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Rule focus and reminder, please read


This is never aimed at anyone in particular, just focusing on the rules deemed the most broken, by the Head Bailiff.
Any rule which has particular prominence at the time.

Today we’re going to focus on GATES and LOCKS

Rule 4.1 Gates

All members will lock Society gates on entering and leaving the waters

We have had numerous problems with gates being left open on our waters recently.

Please lock them on your arrival and departure, we seem to always get the following excuses.
▪️I left it open for a friend.
▪️It was already open when I arrived/departed so I left it that way.
Both of these are UNACCEPTABLE. If it does happen to be already unlocked for any reason please lock it, AND report it to a bailiff if at all possible so they can try to ascertain who it was that left it open.

▪️If you are using a combination lock, once you have locked it again, then please jumble the numbers up. Theres no point in having a combination lock if the users of it leave the numbers on the opening code.
We see this time and time again, it takes seconds!

▪️If you find a lock, faulty, broken or damaged, then please call the site specific Head Bailiff.

▪️If you have a key that doesn’t work in one of our few gates with key locks, then please also let us know. The gates with keys are because the landowner prefers it that way, we have no choice in the matter.

Please remember there is NO excuse for leaving a gate or lock open under any circumstance.

The Bailiffs and Comittee will take a hard stance on anyone found to be leaving gates or locks open.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Tight Lines!

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