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Concessionary match results 2015 to March 2017

Bog Grove | 28 Mar 2017 | Silver fish match | 19 fished

1st   Les Drury                          peg  9             6lb  9ozs
2nd  John Christensen             peg  18           5lb  10ozs
3rd  Richard Seabright             peg  3             5lb   6ozs
4th  Roger Butler                       peg  11           5lbs  4ozs  8dms
5th  Geoff  Green                       peg  1              5lb  0ozs  8dms
6th  Jack Morley                          peg  7              4lbs  15ozs
7th  Dave Harley                          peg  21            4lbs  3ozs
8th  Alan Beard                             peg  10            3lbs  11ozs
9th  Brian Webber                        peg  20             3lb  1oz  8dms
10th Pat Mott                                peg  22             2lb 14ozs
11th Dereck Frost                          peg  5                2lbs  8ozs  8dms
12th Dave Nicholls                         peg 13               2lb  6ozs
13th Keith Leverett                         peg 23               2lb  3ozs
14th Bill Woollcott                           peg  19              2lb  1oz
15th Roger Smith                              peg  2                1lb  14ozs  8dms
16th Don Carter                                 peg  8                 1lb  9ozs  8dms
17th Rob Rowbotham                       peg  15                1lb  7oz
18th Dave Auston                               peg  12                1lb  3ozs  8dms
19th Bert Savage                                 peg  6                   15ozs  8dms

Total weight of 62lbs  6ozs

A good day for silvers and skimmers.


Rook Hall | 21 Mar 2017 | 16 fished

1st   Dave Auston         Peg  8  GP        5lbs  6ozs  8dms       30pts
2nd  Brian Webber        Peg  5               3lbs  6ozs                  29pts
3rd   Dave Nicholls       Peg  18             3lbs   1oz                   28pts
4th   Richard Seabright Peg   10             2lbs  15ozs  8dms      27pts
5th   Dereck Frost          Peg   4               2lbs  12ozs                26pts
6th   Graham Shirmer     Peg  19             2lbs  6ozs                   25pts
7th   Rob Rowbotham     Peg  6               1lb  15ozs                   24pts
8th   Roger Smith            Peg  13              1lb  14ozs  8dms        23pts
9th   Jack Morley            Peg  3                 1lb  `12ozs  8dms       22pts
10th Keith Leverett         Peg  9                  1lb  12ozs                  21pts
11th John Christensen     Peg  11                14ozs                          20pts
12th Les Drury                Peg  14                 12ozs                          19pts
13th Roger Butler            Peg  1                    10ozs                          18pts
14th Don Carter               Peg  23                  8ozs  8dms                  17pts
15th  Geoff Green            Peg  24                   6ozs  8dms                  16pts
16th  Bert Savage             Peg  2                     DNW                           1pt

Total weight of  31lbs  1oz  8dms

3rd round points were won by Bill Woollcott  with 108pts

2nd Brian Webber with 105pts  3rd  Les Drury 103pts 4th Rob Rowbotham 101pts

Dave Auston won the golden peg (£50)

One of the better days for the first of the year at Rook Hall


Papermill Lock Canal | 14 Mar 2017 | 17 fished

1st  Graham Shirmer       peg  1  GP            4lbs  10ozs
2nd  Dave  Harley              peg  2                   1lb  8ozs  8dms
3rd   Alan Beard                 peg  8                    1lb  5ozs
4th   Roger Smith               peg  13                  13ozs
5th   John Christensen       peg  16                   7ozs
6th   Pat Mott                      peg  17                   5ozs  8dms
7th  Geoff Green                  peg  12                   2ozs
J8th  Allan Knight                peg  6                      1oz
J8th  Rob Rowbotham        peg  10                    1oz
10th Brian Webber               peg  9                       8dms
11th Jack Morley                   peg  15                     4dms

There were  6 did not weighs.

Total weight of  9lbs  12ozs  8dms

Graham Shirmer drew peg one which was also Golden Peg (£50)


Heybridge Basin Canal | 07 Mar 2017 | 21 fished

1st   Bill Woollcott                 peg  3                 6lbs  2ozs
2nd  Dave Harley                    peg  2                 5lbs  3ozs  8dms
3rd   Rob Rowbotham            peg  4                 3lbs  12ozs
4th   Brian Webber                 peg  8                 1lb  13ozs  8dms
5th   Roger Smith                    peg  5                 1lb  5ozs8dms
6th   Pat Mott                          peg   7                  9ozs  8dms
7th   Dave Nicholls                  peg  11                 4ozs
8th   Geoff Green                     peg  12                 2ozs
9th   Richard Seabright            peg  21                 8dms

Total weight of 19lbs  4ozs  8dms

There were 12 did not weighs. What a disappointment after the last match 2 weeks ago.


Bog Grove | 28 Feb 2017 | 16 fished

1st  Dave Auston           peg  8                 23lbs  9ozs  8dms
2nd Brian Webber         peg  24               22lbs  4ozs  8dms
3rd Les Drury               peg   23               12lbs
4th Richard Seabright peg   11                11lbs  7ozs  8dms
5th Keith Leverett        peg  2                   10lbs  2ozs  8dms
6th Jack Morley          peg  19                   6lbs   2ozs  8dms
7th Alan Beard            peg  10                  4lbs  12ozs
8th Roger Smith          peg  16                   4lbs  3ozs
9th Don Carter            peg  1                     1lb   6ozs  8dms
10th Geoff Green        peg  3                     1lb   4ozs  8dms
11th Dave Harley       peg  6                       3ozs

There were 5 did not weigh’s

Total weight of 97lbs 7ozs 8dms

Best fish a fine  1lb 1oz 8dms roach caught by Roger Smith


Heybridge Basin Canal | 21 Feb 2017 | 14 fished

1st    Dave Harley                   peg  14              5lbs  11ozs
2nd   Alan Beard                     peg   4                3lbs   10ozs
3rd   Barry Lewis                     peg   2                3lbs  7ozs  8dms
4th   Geoff Green                   peg   10               3lbs  0ozs  8dms
5th   Rob Rowbotham           peg   13               2lbs  15ozs
6th   Keith Leverett                peg   8                 2lbs  14ozs  8dms
7th   Don Carter                      peg   3                 2lbs  1oz
8th   Les Drury                         peg   1                 1lb   12ozs
9th   Pat Mott                          peg   5                  1lb  7ozs
10th Roger Smith                    peg  6                    1lb  4ozs
11th Dave Nicholls                  peg  12                  1lb  1oz  8dms
12th John Christensen            peg  13                  9ozs  8dms
13th Bert Savage                      peg  9                    8ozs E
14th Jim Edwards                     peg  7                    4ozs E

Total weight 30lbs 9ozs 8dms

This was without doubt one of the best results from the canal for nearly 2 years.

