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Scott’s back

Scott has been fishing elsewhere for a few years but he is back on Howells this season and got off to a flyer on his first session back with this 24lb-ish half linear Mirror as one half of a brace of April twenties:

Scott said “I had this 24 and a 27 on a Saturday over night session – happy days and the bait is working! Glad to be back…”.

By the way there are only 3 Howells night permits left so if you are thinking of renewing your ticket please move fast as these will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

Howells Night Permits

All of the spare Howells night permits have now been taken up and the remaining 23 are reserved for existing Howells night permit holders until the 1st April.  Please click here for more info and re-apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Fred with a 22lb Howells Common.

Maricel’s extra special snow carp

Maricel Yumang wrote “Having planned a two night session at Totham Pit I wasn’t relishing the prospect as it was starting to snow, but all thoughts of spending the night in icy -2 temperatures were soon forgotten when my rod gave a single beep, my first reaction was to look at the lake for the coot responsible but unusually it was empty, the rod then roared off resulting in a beautiful 26lb 3ozer. I love catching carp anytime of the year but in the snow its just extra special :-)

Happy Maricel with her splendid snow carp from Totham Pit.

Three rods clarification

Please note that if you are buying a night permit (either kind) this automatically qualifies you to use 3 rods on all of our waters (assuming that you have 2 EA rod licences of course) between the 1st October and the end of March at no extra charge.  Night permit holders do not also need to pay the £30 for a winter 3 rod ticket as this is aimed at daytime only anglers who do not want to night fish.

Renewal forms

The 2013/14 renewal forms should be in the post to members by mid/late February.  There are a few items that need to be resolved at the next committee meeting on 6th Feb and printing can then commence.  If you want to jump the queue, especially if you are an existing Howells or standard night permit holder wanting to renew before the 1st April deadline (when all remaining unsold night tickets will go on sale) please use this Renewal form 2013-14.  To keep costs down a renewal form will not be sent to members who have already rejoined at/since the AGM but you will receive the revised 2013 rulebook in the spring.

Join now for next season and fish the end of this season for free

You can now join for the 2013/14 season and fish the end of the 2012/13 season for FREE (when the lakes have thawed out).  To take advantage of this offer please print out this Application Form 2013-14 and send it to the Membership Secretary or take it along to JP Tackle in Maldon or Bevan Carp Tackle in Springfield.

Please click here to see the fees for the 2013-14 season.

Standard night permits are currently sold out but as soon as this changes I will let you know.  Please check out the night permits page for further info and availability of Howells night permits.

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