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Now we are into October

Please remember that from 1st October onwards:

Night permit holders only can use 3 rods on all venues.

Night fishing has started on Bog Grove (until the end of April).

Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm are now closed for their winter shooting breaks and re-open on 1st February.

Also its the last month of night fishing at Slough House Farm which ceases at the end of October and restarts on 1st April (the lake remains open to day fishing from 5am to 10pm throughout the winter).

George Basham caught this fine Common from Whitehouse Farm just before it closed and wrote:  “I went to Whitehouse farm for an after school session and 5 mins after I put my first rod out it went screaming off. I had never seen such a fighter like it and it took me half an hour to get in the net.  My friend had to walk in a bit just to net it but it was all worth it for this stunning common.”

October approaches

October is a time of change on Maldon’s waters:

  • Night permit holders can use 3 rods on ALL venues from 1st Oct.
  • Ashmans Farm and the two River Blackwater sections at Braxted (lock number 5118) cease to be Maldon AS fisheries on 1st Oct.
  • Night fishing starts on Bog Grove but don’t expect to get much sleep at this heavily stocked venue, at least until after the first few frosts.
  • Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm close for their winter shooting breaks.
  • Night fishing at Slough House Farm ceases at the end of October.

Rubbish and Three Rods?

Members are reminded to take their litter home after a spate of black bin bags stuffed with rubbish have been found at Totham Pit.  Members caught leaving litter will receive a life ban.  New night permit members are also reminded that the use of more than 2 rods is only permitted between 1 Oct and 31 Mar (rule 38).  If anyone is caught using 3 or more rods between 1 Apr and 30 Sep and reported to the committee they will receive a written warning, possible suspension and lose their night permit.

Carp Match 22nd-23rd May

The next carp match will be on the weekend of 22nd/23rd May at Totham Pit.  This is not the 2009 final as stated on page 39 of the rulebook but the first of the 2010 series and all are welcome.  Remember you must be a member but do NOT need a night permit to fish these 24 hour matches.  Please contact Pete Newell for more info.

Rob Smith Carp Match Final Winner 2009

2009 carp match final winner Rob Smith – will he successfully defend his title this season?

Single Night Tickets Scrapped

At the committee meeting on Wed 5th May it was agreed to stop selling £10 one off night tickets with immediate effect.  Night fishing at Totham Pit, Howells, Slough House Farm and Beckingham Hall is now strictly for full season night permit holders only.

Night fishing

The committee have decided to revert to a single night permit covering all of our night fishing venues for the coming season.  This decision is partly down to a lack of people on the Totham Pit night syndicate waiting list and also to relieve some of the pressure on Howells Lake.  The price of the new night permit has been set half way between the two existing figures at £65 and now allows:

  • Night fishing at Totham Pit all year round
  • Night fishing at Howells Lake all year round
  • Night fishing at Beckingham Hall all year round
  • Night fishing at Slough House Farm between 1st April and 31st October
  • Night fishing at Bog Grove between 1st October and 30th April
  • Use of 3 rods between 1st October and 31st March on all venues

Please note: The maximum length of a night session on Slough House Farm is still 2 days / 1 night followed by a 24 hour break.  The other venues remain as 4 days / 3 nights followed by a 24 hour break.

Please remember that members under the age of 16 cannot buy a night permit.  These must be purchased on their behalf by a current adult night permit holder.

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