The 2  E’s were witnessed fish.


Swan Lake at Lakelands fishery | 14 Feb 2017 | AWAY match | 16 fished

1st  Graham Shirmar        peg  34       16lbs  8ozs  8dms
2nd Dave Harley                peg  5          12lbs  10ozs
3rd  Peter Lamb                 peg 3           9lbs  5ozs  8dms
4th  Roger Smith                peg 8           8lbs  10ozs
5th  Brian Webber             peg 4           7lbs    8ozs
6th Rob Rowbotham        peg 2           6lbs  15ozs  8dms
7th Rich Seabright             peg 28         6lbs  12ozs
8th Jack Morley                  peg 7           5lbs  11ozs
9th Keith Leverett              peg 1            4lbs  0ozs  8dms
10th Jim Edwards               peg  6           3lbs  7ozs  8dms
11th Bill Woolcott                peg  30         3lbs  1oz   8dms
12th John Christensen         peg 27          2lbs  9ozs 8dms
13th Les Drury                       peg 25          1lb  15ozs
14th Pat Mott                        peg  29          1lb  2ozs  8dms
15th Don Carter                    peg  32           1lb
16th  Alan Beard                   peg  35            DNW

Total weight of  95lbs 2ozs

A reasonable day considering an early frost. The catches were mainly all roach.


Little London Reservoir | 7 Feb 2017 | 14 fished

1st   Brian Webber         peg 13        5lbs  9ozs  8dms
2nd  Alan Beard             peg 16         4lbs  1oz  8dms
3rd  Dave Harley           peg 9            3lbs 14ozs
4th Rob Rowbotham      peg 12         2lbs 8ozs 8dms
5th Les Drury                 peg 15         2lbs  4ozs
6th Pat Mott                   peg 11         2lbs
7th Roger Smith            peg 1            1lb  14ozs 8dms
8th Jack Morley            peg 20          1lb   10ozs
9th Dave Auston           peg 6             1lb  8ozs 8dms
10th Keith Leverett      peg 2              1lb  1oz 8dms
11th John Christensen peg 5             1lb  1oz
12th Dereck Frost       peg 10             7ozs

2 DNWs

Total weight 29lbs 15ozs 8dms

The venue should have been Paper Mill Lock but because of the condition of the river it was decided to fish the reservoir instead. Certainly a better result.


Bog Grove | 31 Jan 2017 | 13 fished

1st   Keith Leverett                         peg  1                                 2lbs  12ozs
2nd  Rob Rowbotham                     peg  17                               2lbs  4os  8dms
3rd   Graham Shirmer                     peg  14                                1lb   14ozs 8dms
4th   Brian Webber                         peg  22                                 1lb   10ozs
5th   John Christensen                    peg  16                                 9ozs
6th   Dave Auston                            peg  20                                 8ozs
7th   Dave Nicholls                           peg  23                                 7ozs 8dms
Jt 8th  Don Carter & Bert Savage  p13  & p21                           4ozs

 There were 4 did not weighs

Total weight of  10lbs  9ozs  8dms

There was still about 40% ice on the lake which hampered some swims which were not fished.


Lakelands Lily Lake | 24 Jan 2017 | AWAY match | 0 fished

Match cancelled as lake frozen.


Browns Wharf Canal | 17 Jan 2017 | 15 fished

1st   B. Woollcott                            Peg 1             8lb 12oz 8dms       30pts
2nd B. Webber                               Peg 7             5lb 13oz                  29pts
3rd L. Drury                                     Peg 13          3lb   0oz 8dms        28pts
4th B. Lewis                                    Peg 4              2lb 14oz                  27pts
5th D. Harley                                  Peg 12           2lb 12oz 8dms        26pts
6th R. Rowbotham                        Peg 3             1lb 10oz                   25pts
7th  D. Auston                                Peg 15            1lb 9oz                     24pts
8th D. Nicholls                                Peg 11           1lb 7oz 8dms          23pts
9th G. Shirmer                                 Peg 9                  12oz 8dms         22pts
10thP.Mott                                     Peg 8                   11oz 8dms         21pts
11th A.Beard                                  Peg 14                  11oz                   20pts
12th R. Seabright                          Peg 6                      4oz                    19pts
13th J.Morley                                 Peg 5                            8dms          18pts

2 DNW B.Savage & G.Green both receive  1pt.

A very good day total weight 30lb 6oz 8dms

A note to all members:  Parking Fees must be paid even if parking on the green verge next to the canal.


Heybridge Basin Canal | 10 Jan 2017 | 10 fished

1st  D. Harley                   Peg 10        6oz 8dms
2ndB.Lewis                       Peg4           5oz 8dms
3rdD.Nicholls                  Peg 1          2oz 8dms

There were 7 did not weighs

Total weight  14oz 8dms

A hard day, but congratulations to Dave Harley who won the Golden Peg.


Paper Mill Canal | 3 Jan 2017 | 8 fished

1st   A.Beard                   Peg 6                8dms

There were 7 did not weighs

Not an ideal start to 2017


Bog Grove | 20 Dec 2016 | 14 fished

1st    D. Earney               Peg  12         3lb 10oz 8dms
2nd    L. Drury                   Peg 19         2lb 13oz
3rd    D.Harley                 Peg 16         2lb 12oz
4th    R. Rowbotham      Peg 21         2lb  4oz 8dms
5th    J. Morley                Peg  8           2lb
6th   D. Frost                    Peg 9                   6oz 8dms
7th    B.Savage                 Peg  11               3oz 8dms
8th   B.Webber                Peg 13                2oz 8dms
9th   A.Beard                    Peg 20                1oz 8dms
10th G.Green                  Peg 17                       8dms
11th B.Lewis                   Peg 14                      4dms

