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Night fishing

The committee have decided to revert to a single night permit covering all of our night fishing venues for the coming season.  This decision is partly down to a lack of people on the Totham Pit night syndicate waiting list and also to relieve some of the pressure on Howells Lake.  The price of the new night permit has been set half way between the two existing figures at £65 and now allows:

  • Night fishing at Totham Pit all year round
  • Night fishing at Howells Lake all year round
  • Night fishing at Beckingham Hall all year round
  • Night fishing at Slough House Farm between 1st April and 31st October
  • Night fishing at Bog Grove between 1st October and 30th April
  • Use of 3 rods between 1st October and 31st March on all venues

Please note: The maximum length of a night session on Slough House Farm is still 2 days / 1 night followed by a 24 hour break.  The other venues remain as 4 days / 3 nights followed by a 24 hour break.

Please remember that members under the age of 16 cannot buy a night permit.  These must be purchased on their behalf by a current adult night permit holder.

Gallery Updates

After a week on my hols the gallery has now been updated and features some more cracking fish from Howells, Rook Hall (where Jack Walker had a bumper haul bagging 12 fish in a day including this stunner – not his largest on the day but certainly my pick of the bunch) , and a re-appearance of  the Totham Pit monster Eel – well done to James for holding it still for the camera!


Andrew banks Willow

Andrew Fleurquin landed Totham Pit’s largest resident on 15th Aug 2009 and here are the events surrounding Willow’s latest visit to the bank in Andrew’s own words:
Arriving at Totham Pit early Saturday morning I was pleased to see only 2 other cars, fishing must be tough I thought to myself.  I loaded up the trolley and set off in search of some carp. I chose to fish the church bank, a magnet for bream I know, but I had my dad with me so for the social side it’s a great spot.
After setting up and spreading half a kilo of boilies about I was soon in the land of nod when my right hand rod sounded, I jumped up and grabbed it just in time, it had pulled the reel right up to the alarm ‘God! That was lucky I said!’
From the off I could feel I was playing one of the biggies, 5 minutes later I had her under the rod tip, I looked at my dad and said ‘Thats Willow, I’ve got Willow’, heart now thumping praying the hook doesn’t slip, there was no need to worry in the net she goes first time phewww.
Once on the mat I could see she wasn’t at her best weight, not that it mattered, I’ve been after her for ages, with Offgood gone (R.I.P)  she is now the top dog, although she only went 28.5  she looked mint! With the photos done it was time to return her to her home, the kettle went on, text messages went out and I sat down to take it all in. Pukka!

Monster Eel

Totham Pit has already produced 30lb+ Carp, 9lb+ Tench and Crucian carp approaching 4lbs this season and has now thrown up a 7lb Eel!  This came as quite a shock for captor Edward Ives.   It measured 3ft 6in long and was in great condition with the hook only in the lip. Edward also landed a 15lb 9oz Common carp and two 5lb Bream during the overnight session.


Catch News

Todays gallery updates include big Bream from Little London Reservoir for Sophie and Eddie French, a new personal best Common for Peter Hanson who joined recently and broke his PB with his second Maldon AS fish caught on a 1 inch cube of spam fished less than 1 rod length out at Howells, and Scott Parry who got fed up sitting behind static indicators at Totham Pit so went stalking and caught a lovely dark Common.  My pic of the bunch though is this cracking 17lb 8oz Common from Rook Hall for gallery regular Jack Walker:


Silver Strikes Gold

Rob Silver, a member of the Totham Pit night syndicate, writes:


I was well pleased that on only my third session on the pit I managed to bank these two stunning Commons of 25lb 4oz and 26lb 4oz within five minutes of each other. I landed the first smaller one and as it was on the mat my second rod screamed off. Luckily my brother was on hand to take care of the first fish while I landed the second. It rounded off a 24 hour session that is easily my best to date and totalled to around 110lbs of carp with the biggest being my new PB, beating my previous by just under 1lb. Please excuse the dates on the photos as I only changed it after like a fool!


Rob has also submitted a picture of a 22lb 12oz Common to the gallery from Howells the weekend of the Slough House Farm match.



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