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Concessionary match results before 2015

Tesco’s canal | 23 Dec 2014 | 17 fished

1st  Barry Lewis                 6lbs  7ozs  0dms    30pts
2nd  Dave Harley                4lbs  7ozs  8dms   29pts
3rd  Bert Turner                  4lbs  4ozs  8dms   28pts
4th  Keith Leverett              3lbs  7ozs  0dms   27pts
5th  Brian Webber              2lbs  13ozs             26pts
6th  Les Drury                       2lbs  2ozs  8dms   25pts
7th  David Earney                 2lbs  2ozs              24pts
8th  Geoff Green                   1lbs  15ozs            23pts
9th  Allan Knight                    1lb    11ozs           22pts
10th Alan Beard                     1lb    5ozs             21pts
Jt 11th Dave Auston & Roger Smith  1lb  1oz  8dms   20pts
13th Don Carter                      1lb  0ozs  8dms   18pts
14th Richard Seabright           12ozs  8dms         17pts
15th Jack Morley                      7ozs   8dms         16pts
16th John Christensen             6ozs                      15pts

Total weight of  35lbs  6ozs  0dms

A very good day for a change considering the previous weather conditions.  The bottle bank end fished very well with some quality fish. Barry Lewis drew peg 17 which was the golden peg and Barry Lewis did the damage and ran off with the winnings.


Bog Grove | 16 Dec 2014 | Christmas match (silvers only) | 20 fished

1st     John Christensen                    3lbs 6ozs
2nd    Dave Harley                              2 lbs 15ozs
3rd     Barry Lewis                              2lbs  1oz
4th     Bill Woollcott                          1lb    13ozs
5th     Allan Knight                             1lb   11ozs  8dms
6th     Bill Clayden                              1lb    11ozs
7th     Ed Warby                                 1lb   10ozs  8dms
8th     Richard Seabright                  1lb  9ozs  8dms
jt 9th  Geoff Green  & Les Drury     1lb   6ozs
11th      David Earney                         1lb   4ozs  8dms
12th      Brian Webber                        1lb  3ozs  8dms
13th      Dave Auston                          1lb   2ozs  8dms
14th       Jim Edwards                          15ozs  8dms
Jt 15th   Jack  Morley & Keith Leverett      15ozs
17th       Vic Dadd                                  6ozs  8dms
18th       Bert Savage                             4ozs   8dms
19th        Dereck Frost                           4ozs

Total weight   28lbs 11ozs 8dms

This was our annual Christmas match. Fished over 4 hours, so not a bad result considering the recent weather.   We had a fantastic table of goodies brought in by members and many thanks to the committee for their donation. So everyone walked around the table and took whatever they fancied. A good day was had by all.
Papermill Lock canal | 9 Dec 2014 | 15 fished

1st Dave Harley                    12ozs
2nd Bill Woollcott                  2ozs

Total weight:  14ozs

On the 9th day of Christmas 15 anglers did a jig and practised casting.  That was some cruel day and the conditions looked perfect but the temperature at minus 2  almost certainly did the damage.
Totham Pit | 2 Dec 2014 | 15 fished

1st   David Earney                1lb  7ozs                 30pts
2nd   Vic Dadd                       1lb  6ozs 8dms     29pts
3rd   John Christensen           1lb  4ozs 8dms     28pts
4th   Dave Harley                     15ozs  8dms         27pts
5th   Geoff Green                      15ozs                    26pts
6th   Keith Leverett                    10ozs                   25pts
7th   Brian Webber                     7ozs                    24pts
8th   Don Carter                           4ozs                    23pts
9th   Les Drury                              3ozs                    22pts
There were 6 did not weighs.

Total weight of  7lbs  7ozs

Strong winds and heavy rain and big pike.

Tesco’s canal | 25 Nov 2014 | 22 fished

1st  Barry lewis                             15ozs
2nd  John Christensen                  14ozs
3rd  Jim Edwards                           12ozs  8dms
4th   Bill Woollcott                         11ozs  8dms
5th   Les Drury                                 10ozs  8dms
6th   Dave Auston                             9ozs   8dms
7th  Malcolm Willis                           8ozs  8dms
8th  Dave Harley                                7ozs   8dms
9th   Bert Turner                                7ozs
10th Richard Seabright                     6ozs  8dms
11th Keith Leverett                            4ozs  8dms
12th  Don Carter                                 4ozs
13th  Allan Knight                               3ozs  8dms
Jt.14th   Jack Morley  & Dave Warby         3ozs
16th   David Earney                             2ozs   8dms
There were 6 did not weighs.

Total weight of  7lbs  12ozs

Unfortunately one of the DNW’s was Roger Butler who had a fall near the Tesco’s staging and he fractured a bone in the lower leg and ankle. He is in hospital at the moment. Our best wishes go to him. The things some people do so that they don’t have to fish next week’s match at Totham Pit.


Bog Grove | 18 Nov 2014 | 20 fished

1st    Dave Harley                                   35lbs  3ozs        30pts
2nd    Geoff  Warby                                  19lbs 14ozs       29pts
3rd     Les Drury                                        12lbs   1oz         28pts
4th     Don Carter                                      11lbs  2ozs        27pts
5th     John Christensen                           9lbs  1oz            26pts
6th     Richard Seabright                          7lbs  10ozs        25pts
7th     Malcolm Willis                               5lbs  1oz  8dms 24pts
8th     David Earney                                   4lbs 10ozs           23pts
9th     Roger Butler                                    4lbs  1oz              22pts
10th  Geoff Green                                     1lb   12ozs           21pts
11th  Roger Smith                                     1lb  9ozs               20pts
12th    Jack Morley                                      15ozs  8dms       19pts
13th    Keith Leverett                                 12ozs                   18pts
7  did not weigh’s

Total weight of 109lbs 15ozs


Slough House Farm | 11 Nov 2014 | Ted Cornwell Cup | 24 fished

1st Don Carter                                  9lbs  3ozs                   30pts
2nd Roger  Smith                               8lbs  5ozs                   29pts
3rd  John Christensen                        8lbs                            28pts
4th  Richard Seabright                       5lbs  8ozs  8dms      27pts
5th  Bert Turner                                  4lbs  8ozs                  26pts
6th  Roger Butler    &   Brian Webber     3lbs  4ozs           25pts
8th  Bill Woollcott                               2lbs  14ozs                23pts
9th  Jack Morley & David Earney      2lbs  12ozs                22pts
11th Geoff Warby                                2lbs                            20pts
12th  Dave Harley                                 1lbs  15ozs  8dms    19pts
13th  Alan Beard                                   1lb    6ozs    8dms     18pts
14th  Jim Edwards                                 15ozs                          17pts
15th   Allan Knight                                  14ozs  8dms              16pts
16th   Keith Leverett                               3ozs                            15pts
17th    Geoff Green                                  2ozs  8dms                14pts

7 did not weighs.

Total weight of  56lbs  15ozs  8dms

The trophy was presented by the late Ted Cornwell’s wife Rosemary now cousins who was presented with  a bunch of flowers.   A very  pleasent  afternoon.


Lakelands Front Lake (AWAY) | 4 Nov 2014 | 18 fished

1st   Les Drury                    18lbs  10ozs  0dms
2nd  Albert Kitchen           18lbs   1oz     0dms
3rd   Richard Seabright      16lbs  4ozs    8dms
4th   Dave Earney               12lbs  12ozs  0dms
5th     Bert Savage                12lbs   5ozs   8dms
6th     Don Carter                   9bs     10ozs
7th      Keith Leverett             8lbs    8ozs
8th      Dave Warby                 7lbs    4ozs   8dms
9th      Brian Webber               6lbs   9ozs
10th    Alan Beard                     5lbs   15ozs
11th    Dereck Frost                   5lbs   11ozs
12th     Allan Knight                    4lbs  13ozs   8dms
13th     John Christensen           3lbs  13ozs
14th      Jack Morley                    3lbs   9ozs    8dms
15th      Jim Edwards                    2lbs   0ozs   8dms

There were 3 did not weighs, but a reasonable day considering the weather change for most.

Total weight of  153lbs  15ozs  0ozs
Totham Pit | 28 Oct 2014 | 17 fished

1st  Geoff Green                          3lbs  7ozs  8dms         30pts
2nd Les Drury                                1lb   15ozs 0dms         29pts
Jt 3rd Roger Butler & Dave Earney  1lb  3ozs  0dms      28pts
5th  Allan Knight                            10ozs  8dms                 26pts
6th  Dave Harley                             8ozs                               25pts
7th  Dereck Frost                             6ozs  8dms                   24pts
8th  Ernie Vincent                            5ozs                               23pts
9th  Dave Austen                              2ozs                               22pts
10th Jim Edwards                              1oz  8dms                     21pts

7 members did not weigh they each received 1 point.

Total weight:  9lbs  14ozs  odms

The 2nd round of points (5 matches)   was won by Les Drury with  133 points
2nd  Dave Earney  with  126 points
3rd   Geoff Green  with  108  points
4th   Roger Butler   with   99 points

Many thanks to Richard Seabright  for standing in for me – Keith Match Sec.
Howells | 21 Oct 2014 | 20 anglers attempted to fish

This match was switched from the Tesco canal in an attempt to move small carp from Howells to the neighbouring stock pond, unfortunately the weather had other ideas.  Keith takes up the story:

We had 20 anglers around the lake at 9.15am . Conditions were pretty poor but we started fishing at 10.15.  As the day progressed the weather got worse. The car park area to the entrance became impossible to fish because of waves in excess of 6″ high made any presentation impossible, also becoming dangerous with branches coming down. By 12.30 9 anglers had packed up understandingly.  At 1.30 I asked everybody left if any fish were caught?  Nobody had had a bite.  Plenty of tackle was damaged.  I blew the whistle about 1.45 and nobody objected.  A very disappointing day was had by all. I rang Denise to get a message to Paul to tell him the tank would not be needed. I am sorry that there was no result but everyone had made an effort.  The change in the weather from the date that we made for the exercise had a great  deal to do with it.  My apologies for a disappointing day. Hopefully next August/September will be better.
Slough House Farm | 14 Oct 2014 | 21 fished

1st     Bill Claydon                 15lbs  10ozs  8dms
2nd      Don Carter                  13lbs  10ozs  8dms
3rd      John Christensen        11lbs   2ozs  8dms
4th       Dave Harley                9lbs     6ozs
5th       Roger Butler                7lbs   15ozs  8dms
6th        Alan Beard                   7lbs    9ozs
7th         Brian Webber              7lbs  4ozs   8dms
8th         Dereck Frost                 6lbs  9ozs
9th         Dave Earney                  6lbs  4ozs
10th       Geoff Green                   5lbs  12ozs   8dms
11th        Bert Turner                    5lbs  10ozs  8dms
12th       Roger Smith                    5lbs  5ozs   8dms
13th        Bill Woollcott                 4lbs  12ozs
14th        Jack Morley                     4lbs  9ozs  8dms
15th         Les Drury                         4lbs   7ozs
16th         Bert Savage                     4lbs   1oz   8dms
17th        Allan Knight                      3lbs   9ozs
18th        Keith Leverett                    2lbs   13ozs  8dms
19th        Jim Edwards                        2lbs  9ozs
20th        Richard Seabright                1lb   14ozs  8dms

Total weight of  131lbs  2ozs

Bill Claydon won the match with a fine carp and  and some small fish, he also won the Golden Peg.
A12 Cuton Lakes Match Lake (AWAY) | 7 Oct 2014 | Round 2 of 2 | 14 fished

1st     Barry Lewis                25lbs  5ozs  8dms
2nd    Don Carter                  19lbs 4ozs  8dms
3rd     Bill Woollcott              18lbs 7ozs
4th     Bert Turner                  14lbs 13ozs
5th     Jack Morley                  13lbs  9ozs
6th     Bill Claydon                   8lbs    6ozs
7th     Roger Butler                  6lbs   12ozs
8th     Geoff Green                   6lbs
9th     Keith Leverett                3lbs   11ozs
10th   Brian Webber                 3lbs   10ozs  8dms
11th   Malcolm Willis               3lbs   8ozs
12th   Richard Seabright          3lbs   6ozs  8dms
13th   Allan Knight                     3lbs  2ozs
14th  DNW

Total weight:  129lbs  15ozs

Previous heavy rain and strong winds certainly caused the poor weights.  This was the second match of the 2 match  contest. The winner would be the one with the highest weight over the 2 matches, this being Bert Turner  with 56lbs  12ozs and 14lbs  13ozs, a total of 71lbs  9ozs.  A salver is on it’s way - well done.
Rook Hall | 30 Sep 2014 | 16 fished

1st  Les Drury                 9lbs  2ozs
2nd Dave Earney            7lbs  6ozs  8dms
3rd  Richard Seabright   7lbs  5ozs
4th  Bob Pallet                 7lbs  2ozs
5th  Dereck Frost             5lbs  11ozs
6th  Geoff Green              5lbs  3ozs  8dms
7th  Keith Leverett           4lbs  15ozs
8th  Brian Webber            4lbs  12ozs
9th  Roger Smith               4lbs  1oz
10th Allan Knight               3lbs  10ozs
11th Jim Edwards               2lbs  4ozs  8dms
12th Don Carter                   2lbs  2ozs
4 Did not weigh’s.