There were 3 did not weighs

Total Weight  14lb 6oz 12dms


Swan Lake Lakelands | 13 Dec 2016 | AWAY match | 15 fished

1st     Les Drury               peg  29        33lbs  4ozs
2nd    Rob Rowbotham  peg  35         19lbs  2ozs
3rd     Jack Morley           peg   6          13lbs  14ozs
4th     Brian Webber        peg  33        12lbs  9ozs  8dms
5th    Richard Seabright   peg  34        12lbs
6th    Dereck Frost            peg  31         9lbs  2ozs
7th   Graham Shirmer       peg  3           8lbs  8ozs
8th   Pat Mott                     peg  32         8lbs  2ozs
9th   Roger Butler              peg  4            7lbs  7ozs
10th Dave Harley               peg  2            6lbs  3ozs  8dms
11th Keith Leverett           peg  7             5lbs  14ozs
12th Bob Pallett                 peg  5             5lbs  9ozs
13th Bill Woollcott             peg 36           4lbs  13ozs  8dms
14th Dave Auston              peg  30           2lbs  11ozs
15th Bert Savage                peg  1             1lb

Total weight of 149lbs  3ozs  8ozs


Boreham Black Bridge canal | 06 Dec 2016 | 16 fished

(this was a changed venue because canal was frozen)

1st   David Earney         peg  6        1lb 2ozs           30pts
Jt 2nd  Dave Harley      peg  8        1lb 1oz             29pts
 & Graham Shirmer      peg  4         1lb 1oz            29pts
4th  Don Carter              peg  7          12ozs 8dms    27pts
5th  Alan Beard              peg  2           12ozs               26pts
6th  Dave Nicholls          Peg  1           6ozs                 25pts
7th  Bert Savage             peg  3           5ozs 8dms      24pts
8th  Richard Seabright  peg  9            4ozs                 23pts
9th  Bill Woollcott          peg  5            2ozs                 22pts

There were 7 did not weighs. A very hard day but they tried.

Total weight of 5lbs  14ozs


Bog Grove | 29 Nov 2016 | 17 fished

1st    Jack Morley                peg  13                25lbs  7ozs
2nd   Dave Harley                peg  3                   14lbs  11ozs
3rd    Les Drury                     peg  1                    8lbs   1oz  8dms
4th    John Christensen       peg  11                   5lbs  14ozs 8dms
5th   Keith Leverett             peg  10                   4lbs  2ozs  8dms
6th   David Earney               peg  24                   3lbs  6ozs
7th   Roger Butler                peg  2                      2lbs  11ozs
8th   Dereck Frost                 peg 21                    2lbs
9th   Geoff  Green                 peg 22                    1lb  4ozs
10th Dave Auston                 peg 4                       1lb
11th Dave Nicholls                peg 8                        14ozs  8dms
12th Richard Seabright         peg 5                        8ozs  8dms

There were 5 did not weigh’s

Total weight of 70lbs 0ozs 8dms

Very cold minus temperatures.


Browns Wharf Chelmer | 22 Nov 2016 | 16 fished

1st    Rob Rowbotham      peg  3           5lb  10ozs
2nd   Alan Beard                 peg  2           3lb  10ozs
3rd   Bill Woollcott             peg  17         2lb  11ozs
4th   Roger Butler               peg  8            2lb  9ozs
5th   Pat Mott                      peg  10          2lb
6th   Geoff  Green                peg  11          1lb  14ozs  8dms
7th   Dave Harley                  peg 15           1lb  14ozs
8th  Graham Shirmer           peg  9            1lb  12ozs
9th  Roger Smith                    peg  1            1lb   9ozs
10th Barry Lewis                     peg  13          1lb  7ozs  8dms
11th Jack Morley                     peg  14           1lb  5ozs
12th Les Drury                          peg  7              1lb  2ozs
13th  Keith Leverett                 peg 4                1lb
14th John Christensen             Peg 5                11ozs

There were 2 did not weighs.

Total weight of  29lbs  2ozs


Canal Tesco’s section | 15 Nov 2016 | 17 fished

1st    Geoff Green          peg  2            1lb  2ozs                   30pts
2nd   Brian Webber       peg 8              1lb 0ozs  8dms        29pts
3rd    Bill Woollcott        peg 11            1lb                            28pts
4th    Rob Rowbotham  peg 4              13ozs                        27pts
5th    Les Drury                peg 10           8ozs 8dms                26pts
6th    David Earney         peg  16           8ozs                          25pts
Jt 7th Keith Leverett       peg 15
&      Roger Smith            peg 5            7ozs 8dms                 24pts
9th    Alan Beard               peg 12          4ozs 8dms                 22pts
Jt 10th Roger Butler         peg 9
&      David Nicholls         peg 14          4ozs                            20pts
12th  John Christensen    peg 13          3ozs 8dms                 18pts
13th  Graham Shimner    peg 1             2ozs                            17pts
14th  Dave Auston            peg 18           1oz                              16pts

Total weight of  6lbs  14ozs

The whole stretch had been de-weeded water conditions crystal clear  and virtually no flow.


Lakelands Fishery Lily & Wood Lakes | 8 Nov 2016 | AWAY match 2 of 2 | 18 fished

1st   Richard Seabright    peg W8       25lbs  7ozs
2nd Keith Leverett            peg L16      19lbs  5ozs
3rd Les Drury                   peg L10      18lbs  7ozs  8dms
4th Dave Harley               peg W5       18lbs
5th Rob Rowbotham        peg W20      15lbs  0zs  8dms
6th Bob Pallett                 peg W3        14lbs  3ozs
7th Bill Woollcott            peg W2         10lbs  6ozs  8dms
8th Roger Smith              peg L8          8lbs  11ozs  8dms
9th David Earney            peg L14        6lbs 14ozs
10th Graham Shirmer    peg L13        6lbs  8ozs  8dms
11th Jack Morley            peg W6          6lbs  6ozs 8dms
12th Alan Beard              peg W4          6lb  5ozs
13th Don Carter              peg L19          4lb  1oz
14th Brian Webber          peg W23         3lb  15ozs
15th Pat Mote                  peg L21          2lb  2ozs

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight of 165lbs  13ozs

The winner over the 2 matches  (13 Sep 2016 and 8 Nov 2016) wasn’t Bill Woollcott with 50lbs  12ozs  8dms but Richard Seabright with 60lbs  14ozs  8dms (apologies from Keith).


