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Slough House West to close early on Wednesday 7th January

There is a planned shoot at Slough House West on Tuesday 13th January (weather permitting) in the afternoon.  Please can you pack up and leave early as soon as the first shooters arrive.

Slough House West, an unsafe place for ducks between 1st Oct and 31st Jan.

Save £50 on life membership

If you have been considering joining on a life membership I recommend that you do so before the end of March 2015.  This is because we only have a few left and a current life membership costs £700 but this will increase to £750 on 1st April 2015.  I appreciate that a week before Christmas is not the best time to tell you this but we do offer a cheque spread option to ease the financial burden.  Click here and scroll down a bit for more information.

Life membership gives you plenty of time to try our new lakes, like Slough House West pictured above, as well as our long established fisheries.

Next shoot at Slough House West

The shooting syndicate at Slough House West intends to hold a shoot on the morning of Sunday 12th October at dawn. They should be all through by 0800 hours.  Members are asked not to arrive until after 8am to avoid disappointment (and bullets).  A sign will be on display at the entrance to the car park.

First shoot at Slough House West

The man who runs the little shooting syndicate on Slough House West has informed us that they propose to hold their first small shoot this coming Tues 16th Sep in the evening at around dusk.  He will warn any anglers using the lake and put up a notice at the entrance to the fishery.

Organised shoots at Slough House West

The owner of new lake Slough House West has recently informed us that a shooting syndicate use the lake and it will be closed for occasional organised shoots.  Notification of these shoots will be by way of a notice at the entrance to the fishery and the lake will not (at this time) be subjected to a close season similar to those we are obligated to enforce at Rook Hall and Whitehouse Farm as part of our lease agreements.  Hopefully disruption will be kept to a minimum as we believe that the shooting parties are only active at dawn and dusk.

Slough House West – please do not fish if a sign is on display to say that shooting is in progress (not that you would want to unless you wear a bullet proof vest and tin hat).

Presidents match venue change

The venue for this year’s Presidents match on Sat 30th Aug has been switched from Rook Hall to Slough House West due to the amount of weed at Rook Hall which makes finding 20 fishable pegs difficult.  Rook Hall will now be open to members on the 30th Aug and Slough House West will be closed from 10.30 am to 8pm on this date.

Slough House West – now the venue for this year’s Presidents trophy.

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