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To renew your membership, and take full advantage of the all year round fishing we offer, please use the renewal form below, this will help us to retain the fishing rights on 14 lakes and ponds and 14 miles of river.

Renewal Form  2022-23

Adobe Acrobat Reader (required to view the renewal form)

Don’t forget your rod licence which can be purchased online from the Environment Agency

Match only memberships are no longer available.

Spreading the cost: If your membership fees total over £50 you can spread the cost by paying with 3 cheques, 2 of which are post-dated. Simply divide your total fee by 3 and send 3 cheques, i.e. Adult (£85) = one £28.34 cheque dated today and two £28.34 cheques dated one and two months hence, e.g. today’s cheque = 1st January, post dated cheques = 1st February and 1st March.

The standard night permit costs £80 in addition to the membership fee and covers:

Night fishing at Totham Pit all year round (max 3 nights per session)

Night fishing at Howells all year round (max 2 nights per session)

Night fishing at Slough House Farm all year round (1 night max per session from 1st Apr – 31st Oct and 2 nights max per session from 1st Nov to 31st Mar)

Night fishing at Little London all year round (max 3 nights per session)

Night fishing at Bog Grove between 1st Oct and 30th Apr only (max 3 nights per session)


Life memberships are still available for a one off payment of 10 times the current adult fee (£800). This payment can be spread over 7 months using our post-dated cheque scheme. We then pledge to spend the whole of your £800 on fish stocks to improve one of our fisheries in your lifetime. We may even be able to add fish to a lake of your choice (Environmental Agency & fishery management regulations permitting). Please note that this scheme does not include night fishing and you will be required to return your card to the membership secretary once a year for updating.

Agents: If you prefer to join in person you may rejoin at JP Tackle in Maldon but please remember that Howells night permits are only available directly from the membership secretary.

The membership secretary does his best to return postal applications within a few days.

Half price winter tickets are available from 1st October and run until 31st March following.

Night fishing at Totham Pit all year round (max 3 nights per session)