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First Coaching Day for Angling Coaching Initiative – 19th May

Our first coaching day for ACI, and what a result. The first event for our voluntary coaching for Juniors and Adults alike, and the culmination of a lot of hard work by everyone, but this was the fun part!

We had 11 learners and seven of us to teach them, on a beautiful sunny day over at a small enclosed, tree lined water, Slough House West just north of Maldon. So all the tackle we’d acquired or bought with the Sport England Grant finally got an outing and did us proud for results. Everyone caught fish from the start, with roach being the main species, there was one lovely tench, plus perch, rudd and a few gudgeon and even the odd eel too. The carp though proved elusive, even the one that was hooked proved too much for the four metre elasticated whip it was hooked with and made its escape.

We heard lovely comments about how the day went, such as from one Dad “he had a great time, he’s been bragging to everybody he caught more fish than me!”  One girl caught far more than her brother too and she delighted in reminding him of it throughout the whole time.

Everyone loved it, and are rebooking to join us again. Interested? Then join us; enrol, book in with us or let us know if you’d like to learn more. Whether you’re just starting out, or wanting to get back into fishing again now, we cater for every level of ability! Join us long-term too, we can expand your skills as far as you wish!

Our web site is and the Angling Trust now have all our events listed, go to under Eastern England.

Chris Burt – ACI Chairman


Mobile:  07917 781299

Dave and Mark’s day of mixed emotions

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotion as I took my youngest to Heybridge Basin. We fished the first swim and in the first few minutes had a nice Rudd and lost (never saw it) a large fish.  At the end of the session we’d had two Tench of approx 3 and 4 lb, my biggest ever Perch of approx 1.5 lb plus loads of Rudd, Roach, Bream, Perch and Eels.

Now the downside… I lost a really big perch and a really big slab and when we went to bring the keepnet in there were only two really small fish left in it as there was a big hole at the bottom of it. I looked at Mark and we both fell about laughing!!!!

That said what a great afternoon and conditions were far from perfect as it was so windy.

Hopefully, armed with a sewn up net, Dave and Mark will be returning to do battle with the beasts of the Basin again soon.

Photo competition

When our editor compiled the winter newsletter he decided to include some photos from our gallery and was hoping to find some snaps of tench, roach, perch, chub, bream, crucian, pike etc to select from but instead he founds loads of photos of carp and not much else.  As most of us appreciate that carp are very photogenic this was no surprise to me.  Anyway he suggested that we run a small competition to increase the number of non-carp photos and here it is.  The member who submits the best non-carp fish photo in 2015 will win a half price membership for 2016-17.  Closing date for entries is 24th Dec 2015 and the editor’s decision is final.  You don’t have to do anything fancy to enter, just submit your non-carp fish photo along with the date it was caught, its weight and the venue to the gallery in the usual way.  Please remember that the gallery cannot cope with any photo greater than 2mB in size so you might have to downsize before submission.

As you know the membership secretary has a new penchant for eels and the early front runner is this huge eel caught by Alan King from Bog Grove.

It’s actually quite difficult to tell which end the eel’s head is (this is not an additional competition).

So as not to appear fishist the membership secretary is offering the same prize (a half price membership for 2016-17) for the best carp photo submitted although the fish you currently have to beat is Andy Flower’s stunning 23lb fully scaled mirror from Howells:

The bar has been set extremely high although beauty is in the eye of the carp-holder.

Get out there, get catching and get snappy.

Slough House West open to members from Tuesday 1st July

New Water 

We have acquired a new still water fishery, named Slough House West.  As the name implies, it lies close to our existing Slough House fishery. 

The lake covers around 1.5 acres, has a small island, surrounding trees and reed beds and has a pretty uniform depth of about 3-5 feet.  Early reports are that the water contains a very good head of carp up to around mid doubles, lots of small roach, interspersed with some larger specimens, together with a few rudd and eels.

There are about 20 swims (though one is currently obstructed by a fallen tree). Some have platforms and please exercise care when using these as some of them have relatively narrow plank entrances. 

Fishing is allowed from 5 am to 10 pm and the water opens on July 1st

Access is down the track directly opposite our entrance to Slough House Farm, but on the other side of Scraley Road. Please be aware that you are entering a working farm – look out for chickens, dogs, tractors etc.  Follow the track passing farm sheds on your left for 100 yards, or so, until you see a MAS notice on a building directly in front of you.  Turn left between the farm sheds and then right at the end, where there is another MAS sign.  The lake is then immediately in front of you.  Turn left and park in the open area next to the lake.  We will arrange for a better defined parking area when the landowner has cleared more of the site.

George Kemp with an 11lb Common, the largest of a three carp catch from our new lake Slough House West.

Cheap baits are all you require

Dave Bennett wrote:  Bought some 25p Asda Beef and Ham paste and added it to some bread and had some Common Carp at Little Parks.  Here’s a nice 6lb one Mark caught on said bait:

Still tomorrow is Canal and River time so pray we get some nice Perch, Bream and Eel photo’s to share.  Tight lines – Dave.

Senior match news

The Chelmer continues to fish exceptionally well with bags in excess of 30lb of roach from Paper Mill.  Huge perch are being hooked but not landed at the Basin along with dace, ruffe and eels being caught which have been absent in recent years.

We have been chosen to host the Eastern Regional Shield next season and organising is well underway.   There could be at least 20 teams of 6 partaking and in addition some junior teams.  The juniors is a new initiative that the Angling Trust are keen to promote and this will be the first mixed event.

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