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Alan’s Predator Update

Life member, Alan Cleave, loves his predator fishing.  He was at Totham Pit in February but has just got around to sending us this report:

I just thought you would like an update of what I’ve been up to!!!

 I had three trips fishing to Totham Pit in late February and on the first day I had 2 pike out with the biggest 14lb.

Then I had an amazing day. I set up two swims away from a pair of carp anglers and as soon as my first bait hit the bottom the indicator shot up and the reel screamed line off.  I would like to say that I landed it but it bit through a 7 strand wire trace as if it was just mono!!!  The carp boys thought that was funny, then to my surprise my second rod went off. A 21 pounder on the bank – yes. The carp boys went very quiet then….the reason as I found out was niether angler had ever seen a pike come out let alone up close.  I had another three pike out in a 5 hour session. The amazing thing was the carp boys had 7 carp out while I was there, the biggest was a 22lb Common….and I had never seen a carp banked at Totham so had a great time. 

My final session ended in five pike to 12lb and another one lost.

Well thats it for now, tight lines – Alan Cleave.

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