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2021/22 Membership renewal forms

Dear members,


Please note that the latest 2021/22 membership renewal forms have now been uploaded to the relevant pages on the website.

Tight lines

The MAS team




Dear members

We are pleased to announce that our members can now fish again.

Opening hours on all of our waters with the exception of Whitehouse Farm and Rook Hall which are closed anyway, will be 6am until 6pm.

Totham Pit and Bog Grove the landowner will be opening and padlocking his own gates and any cars in the car park after close time will stay there until the morning.

These times are arrival and departure times, not fishing times.

We cannot stress enough that we must stick to the ‘Fish Locally’ message from the Angling Trust, and of course under no circumstances should anyone be night fishing.

We are very lucky on this lockdown to be able to fish at all. We have the lobbying power of the Angling Trust to thank for that.

Please adhere to social distancing at all times and use hand sanitizer whenever handling locks and gates.

Stay safe and once again
Tight Lines!


Dear Members

Unfortunately due to the latest Covid Announcement from the PM and the following advice we have just received from the Angling Trust, we are having to close all of our waters to our members from midnight tonight, until further notice.

We will still be sending bailiffs out and asking our landowners to be extra vigilant in keeping an eye out for anyone that shouldn’t be fishing.
Rest assured that anyone found fishing on our waters during lockdown will be given a lifetime club ban.
Our waters will be complete NO GO zones whilst in lockdown, other than for the purposes of bailiffing.

We will update you all with the latest Angling Trust guidelines and obviously hope that fishing can resume as soon as possible.

Stay Safe

The Comittee and Bailiff Team

2021/22 Membership – Committee notice

Dear Society members,

It was decided at our most recent comittee meeting that the membership will be capped at 1000 for next season. We currently stand at around 1050. (Historically we know that not everyone will renew)

▪️The existing 180 night permit holders will be given the opportunity to renew their membership and night permit before 1st April. If any of the 180 do not renew, then these will be offered to those who have contacted Paul Kyffin and placed their name on the waiting list (on a first come first served basis)

▪️We will also be selling 10 Junior night tickets next season @ £40 each, on top of the 180 adult night tickets. Please read our relevant rules though regarding junior anglers and night fishing.

Please join/renew early to avoid disappointment for next season, which starts April 1st 2021.

Tight lines!

Rule focus and reminder, please read


This is never aimed at anyone in particular, just focusing on the rules deemed the most broken, by the Head Bailiff.
Any rule which has particular prominence at the time.

Today we’re going to focus on GATES and LOCKS

Rule 4.1 Gates

All members will lock Society gates on entering and leaving the waters

We have had numerous problems with gates being left open on our waters recently.

Please lock them on your arrival and departure, we seem to always get the following excuses.
▪️I left it open for a friend.
▪️It was already open when I arrived/departed so I left it that way.
Both of these are UNACCEPTABLE. If it does happen to be already unlocked for any reason please lock it, AND report it to a bailiff if at all possible so they can try to ascertain who it was that left it open.

▪️If you are using a combination lock, once you have locked it again, then please jumble the numbers up. Theres no point in having a combination lock if the users of it leave the numbers on the opening code.
We see this time and time again, it takes seconds!

▪️If you find a lock, faulty, broken or damaged, then please call the site specific Head Bailiff.

▪️If you have a key that doesn’t work in one of our few gates with key locks, then please also let us know. The gates with keys are because the landowner prefers it that way, we have no choice in the matter.

Please remember there is NO excuse for leaving a gate or lock open under any circumstance.

The Bailiffs and Comittee will take a hard stance on anyone found to be leaving gates or locks open.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Tight Lines!

Open Pike match Totham Pit cancelled

We’ve just got notification that the Angling Trust Pike Championship Qualifier open match at Totham Pit, scheduled for next Sunday 29 Nov 2020, has been postponed in line with Covid restrictions.
Discussions are ongoing to try to find a new date for this season.
Any new date, if agreed, will be posted here.


The MAS team

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