Total weight of  63lbs  10ozs  8dms

On arriving at Rook Hall the first thing we saw was a complete covering of floating weed, and the water was at the lowest that we have ever seen it. Never the less we drew and went to our pegs  and spent the next 30 minutes clearing our swims. Several  tench  were caught and the rest were roach, rudd and perch.  Some of the roach were good netters.
Slough House Farm | 23 Sep 2014 | 22 fished

1st   Albert Kitchen        23lbs   6ozs  8dms   30pts
2nd  Brian Webber         19lbs    2ozs              29pts
3rd   John Christensen    13lbs  10ozs 8dms   28pts
4th    Ernie Vinton            11lbs   10ozs             27pts
5th    Dave Earney            11lbs     8ozs  8dms  26pts
6th    Bert Turner                9lbs   12ozs              25pts
7th    Les Drury                     9lbs    9ozs              24pts
8th    Jack Morley                 8lbs   13ozs             23pts
9th     Vic Dadd                     6lbs    15ozs             22pts
10th   Geoff Green               6lbs     14ozs           21pts
11th   Dave Foster                6lbs    10ozs            20pts
12th   Bob Pallet                    6lbs     3ozs             19pts
13th   Dereck Frost                5lbs     7ozs             18pts
14th   Alan Beard                    4lbs  12ozs  8dms   17pts
15th    Jim Edwards               4lbs      1oz  8dms   16pts
16th     Keith Leverett             3lbs   7ozs  8dms   15pts
17th     Bill Clayden                  3lbs    3ozs               14pts
18h     Malcolm Willis               3lbs  1oz   8dms     13pts
19th    Roger Smith                     3lbs  1oz                  12pts
20th    Richard Seabright           2lbs  10ozs  8dms    11pts
21st    Allan Knight                       1lb   2ozs  8dms       10pts
22nd  Bert Savage                                   DNW                         1pt

Total weight of  165lbs 0ozs 8dms

Best fish was a 12oz 8dms roach to Bob Pallet.  Golden peg to Albert Kitchen peg 12.  Plenty of  roach, lots of 6 to 8 inch fish also a few tench and skimmer bream.
Oakford Lakes Top Lake (AWAY) | 16 Sep 2014 | 15 fished

1st   Albert Kitchen              118lbs
2nd  Don Carter                     86lbs  3ozs
3rd   Dave Earney                  56lbs  8ozs
4th   Keith Leverett                43lbs  3ozs
5th   Roger Butler                   40lbs  14ozs
6th   John Christensen           37lbs   7ozs
7th   Ernie Vinton                   35lbs  15ozs
8th   Alan Beard                      33lbs  5ozs
9th   Bill Woollcott                 29lbs  8ozs
10th Allan Knight                    18lbs  4ozs
11th Richard Seabright          18lbs  3ozs
12th Malcolm Willis                14lbs  5ozs
13th Vic Dadd                           14lbs
14th Les Drury                          9lbs  14ozs
15th  1 DNW

Total weight of  555lbs 9ozs

A very good day was had by everyone, plenty of  fish lost  which adds to the excitement.
Paper Mill Lock River Chelmer | 9 Sep 2014 | 17 fished

1st   Keith  Leverett          9lbs  10ozs  8dms
2nd  Dave Earney              4lbs   3ozs
3rd   John Christensen     4lbs   2ozs  8dms
4th   Roger Butler             3lbs  12ozs 8dms
5th   Roger Smith              3lbs  8ozs   8dms
6th   Allan Knight               3lbs  2ozs
7th   Bob Pallet                   3lbs  1oz   8dms
8th   Geoff Green               2lbs   15ozs 8dms
9th   Dave Auston               2lbs  14ozs
10th   Bill Woollcott             2lbs  12oz 8dms
11th  Barry Lewis                   2lbs  10ozs 8dms
12th  Malcolm Willis            2lbs  1oz
13th  Don Carter                   1lb   7ozs   8dms
14th  Vic Dadd                       1lb   6ozs
15th  Bill Claydon                   1lb  5ozs  8dms
16th Jack Morley                    7ozs
17th Bert Savage  DNW

Total weight of  49lbs 8ozs
Best fish:  Roger  Butler  a Roach

The river was in excellent condition with little and sometimes no flow. Dave Smith Chelmsford match secretary came down to see how the river was fishing. He volunteered to do the weigh-in. He was surprised at the quality of the roach in the winning weight also good catches for the rest of the field.
Slough House Farm | 2 Sep 2014 | 21 fished (moved from Whitehouse Farm)

1st   Albert Kitchen        21lbs                  30pts
2nd  Dave Harley             16lbs  8ozs        29pts
3rd   David Earney          14lbs   7ozs  8dms   28pts
4th   Les Drury                 12lbs  2ozs  8dms     27pts
5th   Keith Leverett          11lbs  14ozs              26pts
6th   Roger Butler             11lbs  2ozs                 25pts
7th   Geoff Green              10lbs   9ozs                 24pts
8th   Kim Naish                  10lbs                            23pts
9th   Bob Pallett                 9lbs  15ozs                  22pts
10th Vic Dadd                     9lbs  1oz  8dms           21pts
Jt  11th  John Christensen  & Bill Woolcott     7lbs  14ozs              20pts
13th  Allan Knight                7lbs  13ozs  8dms    18pts
14th  Don Carter                   7lbs  10ozs                17pts
15th   Dereck Frost                7lbs  4ozs  8dms       16pts
16th   Roger Smith                 4lbs  15ozs 8dms       15pts
17th   Bill Clayden                   3lbs  13ozs  8dms       14pts
18th   Richard Seabright        3lbs   13ozs                   13pts
19th   Malcolm Willis              3lbs                                12pts
20th   Jim Edwards                   1lb  8ozs                       11pts
21st   Bert Savage                        DNW                              1pt

Total weight of  184lbs 0ozs  8dms

A reasonable day with some good weights. Best fish Bill Claydon with 12oz 8dms roach.

Rook Hall | 26 Aug 2014 | Trophy match | 21 fished

1st  Dave Harley                           7lbs  13ozs  8dms    30pts
2nd  David Earney                         7lbs  10ozs                29pts
3rd   Les  Drury                               6lbs  9ozs  8dms      28pts
4th   Bob Pallet                               5lbs  2ozs  8dms      27pts
5th   Allan Knight                            5lbs  1oz   8dms       26pts
6th   Albert Kitchen                        5lbs            8dms      25pts
7th   Vic Dadd                                  4lbs   14ozs               24pts
8th   Keith Leverett                         4lbs   3ozs  8dms    23pts
9th   Jim Edwards                            4lbs   3ozs                22pts
10th John Christensen                    4lbs   2ozs                21pts
11th Don Carter                               3lbs   11ozs              20pts
12th Roger Smith                             3lbs   9ozs   8dms   19pts
13th Roger Butler                             3lbs   6ozs                18pts
14th Richard Seabright                    2lbs   2ozs   8dms   17pts
Jt 15th  Bert Savage & Dereck Frost      1lb     10ozs      16pts
17th  Dave Austen                            1lb    8ozs                  14pts
18th  Geoff Green                              1lb  7ozs                    13pts
19th  Alan Beard                                 9ozs                           12pts
There were 2  DNW’s

Total weight of  74lbs  5ozs

The best fish was a 2lb 12oz tench from Jim Edwards. Not a bad result, the water level was very low and the weed situation as bad as ever.

Lakelands | 19 Aug 2014 | Away match | 22 fished

1st  Bert Turner           55lbs  5ozs
2nd Albert  Kitchen     46lbs  1oz
3rd  Dave Harley          43lbs  11ozs
4th  Kim Naish              34lbs   3ozs
5th  Bob Pallet              31lbs   14ozs
6th  Jack Morley           28lbs   15ozs
7th  Dave Earney           24lbs   6ozs
8th  Bert Savage             18lbs   7ozs
9th  Bill Woollcott          15lbs   14ozs
10th Don Carter               14lbs  6ozs
11th Jim Edwards           13lbs    1oz
12th Keith Leverett         12lbs  14ozs
13th  Bill Claydon            11lbs   6ozs
14th  Brian Webber         8lbs  12ozs
15th  Roger Butler           8lbs   7ozs
16th  John Christensen   8lbs   6ozs
17th  Richard Seabright  8lbs   4ozs
18th  Alan Beard              6lbs   13ozs
19th  Malcolm Willis        4lbs  9ozs
20th  Les Drury                 4lbs   1oz
2 DNW’s

Total weight of 392lbs 9ozs 0dms

A very good result . Unfortunately because of the high attendance we had to fish 2 lakes. The best weights came from Wood lake. Lily lake’s weights were considerably less.  Our numbers have increased since the venue was booked, so the 2nd lake had to be used.
Slough House Farm | 12 Aug 2014 | Alf Burton Trophy | 22 fished

1st   Bob Pallet                   16lbs  12ozs
2nd  Dave Harley               16lbs   9ozs  8dms
3rd   Geoff Green               15lbs  13ozs  8dms
4th   Dave Earney              15lbs   11ozs
5th   Bert Savage                15lbs    5ozs  8ozs
6th   Brian Webber            14lbs   4ozs  8dms
7th   Bert Turner                13lbs
8th   Richard Seabright     12lbs   5ozs  8dms
9th   Bill Woollcott             11bs   11ozs
10th John Christensen       9lbs    8ozs   8dms
11th Albert Kitchen            8lbs   14ozs
12th Vic Dadd                      7lbs   1oz   8dms
13th Les Drury                     7lbs
14th Keith Leverett             6lbs  11ozs
15th Malcolm Willis            6lbs   8ozs
16th Alan Beard                   6lbs   6ozs  8dms
17th Dave Auston                4lbs   7ozs
18th Roger Smith                 4lbs
19th Don Carter                    3lbs  12ozs
20th Jack Morley & Bill Claydon            3lbs
22nd Jim Edwards                 2lbs

Total weight of 203lbs  14ozs

This has to be the most evenly matched result at Slough House Farm that I  have seen over the last 4 years. Several carp and tench were caught, also some quality bream but most catches consisted of ide, roach and some quality rudd.

Anticipation mounts at the draw for the Alf Burton trophy.

Bog Grove | 5 Aug 2014 | 18 fished

1st Bill Woollcott          31lbs  15ozs  8dms
2nd Keith Leverett         23lbs    4ozs  8dms
3rd   Don Carter                 17lbs   3ozs
4th    Les Drury                   15lbs   10ozs
5th    Brian Webber            11lbs   2ozs
6th     Bert Savage                10lbs  12ozs  8dms
7th    Geoff Green                  7lbs  3ozs
8th    Dave Harley                   6lbs  10ozs
9th    Bob Pallet                       5lbs  8ozs  8dms
10th   Roger Smith                   5lbs  7ozs
11th   Richard Seabright          4lbs   9ozs  8dms
12th   Malcolm Willis                14ozs  8dms

There were  6 DNW’s.

Total weight of  148lbs 4ozs

Carp were the main species on the day, very few silvers. Plenty of carp were lost. Surface fishing was difficult because of the algae on the surface.  There were a few trophy presentations from previous matches.


Tesco’s Canal | 29 Jul 2014 | 20 fished

1st       Barry Lewis             1lbs  14ozs  8dms    30pts
2nd      Bert Turner             1lbs   11ozs  0dms    29pts
3rd       Roger Butler           1lbs   10ozs  0dms    28pts
3rd       Don Carter               1lbs   10ozs  0dms    28pts
5th       John Christensen    1lbs   7ozs     8dms     26pts
6th       Les Drury                  1lb                                25pts
7th       Dave Austen             24pts                           24pts
8th       Bill Claydon              14ozs                            23pts
9th        Vic Dadd                   13ozs  8dms               22pts
10th     Rich Seabright          11ozs  8dms               21pts
11th     Geoff  Green             10ozs                           20pts
12th     Brian Webber           9ozs                             19pts
13th     Dereck Frost             4ozs  8dms                  18pts
13th     Mal Willis                  4ozs  8dms                  18pts
15th     Jim Edwards             3ozs                               16pts
16th    Allan Knight               2ozs 8dms                     15pts
17th=    Dave Earney              8dms                              14pts
17th=    Jack Morley               8dms                              14pts
19th= 2 DNW’s

Total weigh:t  14lbs  14ozs  0dms

A very hard day, plenty of loose weed . Not a lot of fish. Never mind a good meal awaited us at the Duke of Wellington.


Rook Hall | 22 Jul 2014 | 20 fished

1st   John Christensen       18lbs  12ozs
2nd  Les Drury                      11lbs  13ozs
3rd   Brian Webber              9lbs  4ozs
4th   Don Carter                    7lbs  11ozs
5th   Roger Butler                 6lbs   3ozs
6th   Bert Savage                  5lbs  12oz
7th   Geoff  Green                5lbs  11ozs   8dms
8th   Dave Austen                 4lbs
9th   Dave  Harley                 3lbs  12ozs
10th Richard Seabright        2lbs  13ozs  8dms
11th Alan Beard                    2lbs  11ozs
12th Dave Earney                 2lbs  10ozs
13th Roger Smith                  2lbs  7ozs  8dms
14th Dereck Frost                 2lbs  6ozs  8dms
15th Allan Knight                  2lbs  2ozs  8dms
16th Jim Edwards                 1lbs   9ozs
17th= There  were  4 DNW

Total weight:    89lbs  11ozs


A12 Cuton Lakes | 15 Jul 2014 | AWAY match round 1 of 2 |  19 fished

1st     Bert Turner                56lbs  12ozs  0dms
2nd    Albert Kitchen             36lbs   6ozs
3rd     Barry Lewis                   26lbs  12ozs  8dms
4th     Bill Woollcott                26lbs  1oz
5th      Dave Harley                  24lbs  13ozs  8dms
6th      Ernie Vinton                  24lbs   12ozs
7th      Brian  Webber               23lbs  9ozs  8dms
8th       Allan Knight                   20lbs  11ozs
9th        Don Carter                    18lbs  7ozs  8dms
10th      Alan Beard                    13lbs  5ozs
11th      Roger Smith                   11lbs  11ozs
12th       Dereck  Frost                 10lbs  13ozs
13th       Jack Morley                    9lbs  12ozs  8dms
14th        Geoff Green                   9lbs  10ozs  8dms
15th        Malcolm Willis               9lbs   8ozs  8dms
16th       Richard Seabright            9lbs  2ozs
17th       Bill Claydon                       6lbs  14ozs
18th        Dave Earney                      6lbs  10ozs  8dms
19th        Jim Edwards                       6lbs    0ozs  8dms

Total weight:  351lbs 12ozs  8dms

A good day was  had by most, good catches all round. Let’s hope the next round fishes as well.

Boreham Black Bridge | 8 Jul 2014 | 21 fished

1st  Dave  Harley               5lbs  1oz   8dms    30 pts
2nd  Roger Butler              2lbs  15ozs 8dms    29pts
3rd   Bill Woollcott             2lbs  13ozs              28pts
4th   Ernie Vinton               2lbs  2ozs                 27pts
5th   Graham Webber        2lbs                          26pts
6th   Alan Beard                  1lbs  14ozs              25pts
7th   Bob Pallet                    1lbs  12ozs  8dms  24pts
8th   Dave Earney                1lb  11ozs   8dms   23pts
Jt 9th John Christensen & Barry Lewis  1lbs  10ozs   22pts
11th  Geoff Green                1lbs  7ozs  8dms      20pts
12th Roger Smith                   15ozs                          19pts
Jt 13th   Allan Knight & Richard Seabright  11ozs  8dms   18pts
15th   Don Carter                      8ozs                         16pts
16th  Malcolm Willis             6ozs  8dms                15pts

There were 5 Did not weighs  all receiving 1 point.

Total weight:  28lbs  10ozs  0dms

Best fish was an 8oz roach caught by Ernie Vinton.


Oak Lakes Southminster | 1 Jul 2014 | AWAY match | 20 fished

1st    Dave Harley            30lbs  14ozs
2nd   Bill Claydon              16lbs   4ozs
3rd    Les Drury                   15lbs  3ozs
4th    Jack Morley               13lbs   8ozs
5th     Brian Webber           10lbs   8ozs  8dms
6th     Richard  Seabright    9lbs    7ozs  8dms
7th     Malcolm Willis           7lbs    6ozs
8th     Bert Savage                 6lbs    10ozs
9th     Dereck Frost                6lbs   4ozs  8dms
10th   Roger Butler                 5lbs  4ozs
11th   Alan Beard                     3lbs  9ozs  8dms
12th   Ernie Vinton                   2lbs
13th   Dave  Earney                   1lb   13ozs

There were 7  DNW’s

Total weight:  128lbs  12ozs

Weather was good but the fish seemed to be only on one side of the lake.  I think it could do with a few more silvers.

