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Huge Hybrid?

Fred Phillips caught this 5lb 8oz clonker out of Whitehouse Farm:

Fred wrote:  “I’m not 100 percent sure whether its a hybrid but pretty sure it is. I’ve been looking at pictures of roach bream hybrid and it looks like one and it did give me a fight, which a bream wouldn’t of. Not sure how big roach bream hybrids go to but I’m pretty sure it is massive for the species. It was a surprise catch on carp gear and still managed to give me a fight and I was more than happy to catch it.”

Ide stocking with more fish to follow

5000 ide  have now been stocked, 1000 into each of Slough House Farm, Whitehouse Farm, Bog Grove, Heron Hall and Rook Hall.  2500 skimmers are also on order for Rook Hall and Heron Hall.  If all goes to plan, and water levels do not drop too far in the predicted drought, another 1000 tench for Whitehouse Farm will follow in June.

Two end of season crackers

Catch reports have been very quiet since the big freeze but the recent weekend sunshine coaxed a few members out onto the bankside and at least two of them were well rewarded:

George Basham fished at Whitehouse Farm and had a repeat capture in the shape of this splendid 21lb 8oz linear Mirror which he caught at the same weight last year.  This time it fell to a chod rig at about 7am:

Ryan Diggons made his second visit to Rook Hall and landed this lovely 21lb 11oz Common.  His bait had only been in the water for about ten minutes when it screamed off.  Ryan said that the big Common did not really put up much of a fight so maybe it was still recovering from its winter slumber:

Early Renewers

Thank you to the 60 members who renewed early at the AGM, or by printing off a renewal form from this website, as this has saved us over £20 on postage which equates, at todays prices, to over 100 ide to stock into either Slough House Farm, Whitehouse Farm, Bog Grove or Heron Hall.  We are hoping to buy 7,000 fish in total, subject to availability, to stock into these four venues and Rook Hall before the weather warms up and makes fish movements unwise.  Full details, and hopefully some photos, will be posted on this website following delivery.

Slough House Farm – just one of five venues earmarked to receive more silver fish for next season.

4 month close season

Members are still fishing Whitehouse Farm and 4 have been asked to leave since this lake closed for its four month close season on 1st Oct.  There is now a new notice to make it clear that it is closed:

When the lake re-opens on 1st Feb 2012 members are asked not to put rubbish in the rat poison bins as the farm manager is worried that if the bins are not put back correctly ducks and pheasants will eat the poison.

Finally some brighter news,  over a hundred small carp have been stocked into Whitehouse Farm to acclimatise to their new surroundings while the lake is closed.

Now we are into October

Please remember that from 1st October onwards:

Night permit holders only can use 3 rods on all venues.

Night fishing has started on Bog Grove (until the end of April).

Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm are now closed for their winter shooting breaks and re-open on 1st February.

Also its the last month of night fishing at Slough House Farm which ceases at the end of October and restarts on 1st April (the lake remains open to day fishing from 5am to 10pm throughout the winter).

George Basham caught this fine Common from Whitehouse Farm just before it closed and wrote:  “I went to Whitehouse farm for an after school session and 5 mins after I put my first rod out it went screaming off. I had never seen such a fighter like it and it took me half an hour to get in the net.  My friend had to walk in a bit just to net it but it was all worth it for this stunning common.”

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