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Bailiffs in Penzance

One of our Bailiffs has just returned from a weeks sea fishing off the coast of Penzance in Cornwall. He goes every year this one being the best so far.

Gurnard – one of the 27 species caught.

The weather was not kind but they managed to get afloat 4 out of the 5 days that they booked and they caught 27 different species over the 4 days with the main target being the beautiful Blue Sharks. 

They caught 11 in total the biggest was this 104 lb Beauty, that fell to Simons (The one in the middle) freshly caught mackerel hook bait.

If anyone else fancies a trip down to Penzance to fish with Chippy on his boat “Bite Adventures” then give Simon Putnam a call, his numbers in the the rule book, he will be happy to put you in touch with Chippy himself and to discuss all your accommodation options. 

It was well worth the drive.

Get away from it all with Euro Tours

Matt at Euro Tours sent in this Euro Tours pdf with the simple heading “May be of interest to members?”.  I’m sure he’s spot on with that statement as the drizzle continues to fall and the last of the autumn leaves blow from our bankside trees.

French Fishing Holiday Offer

Duncan Kenny owns and runs the new carp venue Lac du Logerie in Vienne, France. He is opening for his first season this coming April and has invited Maldon AS members to consider his venue if you are looking to fish in France this year.

Duncan has kindly offered a 25% discount to all Maldon AS members on all our packages by quoting reference CLUBMEMBERDX03 when booking.

Please check out if you are interested in this offer and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to drop Duncan a line via his website.

Lac du Logerie