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Crucians stocked into New Hall

Our anonymous benefactor is wondering if anyone has caught any of the crucian that we stocked into New Hall yet?  If you have please drop the webmaster a line or to at

“Today Monday 4 May I went to New Hall for a spot of fishing, I was hoping to catch some Crucian Carp! I started in one of my favourite swims and after two hours I had not had a bite!! I moved to a swim next to the large Lilly Pad and I struggled to get bites but managed about half a pound of very small Roach and Rudd but no Crucian’s. I have never had such a bad day at New Hall in the past, always having a good bag of nice size Roach, Rudd and small Bream.  I noticed that someone had been fishing at some time in the first swim by the Lilly pad it would be nice to know what sort of session they had. So I was wondering if by the web people could post their reports of New Hall.” – Anon.

With a big thank you to the anonymous member who donated £500 to us to buy crucian carp for New Hall reservior I am now pleased to confirm that 85 crucian have been introduced to New Hall.  Probably around 30lbs in all – good size fish, the largest about 8oz.

New Hall is closed to fishing for the month of April so these fish will have a month to settle in before fishing resumes on Friday 1st May.

Fired Up after trip to Brick Kiln

After a hard week of work and unable to attend the Sunday club match due to a morning commitment, our Head Bailiff was feeling a bit down and needed a pick me up. Kim takes up the story:

So I decided to go to Brick Kiln Pond for some fishing therapy as I had not fished this venue before.

 I had no bait so went and got a tin of sweetcorn. I got to the venue at 1pm set up and started fishing and within seconds I had caught a nice Fan Tail Carp followed by a nice Rudd. By the end of three hours I had Crucian, Common, Fan Tail Carp and Rudd.

In all about ten pounds of fish not bad on a tin of sweet corn and a excellent end to the day!

Crucian in the sun

Bailiff Simon Putnam invited a friend, Alan Godden from Romford, to join him for a days fishing at Bog Grove and I think his £8 guest ticket was well appreciated.

Alan was float fishing in the margins with sweet corn, and had a 2lb chub within minutes of setting up, followed by this 3lb 8 oz crucian then two double figure common carp.

Alan’s been almost a professional match fisherman over the years but has never had a crucian this big before. He went home a happy man.

Like a bar of solid gold!

Totham Pit Carp Match

The next Totham Pit carp match will now be held on the weekend of  31st Jul / 1st Aug.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.  Please contact Pete Newell for further info.

Paul NewtonCrucian3lb13ozTothamPitUnfortunately Crucian do not count in the carp match (Paul Newton’s 3lb 13oz Totham Pit Crucian).