Bog Grove | 1 Nov 2016 | Ted Cornwell Cup | 20 fished

1st   Richard Seabright             peg 9         41lbs  5ozs
2nd  Brian Webber                    peg 21       34lbs  9ozs  8dms
3rd  Dave Harley                        peg  10       16lbs  10ozs
4th  Les Drury                             peg  5         10lbs   7ozs  8dms
5th  Roger Butler                        peg 23        3lbs  11ozs
6th  Geoff Green                         peg  6         1lb   3ozs

 There were 13 did not weighs

Total weight of 108lbs  6ozs


Papermill Lock Canal | 25 Oct 2016 | 22 fished

1st     Les Drury                         peg 1                 4lbs  12ozs
2nd   Bill Woollcott                   peg 6                  1lb  12ozs  8dms
Jt 3rd  Jack Morley &  Alan Beard peg 20/8      1lb  10ozs
5th  Steve Willis                         peg 19                  1lb  8ozs
Jt 6th J.Christensen & Dave Auston peg 21/18   1lb  6ozs
8th  Roger Butler                       peg  2                     1lb  5ozs
Jt 9th R.Rowbotham & D.Earney  peg 7/4             1lb  4ozs  8dms
11th   Kim Naish                         peg  17                    1lb  1oz
12th  Barry Lewis                        peg 9                        13ozs  8dms
13th  Geoff Green                       peg 3                        13ozs
14th  Dave Harley                        peg 15                      10ozs
15th  Roger Smith                        peg  22                      8ozs  8dms
16th  Brian Webber                     peg  14                       7ozs
17th  Keith Leverett                     peg 16                         5ozs  8dms
18th  Jim Edwards                         peg  10                       5ozs
19th  Bob Pallet                              peg  12                       4ozs

There were 3 did not weighs

Total weight of  22lbs  9ozs

Little flow crystal clear could have been better.


Slough House Farm | 18 Oct 2016 | 19 fished

1st      Bert Turner                peg 1            12lbs  9ozs  8dms
2nd    Les Drury                   peg  9            8lbs   12ozs
3rd   David Earney              peg  4             8lbs   11ozs
4th   Brian Webber              peg 10            7lbs   11ozs  8dms
5th  Dave Harley                 peg 14            7lbs  3ozs
6th  Bill Woollcott               peg  17            6lbs  6ozs
7th  Geoff Green                 peg  3              5lbs  2ozs  8dms
8th  Rob Rowbotham          peg  16            4lbs  14ozs
9th Roger Butler                 peg  5              4lbs  11ozs  8dms
10th John Christensen       peg 18             4lbs  7ozs
11th Bob Pallett                 peg  6              2lbs  15ozs
12th Alan Beard                peg 15             2lbs  9ozs  8dms
13th Jim Edwards             peg 12              2lbs  6ozs 8dms
14th Dave Nicholls           peg 25              1lb  11ozs  8dms
15th Richard Seabright   peg 13               1lbs  10ozs
16th Dave Auston            peg 11                1lb  2ozs  8dms
17th Keith Leverett          peg 8                  15ozs
18th Dereck Frost           peg 7                   10ozs
19th Bert Savage            peg 2                    DNW

Total weight of  84lbs  8ozs


Canal Tesco’s | 11 Oct 2016 | 21 fished

1st  Brian Webber           peg  6            5lbs  3ozs  8dms
2nd John Christensen     peg  12           3lb   1oz
3rd Dave Auston             peg  21           1lb   14ozs
4th Bert Turner               peg 13            1lb   9ozs
5th Steve Holden             peg 10            1lb  8ozs
6th Barry Lewis               peg 18            1lb  4ozs
7th David Earney            peg 2              1lb  2ozs
8th Les Drury                  peg 11            1lb  1oz  8dms
9th Bill Woollcott            peg 14            1lb
Jt 10th Alan Beard           peg 7             14ozs
Jt 10th Bob Pallett           peg 3             14ozs
12th Geoff Green            peg 9               12ozs 8dms
13th Keith Leverett         peg 16              12ozs
14th Rob Rowbotham     peg 17              6ozs
15th Don Carter             peg 4                 5ozs 8dms
16th Dave Nicholls        peg 5                  5ozs
17th  Dereck Frost        peg 1                   4ozs
18th Roger Butler         peg 20                  2ozs 8dms
19th Jim Edwards         peg 8                    2ozs
20th Richard Seabright   peg 19               8dms

There was 1 did not weigh.

Total weight of  22lbs  9ozs

Not a good start for the canal season.


Oakford fishery top lake | 4 Oct 2016 | AWAY match | 14 fished

1st    Brian Webber         peg 6            94lbs
2nd   Bill Woollcott          peg 2            74lbs  14ozs
3rd    Don Carter               peg 12          73lbs  3ozs
4th    Les Drury                  peg 9             72lbs  2ozs
5th   Richard Seabright     peg 10           66lbs 6ozs  8dms
6th   Dave Nicholls           peg  7              59lbs 9ozs
7th   Rob Rowbotham     peg  16            51lbs  10ozs
8th   Bert Savage             peg  14             45lbs  12ozs
9th   Keith Leverett         peg  4               44lbs   9ozs
10th Jack Morley             peg  5               44lbs   8ozs
11th Bob Pallett               peg  17             32lbs  13ozs
12th Dereck Frost            peg  13             30lbs  2ozs
13th Alan Beard               peg  21             25lbs  14ozs
14th John Christensen    peg  3               17lbs  6ozs

Total weight of  732lbs  12ozs  8dms

A good day was had by all.


Rook Hall | 27 Sep 2016 | 12 fished

1st   Brian Webber      peg 10         12lb  1oz              30pts
2nd  Les Drury            peg 4            9lb  6ozs  8dms   29pts
3rd  Roger Butler        peg 1            7lb   0ozs 8dms    28pts
4th  Bob Pallett           peg 12           5lb  2ozs              27pts
5th  Jack Morley         peg 8             4lb  15ozs            26pts
6th  Alan Beard          peg 11            3lb  11ozs            25pts
7th  Keith Leverett     peg  13            3lb  6ozs              24pts
8th  Geoff Green        peg  3              2lb  0ozs  8dms    23pts
9th  Jim Edwards       peg  9               1lb  10oz             22pts
10th Dereck Frost      peg 5                1lb  4ozs  8dms   21pts
11th Don Carter         peg 2                1lb    1oz  8dms   20pts
12th Dave Nicholls    peg 7                 8ozs  8dms          19pts

Total weight of  52lbs 3ozs

Best fish was a bream of 7lbs 10ozs to Les Drury.


