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MAS Match Schedule 2021\2022

M.A.S Match Schedule 2021

Date Location Match
10th January          Bog Grove              Winter League 1
24th January          Slough West          Winter League 2
7th February           Little Park             Winter League 3
21st February         Bog Grove              Winter League 4
7th March               Slough West          Winter League 5
21st March              Little Park             Winter League 6


18th April                Slough House        Carp v Coarse 1

2nd May                  MATCH SECRETARY HOLIDAY

16th May                 Rook Hall                Biggest Tench Match
30th May                Heron Hall              Carp v Coarse 2
13th June                Totham Pit              Tom Martin Memorial
27th June                Slough House         Summer League 1
11th July                  Heron Hall              Summer League 2
25th July                 Little Park               Summer League 3
8th August              Totham Pit              Biggest Bream Match
22nd August           Slough House         Summer League 4
5th September       Bog Grove                Summer League 5
19th September     Slough West            Summer League 6
3rd October            Slough House         Presidents Match
17th October           Little Park               Carp v Coarse 3
31st October           Venue TBC              Canal Open
14th November       Sl ough West         Carp v Coarse 4
28th November      Venue TBC             Canal Open
12th December       Venue TBC             Canal Open

26th December BOXING DAY

9th January             Bog Grove              Winter League 1
23rd January           Slough West          Winter League 2
6th February            Little Park             Winter League 3
20th February          Bog Grove            Winter League 4
6th March                 Slough West         Winter League 5
20th March              Little Park             Winter League 6

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