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Howells closed on Sunday 13th March

Howells will be closed to members on Sunday 13th March so that a number of the small Commons up to 10lb in weight that have bred in this lake can be moved to Little Park.  There will also be some disruption at Little Park throughout the day when the fish are introduced into their new home.  This date coincides with the Carpin On show at Five Lakes so hopefully disruption to our members fishing time has been minimised.

Howells lake – removing the smaller carp hopefully means that the big ones will get even bigger.

Locks and gates

The key lock at Slough House Farm is being replaced with a combination lock this Friday 12th Feb so please have your number to hand if you are planning on fishing there from Friday as vehicles parked outside of our car park can be towed away by the land owner.  Our combination lock number can be found on page 1 of your 2015 rulebook and on the back of your 2015-16 membership card (blue sticker).

Our welder will also be inspecting the Totham Pit gate on the same day to advise us on how this can be made more secure so please approach the entrance to Totham  Pit with extra caution on Friday.

The entrance to Little Park now has a key lock fitted and members are reminded that the white gates on Maypole Road are now our only entrance to this fishery.

Finally, our key locks at Howells, Rook Hall and Heron Hall have all recently been serviced or replaced so all should now be working smoothly.

Have you found Hugo’s bank stick and rod rest at Little Park?

I have received a heart-felt plea “Do you think it would be sad if you posted a note on the website asking for the return of my favourite bank stick and rod rest? I’ve had both for over 20 years and I’m very sad without them. I left them at Little Park last night Thursday 16th July.  The person who might have picked them up after I left could have been driving an 04 plate silver Mitsubishi 4×4. I’d be fairly certain it was him as he was packing up as I left and half an hour later when I returned bank stick and him were gone……all very sad…….”

If you have Hugo’s favourite bank stick and rod rest please can you return them, no questions asked, to the Membership Secretary who will reunite them with Hugo.  Thank you – Paul.

Tue 24th Feb concessionary match moved to Little Parks

The 24th February concessionary match should have been at Bog Grove but because of the ground conditions we are now holding the match at Little Park (all depending  on the  weather conditions).

Concessionary match on Tue 21st Oct moved to Howells

Please note that the venue for the concessionary match on Tuesday 21st October has been changed from the Tesco stretch of the canal to Howells.  Some of the members who fish Howells have mentioned that the carp have spawned successfully and there are now lots of small carp present.  Keith’s match will aim to move as many of these small carp as possible to the neighbouring stock pond, and ultimately on to the lakes at Little Park, where they will be more welcome in catches.  Keith has a good turnout for his matches so it is expected that the whole lake will be required so Howells will be closed to non-competitors from 7am to 4pm on the 21st October.  Hopefully this thinning out will enable the remaining larger carp to grow even bigger.

Unfortunately this did not go to plan – a full account can be found on the concessionary match results page.

Little Park access

The owner of Little Park has taken the decision to change our access point from the Red Lodge access off of the Witham Road to the double white gates off of Maypole Road.   Most members will recognise these gates as they were our old entrance up until a couple of years ago.  Feedback from several members suggests that this switch back to our old entrance is welcomed.  The official changeover was on 1st August and the combination lock has been changed to our usual number (see the back of your membership card or page 1 of the rulebook).

The owner of Red Lodge will put up a notice instructing members of the change.  Please do not use the Red Lodge access after 1st August.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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