Slough House Farm | 20 Sep 2016 | 15 fished

1st    Brian Webber           peg 7      18lbs  11ozs  8dms   30pts
2nd   Roger Butler            peg 1       12lbs   10ozs 8dms   29pts
3rd   Keith Leverett          peg 15      12lbs   5ozs  8dms    28pts
4th   Graham Shirmer     peg 14      12lbs   5ozs               27pts
5th  Steve Holden             peg 9        12lb   3ozs                26pts
6th  Les Drury                  peg 25      11lbs  2ozs               25pts
7th  Jim Edwards             peg 8         11lbs  1ozs  8dms    24pts
8th  John Christensen     peg 11        8lbs   2ozs               23pts
9th  David Earney           peg 5           8lbs                         22pts
10th Bill Woollcott          peg 6           7lbs  13ozs              21pts
11th Bob Pallett              peg 16          6lb  10ozs               20pts
12th Geoff Green           peg 4             6lbs 6ozs                 19pts
13th Alan Beard             peg 10           5lbs 15ozs              18pts
14th Dave Nicholls        peg 2              5lb  6ozs                 17pts
15th Dereck Frost         peg 13             DNW                      1pt

Total weight of 138lbs 11ozs

Notable fish were Tench of 5lbs and 3lbs 2ozs plus numerous skimmers to  12ozs as these have not shown in numbers like this for the last 2 seasons.


Wood Lake at Lakelands | 13 Sep 2016 | AWAY match 1 of 2 | 15 fished

1st  Steve Holden            47lbs  13ozs  8dms
2nd Bill Woollcott           40lbs  6ozs
3rd  Brian Webber          35lbs  10ozs
4th  Richard Seabright   35lbs  7ozs  8dms
5th  Graham Shirmer     33lbs  6ozs
6th  Les Drury                 29lbs  15ozs
7th  Roger Butler            17lbs  3ozs  8dms
8th  Jack Morley             13lbs  0ozs  8dms
9th  Keith Leverett           12lbs  10ozs  8dms
10th John Christensen    12lbs  4ozs   8dms
11th Ernie Vinton            11lbs  8ozs
12th David Earney           7lbs   6ozs
13th Alan Beard               4lbs  15ozs  8dms
14th Jim Edwards             2lbs  12ozs

There was one did not weigh.

Total weight of  304lbs 6ozs  8dms

Our hottest day of fishing this season.


Bog Grove | 6 Sep 2016 | 16 fished

1st    Brian Webber                      55lbs  14ozs
2nd   Richard Seabright                31lbs  6ozs  8dms
3rd  Jim Edwards                         27lbs  6ozs
4th  Bill Woollcott                        23lbs  12ozs
5th  Dave Nicholls                       18lbs  4ozs
6th  Graham Shirmer                  15lbs  0ozs  8dms
7th  Keith Leverett                       14lbs  6ozs
8th David Earney                        11lbs  1oz
9th Jack Morley                          10lbs  8ozs
10th Don Carter                          9lbs  15ozs
11th John Christensen                7lbs  9ozs  8dms
12th Les Drury                            6lbs  12ozs  8dms
13th Geoff Green                        4lbs  2ozs
14th Roger Butler                       3lbs  10ozs  8dms
15th Dereck Frost                       13ozs

There was one did not weigh.

Total weight of  240lbs  8ozs  8dms


Papermill Lock Canal | 30 Aug 2016 | 19 fished

1st   Dave Harley                           4lbs  1oz  8dms      30pts
2nd  David Earney                         3lbs  3ozs  8dms     29pts
3rd  Bill Woollcott                          3lbs  2ozs  8dms     28pts
4th  Don Carter                              2lbs  7ozs                27pts
5th  Rob Rowbotham                     2lbs  4ozs  8dms     26pts
6th  Barry Lewis                             2lbs  2ozs                 25pts
7th  Roger Butler                            2lbs  1oz  8dms       24pts
8th  Roger Smith                             1lb  14ozs                23pts
9th  Dave Auston                             1lb  12ozs  8dms     22pts
10th John Christensen                    1lb  10ozs  8dms     21pts
11th Dave Nicholls                          1lb  7ozs                  20pts
12th Jack Morley                             1lb  6ozs  8dms       19pts
13th Brian Webber                           1lb  6ozs                 18pts
14th Keith Leverett                            1lb  0ozs  8dms      17pts
15th Les Drury                                  15ozs  8dms            16pts

There were 4 did not weighs each receiving 1 point.

Total weight of  32lbs  7ozs


Rook Hall Farm | 23 Aug 2016 | Askew Cup | 20 fished

1st    Brian Webber              9lbs  14ozs  8dms
2nd   Alan Beard                  7lbs  11ozs  8dms
3rd   Bob Pallett                    3lbs 15ozs  8dms
4th   David Earney                3lbs  10ozs
5th   Don Carter                    3lbs   1oz
6th   Geoff Green                   2lb  4ozs  8dms
7th   Dave Harley                   1lb  12ozs 8dms
t8th Jack Morley & Keith Leverett  1lb  12ozs
10th Roger Smith                   1lb  10ozs
11th Rob Rowbotham             1lb  9ozs  8dms
12th Dereck Frost                   1lb  6ozs  8dms
13th Geoff Shirmer                 14ozs
14th Pat Mott                           10ozs  8dms
15th Jim Edwards                    9ozs  8dms
16th Richard Seabright           6ozs
17th Dave Auston                     5ozs

There were 3 did not weighs

Total wight of  43lbs 4ozs  8dms

Best fish  bream 2lbs  5ozs  8dms David Earney.

A very hot hard day.


