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Concessionary match on Tue 2nd Sep moved to Slough House Farm

There are not enough pegs at Whitehouse Farm for the concessionary match on Tuesday 2nd September so the match has been moved to Slough House Farm which will now be closed to non competitors from 7am on that day, re-opening at 4pm.  Whitehouse Farm will now be open to members on Tue 2nd Sep.

Whitehouse Farm car park improvements

When Whitehouse Farm re-opened to fishing in February the car park and the end of the track got very churned up in the extremely wet weather and a few members cars became stuck in the mud.  To prevent this happening again we have taken delivery of a lorry load of road planings which have been used to firm up the area in readiness for next year.


Paul hard at work with his rake improving the parking area at Whitehouse Farm, ably assisted by his son George.

Swift recovery

Lee Swift wrote:  “My second fish of four in this active session after a slow start to the season and a few previous blanks. I wouldn’t have got this picture if it wasn’t for a helpful lad fishing at the time so many thanks to him.”

Lee with his 20lb 2oz Mirror from Whitehouse Farm.

Whitehouse warning

If you are thinking of taking a trip over to Whitehouse Farm now that it has re-opened to fishing please be aware that there are a number of very large and deep pot holes in Pages Lane which if approached at more than 2 mph could damage your car.  Also the track up to the water is extremely muddy making it likely that you will get stuck before you even start fishing!  The parking area is the same and if you cannot get up on the slope you will be staying there until help arrives.  Our head bailiff  was told that someone was there for an hour before they were freed on the opening day and looking at these photos I can see why:

The car park!

The access track.

Please only attempt to fish Whitehouse Farm if you have a four wheel drive vehicle.  Looking at these photos it will take a sustained period of dry windy weather to dry this lot out and we can then hopefully look to address the problem with the help of the owner.  Updates will be posted here.

Thank you George

Paul Kemp would like to publicly thank George Basham on behalf of the committee for helping out at the Blackwater Country Show in what again turned out to be treacherous weather conditions.  I understand that our gazebo took a hell of a beating from the strong winds!

George with one of his splendid carp from Whitehouse Farm.

Accessibility of venues

A potential new member recently asked about ease of access from car to swim around our waters and I thought I would share my reply:

In terms of accessibility we can split our venues into 3 categories:

Very good – you can park in at least one swim: 

Howells (1 swim)
Little London (1 swim)
Little Park Main Lake (3 swims) 

Good - the nearest swim is a short walk (10 yards or less): 

Beckingham Hall (if parked by pump house)
Bog Grove
Brick Kiln Pond
Chelmer & Blackwater Canal (Heybridge Tesco stretch only)
Little Park Top Lake
New Hall
Railway Pond (but its too weedy for you to want to fish there)
Rook Hall 1
Slough House Farm
Totham Pit
Whitehouse Farm 

Poor – a lengthy walk to the first swim:

Heron Hall
Rook Hall 2 & 3
River Blackwater
The rest of the Chelmer & Blackwater Canal

Little Park scores highly on accessibility.

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