moved to the middle lake.  All larger carp were returned to the far lake.  The lake was found to be very silty and difficult to net but another attempt has not been ruled out.

netting and boys 009

Some of the silver fish netted and moved to Rook Hall front lake.

netting and boys 004

The MAS netting team hard at work.

October approaches

October is a time of change on Maldon’s waters:

  • Night permit holders can use 3 rods on ALL venues from 1st Oct.
  • Ashmans Farm and the two River Blackwater sections at Braxted (lock number 5118) cease to be Maldon AS fisheries on 1st Oct.
  • Night fishing starts on Bog Grove but don’t expect to get much sleep at this heavily stocked venue, at least until after the first few frosts.
  • Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm close for their winter shooting breaks.
  • Night fishing at Slough House Farm ceases at the end of October.

Presidents Trophy Showdown

Swan Mussel

Did John have the mussel to guide the Presidents team to victory?  All is revealed on the match results page

Presidents Match Venue Change

The venue for this year’s Presidents Trophy match on Sat 14th Aug has been moved from the canal to Rook Hall.  This is the first time that this team event has been fished across 3 different lakes.  Equal numbers from each side will be pegged on each lake with winnings paid out for 1st and 2nd on all three with the Presidents tankard going to the overall winner.  The draw remains at 12:30 with fishing from 2pm to 7pm.  The venue will now be closed to non competitors from 10.30am for the remainder of the day.

Rook Hall No 1

The new venue for the Presidents Trophy.

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