Slough House Farm | 16 Aug 2016 | 19 fished

1st   Les Drury                              13lb  2ozs         30pts
2nd Brian Webber                         12lbs  6ozs       29pts
3rd Graham Shirmer                     10lbs 11ozs      28pts
4th Geoff Green                             10lbs  1ozs       27pts
5th Jack Morley                             9lbs  130zs        26pts
6th Don Carter                              7lbs  13ozs         25pts
7th Rob Rowbotham                     7lbs  11ozs         24pts
8th Richard Seabright                  7lbs  2ozs           23pts
9th John Christensen                    6lbs  13ozs        22pts
10th Bill Woollcott                        6lbs  4ozs           21pts
11th Roger Smith                           5lbs 12ozs         20pts
12th Dave Nicholls                        5lbs 11ozs 8dm  19pts
13th David Earney                         4lbs 1ozs            18pts
14th Dave Auston                           4lbs 0ozs 8dms   17pts
15th Keith Leverett                         2lbs  5ozs 8dm    16pts
16th Dereck Frost                           1lb  8ozs              15pts
17th Pat Mott                                  1lb  2ozs              14pts
18th Jim Edwards                           2ozs                     13pts
19th Bert Savage                                    DNW                   1pt

Total weight  of  116lbs  7oz

We fished pegs 1 to 19 because all the left side pegs were not reachable because of farmers pumping equipment.


A12 Cuton Match Lake| 09 Aug 2016 | AWAY match | 25 fished

1st   R.Rowbotham                           42lbs  6ozs
2nd  R.Seabright                               40lbs  1oz
3rd  A.Kitchen                                   30lbs  4ozs  8dms
4th  S.Holden                                    26lbs  13ozs
5th  D.Carter                                      26lbs  12ozs
6th  K.Leverett                                    23lbs  4ozs  8dms
7th  B.Lewis                                        22lbs  7ozs
8th P.Mott                                            16lbs  6ozs
9th  W.Woollcott                                 12lbs  6ozs
10th B.Webber                                     11bs   15ozs
11th D.Harley                                      10lbs  10ozs
12th D.Earney                                      9lbs  12ozs
13th J.Morley                                       9lbs   2ozs
14th J.Edwards                                     8lbs  1oz
15th J.Christensen                                6lbs  9ozs
16th A.Beard                                         6lbs  8ozs 8dms
17th D.Nicholls                                     5lbs  13ozs
18th R.Smith                                         2lbs  11ozs

There were 7 did not weighs.

Total weight of 311lbs 15ozs  8dms

All in all a pretty good day.


Little Parks (both lakes) | 02 Aug 2016 | Dennis Penn Trophy | 17 fished

1st   Brian Webber                       15lbs  10ozs
2nd Jack Morley                           15lbs
3rd Bob Pallett                              13lbs  7ozs
4th David Earney                          12lbs  0ozs  8dms
5th Dave Harley                            7lbs   12ozs
6th G.Shirmer                                5lbs   1oz  8dms
7th Allan Knight                            3lbs  15ozs
8th John Christensen                    3lbs  9ozs  8dms
9th Dave Nicholls                          3lbs  8ozs  8dms
10th Alan Beard                            3lbs  8ozs
11th Jim Edwards                         1lb  12ozs
12th Richard Seabright                9ozs

There were 5 did not weighs.

Total weight of  85lbs  13ozs

Several 5lb plus bream landed, but not many carp.

Brian Webber – this year’s Dennis Penn trophy winner with 15lbs 10ozs.


Papermill Lock canal | 26 Jul 2016 | Last points match of first round | 16 fished

1st  David Earney          8lbs  5ozs           30pts
2nd Barry Lewis             4lbs  1oz             29pts
3rd John Christensen     3lbs 10ozs          28pts
4th Jack Morley              2lbs 11ozs          27pts
5th Alan Beard                2lbs 10ozs          26pts
6th Brian Webber            2lbs 2ozs 8dms  25pts
7th Allan Knight              2lbs 2ozs            24pts
8th David Nicholls           1lb  15ozs 8dms 23pts
9th Dave Harley               1lb 12ozs            22pts
10th Dave Auston             1lb 4ozs 8dms    21pts
11th Pat Mott                    1lb  1oz  8dms    20pts
12th Ernie Vinton             15ozs                  19pts
13th Richard Seabright     9ozs                   18pts
14th Keith Leverett            6ozs 8dms          17pts

There were 2 did not weighs.

Total weight of 33lbs 9ozs 8dms

This was the last points match of the first round. The winner was Brian Webber with 123 pts,  second Dave Auston with 113 pts, third Richard Seabright with 105pts.


Rook Hall Farm | 19 Jul 2016 | The Alf Burton Trophy | 17 fished

1st  Brian Webber         10lbs  1oz
2nd Geoff Green            7lbs  12ozs
3rd Richard Seabright   6lbs  7ozs 8dms
4th Les Drury                5lbs  12ozs
5th Keith Leverett         5lb 10ozs
6th Bill Woollcott         4lbs  8ozs  8dms
7th Alan  Beard            4lbs  2ozs
8th Roger Smith           4lbs  1oz
9th Jack Morley           4lbs
10th Ernie Vinton        3lbs  5ozs
11th John Christensen 2lbs 12ozs
12th Dereck Frost        2lbs  3ozs
13th Dave Auston        1lb  11ozs
14th David Earney      1lb  10ozs  8dms
15th David Harley       1lb
16th Dave Nicholls      14ozs  8dms

Total weight of 65lbs  14ozs

Best fish today was a 4lb 9oz tench caught by Richard Seabright.
11 pegs were unfit for use because of non-accessible swims and flooding.


Little London Reservoir and Slough House West | 12 Jul 2016 | Pairs match | 15 fished

1st  Les Drury & Don Carter                  39lbs 1oz       59pts
2nd Roger Smith & Keith Leverett        10lbs 7oz      56pts
3rd Alan Beard & Dave Auston             9lbs  13ozs   55pts
4th Dereck Frost & David Earney         6lb  11ozs     52pts
5th John Christensen & Allan Knight    6lb 10ozs     51pts
6th Bert Savage & Geoff Green              5lbs 8ozs 8dms 50pts
7th Richard Seabright & Jack Morley    4lb 1oz 8dms  49pts
8th Brian Webber                                     5lb 120zs        42pts