Rook Hall | 24 Jun 2014 | 20 fished

1st    Alan Beard             8lbs  2ozs  8dms
2nd   Allan Knight            7lbs  1oz   8dms
3rd   Malcolm Willis        5lbs 13ozs
4th   Dave Earney            4lbs  13ozs
5th   Vic Dadd                  4lbs  11ozs
Jt 6th   Ernie Vinton    &   John Christensen    4lbs  4ozs
Jt 8th   Bert Savage  &  Albert Kitchen         4lbs  2ozs
10th     Les Drury              4lbs
11th     Brian Webber      3lbs  14ozs  8dms
12th     Richard Seabright  3lbs  11ozs
13th     Roger Butler         2lbs  12ozs  8dms
14th     Dereck Frost         1lb  11ozs
15th     Keith Leverett       1lbs  8ozs
16th     Roger Smith           1lb    9ozs
17th     Jack Morley            1lb    7ozs
There were 3 DNW’s

Total weight:  67lbs 14ozs

The venue was well covered with weed and most pegs needed 20 minutes or so de-weeding.  The best fish was a tench of 3lbs 8ozs 8dms caught by Allan Knight.  Most catches consisted of small roach, rudd and ide also small perch.
Heybridge Basin canal | 17 Jun 2014 | Senior Citizen’s Trophy | 21 fished

1st     Steve Mason        6lbs                        30pts
2nd    Les Drury              4lbs  8ozs  8dms   29pts
3rd    Barry Lewis           3lbs 6ozs   8dms   28pts
4th    Geoff Green          3lbs                         27pts
5th    Dave Earney         2lbs  6ozs                26pts
6th    Allan Knight          2lbs  4ozs  8dms    25pts
7th    Keith Leverett      2lbs  2ozs  8dms    24pts
8th   John Christensen 2lbs  0ozs   8dms     23pts
9th   Jack Morley           2lbs                           22pts
10th Roger Smith          1lb  8ozs  8dms       21pts
11th Dave Auston          1lb  8ozs                  20pts
12th Vic Dadd                1lb  6ozs  8dms       19pts
13th Alan Beard             1lb  5ozs  8dms        18pts
14th Richard Seabright  1lb  5ozs                    17pts
15th Bert Savage            1lb  4ozs  8dms         16pts
16th Bob Pallet               1lb  3ozs                     15pts
17th Bill Claydon            1lb   2ozs  8dms        14pts
18th Brian Webber        1lbs  2ozs                    13pts
19th Mal Willis                14ozs                           12pts
20th Don Carter              10ozs  8dms               11pts
21st Dereck  Frost           8ozs                             10pts

Total weight:   41lbs 10ozs

Not bad for the  first match of the river season with some reasonable weights.  Not a blank but there were plenty of perch including the best fish, a fine perch of 1lbs  0ozs 8dms caught by Les Drury. People are not putting their names down and making pegging difficult.  As you can see  numbers are getting high. There are  4 people on holiday and these numbers will certainly crowd some of our venues so make sure you get on the list and be safe.

Oakford middle lake | 10 Jun 2014 | Away match | 18 fished

1st  Bob Pallet            103lbs
2nd  Don Carter          98lbs
3rd   Dave Earney        61lbs
4th  Les Drury              58lbs
5th  Brian Webber       48lbs
6th  Bill Claydon           41lbs
7th  Ernie Vinton          34llbs
8th  Steve Mason          33lbs
9th  Roger Smith            32lbs
10th Alan Beard              30lbs
11th  Keith Leverett        25lbs
12th  Jack Morley             22llbs
13th  John Christensen    21lbs
14th  Bill Woollcott           13lbs
15th  Dereck Frost             11lbs
16th  Dave Auston              10lbs
17th  Richard Seabright      9lbs
18th  Roger Butler                DNW

Total weight:   649lbs

Quite a good day , some pegs had plenty of fish in front of them, others had to work for them.  Red maggots, meat corn and pellet all seemed to work.


Slough House Farm | 3 Jun 2014 | Silver fish match | 17 fished

1st Brian Webber          19lbs 13ozs  0dms
2nd John Christensen    14lbs  6ozs   0dms
3rd  Dave Earney            13lbs 13ozs  0dms
4th  Jack Morley             13lbs   5ozs   8dms
5th  Keith Leverett          10lbs  5ozs   0dms
6th  Don Carter                  8lbs  1oz     0dms
7th  Jim Edwards                7lbs 14ozs  0dms
8th  Roger Smith                 4lbs   4ozs  0dms
9th  Bert Savage                 3lbs  15ozs  0dms
10th Les Drury                     3lbs  11ozs  8dms
11th  Ernie Vinton              3lbs   6ozs   0dms
12th Bill Woollcott             3lbs  4ozs  8dms
Jt.13th  Vic Dadd  and Alan Beard                  1lb   10ozs  8dms
15th Richard Seabright       10ozs
16th 2 DNW

Total weight of  110lbs 1oz 8dms

The lake fished totally different  than  the previous visit. Most of the best weights came from the far bank. Most of the fish caught were small rudd and roach and a few perch. The best fish were two roach of  13ozs each.
Rook Hall | 27 May 2014 | Pairs match | 17 fished

1st  Brian Webber  and   John Christensen        21lbs  10ozs  8dms
2nd Les Drury  and  Geoff Green                          18lbs    4ozs   8dms
3rd  Bob Pallet and  Steve Mason                         9lbs     7ozs   8dms
4th  Ernie Vinton and Roger Butler                       8lbs    15ozs
5th  Vic Dadd  and  Alan Beard                               5lbs     3ozs
6th  Bill Woollcott  and  Dave Earney                    4lbs     1oz    8dms
7th  Don Carter  and  Richard Seabright               3lbs     3ozs
8th  Jack Morley  and  Jim Edwards                       1lbs     15ozs
On his own  Keith Leverett                                     4lbs  3ozs  8dms

Total weight:    76lbs 15ozs  8ozs

The fishery had  plenty of swims and plenty of weed but we had a result. Some quality tench to 3lbs 4ozs.  A sign also that the Ide are packing on some weight.
Members going over to the fishery would be advised to take a weed rake with them, then  sit and weight for the bubbles.  Worms, corn and red maggots will do the business.

Little Parks | 20 May 2014 | Dennis Penn Trophy | 15 fished

1st   John Christensen        20lbs   4ozs  8dms    30pts
2nd  Vic Dadd                       12lbs  10ozs 8dms   29pts
3rd   Keith Leverett               9lbs    14ozs             28pts
4th   Bill Claydon                    6lbs    4ozs  8dms    27pts
5th   Jack Morley                    2lbs   12ozs               26pts
6th   Roger Butler                   2lbs   6ozs                 25pts
7th   Dave Earney                   1lb    15ozs  8dms     24pts
8th   Geoff Green                    1lb    14ozs                 23pts
9th   Alan Beard                       13ozs                          22pts
10th Steve Mason                    10ozs                         21pts
11th Richard Seabright            7ozs                           20pts
12th Allan Knight                       6ozs                           19pts
Jim Edwards, Dereck Frost and Dave Auston all received 1 point.

Total weight  58lbs  5ozs  0dms

Better leading weight’s  than previous years but as usual the small fish fraternity were missing.  Bill Clayden took the best fish £5.00.

The Dennis Penn trophy which was won by John Christensen at Little Parks along with the 1st round points, senior citizen and Penn dishes.

Slough House Farm | 13 May 2014 | 18 fished

Switched from London Res as not enough pegs

1st Steve Mason        15.8.8
2nd Roger Butler        11.2.0
3rd Dave Earney         10.8.8
4th John Christensen 8.11.0
5th Allan Knight           5.12.0
6th Dave Auston          5.7.0
7th Derek Frost             3.12.0
8th Les Drury                 3.9.8
9th Roger Smith            3.3.0
10th Keith Leverett       2.4.0
11th Geoff Green           2.1.0
12th Alan Beard             0.14.0
13th Rchard Seabright  0.11.8
14th Don Carter              0.10.0
15th= 4 DNW’s

Total weight:   74lbs 2ozs

The back bank fished poorly but produced the 2 best fish, a bream and roach equal rating.
Oakford Top Lake | 6 May 2014 | Away match | 14 fished

1st      Steve Mason        148lbs
2nd     Brian Webber       82lbs
3rd     Albert Kitchen       63lbs
4th     Bert Savage            54lbs
5th     Bill Woollcott         52lbs
6th     Ernie Vinton           48lbs
7th     Jack Morley            40lbs
8th     Keith Leverett        38lbs
9th     Bill Claydon             35lbs
10th   Roger Butler           29lbs
11th    Alan Beard             27lbs
Joint 12th Dave Earney & Richard Seabright  24lbs
14th   Don Carter             15lbs

Total weight:    679lbs

This was the first away match of the new season with an excellent result. New boy to our group Steve Mason had an excellent weight. Everybody enjoyed the day and Roger Butler beat his blood brother David Earney again. Pellet  corn and meat were the winning baits on the day.
Slough House Farm | 29 Apr 2014 | 20 fished

1st  Dave Harley      12lbs  3ozs          30pts
2nd  Bill Woollcott  11lbs  13ozs  8dms  29pts
3rd  Brian Webber    6lbs  11ozs   28pts
4th  Roger Butler      6lbs 5ozs    27pts
5th  Dave Earney      6lbs  4ozs  8dms  26pts
Jt 6th  John Christensen  & Don Carter  4lbs  12ozs   25pts
Jt 8th  Dave Austin & Ernie Vinton       4lbs  2ozs     23pts
10th  Bert Savage     3lbs 7ozs 8dms     21pts
11th  Geoff Green     3lbs 7ozs    20pts
12th  Richard Seabright   2lbs  12ozs 8dms  19pts
13th  Alan Beard  2lbs 11ozs 8dms  18pts
14th  Steve Mason   2lbs  1oz    17pts
15th  Les Drury   1lb  12ozs  8dms   16pts
16th  Roger Smith  13ozs   15pts
17th  Keith Leverett   4ozs  8dms  14pts

There were 3 blanks.

Total weight: 78lbs  6ozs  8dms

The best fish was a tench of  4lbs  4ozs  8dms this was caught by Bill Woollcott. The ends of the lake fished well and the front 4 pegs, but most of the back of the lake fished  bad. There was a few quality roach and perch caught  but mainly small roach and  rudd were the order of the day. Warmer weather will almost certainly improve catches. It was good to see 20 bums on seats, and with still 6 people on holiday etc.
Bog Grove | 22 Apr 2014 | Over Sixty’s Trophy (silvers only) | 19 fished

1st   Brian Webber        6lbs  6ozs
2nd   Steve Mason          5lbs  9ozs  8dms
3rd   Dave Earney           4lbs  14ozs 8dms
4th   John Christensen  4lbs   9ozs
5th   Bill Woollcott         3lbs  10ozs
6th   Dereck Frost           3lbs   7ozs  8dms
7th   Geoff Green            3lbs   6ozs
8th   Les Drury                 3lbs  4ozs  8dms
9th   Jack Morley            3lbs  4ozs
10th Ernie Vincent         2lbs  12ozs 8dms
11th Allan Knight            2lbs  4ozs 8dms
12th Vic Dadd                 2lbs  4ozs
13th Jim Edwards            2lbs  2ozs
14th Dave Auston           1lbs  12ozs
15th Keith Leverett        1lbs  11ozs  8dms
16th Alan Beard              1lbs  4ozs  8dms
17th Roger Smith            1lb   3ozs   8dms
18th Richard Seabright   1lb  3ozs
19th Bert Savage             DNW

Total weight of  55lbs  0ozs  8dms

Being a silver fish match naturally the carp wanted  to get some of the action. Most of the anglers were fishing with light tackle so none were landed.  Casters hemp and maggot were used by most.

Nice to see 19 people enjoying themselves. Best fish for the £5 was a 1lb 2ozs roach caught by Jimmy Edwards, also a bream of 2lbs 13ozs. Jack Morley had the Golden Peg which was no .1 but he had a good net of gudgeon.

Over 60′s Trophy winner Brian Webber.
Totham Pit | 15 Apr 2014 | 15 fished

1st   Les Drury                     1lb   2oz   8dms        30pts
2nd   Allan Beard                 1lb   2oz                    29pts
3rd    Allan Knight                 12ozs                         28pts
4th    Dave Auston                10ozs                          27pts
5th    John Christensen         5ozs  8dms                26pts
6th    Roger Smith                  4ozs                            25pts
7th    Geoff Green                   2ozs  8dms                24pts
8th=   Dereck Frost                  2ozs                            23pts
8th=   Brian Webber                2ozs                           23pts

There were 6 blanks.

Total weight:  4lbs  10ozs  8dms

There was  a  frost early in the day with a cold wind persisting.  6 good anglers blanked. There were no quality fish caught, species mainly small perch and roach.

Bog Grove | 8 Apr 2014 | 16 fished

1st   Brian Webber                   28lbs  8oz  0dms
2nd  Les Drury                            19lbs 0ozs 8dms
3rd   Keith Leverett                     17lbs 11ozs 8dms
4th   Jack Morley                         11lbs  3ozs
5th   Steve Mason                         9lbs   1oz  8dms
6th   Richard Seabright                4lbs   10ozs 8dms
7th   Bob Pallet                              3lbs  10ozs  8dms
8th   Vic Dadd                                2lbs  12oz
9th   Dave Harley                            1lb     7ozs

7 members did not weigh in.

Total weight:  107lbs 12ozs  8dms

The best fish prize went to Vic Dadd with an eel  of  2lbs  12ozs.
The front  bank fished poorly with pegs  4 5 and 6 produced 1 chub,  1 eel  and 28lbs 8ozs of carp.
The end bank  produced  3lbs  10ozs 8dms, 17lbs  11oz  8dms,  11lbs 3ozs  and 19lbs 8dms.
The back bank  9lbs 1oz 8dms and 4lbs  10ozs  8dm.
1 peg produced 9lbs of roach with very few  silvers caught anywhere else.  The rest were carp catches at 2 foot  with pellets.
Heybridge Basin Canal | 11 Mar 2014 | 16 fished

1st      Keith Leverett        5lbs  13ozs  8dms
2nd     Brian Webber          3lbs  9ozs   8dms
3rd      Dave Harley              2lbs 14ozs 8dms
4th      Dave Earney              2lbs  6ozs
5th       Allan Knight               1lb  15ozs  8dms
6th       Barry Lewis                 1lb  11ozs
7th       Vic Dadd                      1lb   7ozs  8dms
8th       Bill Woollcott               1lb  6ozs   8dms
9th       Roger Smith                  1lb   6ozs
Jt 10th Ernie Vinton                  1lb   1oz  8dms
Richard Seabright         1lb    1oz 8dms
12th     Dave Auston                   14ozs
13th     Alan Beard                       12ozs  8dms
14th     Jack Morley                      11ozs  8dms
15th=   Dereck Frost & Don Carter        DNW

Total weight:  27lbs  13ozs  8dms

The Golden peg was won by Keith Leverett.  The  Golden peg  money which has not been won  carries  over to the new fixture list  £47.50.


Slough House Farm | 4 Mar 2014 | 14 fished

1st Bill Woollcott       with   7lbs  13ozs  0dms
2nd Roger Smith        with    4lbs    8ozs  0dms
3rd  Dave Harley        with    3lbs    0ozs  0dms
4th  Dave Earney        with    1lb   11ozs  0dms
5th  Dave Auston        with    1lb     4ozs  0dms
6th Brian Webber       with     1lb    2ozs  0dms
7th  Keith Leverett      with     1lb
8th  Bert Savage           with     12ozs
9th   Don Carter            with     11ozs 8dms

There were a few DNW’s

Total weight of 21lbs 14ozs 0dms

Lakelands Front Lake | 25 Feb 2014 | Away match | 15 fished

1st Brian Webber        14lbs  7ozs  0dms
2nd Dave Harley            11lbs 11ozs 0dms
3rd  Bert Savage             10lbs 14ozs 0dms
4th  Don Carter               10lbs 11ozs 8dms
5th   Roger Butler            10lbs  9ozs  0dms
6th   Allan Knight              8lbs   7ozs   0ozs
7th   Brian Savage             7lbs   9ozs   0dms
8th   Jack Morley               6lbs  14ozs  0dms
9th   Keith Leverett           5lbs  12ozs  0dms
10th Bill Woollcott             5lbs   1oz    0dms
11th Ernie Vinton                3lbs  12ozs  0dms
Jt 12th Dave Earney & Dave Austin   3lbs  2ozs  0dms
Jt 14th  Vic Dadd & Dereck Frost            DNW

Total weight:   105lbs 15ozs  8dms
Tesco’s Canal | 11 Feb 2014 | 10 fished

1st   Bill Woollcott     6ozs
2nd  Keith Leverett     5ozs  8dms
3rd   Dave Earney        3ozs
4th    Jack Morley         2ozs

There were 6 did not weigh ins

Total weight:   1lb  0ozs  8dms

Needless to say  it was not a good day. We were supposed to fish Paper Mill Lock but as you know the Chelmer was carrying flood water. So we changed to Brown’s Wharf,  I checked it out Monday and found 10 foriegn  visitors with caravans and cars had parked themselves along the bankside so we could not fish there. So I had to change to the convenient Tesco’s.
Tesco’s Canal | 28 Jan 2014 | 13 fished

1st    Vic Dadd           1lb  6ozs  8dms
2nd Dave Harley        6ozs
Jt 3rd  Barry Lewis & Jack Morley  3ozs 8dms
5th  Dave Earney        2ozs  8dms
Jt  6th  Bill Woolcott  & Alan Knight      8dms

7 members did not weigh in.

