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Rod snatchers

It has happened again.  This is at least the fourth time that just I know of where a member has had their rod pulled in at Bog Grove.  The carp in there are starting to get themselves a rod snatching reputation.  The latest victim is our very own concessionary match secretary Keith Leverett:
“Today I was fishing Bog Grove and I hooked a good carp.  When playing it I turned around to pick up my landing net and the carp turned turtle and dragged the rod out of my hand. I could not retrieve it as you know the fishery is very deep. The rod and reel are quite valuable. If anybody manages to hook it I will give them a reward. The rod was an 8′ Tricast wand and the reel a shimano aerlex.  As you can appreciate I am saddened.  Would you please put this in the news section and hopefully someone may hook it.  Many thanks – Keith”
The last rod to be pulled in was caught several days later and returned to its rightful owner and we are hoping that if you hook Keith’s rod we can also reunite this rod and reel with its owner.  If you do manage to land Keith’s rod please contact him on the number printed in the rulebook.

Calling anglers at Bog Grove

Member Steven Galea had his rod pulled in at Bog Grove over the weekend of 15-16th Aug.  If you catch his rod please contact the membership secretary who will pass on your details to Steven who would like to get his rod back.

It’s in there somewhere….

Were you at Bog Grove on Thursday 25th August?

If yes then Dave Brock asks:

Has anyone found 3 carp alarms on bank sticks left at Bog Grove by my grandson on Thursday 25th August? If so please contact the Membership Secretary who will put us in touch.  Thank you.

Fox Micron Bite Alarms

If you have found any Fox Micron bite alarms in the pipe swim at Totham Pit since Thursday 16th June please can you contact the Head Bailiff as the member who left them behind would very much like to be re-acquainted with them.

Tackle items found at Brick Kiln Pond

If you have lost any fishing tackle at Brick Kiln Pond please contact the Secretary who has the name and number of the person who found it so that you can be reunited with your tackle.

Mark needs your help

Mark Jowers writes:
I have left a Free Spirit (camo) storm jacket at Totham Pit. It was left on a stalking session a couple of months ago in July or August? It is now approaching the time of year when I will definitely need it. Money is tight and I would appreciate if anyone who has picked it up would come forward and hand it in or give me a call on 07973348930 (no questions asked). Just begrudge paying out for a new one with xmas round the corner….

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