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Night Permits

We run a two tier night permit system:

Standard Night Permits
Cost is £68 in addition to subs
Valid from date of issue until 31st March
Now on sale directly from the membership secretary and JP Tackle only

No waiting list in operation
The Standard Night Permit excludes night fishing at Howells
Limited to 120 people on a first come first serve basis
Includes night fishing between 10pm and 5am at
Totham Pit all year round (max length of session 3 nights)
Slough House Farm all year round (max length of session 1 night only between 1st Apr and 31st Oct and 2 nights only between 1st Nov and 31st Mar)
Little London all year round (max length of session 3 nights)
Bog Grove Oct – Apr only (max length of session 3 nights)
Also allows the use of 3 rods on all venues between Oct and Mar (no need to buy a separate winter 3 rod permit)

Open to new members

Howells Night Permits
There is no longer a waiting list, everyone who is eligible can apply now – any members who have been in the club for two or more seasons (including ex-members) and have a clean disciplinary record.
Cost is £98 in addition to subs (or as a £30 upgrade if you have already paid for a current standard night permit)
Limited to 60 people and places reserved for existing holders until 1st Apr
Includes all other night fishing venues and the use of 3 rods between Oct and Mar on all venues as listed above
Howells night permits are not on sale in tackle shops and are only available directly from the Membership Secretary
Members who have received a verbal warning on the bank from a bailiff or committee member need not apply
New members to the club will not be considered for a Howells night permit until they have been a member with a clean record for two consecutive seasons and have ideally held a standard night permit during the previous season.
Members who have received a written warning, suspension or have an unpaid bounced cheque cannot apply for either night permit but members with a verbal warning can apply for a standard night permit.