Total weight:  2lbs  7ozs  0dms
Slough House Farm | 14 Jan 2014 | 13 fished

(moved from Boreham Black Bridge)

1st    Les Drury             3lbs  11ozs  0dms
2nd  Bill Woollcott      3lbs   7ozs  0dms
3rd   Dave Harley        2lbs   5ozs  8dms
4th   Allan Knight         2lbs  1oz    8dms
5th   Dave Earney         1lbs 12ozs 0dms
6th   Richard Seabright          5ozs  8dms
7th   Keith Leverett                 4ozs 0dms
8th= Brian Webber, Don Carter, Jack Morley, Alan Beard, Vic Dadd, Dereck Frost   DNW

Total weight:  13lbs 14ozs  8dms

Tesco Canal | 17 Dec 2013 | Xmas Match | 18 fished

1st    Vic  Dadd                 1lb   13ozs   8dms
2nd  Brian Webber            1lb    8ozs    8dms
3rd   Graham Webber       1lb    8ozs    0dms
4th   Dave Earney               1lb    7ozs     0dms
5th    Jack Morley                1lb    6ozs    8dms
6th     Keith Leverett            1lb   5ozs    8dms
7th     Dave Harley                 11ozs  8dms
8th     Barry Lewis                   8ozs    0dms
9th=   Bill Woollcott  & Richard Seabright    7ozs  8dms
11th   Alan Beard                    4ozs     8dms
12th   Dave  Foster                 4ozs    0dms
13th   Bert Turner                   3ozs     0dms
14th    Dave  Auston                2ozs    8dms
15th    Allan Knight                  1oz      8dms
16th   Don Carter                     8dms
17th=  Les Drury & Bert Savage        DNW

Total weight:  12lbs  4ozs  0dms

This was our Christmas match.  When finished we dined at the Duke Of Wellington, a good time was had by all. Dave Harley bought us a drink with his winnings. A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Tight lines for 2014.
Bog Grove | 10 Dec 2013 | Silver Fish Only Match | 16 fished

1st     Dave Harley           7lbs  9ozs  0dms                  30pts
2nd     Brian Webber        6lbs  5ozs  8dms                  29pts
3rd      Les Drury                5lbs  10ozs 8dms                 28pts
4th       Dave Foster           4lbs  13ozs 8dms                 27pts
5th       Dave Earney          3lbs   15ozs 0dms                26pts
6th       Graham Webber    3lbs  14ozs 0dms                25pts
7th        Allan Knight            3lbs    7ozs  8dms               24pts
8th        Jack Morley             3lbs    5ozs  0dms               23pts
9th        Roger Butler            3lbs   1oz    0dms              22pts
10th      Alan Beard               3lbs   0ozs   8dms             21pts
11th      Albert Kitchen         2lbs  14ozs  8dms             20pts
12th      Don Carter               2lbs  13ozs  8dms             19pts
13th      Keith Leverett          2lbs  10ozs 0dms              18pts
14th     Bill Woollcott             1lbs  13ozs  8dms             17pts
15th      Vic Dadd                     1lb   10ozs  0dms             16pts
16th     Richard Seabright      1lb    9ozs   8dms              15pts

Total weight:  66lbs  8ozs  8dms

Dave Harley also  won the Golden peg.  Brian Griffiths  won the final points group.  This had to be the most evenly placed silver fish match.


Boreham Black Bridge Canal | 3 Dec 2013 | 17 fished

1st  Don Carter        6ozs
2nd  Dave Harley     5ozs 8dms
Joint 3rd  Jack Morley and Brian Webber with  8dms each

14 others blanked.  They asked me not to print their names.

Total weight:        12ozs  8dms


Tesco Canal | 26 Nov 2013 | Ted Cornwell Cup | 17 fished

1st Keith Leverett                   3lbs  2ozs  0dms      30pts
2nd Vic Dadd                            2lbs  15ozs 0dms     29pts
3rd Bill Woollcott                      1lb    4ozs   8dms     28pts
4th  Don Carter                           11ozs 8dms              27pts
5th  Bert Savage                          8ozs   8dms               26pts
6th  Richard Seabright                7ozs  0dms               25pts
7th  Brian Webber                       6ozs   0dms                24pts
8th  Dave Harley                           1oz     8dms               23pts
9th=  Bert Turner, Les Drury, Alan Beard, Dave Earney, Dave Auston, Graham Webber, Barry Lewis, Dave Foster, Ernie Vinton did not weigh-in  1 point each.

Total weight:  9lbs  8ozs  0dms

Vic Dadd had the Biggest  fish  a  10oz 8dms perch.

I never saw so many anglers weeping at the whistle but we had a brilliant meal at the Duke of Wellington after the match.

A victorious Keith with the Ted Cornwell Cup.


Bog Grove| 19 Nov 2013 | 14 fished

1st     Graham Webber                      21lbs  10ozs
2nd    Don Carter                                 13lbs  10ozs  8dms
3rd     Alan Beard                                 11lbs    4ozs
4th     Brian Webber                              7lbs  10ozs
5th     Bert Savage                                  6lbs    9ozs
6th     Dave Auston                                 5lbs    1ozs
7th     Dave Harley                                  3lbs  11ozs  8dms
8th     Jack Morley                                   2lbs  11ozs
9th     Les Drury                                        2lbs    9ozs
10th   Dave Earney                                   2lbs    1ozs
11th= Keith Leverett, Richard Seabright, Bill Woollcott and Vic Dadd    DNW

Total weight of 76lbs 13ozs 0dms

Thank god for the carp there was little else showing.


Heybridge Basin Canal | 12 Nov 2013 | 16 fished

1st   Bert Turner              4lbs  8ozs  0dms
2nd  Les Drury                  2lbs  7ozs  0dms
3rd  Allan Knight             2lbs  0ozs  8dms
4th    Ernie Vinton            1lb    3ozs  8dms
5th   Barry Lewis               1lb    2ozs  0dms
6th=  Bert Savage               1lb   1oz   8dms
6th=  Dave Harley               1lb   1oz   8dms
8th   Don Carter                         15ozs
9th   Bill Woollcott                    11ozs  8dms
10th Keith Leverett                   10ozs
11th Alan Beard                           7ozs  8dms
12th Jack Morley                         6ozs
13th=  Dave Earney                        3ozs  8dms
13th=  Dave Auston                        3ozs  8dms
15th=  Dereck Frost                             DNW
15th=  Bob Pallet                                   DNW

Total weight:  17lbs 1oz  0dms


Tesco Canal | 5 Nov 2013 | 16 fished

(moved from Boreham which was not fishable)

1st    Vic Dadd                    3lbs  13ozs  8dms      30points
2nd   Brian Webber            3lbs  11ozs  8dms      29points
3rd    Keith Leverett           3lbs    1ozs                  28points
4th    Alan Beard                 1lbs   13ozs                 27points
5th   Dave Harley                1lbs     6ozs  8dms      26points
6th    Les Drury                    1lbs     5ozs  8dms       25points
7th    Don Carter                 1lbs     3ozs                   24points
8th    Bill Woollcott             1lbs     1oz                    23points
9th    Bob Pallet                             11ozs    8dms     22points
10th  Dereck  Frost                         7ozs     8dms     21points
11th  Barry Lewis                             6ozs                   20points
12th  Richard Seabright                  4ozs                   19points
13th  Dave Austen                           3ozs    8dms     18points
14th  Dave Earney                            3ozs                  17points
15th  Jack Morley                              2ozs   8dms     16points
16th  Ernie Vinton                 DNW                               1point

Total weight:  19lbs  13ozs  0dms

Bill Woollcott had the biggest fish a 14oz perch.


Heybridge Basin Canal | 29 Oct 2013 | 19 fished

(moved from Tesco stretch which was unsuitable due to fallen trees)

1st    Dave Harley             4lbs  6ozs   8dms       30pts
2nd   Barry Lewis              3lbs  14ozs  0dms       29pts
3rd   Kim Naish                  3lbs   4ozs  0dms       28pts
4th   Keith Leverett           2lbs  15ozs 0dms      27pts
5th   Dave Earney              2lbs   11ozs 8dms      26pts
6th   Roger Butler              2lbs     7ozs  8dms     25pts
7th   Bill Woollcott             2lbs    5ozs  0dms      24pts
8th   Brian Webber             2lbs   1oz    0dms      23pts
9th   Alan Beard                  2lbs                              22pts
10th  Allan Knight                 1lbs   13ozs  8dms   21pts
11th Vic Dadd                      1lbs   10ozs  8dms    20pts
12th Jack Morley                 1lbs    8ozs   0dms    19pts
13th Bill Claydon                  1lbs    4ozs  0dms     18pts
14th Ernie Vinton                 14ozs                          17pts
15th Les Drury                      12ozs                           16pts
16th Bob Pallet                     10ozs                           15pts
17th  Richard Seabright       2ozs  8dms                 14pts
18th=  Dereck Frost and Albert Kitchen    DNW   1 point each

Total weight:  34lbs  15ozs  0dms

Vic Dadd had best fish with a perch of  1lb  2ozs  8dms.

Then we all went for our Duke of Wellington meal.


Slough House Farm | 22 Oct 2013 | Pairs match | 16 fished


1st  Richard Seabright             12lbs   4ozs  8dms
2nd  Don Carter                           9lbs   5ozs  8dms
3rd  Dave Harley                          8lbs   7ozs
4th   Jack Morley                          6lbs   6ozs 8dms
5th  Brian Webber                        5lbs  4ozs
6th  Graham Webber                  3lbs   6ozs
7th  Alan Beard                            3lbs   5ozs
8th  Dave Earney                          3lbs  0ozs  8dms
9th  Keith Leverett                        2lbs  9ozs  8dms
10th Roger Butler                          2lbs
11th Bill Woollcott                       1lbs  9ozs   8dms
12th Allan Knight                          1lb
13th Les Drury                               10ozs
14th Bob Pallet                              8ozs 8dms
15th Dereck Frost                          1oz
16th  Bert Savage                         DNW


1st  pair    Richard Seabright  & Bill Woollcott     13lbs  4ozs
2nd pair    Graham Webber & Don Carter             12lbs  11ozs  8dms
3rd pair     Dave Harley & Bob Pallet                      8lbs  15ozs  8dms
4th pair     Jack Morley & Roger Butler                   8lbs  6ozs  8dms
5th  pair    Les Drury & Brian Webber                     5lbs  14ozs
6th pair     Allan Knight  & Dave Earney                  4lbs   0ozs  8dms
7th pair     Dereck Frost & Alan Beard                    3lbs    6ozs
8th pair      Keith Leverett & Bert Savage               2lbs  9ozs  8dms

Total weight of  59lbs 13ozs  8dms


Totham Pit | 15 Oct 2013 | 15 fished

1st   Brian Webber               6lbs  14ozs  8dms
2nd  Dave Earney                  6lbs  11ozs  0dms
3rd   Allan Knight                    5lbs   1oz    8dms
4th   Bob Pallet                        4lbs 14ozs  8dms
5th   Graham Webber            3lbs  10ozs
6th   Richard Seabright           3lbs    3ozs  8dms
7th   Bill Woollcott                   2lbs     8ozs  8dms
8th   Alan Beard                        2lbs    4ozs  8dms
9th   Dave Foster                       1lbs   14ozs 8dms
10th Keith Leverett                    1lb
11th= Les Drury, Vic Dadd, Bill Claydon, Don Carter & Bert Savage  DNW

Total weight:  38lbs 2ozs  8dms

The shallows  produced the best weight’s also 1 from the steps.
Dave Foster had the biggest fish a 14oz bream. £5 prize.


Bog Grove | 8 Oct 2013 | 15 fished

1st Les Drury                 29lbs  15ozs  0ozs    30pts
2nd Brian Webber         18lbs   9ozs   0dms  29pts
3rd  Richard Seabright  15lbs  10ozs  8dms  28pts
4th  Bill Claydon              1lbs  7ozs      8dms  27pts
5th  Bill Woollcott           10lbs 13ozs   8dms  26pts
6th  Jack Morley               10lbs  10ozs 0dms   25pts
7th  Don Carter                 8lbs    14ozs  8dms   24pts
8th  Dave Earney              8lbs   8ozs    8dms    23pts
9th  Allan Knight               5lbs   6ozs    0dms    22pts
10th Alan Beard                4lbs   11ozs  8dms    21pts
11th Roger Butler             4lbs   8ozs    0dms     20pts
12th Vic Dadd                   3lbs   10ozs  8ozs      19pts
13th Dereck Frost             2lbs    6ozs   8dms     18pts
14th= Bert Savage & Keith Leverett  DNW  both 1 point

Total weight:    136lbs 30zs
Heybridge Basin canal | 1 Oct 2013 | 15 fished

1st    Barry Lewis        8lbs  13ozs  8dms
2nd   Keith Leverett    5lbs    3ozs  8dms
3rd    Bob Pallet           5lbs
4th    Bill Woollcott     4lbs    15ozs
5th    Jack Morley        4lbs     14ozs
6th    Les Drury             4lbs    12ozs
7th    Roger Butler        3lbs  10ozs  8dms
8th    Dereck Frost        3lbs    6ozs   8dms
8th    Brian Webber      3lbs    6ozs   8dms
10th  Albert  Kitchen    3lbs     1oz    8dms
11th  Allen Beard          3lbs     1oz
12th Graham Webber 2lbs    9ozs   8dms
13th  Bill Claydon          2lbs   7ozs   8dms
14th  Dave Auston         2lbs
15th  Vic Dadd                1lb    10ozs   8dms

Total weight:  58lbs 14ozs 8dms

This without doubt has been the most  evenly spaced weights I have seen on any of our matches for a long time and an excellent result for Heybridge Basin, the bottom 4 weights would normally be the top 4 at Tesco’s.
Boreham Black Bridge canal | 24 Sep 2013 | 12 fished

