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Strike silver at Heron Hall

Dave Bennett wrote:  Despite the horrific conditons I wasn’t having my two sons Michael and Mark sitting around indoors.  That said when I told them we were going fishing they both opted for Heron Hall.  They both started and action was so frenetic I never actually got to fish!  After witnessing fish actually caught using no bait I now know this place makes the Railway Pond look like one of our harder waters! (it is now Dave as its covered in weed).

Michael and Mark’s bag of Roach and Rudd from Heron Hall.

Mark Campion off to a flyer

Mark Campion won his second club match of the season with this impressive 23lb+ bag of Roach and Rudd from Heron Hall.

Thats a lot of silvers!

Concessionary match on Tue 12th June

Please note that the venue for this match has been changed from Heron Hall lake to Oakford lakes which Keith has now booked for the match.  The regulars did not fancy Heron Hall lake which now remains open to members throughout the day.  Please contact Keith Leverett for more info as required.
Heron Hall – superb at sunset!

High water alerts

Please take the following into account if you are venturing out onto the soggy banks over the next week or so:

Flooded:  Little London

Higher than normal water levels:  Rook Hall (the middle and far lakes have joined together but some swims on all 3 lakes remain fishable), Railway Pond.

Brim full: Slough House Farm (outflow pipe cleared), Bog Grove, Little Park. 

Low Risk:  Heron Hall, Whitehouse Farm, Totham Pit, Beckingham Hall, Brick Kiln pond, Howells.

Closed:  All rivers and canals (just as well!). 

Please also remember that the access tracks at some of the venues that aren’t flooded such as Whitehouse Farm, Beckingham Hall and the alternative entrance to Little Park can get very slippery for ‘ordinary cars’ and only members with four wheel drive vehicles should attempt to access them. 

This must be the wettest drought since records began!

Rook Hall far lake is brim full and has joined up with the middle lake.

Heron Hall Stunners

Photos of some of the carp caught from Heron Hall have started to arrive in the gallery and so far they are all stunners:

Apparently they give screaming runs and fight hard too.  Heron Hall now appears on the pick list of venues when submitting a photo so if you are lucky enough to catch from our newest lake please do send in your pictures.

Ide stocking with more fish to follow

5000 ide  have now been stocked, 1000 into each of Slough House Farm, Whitehouse Farm, Bog Grove, Heron Hall and Rook Hall.  2500 skimmers are also on order for Rook Hall and Heron Hall.  If all goes to plan, and water levels do not drop too far in the predicted drought, another 1000 tench for Whitehouse Farm will follow in June.

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