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David’s tale

David Collins has suceeded where many others have failed, David takes up the story of his recent result at Totham Pit:

Hi all, as a new member to Maldon this season I came with the challenge in mind of catching Totham Pits and Howells largest residents within the smallest time frame possible (an ongoing challenge I set on many lakes). I had spent over a dozen visits to Totham Pit in the hope of spotting Willow or Jordan on their patrols and trying to understand the lake and carps actions as much as possible before fishing (thanks for all the kind advice members had to offer). On my first two 24 hour sessions I sadly blanked and began thinking the task I had set was to be harder than I imagined. On returning to my third session I was blessed with confidence and a gorgeous looking 17lb 6oz Common (what a scrap it gave). Knowing my method would now work on the water I counted the days until my next return, so on the last day of work I was packed and ready to return (12/05/2011). The lake was empty and I was overwhelmed with the choice of swims to choose from. I decided to spend 2 hours patrolling the lake for signs of carp and on returning to the van found two other members had arrived, but I had already chosen my swim and they had chosen theirs. I got speaking with a lovely guy called Scott, he pointed out that the swim I was heading for was called the float (overwhelmed with lilies, over hanging trees and a massive explosion of feeding bubbles I had seen earlier – I believe this was my first sighting of Willow feeding).

They are out there somewhere….

I took the long trek loaded with gear and headed down, once set up within minutes of my first cast I caught a lovely little Tench around the 5 lb mark. I was certain the night was going to be busy as the weather and pressure was just right with a lovely westerly wind pushing to my end of the lake. I could not have been more wrong, there was not so much as a line bite all night (had I spooked them!). Doubt was setting in and I struggled to find a clear spot to present my bait, so come first light I searched around and found a lovely little clearing to the right or me. I cast out and waited in anticipation. Without warning after 1 and a half hours my rod began to scream, I hit within seconds and knew I had a lump to tackle. I was pulled from left to right over a 40 minute battle still unsure of what I had hooked. With my blood pumping the carp rolled right before my eyes and she was a beauty, I slipped in the net and victory was mine. It felt great and once I had her on the bank I knew she was big but still unsure if it was the famous Willow. I got Scott’s attention; he and his friend were kind enough to attend and weigh her up and confirm that it was Willow that had graced my net….. I couldn’t believe it, I felt great and shocked to have achieved my challenge within only 4 sessions. We weighed her up and the scales read 31 and a half pounds, amazing I had beaten my Mirror PB.

David Collins with the much sought after Willow.

We took the pics and set her free I was made up. I continued fishing for a few more hours and also caught a lovely golden common of 22lbs. I can happily say it was a session I will always remember. I have targeted many other fish in the past but have not achieved a result as quickly as this one. Totham Pit has surely grabbed my heart and I’m now in pursuit of meeting Jordan…. I would like to thank Scott and his friend for their help and will look forward to meeting them again beside the bank. Many thanks for reading my story. Regards Dave C.

Wheres fishing…

With a flurry of Bank Holiday’s rapidly approaching you might be trying to decide which of our waters to fish.  This is what I’ve picked up from the grapevine so far: 

Beckingham Hall – carp to low doubles.

Bog Grove – carp to low doubles, roach on the float and occasional crucian, bream and chub.

James Dunphy with his largest double of 13lb 9oz from Bog Grove

Brick Kiln Pond – plenty of small carp and fantails.

Canal & river – closed until 16th June.

Howells Lake – carp to mid twenties.

Jack Dykes with a low twenty from Howells

Little London Lake – no reports yet.

Little Park – a 25lb Common and smaller carp to mid doubles.

New Hall Reservoir – closed (re-opens on 1st May).

Railway Pond – no reports yet but it looked perfect for a fish two when I drove past!

Rook Hall – bags of roach, tench and small ide from the front lake.  The further you walk the bigger the carp get.

Slough House Farm – carp to 20lb, bags of roach and occasional tench.

Totham Pit – Willow has been out at 31lb and several other carp up to 26lb have been landed.  The bream and tench are just starting to show.  Pike are active and still getting caught on lures.

Dave Witney with Willow at 31lb from Totham Pit

Whitehouse Farm – several carp to low twenties with a new lake record 22lb 3oz Leather just reported.  The big roach/bream hybrids don’t seem to be showing (yet).

An 18lb 11oz Linear Mirror goes back at Whitehouse Farm

Where ever you choose to wet a line I hope you get a result and if you want to share your success please do send in a pic or two for the gallery.

Crucian in the sun

Bailiff Simon Putnam invited a friend, Alan Godden from Romford, to join him for a days fishing at Bog Grove and I think his £8 guest ticket was well appreciated.

Alan was float fishing in the margins with sweet corn, and had a 2lb chub within minutes of setting up, followed by this 3lb 8 oz crucian then two double figure common carp.

Alan’s been almost a professional match fisherman over the years but has never had a crucian this big before. He went home a happy man.

Like a bar of solid gold!

Rock and Haul

The award for the best end of season novelty catch goes to Luke Snell who caught this 1lb rock at Totham Pit:

Luckily the fish were feeding as well and Jack Walker landed this fine 20lb 8 oz Common as part of a six fish haul:

Some of Jacks other fish from the session can be found in the gallery.

Rule Changes

The new 2011 rulebook is currently being printed.  In the meantime please note the following amendments / new rules: 

33. Bog Grove, Little Park Langford and Whitehouse Farm, cereal groundbait and boilies allowed at a maximum of 1 kilogram per fishing session.

45. Braided main lines are banned.  Leadcore is no longer banned but only shop bought ready made leaders and those made with a spliced loop are allowed.  Maximum length of home made leaders to be 1.5 metres.  Bailiffs have the right to inspect any rig to ensure that it is fish friendly in the event of the reel line breaking. 

49. The society reserves the right to refuse an application to join from anyone who is known to have been banned from another fishing club.

Please also remember, at the Head Bailiffs request: 

31. All anglers fishing for carp or pike on Society waters must be in possession of an unhooking mat.

Not the largest of carp but this low double from Howells is safely on the mat.

For the full list of rules click here

2011 Carp match dates announced

The dates for the 2011/12 season carp matches can now be found here

One of the carp to aim for in the Totham Pit carp match, Jack Walker with a fine 25lb Common.

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