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Concessionary match on Tue 8th Mar moved to Little London

The 8th March concessionary match has been moved from the canal at Tesco’s to Little London Reservoir so we can catch.

A recent bag of roach caught from Little London.

Little London receives a boost

At a recent committee meeting it was agreed that the Maldon lake that was probably fishing the slowest was Little London so to try and remedy the situation we would ensure that the next batch of fish we purchased would be stocked into this attractive fishery.  I can now confirm that 255lb of silver fish and 30 carp to low doubles have been stocked with more silver fish to follow soon.

Just some of the silvers about to go into Little London.

One of the larger carp stocked into Little London.

Little London car park and track improved

With the addition of Little London to our night permit we have invested in improving the car park and track well in advance of the autumn wet weather.

Both the car park

and access track

have been improved with road planings and we hope to repeat this exercise once again while the weather is still dry.

A big thank you to Paul, George and Jamie for organising this and for their intensive shovelling.


Our fishery management officer has asked me to remind night permit holders that the maximum length of a night session at Totham Pit, Howells, Beckingham Hall, Little London and Bog Grove (until the end of April when night fishing at Bog Grove ceases for five months) is three consecutive nights (four days).  Night anglers must then leave the fishery completely for 24 hours.  At Slough House Farm there is a maximum of one night followed by a 24 hour break (rule 2.2).

Also the use of leadcore or any other leaders is banned to help prevent fish becoming tethered in the event of your mainline breaking (rule 6.4).

Totham Pit – you can’t fish here for the whole week but you can with a night permit for 4 days.

Cheap baits are all you require

Dave Bennett wrote:  Bought some 25p Asda Beef and Ham paste and added it to some bread and had some Common Carp at Little Parks.  Here’s a nice 6lb one Mark caught on said bait:

Still tomorrow is Canal and River time so pray we get some nice Perch, Bream and Eel photo’s to share.  Tight lines – Dave.

Venue change for concessionary match on Tue 13th May

The concessionary match on Tues the 13th May should have been at London Res but numbers far exceed swims, so the match will be at Slough House instead.  Many thanks – Keith.

Little London – there just aren’t enough swims there for concessionary matches anymore.

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