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Kim and Jack at Brick Kiln

Jack Hare was fishing Brick Kiln Pond on Sunday when Kim the Head Bailiff turned up to check his membership. Kim then showed him how to catch the small Carp in the pond. Jack ended his session with about 5lbs of fish. Kim fished for a short time and to his surprise had two very small Tench.

Jack with his net of fish.

Two personal bests for young Mark

Dave Bennett wrote:  My son Mark has landed two personal bests including his biggest ever fish.  Mark’s a jibbering wreck because he seems to attract savage takes from fish recently and the Common was no excepion as the rod flew off the rest and towards the water before he quickly got to it.  In the end he had to land the fish because I was worried he would lose it such was the power of the fish after a tense 10 minute battle.

He also landed a PB Tench of around the pound mark (see gallery) and both fish were caught on squid.  Ooh and by the way I had a 2 3/4lb Tench on a huge piece of crabstick.

Ide stocking with more fish to follow

5000 ide  have now been stocked, 1000 into each of Slough House Farm, Whitehouse Farm, Bog Grove, Heron Hall and Rook Hall.  2500 skimmers are also on order for Rook Hall and Heron Hall.  If all goes to plan, and water levels do not drop too far in the predicted drought, another 1000 tench for Whitehouse Farm will follow in June.

New lake Heron Hall now open

We are pleased to announce that this attractive 3 acre lake with an island in Tolleshunt Major is now open to members following several months hard work by the owner and our fishery management team building swims and installing an access track and secure car park.

The lake has a good depth of water up to about 14ft with lily pads and surrounding trees. The stock includes carp, tench and rudd but is still largely an unknown quantity. We will, as usual, monitor catch levels and consider adding extra stock if necessary.

Directions:  Continue past the entrance to Beckingham Hall Reservoir, heading towards Tolleshunt D’Arcy. Go around the double bend at the bottom of the hill and continue up Beckingham Road. At the top of the hill, about half a mile before reaching Tolleshunt D’Arcy, the entrance to the fishery is through a gate on the left hand side of the road. There is a rough lay-by opposite. Once through the gate (which must be locked behind you), turn immediately left and follow the track to the end of the field where there is a parking area. The lake is about a 100 yard walk from the car park. Fishing times are 5am to 10pm with no night fishing.  Under no circumstances should you try to access the lake using the farm road as this is strictly out of bounds to members.

A map of how to get to Heron hall was shown to members at the AGM, for those that missed it here is the Heron Hall Map.  This map will appear in the new 2012 rulebook.

Weight doesn’t matter as long as you’re enjoying yourself

This is my 3 hour haul of mixed fish that I caught out of Brick Kiln Pond which includes Roach, Rudd, Tench, Fantail Brown Goldfish, Common and Mirror Carp.  A good result for a 3 hour session the haul weighed 5lb 15 oz!
Weight doesn’t matter as long as you’re enjoying yourself  (I did).

Tight lines to you all from Jack.

Fish kill on canal

The area affected is 300 metres either side of Rushes Lock. Fish lost include bream, tench, chub and carp.  The Environment Agency have been on site since yesterday (9th Oct). Oxygen levels were down to 5% at one point – up to 35% now (still not good, but not fatal). The EA have aerated and opened the locks to move water through. Current theory on cause is that the sudden temperature changes last week caused an algal bloom which in turn dropped the oxygen levels.  The canal company is also aware of the situation.  The EA will site visit daily and when the oxygen levels stabilize they will do a fish survey to acces if re-restocking is required.
The Angling Times have been informed so do not be shocked if you read about this in the angling press.
As promised here is the EA feedback on the Chelmer incident:

A section of canal between Papermill Lock and Hoe Mill lock recently suffered a sudden drop in dissolved oxygen levels. This impacted severely on the fish populations in this stretch especially around Rushes lock where levels were around 5-10%.

We responded by opening the flaps within the lock gates, aiding the movement of the water and drawing the oxygen rich upstream flow down into the depleted area. We also deployed aerators to the slacker section to try and raise the oxygen levels. Within 6 hours the dissolved oxygen had reached 40% and had shown rapid recovery.

Investigations of the incident are also in progress through water samples and examinations. We are continuing to monitor the condition of the stretch. A contractor has been at the site for the last few weeks and has been keeping a record of carcass counts and any abnormal activities within this stretch.

To date 10 large Bream, 5 carp 3 eels and about 50-60 small perch and roach have been recorded. This is a small proportion of the fish seen struggling when the oxygen was low so our actions are believed to have prevented a very serious incident.

The local fisheries team has been overseeing our involvement and has been in regular contact with the affected angling clubs.  The incident has been picked up by the Anglers Mail and is likely to be reported in next weeks edition.

One of the dead pike in the edge.
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