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Angling Trust litter campaign, let’s all support this & keep our waters tidy for all

Dear members.
The Angling Trust are running the below “Take 5″ Initiative.
We are asking all members at the very least to adopt this 5 minute/5 item mentality before you start, or once you have finished your Angling session.
Unfortunately, if you study the type of waste and where it is found, probably about 90% of it is left by our ourselves as members.
This needs to stop ‚úč
Do you really think it reflects on us well as anglers when our landowners take a walk around their own waters?
It is bad enough now and is only going to get worse now that we are seeing more and more anglers on the bank as the weather picks up.
I will be carrying a roll of black sacks with me to every match and nominating someone to litter pick as we go around with the scales at the end of the match.
Bailiffs will be encouraged to carry on doing the same whilst out and about.
It is a given already that we do on Society Work Parties as a matter of course.
If we all work together, as a Society to do our bit as well as promoting this to our fellow members, we should have nice litter free waters.
It is not down to our Committee, Bailiffs and those that do tidy up after themselves to be the sole clean up operation.
We ALL need to take some responsibility.
Obviously, there are going to be the same old idiots/slobs (whatever we want to call them) who continue to leave rubbish, but it is up to us (with help from you members) to catch them and ban them.
There has always been a zero tolerance policy with regards litter, that will continue when caught.
It’s so easy to clean up after yourself and take your rubbish home and as someone posted a few weeks ago……..
Leave nothing but footprints,
Take nothing but photographs,
Kill nothing but time.
(What a wonderful motto to live by)
Thank you in advance for your cooperation "</p

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