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Evening league

Result at Paper Mills, Friday 30th June 17. 

1st    Jeff Forman        9 lbs 10 oz 8 drm
2nd   Andy Stebbing   5 lbs 7 oz o drm
3rd    Peter Lamb        5 lbs 4 oz o drm 

Jeff and Peter go forward to the final, only five fished which was a bit disappointing especially as all caught some nice size Roach, Dace also small Perch were landed. A total of 25 lbs 8 oz 8 drm of fish were landed. 

Next match Friday 7th July at Chapmans, draw at Railway Pond at 05.00pm. 

Thanks - Kim.

Senior match news

The Chelmer continues to fish exceptionally well with bags in excess of 30lb of roach from Paper Mill.  Huge perch are being hooked but not landed at the Basin along with dace, ruffe and eels being caught which have been absent in recent years.

We have been chosen to host the Eastern Regional Shield next season and organising is well underway.   There could be at least 20 teams of 6 partaking and in addition some junior teams.  The juniors is a new initiative that the Angling Trust are keen to promote and this will be the first mixed event.

A Bleak Day – Not the Bleak Fish

Thursday 8 December 2011 – Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation, Paper Mill to Rushes Lock

Our Head Bailiff joined the EA last Thursday to survey the stretch of the Chelmer that had recently suffered fish deaths, which now seems to have been caused by stagnant water due to the change in the weather and lack of flow following a prolonged period without rain.

The EA started about 100 yards down from the road bridge below Paper Mills and started the survey by electro netting back towards Paper Mills. A lot of Roach fry were evident, six Eels, several small Pike from a few ounces to 2lbs were seen, and some small Roach, Perch, and Dace were also evident but not in great numbers. Under the bridge and in the mill pool some nice Roach up to about six ounces but again not in large numbers, several more Pike were seen and one of almost 22-25 lbs and just by the bridge a Chub of 2-3lbs was netted. We then went back to where we started to measure the fish that we had netted.

Next we went down river to Rushes Lock.  Some Roach fry were seen but not as many as the upstream run, a small Tench of about a pound was netted but no Roach, Dace or Bream were seen then near Rushes five nice Tench were seen and three of them were netted. A better Chub of about 3lbs was also netted near the lock gates and a few perch of 2-4 ounces were seen, again quite a few small pike were netted. On the way back no fish were seen.

We passed areas where up to 20 Bream used to shoal up and not one was seen, these Bream used to go up to about 6-8 lbs. No Carp were seen. All in all we were very disappointed in the results; the EA did not seem to be as disappointed as they felt that the fry are a good sign for the future.

The EA are considering carry out more surveys and we will be informed of the dates. We will also keep the EA informed of any match results on the river.

Thanks to Ben Norrington and his team for being very helpful. The EA will be providing an independent report in the near future.