1st    Graham Webber      2lbs  15ozs   0dms     30pts
2nd   Dave Earney              2lbs  11ozs   0dms     29pts
3rd    Keith Leverett           2lbs                              28pts
4th    Ernie Vinton              1lbs   9ozs    0dms     27pts
5th    Roger Butler              1lbs  7ozs     0dms     26pts
5th    Alan  Beard                1lbs  7oz      0dms      26pts
7th    Les Drury                     1lbs  5ozs    8dms      24pts
8th    Jack Morley                 14ozs                           23pts
9th    Dereck Frost                9ozs  8dms                 22pts
10th  Don Carter                   6ozs  8dms                 21pts
11th  Bill Claydon                  4ozs  8dms                 20pts
12th  Vic Dadd                        DNW                             1pt

Total weight:   15lbs 9ozs

Graham  Webber was the winner  with 2lbs  15ozs  0dms and he also won the series of points matches with a total of  108 points  winning the series Salver.  He also drew the golden peg no 10, and guess what he went on and took the pool of £80, also the biggest fish a 9oz perch for £5 and the sweep for £15. He is still in the clouds.  His namesake Brian Webber had 106 points for 2nd.  3rd in the points was Dave Harley with 105 points.  Then we had our monthly meal at the Duke of Wellington, Graham did not buy drinks all round tho’.
Bog Grove | 17 Sep 2013 | 16 fished (8 pairs) | Concessionary Pairs Match

1st pair  Graham Webber and Bert Savage        with    25lbs
2nd pair Roger Butler and Jack Morley                with    14lbs 8oz
3rd  Dave Foster and  Don Carter                          with    13lbs 12ozs  8dms
4th  Dereck Frost  and  Vic Dadd                            with    10lbs   4ozs
5th  Keith Leverett and Bill Claydon                       with     8lbs    15ozs  8dms
6th  Bill Woolcott  and Dave Earney                       with     8lbs   9ozs   8dms
7th  Richard Seabright  and Dave Auston              with     5lbs  14ozs  8dms
8th  Ernie Vinton and Alan Beard                            with     2lbs

Total weight of 88lbs 13ozs 8dms

The best fish was a 7lb 12oz carp caught by Dereck Frost
A12 Cuton Lake | 10 Sep 2013 | 17 fished | Away match – 2nd round

1st   Barry Lewis                    43lbs 14ozs odms
2nd  Graham Webber           33lbs   3ozs  0dms
3rd   Bert Turner                     29lbs  4ozs  8dms
4th   Albert Kitchen                26lbs  4ozs  0dms  (1st round 79lbs 8ozs total 106lbs 2ozs  trophy winner)
5th   Allan Knight                     24lbs  14ozs 0dms
6th  Dave Foster                       21lbs  11ozs 0dms
7th  Ernie Vinton                       18lbs  15ozs 8dms
8th  Roger Butler                       17lbs  0ozs   8dms
9th  Dave Earney                       15lbs  11ozs  8dms
10th Keith Leverett                   15lbs    3ozs   8dms
11th Bill Woollcott                     13lbs  13ozs   8dms
12th Bert Savage                           9lbs    1oz    8dms
13th Rich Seabright                       6lbs   14ozs 8dms
14th Jack Morley                            5lbs  14ozs  8dms
15th= Dereck Frost, Brian Webber & Don Carter   DNW

Total weight:  291lbs 13ozs 8dms
Tesco Canal | 3 Sep 2013 | Askew Cup | 16 fished

1st Dave Foster           2lbs  6ozs  8dms
2nd Roger Butler         1lb    5ozs
3rd  Barry Lewis           1lb    1oz   8dms
4th  Richard Seabright         15ozs
5th  Bill Woollcott                 10ozs
6th  Vic Dadd                           8ozs 8dms
7th Dave Harley                       7ozs
8th Keith Leverett                    6ozs
8th Bill Claydon                        6ozs
8th Dave Auston                      6ozs
11th Brian Webber                  4ozs
12th Allan Knight                      2ozs
13th Ernie Vinton                      1oz  8dms
14th= Dereck Frost, Bert Savage & Jack Morley  DNW

Total weight:  8lbs 15ozs 0dms

Without doubt the worst result we have had at Tesco’s.  Sad  Jack Morley threw back an eel  about 14ozs as he didn’t know they were allowed.

Dave Foster – this years winner of the Askew cup.
Slough House Farm | 27 Aug 2013 | 18 fished

Moved from White House Farm which only had 6 swims and the banks were too slippery after rain to do any work.

1st Dave Harley           24lbs                             pts30
2nd Ernie Vinton          23lbs 6ozs 8dms         pts29
3rd  Les Drury                20lbs 9ozs                   pts28
4th  Keith Leverett        18lbs 15ozs                 pts 27
5th Dave Earney            16lbs  10ozs 8dms     pts26
6th Albert Kitchen         14lbs                            pts25
7th Bill Woollcott           13lbs  6ozs 8dms      pts24
8th Dave Auston            11lbs                            pts23
9th Graham Webber     10lbs 14ozs                 pts22
10th Brian Webber        8lbs  13ozs 8dms       pts21
11th Dave Foster           8lbs    4ozs                   pts20
12th Dereck Frost          7lbs   7ozs  8dms        pts19
13th Jack Morley            6lbs  2ozs                    pts18
14th Bill Claydon            5lbs   15ozs                 pts17
15th Vic Dadd                5lbs    10ozs                pts16
16th Allan Knight           5lbs    4ozs                   pts15
17th Richard Seabright 2lbs   11ozs                  pts14
18th Bert Savage              DNW

Total weight:  203lbs 0ozs 8dms

Ernie had the biggest fish a carp  of 17lbs 10ozs 8dms fishing the pole with a size 20 hook  and  a maggot.  Bill Claydon had a tench of 4lbs 3ozs 8dms.  Best roach 8ozs.  An excellent day.
Slough House Farm | 20 Aug 2013 | 17 fished

1st   Brian Webber        24lbs  9ozs  0dms
2nd  Allan Knight            15lbs  8ozs  0dms
3rd  Dave Earney            12lbs  1oz   8dms
4th  Ernie Vinton              9lbs  15oz  8dms
5th  Vic Dadd                    9lbs  14oz 0dms
6th  Dave Foster                9lbs  13oz 0dms
7th  Dave Harley                7lbs  13oz 0dms
8th  Dereck Frost               7lbs  10oz 0dms
9th  Bill Woollcott             7lbs    8oz  0dms
10th Keith Leverett           6lbs    7ozs 8dms
11th Albert Kitchen           5lbs   12ozs 8dms
12th Alan Beard                 5lbs    2oz   8dms
13th Bert Savage                3lbs   12oz  8dms
14th Richard Seabright      2lbs   4ozs  0dms
15th Bill Claydon                  1lb    1oz   8dms
16th Don Carter                             10oz 0dms
17th Dave Auston               DNW

Total weight of 129lbs 14ozs 8dms

The first weight for a while which produced some quality roach, 4oz rudd in good numbers, perch and a few small carp – confidence is now returning.
Bog Grove | 13 Aug 2013 | Alf Burton Trophy| 17 fished

1st   Graham  Webber              42lbs  3ozs  8dms            pts  30
2nd   Don Carter                          32lbs  1oz   8dms            pts  29
3rd    Brian Webber                     25lbs  14ozs                     pts  28
4th    Bert Savage                          19lbs  12ozs                    pts  27
5th    Bill Woollcott                        13lbs   7ozs                     pts  26
6th    Albert Kitchen                         9lbs   15ozs                   pts   25
7th    Dereck Frost                            9lbs    10ozs                   pts   24
8th    Dave Harley                              9lbs    8ozs  8dms         pts   23
9th    Dave Foster                               8lbs    4ozs                     pts   22
10th  Allan Knight                               8lbs    1oz   8dms          pts   21
11th  Roger Butler                               7lbs    6ozs                      pts  20
12th  Dave Earney                                2lbs   4ozs   8dms          pts  19
13th  Vic Dadd                                      2lbs   3ozs   8dms           pts  18
14th  Richard Seabright                        12ozs                                pts  17
15th= Alan Beard, Keith Leverett & Bill Claydon DNW

Total weight:   176lbs 7ozs


Oakford Top Lake | 6 Aug 2013 | Away match | 15 fished

1st  Brian Webber           107lbs
2nd  Keith Leverett             89lbs
3rd   Dave Harley                 83lbs
4th   Graham  Webber        72lbs
5th   Dereck Frost                 66lbs
6th   Allan Knight                   64lbs
7th   Bert Turner                    53lbs
8th   Roger Butler                   50lbs   8ozs
9th   Dave Earney                   50lbs
10th Dave Foster                    45lbs
11th Bill Claydon                     42lbs
12th Alan Beard                      41lbs
13th Richard Seabright          31lbs   8ozs
14th Les Drury                         18lbs
15th Vic Dadd                          10lbs

No DNW’s

Total weight   822lbs  0zs  0dms

A very good day had by all. Allan Knight went swimming after his top kit.

This is Allan Knight going to the island and getting his top 3 back. We were fishing Oakford and think he was groundbaiting the margin.  We do not encourage swimming on our own lakes.
Paper Mill Lock Canal | 30 Jul 2013 | 17 fished

1st Dave Earney 8lbs 3ozs 0dms
2nd Les Drury 3lbs 14ozs
3rd Barry Lewis 3lbs 12ozs
4th Brian Webber 3lbs 2ozs
5th Allan Knight 2lbs 14ozs 8dms
6th Alan Beard 2lbs 12ozs 8dms
7th Dereck Frost 1lb 15ozs
8th Dave Auston 1lb 7ozs 8dms
9th Roger Butler 1lb 5ozs 8dms
10th Vic Dadd 1lb 4ozs
11th= Dave Foster 1lb 3ozs
11th= Keith Leverett 1lb 3ozs
13th= Richard Seabright 10ozs
13th= Ernie Vinton 10ozs
15th Bill Claydon 6ozs
16th= Albert Kitchen & Bert Savage  DNW

Total weight: 34lbs 10ozs.0dms
Biggest fish:  Dave Earney 10oz perch

Our monthly meal at Duke of Wellington went down well.
Little London Reservoir | 23 Jul 2013 | 11 fished

1st  Brian Webber     4lbs  14ozs  8dms         30pts
2nd Dave Harley        1lbs   11ozs  8dms         29pts
3rd  Dave Earney       1lbs   10ozs    8dms       28pts
4th  Bill Woollcott      1lbs   3ozs     8dms        27pts
5th  Allan Knight         1lbs   2ozs     8dms        26pts
6th  Roger Butler                   10ozs  8dms        25pts
6th Vic  Dadd                          10ozs 8dms        25pts
8th  Dereck Frost                    10ozs 0dms         23pts
9th  Richard Seabright             9ozs  0dms        22pts
10th Bill Claydon                   DNW                        1pt

Total weight  13lbs  2ozs  0dms

Water conditions improved but fishing very poor.


A12 Cuton Lake | 16 Jul 2013 | 16 fished | Away match – 1st round

An excellent round 1……………

1st Albert Kitchen        79lbs 8ozs  0dms
2nd Barry Lewis            51lbs 12ozs 0dms
3rd  Dave Earney          27lbs   3ozs  0dms
4th  Bert Turner            26lbs  13ozs 8dms
5th  Bill Clayden             23lbs   8ozs 0dms
6th  Dave Foster            20lbs   0ozs  8dms
7th  Richard Seabright  16lbs   1oz   8dms
8th  Ernie Vinton            13lbs 15ozs 8dms
9th  Dereck Frost            13lbs  6ozs  0dms
10th Brian Webber         12lbs   0zs   odms
11th Les Drury                 11lbs  15ozs 0dms
12th Bill Woolcott             8lbs  14ozs 8dms
13th Dave Harley              8lbs   11ozs 8dms
14th Alan Beard                8lbs   6ozs  0dms
15th Don Carter                6lbs   4ozs  8dms
16th Roger Butler             5lbs  10ozs 0dms

Total weight  334lbs 1oz 8dms  This is the highest weight that I can find on the records that I have.


Tescos Canal | 9 Jul 2013 | 15 fished

Unable to fish Golf course as no swims cut.

1st  Alan Beard             5lbs 6ozs  odms
2nd Brian Webber        4lbs 9ozs  8dms
3rd  Bill Claydon            2lbs 12ozs 0dms
4th  Dave Harley            2lbs  5ozs  0dms
5th Barry Lewis              1lbs 15ozs  0dms
6th Dave Earney            1lbs  14ozs  8dms
7th Dereck Frost            1lbs   4ozs   9dms
8th  Richard Seabright  1lbs   1ozs   0dms
8th  Dave Foster              1lbs  1ozs   0dms
10th Roger Butler                      13ozs 0dms
11th Bill Woollcott                     10ozs 0dms
12th Allan Knight                           9ozs 8dms
12th Keith Leverett                       9oz  8dms
12th Dave Auston                         9ozs 8dms
15th Les Drury                               8ozs 0dms

Total weight:  25lbs 150zs 8dms


Boreham Black Bridge | 2 Jul 2013 | 14 fished

1st    Bill Clayden        2lbs  0ozs  0dms        30pts
2nd   Allan Knight        1lb   13ozs 0dms       29pts
3rd    Roger Butler       1lb   4ozs  0dms        28pts
4th   Brian Webber      15ozs 8dms               27pts
5th   Graham Webber  12ozs                         26pts
6th   Dave Harley          10ozs 8dms               25pts
7th   Bert Savage          8ozs 8dms                  24pts
8th   Keith Leverett      8ozs                            23pts
9th  Alan Beard            6ozs                             22pts
10th Barry Lewis          5ozs 8dms                  21pts
11th Les Drury              2ozs                             20pts
12th Richard Seabright  1oz 8dms                  19pts
DNW’s   Dave Auston & Derek Frost    1 point  each.

Total weight:  9lbs 0ozs 8dms

The condition’s: river was slow suitable for waggler. The water was crystal clear.

Roger Butler fell in. He is ok .
Slough House Farm | 25 Jun 2013 | 14 fished

1st Brian Webber     14lbs 5ozs  0dms  tench  5lbs 1oz 0dms
2nd Don Carter           4lbs  1oz   0dms   a tench
3rd  Dave Auston        3lbs 3ozs  0dms
4th Ernie Vinton          2lbs 14ozs 0dms
5th Alan  Beard            14ozs
6th  Roger Butler          1oz

Total weight   25lbs  6ozs  8dms

There were a total of 8 blanks


Heybridge Basin Canal | 18 Jun 2013 | Senior Citizens Trophy | 15 fished

1st Keith Leverett 5lbs 6ozs 8dms inc tench 3lbs 0zs 8dms ..30pts also won golden peg
2nd Roger Butler 4lbs 1oz 8dms 29pts
3rd Alan Beard 3lbs 12ozs 8dms 28pts
4th Albert Kitchen 3lbs 8ozs 8dms inc tench 3lbs 8ozs 8dms 27pts
5th Les Drury 3lbs 6ozs 0ms 26pts
6th Brian Webber 2lbs 14ozs 0dms 25pts
7th Dave Earney 2lbs 0ozs 0dms 24pts
8th Barry Lewis 1lbs 13ozs 8dms 23pts
9th Don Carter 14ozs 0dms 22pts
10th Richard Seabright 13ozs 0dms 21pts
11th Ernie Vinton 12ozs 8dms 20pts
12th Bill Woollcott 12ozs 0dms 19pts
13th= Dave Auston, Bill Claydon & Bert Savage DNW each receive 1pt

Total weight 29lbs 10ozs 0dms

Brian Webber had a total points count from 5 matches off 110pts
2nd Keith Leverett 107pts
3rd Les Drury 103pts
4th Roger Butler 101pts

Brian Webber receives 1st round Salver
 Oakford middle lake| 11 Jun 2013 | Away match | 19 fished

1st Graham Webber         52lbs  13ozs  8dms
2nd Don Carter                   43lbs    9ozs  8dms
3rd  Allan Knight                 25lbs   10ozs 0dms
4th  Richard Seabright      20lbs    14ozs 8dms
5th  Bob Pallet                     18lbs   11ozs 0dms
6th  Dave Auston                 18llbs   7ozs  8dms
7th  Keith Leverett               18lbs     1oz  0dms
8th  Brian Webber                16lbs     8ozs 0dms
9th  Dereck Frost                  14lbs      0ozs 0dms
10th Ernie Vinton                 13lbs    12ozs 8dms
11th Bert Turner                   12lbs     9ozs  8dms
12th Dave Earney                 12lbs      3ozs  0dms
13th Roger Butler                 12lbs      1oz    8dms
14th Dave Foster                   10lbs     1oz    0dms
15th Les Drury                         7lbs      9ozs   0dms
16th Bill Woollcott                   7lbs      0oz     0dms
17th Alan Beard                       6lbs     10ozs  0dms
Vic Dadd & Bert Savage did not weigh in.

