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Ben bags up at Heron Hall

Our Treasurer took his son Ben fishing at Heron Hall on Monday and they enjoyed a great days sport catching upwards of 25lb of small carp, tench, roach and ide.

Simon’s own account can be found on our (fairly) new Facebook page.

Ide stocking with more fish to follow

5000 ide  have now been stocked, 1000 into each of Slough House Farm, Whitehouse Farm, Bog Grove, Heron Hall and Rook Hall.  2500 skimmers are also on order for Rook Hall and Heron Hall.  If all goes to plan, and water levels do not drop too far in the predicted drought, another 1000 tench for Whitehouse Farm will follow in June.

Early Renewers

Thank you to the 60 members who renewed early at the AGM, or by printing off a renewal form from this website, as this has saved us over £20 on postage which equates, at todays prices, to over 100 ide to stock into either Slough House Farm, Whitehouse Farm, Bog Grove or Heron Hall.  We are hoping to buy 7,000 fish in total, subject to availability, to stock into these four venues and Rook Hall before the weather warms up and makes fish movements unwise.  Full details, and hopefully some photos, will be posted on this website following delivery.

Slough House Farm – just one of five venues earmarked to receive more silver fish for next season.

Ide added to list

If you join as a life member we pledge to spend the whole of your £700 on fish stocks to improve one of our fisheries in your lifetime.  We may even be able to add fish to a lake of your choice (Environmental Agency & fishery management regulations permitting).  Our list of permitted fish now includes Ide after we gained EA approval to stock these at Rook Hall.  If you are thinking about joining for life these are the fish that the committee generally agree to stock with minimal persuasion:  Roach, Ide, Crucian, Tench, Bream and Carp.  They are less keen on Rudd, Perch, Barbel and Chub (mainly because the last two should only be stocked into rivers) and are strictly against Catfish, Zander and Pike (sorry predator lovers).  We are yet to find a fish supplier who will sell us Eels (joke).

500 Ide stocked into Rook Hall

On Tuesday 22nd February 2011 the Secretary oversaw the stocking of 500 Ide into Rook Hall Front Lake.  They are only small but we are assured they have a good growth rate.

Blurry Ide, one of the 500.

If you catch one, and can tell it apart from a Roach, please let us know.

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