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Little Park Reminder

Members are reminded that the track past Little Park is a footpath and bridal way and people using the public footpath close to the lake should be respected at all times.

Dusk falls at Little Park.

Beware Non EA Rod Licence Website

The Angling Trust has asked us to pass on a warning to all anglers NOT to buy their rod licence from the commercial web site, unless they want to pay an unnecessary extra charge of £14 for checking over their application.  This service is of no real benefit to anglers because the Environment Agency (EA) does not require applications to be checked before submission.  The web site has been set up this year and comes top of a Google search for “Rod Licence”.  In addition to the extra charge, anglers buying their licences from the web site will not be able to go fishing until they receive their licence in the post.  The EA site offers a receipt and reference number which does allow people to fish while they are waiting for the licence to arrive.

We strongly recommend that all freshwater anglers buy their licence direct from the Environment Agency over the phone or via its website at or from a Post Office.

Wheres fishing…

With a flurry of Bank Holiday’s rapidly approaching you might be trying to decide which of our waters to fish.  This is what I’ve picked up from the grapevine so far: 

Beckingham Hall – carp to low doubles.

Bog Grove – carp to low doubles, roach on the float and occasional crucian, bream and chub.

James Dunphy with his largest double of 13lb 9oz from Bog Grove

Brick Kiln Pond – plenty of small carp and fantails.

Canal & river – closed until 16th June.

Howells Lake – carp to mid twenties.

Jack Dykes with a low twenty from Howells

Little London Lake – no reports yet.

Little Park – a 25lb Common and smaller carp to mid doubles.

New Hall Reservoir – closed (re-opens on 1st May).

Railway Pond – no reports yet but it looked perfect for a fish two when I drove past!

Rook Hall – bags of roach, tench and small ide from the front lake.  The further you walk the bigger the carp get.

Slough House Farm – carp to 20lb, bags of roach and occasional tench.

Totham Pit – Willow has been out at 31lb and several other carp up to 26lb have been landed.  The bream and tench are just starting to show.  Pike are active and still getting caught on lures.

Dave Witney with Willow at 31lb from Totham Pit

Whitehouse Farm – several carp to low twenties with a new lake record 22lb 3oz Leather just reported.  The big roach/bream hybrids don’t seem to be showing (yet).

An 18lb 11oz Linear Mirror goes back at Whitehouse Farm

Where ever you choose to wet a line I hope you get a result and if you want to share your success please do send in a pic or two for the gallery.

Kim meets Tessa

Our Head Bailiff Kim Naish met with Tessa Jowell MP Shadow Cabinet Minister today and had a chat about angling.  Kim takes up the story:

At my meeting with Tessa Jowell MP, I asked if any MP had taken over from Martin Salter the former MP for Reading West who stood down at the last  general election after 25 years, to champion the rights of Anglers. Martin is a keen angler, would always be ready to listen to anglers concerns, and was a good contact to have. Now after talking to Tessa there is no “Fishing” MP that she is aware of that has taken over from Martin, which is a disappointment. However if you have a pressing concerns regarding Angling the Minister to contact is Richard Benyon the Newbury MP who is responsible for Natural Environment and Fisheries.

Tessa and Kim – best foot forward for angling.

No Ice Skating

The big freeze has arrived early this year.  However thick the ice on our frozen lakes and rivers appears to be please DO NOT venture out onto the ice, even a short distance.  The fish have enough to contend with from people trying to smash the ice and sending shocking vibrations through their watery home without you falling in and disturbing them even more.

A frozen Bog Grove – don’t even consider venturing out onto the ice.

Brick Kiln Catch Reports

Please submit details and pictures of any fish that you catch from Brick Kiln Pond to help inform the committee decision on whether we continue with the lease for this fishery for the 2011/12 season.

Brick Kiln in Autumn 1
Autumn at Brick Kiln Pond – its very small but why not give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Jack Walker has responded to our request:

‘I love the little lake it fishes really well and I have had some good catches out of there since we have had the lake.  Its a nice place to go and have a dabble and know that you are always going to catch each time.  It is a good lake for beginners and it will produce well all year’.


Luke Snell caught this 3oz Mirror carp from Brick Kiln pond.

If you enjoy not knowing what will take your bait next:


More of Brick Kiln’s interestingly varied residents can be seen in the gallery.

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