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New Hall update

I have cut three more swims out and there are now six swims to fish from. I was extremely disappointed to find that someone had left litter in one of the new swims and wonder why I put the effort in to make the swims! Take Your Rubbish Home! I fished one of the new swims, fishing was not as good as the last time however I had three fish all about 1lbs 8oz Roach, Bream and an Eel (wonder if 1 lb 8oz is the maximum!) plus a lot of small Roach and Rudd.  Thanks - Kim.

One of Kim’s New Hall swims – before and after!

Rod dragging eel

Dave Bennett wrote:  What an incredible fish for a nine year old.  It was caught on the quiver at Little London lake after a savage take which actually dragged the rod along the floor!!!  The fish took almost ten minutes to coax to the bank but when I saw it I prayed that my son Mark wouldn’t lose it because he’s never likely to catch one this size again (I’m also chuffed because my biggest eel is 3lb 12oz ha ha!!!).

This picture doesn’t do the eel justice so if anyone cares to go on Youtube: Maldon Angling Society 3.5lb Eel Little London Lake they can view what a magnificent fish this really is.

Eelsy does it

Dave Bennett wrote “After tales of me losing two big carp on prawns whilst Tench fishing this week, my son Mark decided he wanted to quivertip instead of float fishing.  He’s glad he did as he caught his first ever eel (and beautifully lip hooked as well) at around 1 and a half pounds.  That’s two we’ve had from Little Park in the last few weeks so it’s good to see Mr Anguilla is still around.

Mark with his first ever eel.

A Bleak Day – Not the Bleak Fish

Thursday 8 December 2011 – Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation, Paper Mill to Rushes Lock

Our Head Bailiff joined the EA last Thursday to survey the stretch of the Chelmer that had recently suffered fish deaths, which now seems to have been caused by stagnant water due to the change in the weather and lack of flow following a prolonged period without rain.

The EA started about 100 yards down from the road bridge below Paper Mills and started the survey by electro netting back towards Paper Mills. A lot of Roach fry were evident, six Eels, several small Pike from a few ounces to 2lbs were seen, and some small Roach, Perch, and Dace were also evident but not in great numbers. Under the bridge and in the mill pool some nice Roach up to about six ounces but again not in large numbers, several more Pike were seen and one of almost 22-25 lbs and just by the bridge a Chub of 2-3lbs was netted. We then went back to where we started to measure the fish that we had netted.

Next we went down river to Rushes Lock.  Some Roach fry were seen but not as many as the upstream run, a small Tench of about a pound was netted but no Roach, Dace or Bream were seen then near Rushes five nice Tench were seen and three of them were netted. A better Chub of about 3lbs was also netted near the lock gates and a few perch of 2-4 ounces were seen, again quite a few small pike were netted. On the way back no fish were seen.

We passed areas where up to 20 Bream used to shoal up and not one was seen, these Bream used to go up to about 6-8 lbs. No Carp were seen. All in all we were very disappointed in the results; the EA did not seem to be as disappointed as they felt that the fry are a good sign for the future.

The EA are considering carry out more surveys and we will be informed of the dates. We will also keep the EA informed of any match results on the river.

Thanks to Ben Norrington and his team for being very helpful. The EA will be providing an independent report in the near future.

What a Day

Senior Match Secretary Kelvin Willis emailed last week to say that he had caught 159lb 8oz of fish from Totham Pit comprising 26 bream, biggest 10lb 4oz (his first into double figures), a 12lb carp and a 2lb eel.  Lloyd Druce and John Penn from JP tackle helped him weigh them and took the pictures.  We now have Kelvin’s full report:

As promised I now attach pictures of some of my 26 Bream, one 12lb Carp and 2lb Eel haul (total weight 159lb 8oz) from Totham Pit on Wednesday the 19th of May.  Fishing opposite the reeds on the wooded bank with a small groundbait feeder 3/4 distance across, I had my hook straightened by what I think was a large Carp first cast. Next three casts produced three Bream followed by a 1 1/2 hour spell of line bites, so I knew the fish were there. After shortening my feeder hook link to only a foot to stop the bait being elevated off the bottom by the grazing Bream I got a bite a cast for the next 4 hours, resulting in 26 Bream, most of them 5-7lb with my second last fish of the day a double at 10lb 4oz, beating my pb by probably 3lb!

Fortunately (as i didn’t bring my scales) John Penn from JP Tackle was on hand to lend me his, he and Lloyd Druce helped me to weigh in all the Bream for a total weight of 145lb 8oz, add to that a 12lb Linear Mirror Carp and a 2lb Eel, my days tally totalled 159lb 8oz, a record for me on a Maldon Water.  What a day!

The picture of the single Bream is the 10lb 4oz one, then there is the 12lb Carp in the net on the mat (see gallery) and a selection of six of the haul as there was no way I was going to get a picture of all of them without having them out of the water for too long.


Monster Eel

Totham Pit has already produced 30lb+ Carp, 9lb+ Tench and Crucian carp approaching 4lbs this season and has now thrown up a 7lb Eel!  This came as quite a shock for captor Edward Ives.   It measured 3ft 6in long and was in great condition with the hook only in the lip. Edward also landed a 15lb 9oz Common carp and two 5lb Bream during the overnight session.


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