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Totham Twenties

Totham Pit is fishing well at the moment as the carp go on their pre spawning feeding spree.  The Parry brothers are amongst those who have taken advantage of this situation and this is one of six fish caught in an overnight session by Scott Parry, whose brother Kevin also caught a new personal best in the famous one eye Common at 28lb (see gallery).  Jason Smart has also been in touch to say that his first year with the society was very slow and although he didnt get in the fish he learnt a lot about the waters he wanted to target.  His first session of 2009 was at Totham Pit and after just acouple of hours he caught a lovely 24lb Mirror (also in the gallery).


This is one of the fish transferred to Totham Pit from Beckingham Hall:


Bank Holiday Bonanza

News has already started to arrive of catches over the Bank Holiday weekend.  One of our bailiffs, Kris, has reported landing a 30lb 2oz Common from Howells (photo to follow).  Tom Howlett has made the news page again with a new personal best 24lb 1oz Mirror from Totham Pit.  Tom takes up the story –  ” I was fishing on the point and had to get in the margin to pull it back round as it was going round the corner, I was absolutely soaked but it was well worth it as it is my new pb!”.  Last but not least, friends Jack Childs and James Morris hooked carp at Bog Grove only seconds apart and got both into the net at the same time (see gallery).

166lb of Carp Stocked at Totham Pit

We recently added 11 carp to Totham Pit. The carp weighed on average 15lb the heaviest was 22lb and the smallest 10lb. The carp added in weight order are 2 Mirror - 22lbs, 1 Mirror – 17 lbs, 2 Common – 16 lbs, 1 Common – 14 lbs, 1 Mirror – 13 lbs, 2 Mirror – 12 lbs, 1 Common – 12 lbs, 1 Common – 10 lbs. Below are pictures of the carp before they were stocked into Totham Pit.

 totham-pit-stocking-pic-1  totham-pit-stocking-pic-2

Mark Jowers catches ‘Willow’ at 30lb 4oz

Mark Jowers | 'Willow' | 30lb 4oz | Totham Pit

Mark Jowers | 'Willow' | 30lb 4oz | Totham Pit


Mark Jowers recently contacted us to let us know he caught ‘Willow’ at 30lb 4oz at 3 in the morning on the 6 April 2009. The weight is unverified as Mark was unable to wake his friend fishing on another part of the lake. This is Marks first year with Maldon Angling Society and his first 30lb carp so good news for Mark all round and well done!

Totham Pit Night Syndicate

Existing TPNS members: Your place for next season has been reserved until Sunday 15th March 2009. To guarantee your place for next season please send your ID card, membership fee and additional £75 payment to the membership secretary by the 15th March. Members joining the night syndicate may spread payment over 5 cheques (all to be sent at time of application) but if any of the cheques bounce your night syndicate ticket will be terminated and your place offered to the person who tops the waiting list. If you are applying after the 15th March please contact the membership secretary to check if places are still available. Your TPNS ticket can only be renewed by the membership secretary and not at a tackle shop. If you choose not to rejoin you may still night fish Totham Pit until the 31st March 2009.


Neil Dunn’s photos of ‘Willow’


Neil’s long awaited photos of his 37lb 9oz Mirror have arrived and we can now confirm that it is Willow appearing at her heaviest ever weight. Neil asked another angler fishing at Totham Pit to independently verify the weight, which he did, and we present photos of both sides of this tremendous fish for you to make up your own minds.

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