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Please be on your guard

Please be on your guard and do not leave any tackle unattended or out of sight as the Secretary had his landing net stolen from the Heron Hall car park on 21st July.  Understandably he hopes that it stinks out the thief’s car as much as it did his own.

Crucians stocked into New Hall

Our anonymous benefactor is wondering if anyone has caught any of the crucian that we stocked into New Hall yet?  If you have please drop the webmaster a line or to at

“Today Monday 4 May I went to New Hall for a spot of fishing, I was hoping to catch some Crucian Carp! I started in one of my favourite swims and after two hours I had not had a bite!! I moved to a swim next to the large Lilly Pad and I struggled to get bites but managed about half a pound of very small Roach and Rudd but no Crucian’s. I have never had such a bad day at New Hall in the past, always having a good bag of nice size Roach, Rudd and small Bream.  I noticed that someone had been fishing at some time in the first swim by the Lilly pad it would be nice to know what sort of session they had. So I was wondering if by the web people could post their reports of New Hall.” – Anon.

With a big thank you to the anonymous member who donated £500 to us to buy crucian carp for New Hall reservior I am now pleased to confirm that 85 crucian have been introduced to New Hall.  Probably around 30lbs in all – good size fish, the largest about 8oz.

New Hall is closed to fishing for the month of April so these fish will have a month to settle in before fishing resumes on Friday 1st May.

Renewals for 2015-16

If you wrote an email address on your application form when you joined for the 2014-15 season a pdf version of the 2015-16 season renewal form has now been emailed to you.  This can also be found here and on the renewals page.  If not I posted you a paper copy of the renewal form this morning 17th Feb which should arrive by the end of this week.  Thank you to everyone who has already rejoined.  JP Tackle in Maldon and Specimen Angling in Springfield already have the new 2015-16 membership stickers and our other agent Angling Essentials in Witham will have them soon - Paul.

The real renewal form is a lot bigger.

Next shoot at Slough House West

The shooting syndicate at Slough House West intends to hold a shoot on the morning of Sunday 12th October at dawn. They should be all through by 0800 hours.  Members are asked not to arrive until after 8am to avoid disappointment (and bullets).  A sign will be on display at the entrance to the car park.

Keepnet ban lifted with immediate effect

It was agreed at the October committee meeting to lift the keepnet ban introduced to minimise the spread of KHV from other fisheries.  Water temperatures are now starting to drop which greatly reduces the risk of disease being transferred between venues.  A rule proposal will be put forward at the AGM for member discussion to decide if a blanket ban on keepnets in the summer months (except during organised society matches) should be introduced from next season onwards.

Thank you Earney and Allan

Brian Webber wrote:  I would just like to put on record the assistance given to me by Earney Vinton and Allan Knight who helped me to get home with all my fishing tackle after the last concessionary match when I became ill. It was not a small thing as I live 24 miles away and this must have made them late getting home. Other members helped me with my gear back to the car. So thank you all for being there when I needed you.

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