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Top three pole sections lost at Little Park

Lost top three sections of my pole whilst fishing on peg 6 at Little Parks island lake recently.  As I was pulling sections apart from my pole a large carp came up and pulled it from my hands. It was fitted with line and float etc (barbless hook) so hopefully managed to dislodge ok.  Have returned several times but no sightings yet.  Many thanks - Len.

If anyone finds Len’s missing pole sections please contact the membership secretary or email

Found at Slough House Farm

A member who visited Slough House Farm on Friday 14th Oct has found what looks like a car parcel shelf or floor panel leaning against the car park fence. It may be that someone removed it to facilitate tackle movement and then forgot about it.  If the item is yours, and you would like it returned, please contact David the Secretary on the phone number shown in the rulebook and he will put you in touch with the member who has taken it home.

Key found in Totham Pit padlock on Friday 18th Dec

If the member who left their key in the gate at Totham Pit on Friday 18th Dec wants to contact the membership secretary he will return it.  Thank you to Pete for posting it back.

Lost landing net

Jim has left his 50 inch landing net at Totham Pit.  If anyone has found Jim’s net please contact the membership secretary (phone number in rulebook) or email – Thank you.

Found – adjusting knob for Nash chair

One of our members found a Nash adjusting chair knob at Heron Hall on Sunday 2nd August.  If this is yours, and you would like it back, please contact the membership secretary or email the webmaster on

Have you found Hugo’s bank stick and rod rest at Little Park?

I have received a heart-felt plea “Do you think it would be sad if you posted a note on the website asking for the return of my favourite bank stick and rod rest? I’ve had both for over 20 years and I’m very sad without them. I left them at Little Park last night Thursday 16th July.  The person who might have picked them up after I left could have been driving an 04 plate silver Mitsubishi 4×4. I’d be fairly certain it was him as he was packing up as I left and half an hour later when I returned bank stick and him were gone……all very sad…….”

If you have Hugo’s favourite bank stick and rod rest please can you return them, no questions asked, to the Membership Secretary who will reunite them with Hugo.  Thank you – Paul.

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