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Those of you who fish Little Park will be familiar with the bird scarer in the field next to the lake, which is effectively a long pole with an imitation bird of prey attached to it by a length of line that flutters realistically in the breeze to scare the birds (although it doesn’t seem to worry the geese at all).  Anyway as I drove up to Little Park last week I thought to myself, that bird scarer pole has got a fair old bend in it today…..and then I realised that it wasn’t even windy!  As I rounded the corner I saw it was none other than Simon Cable battling with a large carp on his pole.

As you do I jumped out of my car and started to capture the action on film.  Simon had been playing the carp for 30 minutes before I arrived and at this stage we thought it was a twenty.  Another ten minutes passed and the winded carp finally hit the surface, by which time two more people had arrived to watch the mammoth tussle.  Simon started to walk backwards across the track, towards the real bird scarer, and his friend Steve managed to scoop up the Common with his pan net on full extension.

Not bad on 4lb line and a size 20 hook although I haven’t seen that much stretch in a length of elastic for many a season.  Amazingly this is not Simon’s largest pole caught carp.

The fish was weighed at 18lb 12oz (ono) and returned to its watery home.  I’m not sure who was more knackered, the carp or Simon!  Well tamed Si.

Little Park Stocking

The owner of Little Park has funded the stocking of more carp to the main lake.  98lb of carp were purchased from a reliable source (already used to boost the stocks of Bog Grove and Beckingham Hall in previous seasons) and were introduced on Sunday 15th May and during the following week.  An extra 150lb of carp were also added from the Howells stock pond to boost the total weight of carp stocked to 248lb.

Two of the new carp stocked into Little Park.

Several small carp were also stocked.

Rule Changes

The new 2011 rulebook is currently being printed.  In the meantime please note the following amendments / new rules: 

33. Bog Grove, Little Park Langford and Whitehouse Farm, cereal groundbait and boilies allowed at a maximum of 1 kilogram per fishing session.

45. Braided main lines are banned.  Leadcore is no longer banned but only shop bought ready made leaders and those made with a spliced loop are allowed.  Maximum length of home made leaders to be 1.5 metres.  Bailiffs have the right to inspect any rig to ensure that it is fish friendly in the event of the reel line breaking. 

49. The society reserves the right to refuse an application to join from anyone who is known to have been banned from another fishing club.

Please also remember, at the Head Bailiffs request: 

31. All anglers fishing for carp or pike on Society waters must be in possession of an unhooking mat.

Not the largest of carp but this low double from Howells is safely on the mat.

For the full list of rules click here

Charlie shows his dad how its done

Simon Putnam wrote:

Hi Guys, just thought you may like to know some of your junior members are doing well. My son Charlie Putnam (age 6) caught this fish when we went to Little Park Lakes over the road from Howells. He had just put his floating dog biscuit out, I said to him keep an eye on your float while I get my rod together, immediately he said “dad I cant see my float”. I looked up and said to him to reel in a little, he did and his rod bent in to this! He was over the moon, he has caught carp upto 8lb before but this was he first double figure fish, and what a great PB for a 6 year old, a 16lb mirror carp (put me to shame anyway). Also big thanks to the guy and his wife for taking some pictures of us both.


Congratulations – Charlie has doubled his PB

Little Park Big Fish

Little Park has produced a couple of surprises in the shape of a 3lb 8oz Perch and a 25lb 14oz Common in the last few weeks.


The near 26lb Common is 8ocm long.


Little Park – also worth a visit if only to see the sunset!

Day Breaming

Two anglers shared a 28 bream haul at Totham Pit on Sunday.  We don’t have any photos of that haul but the Membership Secretary turned up late in the day to land his first 7lb+ bream from the venue.  He takes up the story……

I arrived at Totham Pit late afternoon before the rain set in to find 5 cars in the car park.  I love the shallows at this time of the year but the previous Sunday the resident pair of swans had made my attempts to fish a three foot deep swim almost impossible so I opted for the deeper margins of the wooded bank.  My peperami over groundbait approach only brought one bite but it was a 7lb 4oz bream.  This is my third MAS 7lb+ bream, the others coming from Whitehouse Farm (7lb 10oz) in April and my PB 7lb 13oz from Slough House Farm last year.  I know that Little Park and Little London have both produced 7lb+ bream in the past so I could yet increase my tally.


Paul’s 7lb 4oz deep water slab (complete with spawning tubercles)

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