Total weight at Slough West   57lbs 0ozs 8dms

Total weight at London Reservoir  23lbs 1oz

Overall total weight of  80lbs 1oz 8dms


Bog Grove | 05 Jul 2016 | Senior Citizen Trophy | 15 fished

1st  Dave Harley            48lbs  8ozs           30pts
2nd Brian Webber          43lbs 0ozs 8dms  29pts
3rd Richard Seabright   31lbs 3ozs            28pts
4th Les Drury                 26lbs 4ozs            27pts
5th Geoff Green             24lbs  6ozs           26pts
6th Rob Rowbotham      23lbs                     25pts
7th Keith Leverett          22lbs 11ozs  8dms 24pts
8th Bill Woollcott           16lbs                      23pts
9th Bert Savage              11lbs 5ozs 8dms    22pts
10th Jack Morley           9lbs  14ozs  8dms  21pts
11th Roger Smith           3lbs  2ozs               20pts
12th Alan Beard             2lbs  10ozs  8dms  19pts
13th Dave Nicholls         1lb   8ozs               18pts
14th Dave Auston           14ozs                      17pts

1 did not weigh

Total weight of 263lbs 15ozs 8dms

A good day with plenty of carp to 10lbs, bream to 3lbs and roach to 11ozs.

The trophy was handed to me this morning by Dave and I then handed it back.


Slough House Farm | 28 Jun 2016 | 16 fished

1st   Jack Morley                    18lbs  11ozs  8dms
2nd  Brian Webber                 13lbs  2ozs  8dms
3rd  Bert Turner                     10lb   12ozs
4th  Keith Leverett                 10lbs
5th  Bill Woollcott                 8lbs  13ozs
6th  Geoff Green                   7lbs  12ozs
7th  John Christensen           7lbs  7ozs
8th  Dave Auston                   5lbs  12ozs
9th  Dereck Frost                   4lbs  4ozs  8dms
10th Dave Harley                   4lb   3ozs
11th Alan Beard                     3lbs 8ozs 8dms
12th Roger Smith                   3lbs  3ozs
13th Dave Nicholls                 4ozs  8dms

Total weight of  97lbs  13ozs  8dms

Jack Morley had 2 exceptional tench in his catch of 5lbs 6ozs and 5lbs 10ozs.


Heybridge Basin canal | 21 Jun 2016 | First river match of the season | 13 fished

1st   Allan Knight        5lb 10ozs  8dms
2nd  Geoff Green         2lbs 7ozs
3rd  Alan Beard           1lb  14ozs 8dms
4th  Barry Lewis          1lb  12ozs
5th  Don Carter           1lb  11ozs
6th  Brian Webber      1lb  10ozs
7th  Keith Leverett      1lb  6ozs
8th  Dave Nicholls      1lb  4ozs
9th  Richard Seabright 1lb  3ozs
10th Roger Smith        1lb
11th John Christensen 14ozs
12th Dereck Frost       6ozs
13th                             DNW

Total weight of  21lbs  2ozs  8dms

Heybridge Basin was used instead of Papermill lock because level of river was rising because of recent heavy rain.
No one swimming this week.


Beckingham Hall and Little London Reservoir | 14 Jun 2016 | Pairs match | 14 fished

1st   David Earney & Richard Seabright    with  36lbs  11ozs
2nd  Jack Morley  &  Bill Woollcott            with  10lbs  11ozs  8dms
3rd  Rob Rowbotham & Don Carter            with  9lbs  7ozs  8dms
4th  Geoff Green  &  Les Drury                   with  8lbs  15ozs
5th  Alan Beard  &  Dereck Frost                with  8lbs  4ozs  8dms
6th  Vic Dadd  &  John Christensen            with  7lbs  1oz
7th  Dave Auston  &  Keith Leverett             with  2lbs  13ozs  8dms

Total weight of  83lbs  12ozs

One of our concessionary anglers fell in again for the third time this year.


Oakford middle lake | 07 Jun 2016 | AWAY match | 19 fished

1st   Rob Rowbotham                          93lbs  11ozs
2nd  Jack Morley                                    65lbs  15ozs
3rd   Don Carter                                      64lbs  7ozs
4th   David Earney                                   52lbs  8ozs
5th   Richard Seabright                           52lbs  1oz
6th   Bill Woollcott                                   44lbs  3ozs
7th   Keith Leverett                                  29lbs  1ozs
8th   Allan Knight                                        26lbs  3ozs
9th   Brian Webber                                    25lbs
10th Bert Savage                                        22lbs  13ozs
11th  Ernie Vinton                                       19lbs  13ozs
12th  Steve Holden                                      17lbs  5ozs
13th  Roger Butler                                       16lbs  10ozs
14th  Dereck Frost                                       15lbs  13ozs
15th  Alan Beard                                          12lbs  4ozs
16th  Dave Nicholls                                       9lb  8ozs
17th  Dave Auston                                         7lbs  15ozs
18th Les Drury                                                 1lb   1oz

There was 1 did not weigh

Total weight of 516lbs

A  very good day and a great confidence booster.  Catches consisted of mainly carp but plenty of bream, roach and quality perch caught.


Little Park | 31 May 2016 | Dennis Penn Trophy | 0 fished

Match cancelled due to dreadful weather on the day and will be fished another day.


Slough House Farm | 24 May 2016 | 14 fished

1st   Jack Morley            23lbs  12ozs             30pts
2nd  Brian Webber         20lbs  12ozs  8dms   29pts
3rd  Richard Seabright  18lbs  13ozs              28pts
4th  John Christensen    7lbs   11ozs  8dms   27pts
5th  Dave Auston             7lbs   7ozs                26pts
6th  Les Drury                  6lbs   2ozs  8dms     25pts
7th  Vic Dadd                   5lbs  14ozs  8dms    24pts
8th  Don Carter                5lbs  2ozs  8dms      23pts
9th  Allan Knight             5lbs  2ozs                 22pts
10th Bill Woollcott           4lbs                          21pts
11th Dereck Frost            3lbs  5ozs                 20pts
12th Alan Beard              2lbs  10ozs  8dms     19pts
13th Keith Leverett          1lb                            18pts

Total weight of  111lbs  13ozs  8dms

Carp of 21lbs 4ozs 8dms and 18lbs.  Several Tench to 4lbs  14ozs, Ide to 2lbs, Bream to 3lbs and plenty of skimmers.

Brian Webber’s second place bag.