Total weight:   310lbs 1oz 8dms

Conditions had changed over the last few days, they had got cooler which made catches lower…but that’s fishing.


Totham Pit | 4 Jun 2013 | 16 fished

1st     Allan Knight      14lbs 13ozs  8dms
2nd    Les Drury          10lbs   7ozs  8dms
3rd    Don Carter          9lbs  11ozs 0dms
4th    Roger Butler       4lbs    2ozs 0dms
5th    Bill Woollcott      3lbs    7ozs  8dms
6th    Vic Dadd              2lbs    1oz   8dms
7th    Dave Earney        1lb     1oz   0dms
8th    Brian Webber      1lb
9th    Dave Foster                  13ozs 8dms
10th  Dave Auston                   9ozs 8dms
11th  Keith Leverett                 3ozs 8dms
Bill Claydon, Alan Beard, Bert Savage, Dereck Frost, Bob Pallet  DNW

Total weight: 48lbs 6ozs 8dms

Outstanding fish:  Allan Knight   Bream 7lbs 1oz 8dms  (£5 for biggest fish)
Don Carter    Eel 4lb

Water still very cold which is most probably cause of low weights
Rook Hall | 28 May 2013 | Pairs points match | 15 fished

Top 3 pairs:

Bob Pallet & Deryck Frost              12lbs  7ozs  8dms
Keith Leverett & Brian Webber       9lbs 12ozs 0dms
Dave Earney & Ernie Vinton             8lbs  6ozs  0dms


1st   Bob Pallet              11lbs  11ozs 0dms           30pts
2nd  Keith Leverett        5lbs    5ozs   0dms           29pts
3rd  Dave Harley             5lbs    3ozs   0dms           28pts
4th=  Brian Webber       4lbs    7ozs   0dms            27pts
4th=  Dave Earney        4lbs    7ozs   0dms            27pts
6th   Les Drury                  4lbs     1oz    0dms            25pts
7th   Ernie Vinton              3lbs   15ozs 0dms             24pts
8th   Dave Auston              3lbs    3ozs  0dms             23pts
9th   Bill Woollcott              2lbs   13ozs 8dms             22pts
10th Roger Butler              1lb     13ozs 8dms             21pts
11th Dave Foster               1lb     10ozs 0dms            20pts
12th Alan Beard                 1lbs     5ozs  0dms            19pts
13th Allan Knight                 1lbs     2ozs  0dms           18pts
14th Deryck Frost                            12ozs 8dms          17pts
15th  Bert Savage                        DNW                                   1pt

Total weight:   51lbs 12ozs 8dms
Slough House Farm | 21 May 2013 | Silvers only match | 17 fished

1st   Dave Auston     4lbs  8ozs  8dms    biggest fish  tench  3lbs 14ozs
2nd  Dave Foster       4lbs   1oz
3rd   Don Carter         3lbs   1oz
4th   Allan Knight         2lbs  13ozs  8dms
5th   Roger Butler        2lbs   7ozs   8dms
6th   Bill Clayden          2lbs  6ozs    8dms
7th   Keith Leverett      2lbs  3ozs
8th   Deryck Frost         2lbs  2ozs   8dms
9th   Ernie Vinton          2lbs  1oz
10th  Bill Woollcott        1lbs  6ozs
11th  Allen Beard                    12ozs
12th= Les Drury                      7ozs
12th=Richard Seabright     7ozs
14th  Dave Earney                     2ozs
Bert Savage, Brian Webber and Albert Kitchen  DNW

Total weight:  28lbs  14ozs  8dms

Strong  winds across the lake from the car park side, which did not help some of the pegs.
Golden peg was  P14 – better luck next time Allen.


Little Parks Lake | 14 May 2013 | Dennis Penn Trophy match | 14 fished

1st    Bill Woollcott        8lbs  4ozs  0dms  1 bream
2nd  Don Carter             5lbs  7ozs   0dms
3rd   Bert Savage           3lbs  13ozs  8dms
4th   Bill Claydon            2lbs   3ozs   0dms
5th   Roger Butler                      7ozs  0dms
6th   Ernie  Vinton                      6ozs  0dms
7th   Dave  Foster                       2ozs  0dms
8th   Brian  Webber                              8dms
9th=  Dave Harley, Deryck Frost, Vic Dadd, Dave Earney, Richard Seabright and Keith Leverett DNW.

Total weight: 20lbs 110zs 0dms

Bill Woollcott winner of the 2013 Dennis Penn Trophy.  I am not sure which weighed more - the trophy or his winning bream of 8lb 4oz.


Slough House Farm | 7 May 2013 | Trophy match | 13 fished

I changed venue because Little London Res had algae floating on the surface.

1st    Ernie Vinton    22lbs 9ozs  8dms      30pts
2nd   Les Drury            9lbs 4ozs  8dms      29pts
3rd   Roger Butler        8lbs 15ozs               28pts
4th=  Brian Webber     4lbs  2ozs                 27pts
4th=  Dave Earney        4lbs  2ozs                 27pts
6th     Bill Woollcott        3lbs 1oz                   25pts
7th     Richard Seabright 2lbs 6ozs                24pts
8th     Alan Beard             7ozs 8dms               23pts
9th     Bill Claydon              6ozs                         22pts
10th   Keith Leverett         3ozs                          21pts
11th=  Deryck Frost, Dave Auston & Bert Savage  DNW

Total weight of 55lbs 8ozs 0dms

The carp were going crazy spawning and there were 67 swans on the lake mating.


Totham Pit | 30 Apr 2013 | 14 fished 

1st   Les Drury               8lbs 9ozs
2nd  Brian Webber       7lbs 3ozs
3rd  Don Carter             3lbs 9ozs
4th  Dave Auston          1lbs 5ozs
5th  Bill Woollcott          4ozs
6th  Dave Earney            2ozs
7th  Keith Leverett        1oz
8th= Richard Seabright, Roger Butler, Derek Frost, Ernie Vinton, Bill Claydon, Bob Pallet and Alan Beard DNW

Total weight of  21lbs 1ozs

Quite a hard day. The shallows produced, the rest speak for themselves.


Slough House Farm | 23 Apr 2013 | 14 fished

1st  Brian Webber               11lbs 13ozs 0dms   30pts
2nd Don Carter                    11lbs  6ozs  0dms    29pts
3rd Dave Harley                     3lbs  8ozs  8dms    28pts
4th  Bill Claydon                     2lbs 12ozs  0dms   27pts
5th  Keith Leverett                 2lbs   4ozs   8dms  26pts
6th  Bert Savage                      1lbs   6ozs   8dms  25pts
7th  Bill Woollcott                     1lb    0ozs   0dms  24pts
8th  Roger Butler                                12ozs 0dms 23pts
9th  Les Drury                                      11ozs 8dms  22pts
10th Alan Beard                                  110zs  0dms  21pts
11th Dave Earney                                  9ozs  8dms  20pts
Deryck Frost                                           DNW              1pt
Allan Knight                                             DNW             1pt
Ernie  Vinton                                           DNW             1pt

Total weight  39lbs 14ozs  8ozs


Rook Hall | 16 Apr 2013 | Over 60′s trophy | 12 fished

1st      Richard Seabright    7lbs 2ozs 8dms
2nd    Dave Auston    6lbs 2ozs 0dms
3rd    Dave Earney    3lbs 11ozs 0dms
4th=  Bill Woollcott    1lbs 6ozs 8dms
4th=  Bill Claydon    1lbs 6ozs 8dms
6th     Allan Knight    15ozs 0dms
7th     Keith Leverett    14ozs 8dms
8th     Graham Webber    13ozs 8dms
9th     Ernie Vinton    7ozs 8dms
10th   Brian Webber    4ozs 0dms
Deryck Frost and Bert Savage DNW

Total weight 24lbs 8ozs 0dms

Richard Seabright (right) receives the over 60′s trophy at Rook Hall from concessionary match secretary Keith Leverett.
Bog Grove | 2 Apr 2013 | 9 fished

1st   Brian Webber             5lbs 9ozs 0dms
2nd Les Drury                     3lbs 9ozs 0dms
3rd Dave Harley                 2lbs 1oz  0dms
4th Dave Earney                1lbs 6ozs 0dms
5th Richard Seabright     1lbs 5ozs 8dms
6th=  Allan Knight              11ozs 0dms
6th=  Bill Woollcott            11ozs 0dms
Deryk  Frost & Keith Leverett  DNW

Total weight 15lbs 5ozs 8lbs


Slough House Farm | 12 Mar 2013 | 2 turned up but 0 fished

Match cancelled.


Lakelands (away) | 18 Feb 2013 | 10 fished

Should have been on the Chelmer but it was flooded.

1st Dave Earney        10lbs 0ozs.0dms
2nd Deryck Frost        5lbs 12ozs 0dms
3rd Bert Savage           5lbs 11ozs 8dms
4th Bill Woollcott       4lbs 11ozs 8dms
5th Dave Harley          2lbs 14ozs 8dms
6th Keith Leverett     2lbs 11ozs 8dms
Joint 7th  Brian Webber     6ozs
Joint 7th  Richard Seabright 6ozs
Kim Naish and Don Carter DNW

Total weight: 32lbs 11ozs not bad for a -4 degrees start.  Plenty of good fish lost.


Tesco Canal | 15 Jan 2013  | 9 fished

1st    Dave Earney     1lb 11ozs 8dms
2nd   Keith Leverett  1lb  6ozs  8dms
3rd   Bert Turner               15ozs
4th   Richard Seabright    12ozs
5th   Brian Webber & Bill Woollcott  3ozs
7th   Dave Harley                2ozs 8dms
8th   Barry Lewis                 2ozs
Bert Savage      DNW

Total weight   5lbs 7ozs 8dms
Tesco Canal | 18 Dec 2012  | 13 fished

1st    Bert Turner      14ozs 8dms
2nd   Bill Woollcott   11ozs 8dms
3rd   Barry Lewis        11ozs 0dms
4th   Dave Earney      10ozs 8dms
5th   Brian Webber     9ozs  0dms
6th=   Alan Knight & Dave Harley with 7ozs 8dms
8th   Don Carter          7ozs  0dms
9th   Keith Leverett    2ozs  0dms
10th  Richard Seabright      8dms

Deryck Frost, Roger Butler and Bert Savage   ssssh they did not weigh in.

Total weight:  8lbs 4ozs


Slough House Farm | 11 Dec 2012 | Xmas match | 19 fished

Joint 1st  Bill Woollcott, Richard Seabright, Dave Earney, Roger Butler, Keith Leverett, Deryck Frost, Barry Lewis, Bob Pallet, Dave Harley, Brian Webber, Les Drury, Vic Dadd, Bill Claydon, Alan Beard, Don Carter, Graham Webber, Bert Turner, Dave Auston and Bert Savage who all weighed in with empty nets.

Total weight 0lbs 0ozs 0dms  What a day! (now I know why Keith didn’t send this result in straight away.  Can Bill count this as his 5th consecutive first place?).
Tesco Canal | 4 Dec 2012 | 16 fished

1st Bill Woollcott    0lbs 1oz 8dms  he is on a roll 4 wins on the trot!
2nd Graham Webber  0lbs 1oz 0dms
3rd Alan Beard   0lbs 0ozs 8dms

Total weight of   0lbs 3ozs 0dms

The other 13 I will not mention.


Bog Grove | 27 Nov 2012  | Last Trophy Points Match of the Series | 13 fished

1st  Bill Woollcott      25lbs 3ozs 8dms    points  30  total points 75
2nd Brian Webber     12lbs 9ozs 0dms     pts       29        …            111
3rd  Don Carter         10 lbs 3ozs 8dms    pts        28        …            79
4th  Bert Savage          7lbs   0ozs 0dms    pts        27        …            51
5th  Roger Butler         4lbs 14ozs 0dms    pts        26        …            97
6th  Les Drury               4lbs  5ozs  8dms    pts        25         …           97
7th  Keith Leverett       3lbs  9ozs  0dms    pts        24         …           97
8th  Alan Beard             3lbs  8ozs  0dms    pts        23         …            128  the winner
9th  Dave Earney          2lbs 15ozs  8dms   pts        22          …            124
10th Allan Knight                    11ozs 8dms   pts        21          …             103
11th Richard Seabright           6ozs 0dms   pts        20           …             57
12th= Dave Harley               DNW              pts         1           …             57
12th=  Bill Clayden               DNW              pts          1          …             29

Total weight 75lbs 5ozs 8dms.

Venue changed from Little Parks – I think we did well.


Heybridge Basin Canal | 20 Nov 2012  | Ted Cornwell Cup | 19 fished

1st   Bill Woollcott                1lbs 7ozs 0dms
2nd  Deryck Frost                 1lb   3ozs 8dms
3rd   Alan Beard                    1lb   2ozs 8dms
4th   Roger Butler                         8ozs 0dms
5th   Bill Clayden                           7ozs 8dms
6th   Barry Lewis                           5ozs 8dms
7th   Les Drury                               2ozs 0dms
Joint 8th  Keith Leverett & Brian Webber  1oz 8dms
Joint 10th  Dave Earney, Richard  Seabright, Dave Harley, Vic Dadd, Bob Pallet, Allan Knight, Don Carter and Malcolm Willis did not weigh in.

Total weight   5lbs 7ozs 0dms.

As the results show it was not a very good day. Unlike Heybridge!  Weights this time were unfounded.


Totham Pit | 13 Nov 2012  | 17 fished

1st   Bill Woollcott                                    9lbs 8ozs odms
Joint 2nd   Dave Harley & Bob Pallet          6lbs 11ozs 8dms
4th   Allan Knight                                       1lb 0ozs 0dms
5th   Alan Beard                                          15ozs 8dms
6th   Bert Savage                                         8ozs 8dms
7th   Dave Auston                                      7ozs 0dms
8th   Richard Seabright                            6ozs 0dms
9th   Roger Butler                                       8dms

Dave Earney, Vic Dadd, Deryck Frost, Brian Webber, Les Drury, Bill Claydon, Don Carter and Keith Leverett did not weigh in.

Total weight: 26lbs 4ozs 8dms

9 caught 8 blanked it was a very hard day . The fish were shoaled around seven pegs……………


Tesco Canal | 6 Nov 2012  | 19 fished

Joint 1st Barry Lewis and Alan Beard    2lbs 1oz 0dms  30pts each
3rd     Brian Webber  2lbs 0ozs 0dms                               28pts
4th     Graham Webber  1lbs 14ozs 0dms                        27pts
5th     Dave Harley   1lbs 13ozs 8dms                               26pts
6th     Bill Claydon    1lb  7ozs 8dms                                  25pts
7th     Dave Earney   1lb 0ozs 8dms                                  24pts
8th     Roger  Butler       12ozs 0dms                                 23pts
9th    Keith Leverett      10ozs 0dms                                  22pts
10th  Bill Woolcott          9ozs  8dms                                 21pts
11th  Don Carter              7ozs  0dms                                 20pts
12th  Les Drury                3ozs 8dms                                   19pts
13th  Malcolm Willis      2ozs 0dms                                   18pts
14th  Richard Seabright  1oz 0dms                                    17pts

Allan Knight, Bob Pallet, Deryck Frost, Dave Auston and Bert Savage DNW 1 point each.

Total weight  15lbs 2ozs 8dms


Little London Reservoir | 30 Oct 2012  | 18 fished

1st      Dave Harley               3lbs 9ozs 8dms            30 points
2nd     Brian Webber           2lbs 7ozs 0dms           29 points
3rd      Graham Webber      1lb  13ozs 0dms         28 points
4th      Allan Knight              1lb  12ozs  8dms        27 points
5th      Keith Leverett          1lbs 3ozs 8dms          26 points
6th      Dave Earney              1lb  3ozs  0dms          25 points
7th     Alan Beard                    13ozs 8dms               24 points
8th     Les Drury                        7ozs  0dms              23 points
9th     Dave Auston                  6ozs  0dms              22 points
10th   Roger Butler                  4ozs  8dms              21 points

Don Carter, Bill Woollcott, Vic Dadd, Richard Seabright, Bert Savage, Bill Claydon, Deryck Frost & David Taylor DNW. All 8 receive 1 point each.

A very hard day where 22 hooks and single flouro pinkies did the job.

lough House Farm | 23 Oct 2012  | Pairs match | 17 fished

1st pair Don Carter 29lbs 8ozs 0dms and Brian Webber 13lbs 14ozs 0dms total 43lbs 6ozs 0dms
2nd pair Les Drury 8lbs 3ozs 8dms and Graham Webber 15lbs 15ozs 8dms total 24lbs 3ozs 0dms
3rd pair Dave Earney 13lbs 0ozs 8dms and Bill Woollcott 10lbs 2ozs 0dms total 23lbs 2ozs 8dms
4th pair Dave Auston 5lbs 12ozs 8dms and Allan Knight 11lbs 7ozs 0dms total 17lbs 3ozs 8dms
5th pair Roger Butler 8lbs 10ozs 0dms and Bill Claydon 4lbs 15ozs 8dms total 13lbs 9ozs 8dms
6th pair Keith Leverett 7lbs 0ozs 0dms and Richard Seabright 6lbs 1oz 8dms total 13lbs 1oz 8dms
7th pair Vic Dadd 12lbs 5ozs 8dms and Bert Savage DNW total 12lbs 5ozs 8dms
8th pair Dave Harley 7lbs 13ozs 0dms and Deryck Frost 3lbs 14ozs 8dms total 11lbs 11ozs 8dms
9th Single David Taylor 2lbs 12ozs 8dms doubled total weight 5lbs 9ozs 0dms

Total weight 161lbs 7ozs 8dms

Not a bad day


Oak Lakes Southminster | 16 Oct 2012  | Away match | 15 fished

1st      Graham Webber    2lbs 2ozs 0dms
2nd     Bill Woollcott           2lbs 0ozs 8dms
3rd     Allan Knight               1lb 12ozs 8dms
4th     Keith Leverett           1lb 3ozs  8dms
5th     Bill Claydon                     10ozs 0dms          �
6th     Bob Pallet                          9ozs 0dms
7th     Roger Butler                      6ozs 8dms
8th    Vic Dadd                             5ozs 8dms
9th   Dave Auston                        5ozs  0dms

Deryck Frost, Brian Webber, Richard Seabright, Don Carter, Les Drury and Dave Harley DNW

Total weight: 8lbs 12ozs 8dms

This was the first time the concessionaries had fished the venue. The wind was gale force and cold which was a shame . A warmer day  would have made it perfect.


Bog Grove | 9 Oct 2012  | 16 fished

1st   Les Drury             24lbs  3ozs 8dms            30pts
2nd  Don Carter          22lbs  0ozs  0dms          29pts
3rd  Dave Tosley        16lbs 8ozs   0dms         28pts
4th  Allan Knight         9lbs  4ozs   0dms        27pts
5th  Roger Butler         9lbs  1oz     0dms          26pts
6th  Brian Webber       8lbs  12ozs  0dms        25pts
7th  Vic Dadd                5lbs 13ozs  0dms          24pts
8th  Dave Earney          3lbs  0ozs  0dms         23pts
9th  Alan Beard                        3ozs  0dms          22pts

Dave Auston, David Taylor, Richard Seabright, Keith Leverett, Bob Pallet, Derek Frost & Bill Claydon DNW all 1 point

Total weight    88lbs 12ozs  8dms
Little Parks | 2 Oct 2012 | 13 fished

1st      Bert Savage        12lbs 14ozs  8dms
2nd     Don Carter            3lbs   1oz    0dms
3rd     Ernie Vinton          2lbs  15ozs 0dms
4th     Dave Earney          2lbs   14ozs 0dms
5th    Derek Frost             2lbs   10ozs 8dms
6th    Roger Butler           1lb     12ozs  0dms
7th    Les  Drury                1lb      9ozs   0dms
8th    Dave Auston                      11ozs  0dms
9th   Richard Seabright                9ozs  0dms

Allan Knight, David Taylor, E.Shepherd and Keith Leverett DNW

Total weight  29lbs 0ozs 0dms


Boreham Black Bridge | 25 Sep 2012 | 14 fished

1st  Dave Earney        4lbs 5ozs 8dms                 30 points
2nd  Alan Beard           4lbs 2ozs 8dms                  29 points
3rd  Allan Knight           1lb 12ozs 8dms                 28 points
4th Malcolm Willis       1lb 11ozs 0dms                 27 points
5th Graham Webber    1lb  2ozs  0dms                 26 points
6th Derek Frost                    11ozs 0dms                 25 points
7th Keith Leverett                  9ozs 8dms                  24 points
8th Bill Woollcott                     6ozs 0dms                 23 points
9th Bert Savage                               8dms                 22 points

Bill Claydon, Vic Dadd, Roger Butler, Barry Lewis and Don Carter all did not weigh in and all received 1 point.

Total weight  13lbs 12ozs 8dms
Rook Hall | 18 Sep 2012 | Pairs match | 15 fished

1st  Roger Butler and Alan Beard            14lbs 4ozs  0dms
2nd Vic Dadd  and Bill Woollcott             13lbs 10ozs 8dms
3rd  Brian Webber and Derek Frost           8lbs   5ozs  8dms
4th  Bob Pallet and Bill Clayden                  6lbs   8ozs  8dms
5th  Dave Auston and Dave Earney            6lbs   5ozs  8dms
6th  Albert Kitchen and Allan Knight           3lbs  15ozs 0dms
7th  Keith Leverett (on his own)                   2lbs    5ozs 8dms
8th  Malcolm Willis and David Taylor         1lbs  10ozs 8dms

Individual weights:

1st Vic Dadd             9lbs 4ozs 0dms
2nd Roger Butler       9lbs  3ozs 0dms
3rd  Brian Webber    7lbs  6ozs 0dms
4th  Bob Pallet           5lbs  2ozs 0dms
5th Alan Beard           5lbs  1ozs 0dms
6th  Dave Auston      4lbs  7ozs 0dms
7th  Bill Woollcott      4lbs  6ozs 8dms
8th  Keith Leverett    2lbs  5ozs 8dms
9th Allan Knight          2lbs  2ozs 0dms
10th Dave Earney        1lbs 14oz  8dms
11th Albert Kitchen   1lb  13ozs 0dms
12th Bill Clayden        1lbs  6ozs 8dms
13th Malcolm Willis   1lb   5ozs  0dms
14th Derek Frost                 9ozs  8dms
15th David Taylor               5ozs  8dms

Total weight  56.14.3


A12 Cuton Lake round 2 | 11 Sep 2012 | Away match | 18 fished

1st    Barry Lewis          19lbs 2ozs
2nd    Allan Knight         18lbs 5ozs 0dms
3rd    Keith Leverett      17lbs 12ozs 0dms
4th    Brian Webber       10lbs 14ozs 0dms
5th     Dave Earney           7lbs 13ozs 8dms
6th     Dave Foster            6lbs  12ozs 0dms
7th     Graham Webber    5lbs 13ozs 8dms
8th      Bert Savage            4lbs  9ozs   0dms
9th      Les Drury                3lbs  9ozs    8dms
10th    Malcolm Willis       3lbs 10ozs  8dms
11th     Roger Butler          3lbs   4ozs   0dms
12th     Vic Dadd               2lbs   11ozs  0dms
13th    Alan Beard               2lbs   9ozs   8dms
14th    Richard Seabright    2lbs  3ozs   0dms
15th    Bill Woollcott             1lbs  13ozs 0dms
16th    Albert Kitchen            1lb     0ozs  0dms
17th=    Bill Claydon                 DNW
17th=    Derek Frost                  DNW

Total weight:  99lbs 4ozs 8dms

The winner of the 2 matches with a total of 49lbs 1oz 0dms  was Keith Leverett. He receives the Cuton Cup.


Tescos Canal | 4 Sep 2012 | Askew Cup | 13 fished

1st Bill Woolcott 2lbs 12ozs 0dms
2nd= Dave Foster 1lb 8ozs 8dms
2nd= Alan Beard 1lb 8ozs 8dms
4th Dave Earney 1lbs 4ozs 8dms
5th Brian Webber 14ozs 0dms
6th Roger Butler 12ozs
7th Keith Leverett 6ozs 8dms
8th Derek Frost 5ozs 8dms
9th David Taylor 5ozs
10th Allan Knight 4ozs 8dms
11th Kim Naish 1oz 0dms
Bert Savage and Vic Dadd DNW

Total weight 10lbs 4ozs 0dms

Bill Woolcott Askew Cup winner


Whitehouse Farm | 28 Aug 2012 | 11 fished

1st Bert Savage 40lbs 11ozs 8dms
2nd Allan Knight 21lbs 14ozs 8dms
3rd Dave Earney 18lbs 11ozs 0dms (Dave also won the 2nd round points with a total of 118 points)
4th Derek Frost 13lbs 60zs 0dms
5th Kim Naish 12lbs 9ozs 0dms
6th Graham Webber 7lbs 6ozs 0dms
7th Alan Beard 5lbs 14ozs 8dms
8th Richard Seabright 5lbs 6ozs 0dms
9th Keith Leverett 3lbs 14ozs 8dms
10th Vic Dadd 3lbs 11ozs 8dms
11th Roger Butler DNW

Total weight of 133lbs 8ozs 8dms

This 16lb Common helped Allan Knight secure second place.
Tesco Canal | 21 Aug 2012 | 19 fished

1st      Malcolm Willis       3lbs 14ozs 0dms
2nd     Dave Harley            3lbs  10ozs 0dms
3rd     Bill Woolcott            3lbs 6ozs    0dms
4th     Richard Seabright    3lbs 3ozs    0dms
5th     Brian Webber           3lbs  1oz    8dms
6th     Dave Earney              2lbs  13ozs 0dms
7th     Les Drury                    1lbs  10ozs 0dms
8th     Roger Butler               1lbs    7ozs  0dms
9th=  Bert Savage                  1lb     3ozs  8dms
9th=  Dave Foster                  1lb     3ozs  8dms
11th  Alan Beard                     1lb     1oz   0dms
12th  Vic Dadd                                 12ozs 0dms
13th  Keith Leverett                            8ozs 0dms
14th  Barry Lewis                                 7ozs 8dms
15th  Albert Kitchen                            4ozs 8dms
June Woodhams, Derek Frost, Bill Claydon & Albert Saggs  DNW

Total weight    38lbs 8ozs 8dms


Bog Grove | 14 Aug 2012 | 17 fished

1st     Les Drury                44lbs 5ozs 8dms
2nd    Dave Harley           19lbs 6ozs 8dms
3rd     Roger Butler         17lbs  0ozs 8dms
4th     Vic Dadd               12lbs 8ozs 8dms
5th    Keith Leverett         9lbs  2ozs
6th    Don Carter               6lbs  1oz
7th    Brian Webber          4lbs  2ozs
8th    Dave Earney             2lbs  0ozs
9th    Richard Seabright    1lbs  4ozs  8dms
10th  Dave Taylor              1lbs  3ozs
Derek Frost, June Woodham, Bert Savage, Alan Beard, Alan Knight, Bill Claydon & Malcolm Willis DNW

Total weight 117lbs 1oz 8dms


Slough House Farm | 7 Aug 2012 | 24 fished

24 fishing is the biggest turnout so far this season, in fact 28 people turned up and 4 people who hadn’t rung in advance were turned away due to a lack of swims.  We had to fish Slough House because Little London Reservoir was over the bank and there was only 1 swim visible!

1st Dave Harley 15lbs 13ozs 0dms
2nd Dave Foster 14lbs 15ozs 0dms
3rd Kim Naish 13lbs 3ozs 0dms (wearing his lucky hat)
4th Brian Webber 12lbs 13ozs 0dms
5th Don Carter 11lbs 15ozs 0dms
6th Graham Webber 11lbs 1ozs 0dms
7th Dave Earney 10lbs 4ozs 0dms
8th Les Drury 9lbs 11ozs 0dms
9th Derek Frost 9lbs 6ozs 0dms
10th Alan Beard 9lbs 2ozs 0dms
11th Bill Woolcott 8lbs 11ozs 8dms
12th= Roger Butler 8lbs 8ozs 0dms
12th=Dave Taylor 8lbs 8ozs 0dms
14th Vic Dadd 8lbs 1oz 0dms
15th Dave Auston 7lbs 14ozs 0dms
16th Allan Knight 7lbs 10ozs 0dms
17th Bill Claydon 7lbs 6ozs 0dms
18th Bob Pallet 7lbs 4ozs 0dms
19th Malcolm Willis 6lbs 10ozs 0dms
20th Keith Leverett 5lbs 10ozs 0dms
21st June Woodhams 3lbs 8ozs 8dms
22nd Richard Seabright 2lbs 3ozs 8dms
Bert Savage and Albert Saggs DNW

Total weight 210lbs 13ozs 0dms

Several small Carp were caught (8) and all looked in very good condition.  All present caught fish with lots of Rudd, Roach and Ide.


Tescos Canal | 31 Jul 2012 | 17 fished

1st Brian Webber 4lbs 14ozs 8dms
2nd Dave Harley 4lbs 9ozs 8dms
3rd Keith Leverett 3lbs 14ozs 0dms
4th Alan Beard 3lbs 2ozs 0dms
5th Bill Clayden 2lbs 5ozs 8dms
6th Roger Butler 2llbs 0ozs 0dms
7th Bob Pallet 1lbs 15ozs 0dms
8th Don Carter 1lbs 12ozs 8dms
9th Allan Knight 1lbs 9ozs 8dms
10th Richard Seabright 9ozs 8dms
11th Malcolm Willis 8ozs 8dms
12th Vic Dadd 5ozs 0dms

Dave Earney, Barry Lewis, Les Drury, Bert Savage and Derek Frost did not weigh in.

Total weight 27lbs 9ozs 8dms

Conditions were reasonable.


Slough House Farm | 24 Jul 2012 | 3rd points match | 21 fished

A brilliant day for fishing with excellent weather.

1st   Albert Kitchen   28lbs 7ozs 8dms   30pts
2nd   Dave Harley   22lbs 3ozs 8dms   29pts
3rd   Kim Naish   21lbs 3ozs 0dms   28pts
4th   Vic Dadd   15lbs 13ozs 8dms   27pts
5th   Les Drury   13lbs 9ozs 0dms   26pts
6th   Dave Foster   12lbs 10ozs 0dms   25pts
7th   Alan Beard   11lbs 12ozs 0dms   24pts
8th   Reg Butler   11lbs 110zs 0dms   23pts
9th   Alan Freeman   10lbs 2ozs 8dms   22pts
10th   Brian Webber   10lbs 2ozs 0dms   21pts
11th   Allan Knight   9lbs 4ozs 8dms   20pts
12th   Bill Woollcottt   9lbs 3ozs 0dms   19pts
13th   Keith Leverett   9lbs 2ozs 0dms   18pts
14th=   Dave Earney   8lbs 10ozs odms   17pts
14th=   Derek Frost   8lbs 10ozs odms   17pts
16th   Dave Auston   8lbs 5ozs 0dms   15pts
17th   Don Carter   8lbs 1oz 0dms   14pts
18th   Dave Taylor   7lbs 6ozs odms   13pts
19th   Malcolm Willis   6lbs 2ozs 0dms   12pts
20th   Bert Savage   4lbs 4ozs 0dms   11th
21st   Albert Saggs   DNW   1pt

Total Weight 236lbs 9ozs 8dms


This 5lb+ Bream was part of Kim’s third place haul at Slough House Farm on a day when the sun shone and loads of fish were banked.


A12 Cuton Lake round 1 | 17 Jul 2012 | Away match | 15 fished

1st  Albert  Kitchen 31lbs 10ozs 8dms
2nd Keith Leverett  31lbs   5ozs 0dms
3rd Dave Earney     27lbs 11ozs 0dms
4th Don Carter        26lbs  5ozs 0dms
5th Bill Claydon      16lbs 11ozs 0dms
6th Brian Webber   16lbs    1oz 0dms
7th Graham Webber 14lbs 7ozs 0dms
8th Vic Dadd           13lbs 10ozs 0dms
9th Alan Beard         10lbs 8ozs  8dms
10th Roger Butler    4lbs 10ozs  0dms
11th  Malcolm Willis 3lbs 15ozs 0dms
12th Bert Savage     3lbs 11ozs 8dms
13th Dave Foster     1lbs 7ozs  0dms
14th Bill Woollcott   1lbs 3ozs  0dms
15th Peter Bird        DNW

Total weight of 203lbs 3ozs 8dms

Unfortunately Peter was taken ill on the match.


Little Park (both lakes) | 10 Jul 2012 | 23 fished

An amazing 23 fished so we had to use both lakes.

1st Keith Leverett 8lbs 1oz 8dms
2nd Dave Taylor 7lbs 5ozs 0dms
3rd Dave Foster 2lbs 14ozs 0dms
4th Dave Earney 2lbs 13ozs 0dms
5th Dave Harley 1lbs 7ozs 0dms
6th Roger Butler 1lb 2ozs 8dms
7th Allan Knight 1lb 2ozs 0dms
8th Chris Robertson 11ozs 0dms
9th Bill Woollcott 10ozs 0dms
10th Dave Auston 7ozs 0dms
11th Brian Webber 2ozs 8dms
12th Richard Seabright 2ozs 0dms
Did not weigh in:  Les Drury, Graham Webber, Bert Savage, Don Carter, Alan Beard, Derek Frost, Vic Dadd, Alan Freeman, Malcolm Willis, Albert Saggs and Bill Claydon.

Total weight: 28lbs 1oz 8dms

The fish just turned off!
Heybridge Basin Canal | 3 Jul 2012 | 19 fished

1st Barry Lewis 10lbs 14ozs 0dms
2nd Dave Harley 6lbs 13ozs
3rd Bert Savage 5lbs 13ozs 0zs
4th Vic Dadd 4lbs 12ozs 8dms
5th Dave Earney 4lbs 11ozs 8dms
6th Allan Knight 4lbs 11ozs
7th Keith Leverett 4lbs 10ozs
8th Albert Kitchen 3lbs 10ozs 0dms
9th Dave Auston 3lbs 6ozs 0dms
10th Don Carter 3lbs 4ozs 8dms
11th Brian Webber 2lbs 9ozs 8dms
12th Graham Webber 2lbs 0zs 8dms
13th Roger Butler 1lbs 10ozs 8dms
14th Bill Woolcott 1lbs 7ozs 8dms
15th Les Drury 1lbs 6ozs 0dms
16th Malcolm Willis 0lbs 13ozs 0dms
17th Bill Claydon 0lbs 11ozs 8dms
18th Bob Pallet DNW
19th Derek Frost DNW

Total weight 63lbs 4ozs
 Rook Hall | 26 Jun 2012 | 19 fished

1st of the 2nd round points

1st   Graham Webber   7lbs 3ozs 0dms
2nd  Les Drury                7lbs 1ozs 0dms
3rd   Bill Woollcott         6lbs 10ozs 0dms
4th   Vic Dadd              6lbs 8ozs 0dms
5th   Keith Leverett      6lbs 1oz  0dms
6th   Malcolm Willis     4lbs 10ozs 0dms
7th  Alan Freeman       4lbs 8ozs   0dms
8th  Don Carter            3lbs 110zs  0dms
9th  Dave Earney         2lbs 13ozs 8dms
10th Bob Pallet             2lbs 7ozs 0dms
11th Dave Auston        2lbs 3ozs 0dms
12th Albert Saggs        2lbs 1oz 8dms
13th Allan Knight         2lbs 1oz odms
14th Roger Butler       1lbs 13ozs 0dms
15th Bert Savage        1lbs 10ozs 8dms
16th Dick Seabright    2lbs 1ozs 8dms
17th  Brian Webber    1lb  0ozs  0dms
17th  Bill Claydon        1lb  0zs     0dms
19th  Derek Frost        DNW

Total weight:   65lbs 8ozs 8dms.


Tesco Canal |  19 Jun 2012 | 18 fished

The first match of the river and canal season was held on the 19th June on the Tescos stretch of canal both sides of the footbridge. There was a working party to clear the bank and swims. Allan Knight wore chest waders and walked the margins and cleared weed. Bill Woollcott and others strimmed and cleared bankside weeds, brilliant job.

1st Dave Earney 4lbs 14ozs
2nd Brian Webber 4lbs
3rd Allan Knight 3lbs 11ozs
4th Bill Woollcott 3lbs 5ozs 8dms
5th Barry Lewis 2lbsw 9ozs 8dms
6th Albert Saggs 2lbs 3ozs 8dms
7th Alan Beard 2lbs 1oz
8th Les Drury 1lb 8ozs 8dms
9th Roger Butler 1lbs 4ozs 8dms
10th Dave Foster 1lbs 1oz 8dms
11th Bert Savage 1lbs 1oz
12th Graham Webber 15ozs
13th Dick Seabright 12ozs 8dms
14th Bob Pallet 11ozs 8dms
15th Bill Claydon 11ozs
16th Keith Leverett 8ozs
17th Dave Taylor 7ozs 8dms
18th Malcolm Willis 6ozs

Total weight 32lbs 3ozs 8dms


Oakford Lake (Middle) |  12 Jun 2012 | AWAY match | 18 fished

1st  Don Carter          57.0.0
2nd Alan Freeman      47.0.0
3rd Keith Leverett       41.0.0
4th Chris Robertson     28.0.0
5th Dave Taylor             27.0.0
6th Bill Claydon              24.0.0
7th Brian Webber          23.8.0
8th Les Drury                   15.8.0
9th Dave Foster               14.8.0
10th Alan Beard               14.0.0
11th Derek Frost              12.0.0
12th Allan Knight             11.0.0
13th= Roger Butler           10.00
13th= Dave Seabright     10.00
15th Vic Dadd                    7.8.0
16th Bert Savage                DNW
17th Mark Willis                 DNW
18th Bill  Woollcott            DNW

Total weight:  343lbs 0ozs 0dms

This was the last of 5 matches for the 1st round  points:

Winner      Keith Leverett     105pts
2nd              Les Drury             100pts
3rd =          Bill Claydon           92pts
3rd=           Allan Knight          92pts


Bog Grove | 5 Jun 2012 | Pairs| 14 fished

1st Alan Freeman & Brian Webber  23lbs 13ozs 8dms
2nd Vic Dadd & Chris Robertson  13lbs 12ozs 8dms
3rd Don Carter & Derek Frost  9lbs 13ozs 8dms
4th Roger Butler & Bill Claydon  8lbs 12ozs 8dms
5th Richard Seabright & Bert Savage  6lbs 9ozs
6th Bill Woolcott & Kim Naish 6lbs 3ozs
7th Keith Leverett & Alan Beard  4lbs 14ozs
Total weight:  83lbs 4ozs 8dms
Slough House Farm | 29 May 2012 | 19 fished

1st Dave Foster         20.2.0
2nd Dave Harley        19.8.0
3rd Albert Kitchen     18.12.0
4th Brian Webber      16.14.0
5th Dave Auston         15.3.0
6th Keith Leverett       14.5.0
7th Allan Knight            13.9.8
8th Vic Dadd                  13.1.8
9th Bill Woollcott         12.6.0
10th Les Drury              11.6.0
11th Alan Beard            9.11.0
12th Alan Freeman       9.2.8
13th Don Carter             8.14.0
14th Bill Claydon            5.14.8
15th Roger Butler          5.10.8
16th Bert Savage           4.15.0
17th Derek Frost            4.6.8
18th Dave Earney          4.4.0
19th Albert Saggs          DNW

Total weight       208lbs 0ozs 8dms – getting  better


Rook Hall | 22 May 2012 | Over Sixties Trophy | 22 fished

1st  Dave Foster  7.11.8
2nd  Richard Seabright  4.6.0
3rd  Dave Earney  3.9.0
4th  Don Carter  3.3.8
5th=  Bill Woolcott  2.10.0
5th=  Bill Claydon  2.10.0
7th  David Taylor  2.7.0
8th  Bob Pallett  1.11.0
9th  Malcolm Willis 1.5.8
10th  Alan Beard 1.2.8
11th  Brian Webber 1.1.0
12th  Roger Butler  0.14.8
13th  Keith Leverett  0.9.8
14th=  Alan Knight DNW
14th=  Chris Robertson DNW
14th=  Dave Auston  DNW
14th=  Bert Savage  DNW
14th=  Les Drury  DNW
14th=  Derek Frost  DNW
14th=  Albert Kitchen  DNW
14th=  Albert Saggs  DNW
14th=  Alan Freeman  DNW

Total weight:  30lbs 5ozs 0dms.
Conditions:  Hottest day of the year, blustery winds,bright and sunny.
22 fished biggest turnout this season.


Little Parks | 15th May 2012 | 12 fished

1st   Keith Leverett   13.8.8    inc 12lb 9oz carp
2nd  Alan Freeman     8.8.0       2 bream
3rd  David Taylor     4.10.0
4th   Brian Webber     1.11.0
5th   Bill Woolcott     1.1.8
6th  Dave Auston      0.13.8
7th  Vic Dadd       0.7.0
8th  Bill Claydon     0.6.8
9th  Bert Savage   DNW
10th  Bob Pallet   DNW
11th  Don Carter   DNW
12th  Derek Frost   DNW


Totham Pit | 8 May 2012 | 14 fished 

Switched to Totham Pit as Little London Reservoir was flooded
14 fished total weight 77lbs 11ozs

1st Les Drury 15.7.0 (mainly roach)
2nd Allan Knight 12.14.0 (mainly roach)
3rd Don Carter 11.12.0 (2 bream)
4th Dave Taylor 6.13.8
5th Dave Harley 5.13.0
6th Keith Leverett 5.4.0
7th Roger Butler 4.13.0
8th Alan Beard 4.0.0
9th Chris Robertson 3.8.8
10th Brian Webber 2.10.8
11th Bill Claydon 2.4.8
12th Vic Dadd 2.0.8
13th Dave Auston 0.6.8
14th Bill Woolcott 0.0.0


Totham Pit | 1 May 2012 | 15 fished

1st  Roger Butler 14.10.0
2nd  Chris Robertson 9.2.8
3rd  Les Drury 8.5.8
4th  Don Carter 7.11.8
5th  Bill Claydon 7.1.8
6th  Brian Webber 6.13.8
7th  Bill Woollcott 4.13.8
8th  Dave Harley 4.8.0
9th  Vic Dadd 3.8.0
10th  Dick Seabright 3.5.0
11th  Bert Savage 2.13.0
12th  Alan Beard 1.5.0
13th  Derek Frost 1.1.0
14th  Keith Leverett 0.14.8
15th  Allan Knight 0.5.8

Total weight 76lbs 6ozs.
Whitehouse Farm | 24 Apr 2012 | 8 fished

Reg Butler               0.0.0     1pt
Bill Woollcott             0.0.0         1pt
Richard Seabright       0.0.0          1pt
Dave Taylor             0.0.0         1pt
Les Drury                  0.0.0         1pt
Keith Leverett            0.0.0         1pt
Derek Frost             0.0.0         1pt
Vic Dadd              0.0.0          1pt

This venue does  not go down very well.
This is the third total blank!!

Slough House Farm 
| 17 Apr 2012 | 17 fished

1st Roger Butler  14.4.8 first time out cup winner
2nd Bill Woollcott  8.14.0
3rd joint  Alan Freeman and Alan Beard  6.3.0
5th Les Drury  4.9.0
6th Bill Claydon  4.3.0
7th Keith Leverett  3.5.0
8th Richard Seabright  3.1.0
9th Don Carter  2.2.8
10th Dave Foster  2.0.8
11th Dave Auston  1.6.8
12th Dave Taylor  0.6.0
13th Allan Knight DNW
14th Malcolm Willis DNW
15th Vic Dadd DNW
16th Albert Saggs DNW
17th Derek Frost DNW

Total weight 56.10.0
Bog Grove | 10 Apr 2012 | 12 fished

1st Bill Claydon 12.8.0
2nd Bert Savage 5.1.0
3rd Vic Dadd 4.13.0
4th Chris Robertson  4.4.0
5th Keith Leverett 4.0.0
6th Les Drury 3.8.0
7th Dave Auston  3.1.0
8th Richard Seabright 3.0.0
9th Derek Frost 2.0.0
10th Bill Woollcott  1.2.0
11th Allan Knight  0.8.0
12th Alan Beard DNW

Total weight  43.13.0


Rook Hall | 3 Apr 2012 | 16 fished

1st Les Drury 17.0.0
2nd Dave Harley 8lbs 7ozs
3rd Bill Claydon 6.13.0
4th Don Carter 6.7.0
5th Bill Woollcott 6.3.8
6th Brian Webber 5.0.0
7th Keith Leverett 4.15.8
8th Chris Robertson 4.7.0
9th Allan Knight 4.4.8
10th Dave Auston 2.14.0
11th David Taylor 2.1.0
12th Derek Frost 1.15.0
13th Alan Beard 1.7.0
14th Malcolm Willis 1.3.0
15th Bert Savage DNW
16th Albert Saggs DNW

Total weight 73.5.8