Little London Reservoir | 17 May 2016 | Pairs match | 12 fished

1st   Dave Harley & John Christensen            9lbs  13ozs  8dms
2nd Don Carter & Alan Beard                          3lb   7ozs
3rd Geoff Green & Keith Leverett                    2lbs  7ozs
4th Vic Dadd & Dave Auston                           1lb  15ozs
5th Roger Butler & Richard Seabright             1lb  7ozs  8dms

2   did not weigh’s

Total weight of   19lbs  2ozs


Rook Hall Farm | 10 May 2016 | 13 fished

1st  Keith Leverett                           9lb  1oz 8dms
2nd David Earney                           8lbs 2ozs 8dms
3rd Les Drury                                 7lbs 6ozs 8dms
4th Brian Webber                           7lbs 6ozs
5th Richard Seabright                    4lb  15ozs 8dms
6th Dave Harley                             4lbs 14ozs  8dms
7th John Christensen                     2lbs  11ozs
8th Dave Auston                             2lbs  1oz
9th Jack Morley                              1lb  9ozs

There were 4 did not weighs

Total weight of 48lbs 4ozs 8dms

Best fish   7lbs  12ozs  8dms  bream  Keith Leverett and Perch 1lb 15ozs  David Earney.


Oakford Top Lake | 3 May 2016 | AWAY match | 14 fished

1st  Dave Harley                        74lbs  1oz
2nd Jack Morley                         68lbs  12ozs  8dms
3rd Don Carter                           65lbs  2ozs
4th Richard Seabright                58lbs  2ozs
5th Brian Webber                       55lbs  11ozs
6th David Earney                        53lbs
7th Dereck Frost                         45lbs  3ozs
8th Keith Leverett                        43lbs  9ozs
9th Bill Woollcott                        26lbs  8ozs
10th Bert Savage                         25lbs  15ozs
11th John Christensen                24lbs  3ozs
12th Dave Auston                        16lbs  10ozs
13th Alan Beard                           13lbs  10ozs

There was 1 did not weigh.

Total weight of 570lbs  6ozs  8dms

An exceptional day’s fishing considering we had a frost that morning.


Slough House Farm | 26 Apr 2016 | Over 60′s Trophy | 14 fished

1st Richard Seabright          8lbs  11ozs            30pts
2nd Dave Harley                  5lbs  8ozs  8dms    29pts
3rd David Earney                 2lbs  3ozs              28pts
4th Roger Butler                   14ozs                     27pts
5th Brian Webber                  12ozs 8dms           26pts
6th Dave Auston                    11ozs                     25pts

The 8 did not weighs each receive 1 point

Total weight of 19lbs


Little London | 19 Apr 2016 | 17 fished

1st  Richard Seabright             12lbs  3ozs  8dms
2nd David Earney                      8lbs  2ozs
3rd  Brian Webber                     5lbs  14ozs
4th  Dave Harley                       5lbs  3ozs
5th  Les Drury                            3lbs  5zs  8dms
6th  John Christensen                2lbs  14ozs
7th Bill Woollcott                       2lbs  13ozs
Jt 8th Keith Leverett & Roger Butler  2lbs  11ozs
10th Bob Pallett                         2lbs  3ozs  8dms
11th Vic Dadd                             2lbs  2ozs  8dms
12th Alan Beard                          1lb  12ozs  8dms
13th Geoff Green                         1lb  7ozs  8dms
14th  Don Carter                          1lb  7ozs

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight of  54lbs  14ozs

Although this was the first time we have had the whole lake covered the result was not too bad.

Richard Seabright winner at London reservoir


Bog Grove | 12 Apr 2016 | Silver fish match | 14 fished

This is the first match of our new season.

1st   Geoff Green                    6lb  8ozs
2nd  David Earney                  5lb  4ozs  8dms
3rd   Roger Butler                   4lb  11ozs
4th  Bob Pallett                        4lb  10ozs
5th  Barry Lewis                       3lbs  4ozs
6th  Vic Dadd                            2lb   12ozs
7th  Brian Webber                    2lb  10ozs  8dms
8th  Dave Auston                      2lb  9ozs  8dms
9th  Alan Beard                        2lbs  3ozs  8dms
10th Bill Woollcott                   1lb  5ozs
11th Dereck Frost                     1lb  2ozs

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight of  35lbs.

Geoff Green won the first Golden peg of the season  £50.00

The best fish was a fine roach of 11ozs for Bob Pallett  £5.00


Lakelands | 05 Apr 2016 | AWAY match | 16 fished

1st  Dave Harley           62lbs  10ozs
2nd David Earney          28lbs  3ozs
3rd  Kim Naish               27lbs  11ozs  8dms
4th  Richard Seabright  25lbs  14ozs  8dms
5th  Keith Leverett          23lbs  6ozs
6th  Jack Morley             21lbs  6ozs  8dms
7th  Brian Webber          20lbs  15ozs  8dms
8th  Don Carter               18lbs  3ozs
9th  Steve Holden            17lbs  1oz  8dms
10th Bill Woollcott          16lbs  15ozs
11th Bob Pallett               14lbs  10ozs
12th Les Drury                 10lbs  7ozs
13th Dereck Frost            8lbs  9ozs
14th Allan Knight             7lbs  10ozs  8dms
15th Alan Beard                6lbs  10ozs

There was 1 did not weigh.

Total weight of  300lbs  5ozs  8dms


Bog Grove | 29 Mar 2016 | 16 fished

1st   Richard Seabright      19lbs
2nd  Brian Webber              11lbs  4ozs  8dms
3rd  Jack Morley                  11lbs  4ozs
4th  Dave Harley                   8lbs  10ozs  8dms
5th  Don Carter                     7lbs  7ozs  8dms
6th  Bert Savage                    5lbs  13oz
7th  Bob Pallet                        3lbs  15ozs
8th  Geoff Green                     1lb  13ozs
9th  David Earney                   9ozs

There were 6 did not weighs

Total weight of  69lbs  12ozs  8dms

This was the last match of this fixture list.  The next  match for the new fixture list 2016/17 is on  12th of April 2016 and it is at Bog Grove and is a silver fish match.


Rook Hall Farm | 22 Mar 2016 | 16 fished

1st   Brian Webber             9lbs  1oz
2nd  Dave Auston               5lbs  6ozs
Jt 3rd  Alan Beard & Jack Morley  4lbs  12ozs  8dms
5th Don Carter                 3lbs  11ozs  8dms
6th  Roger Smith                3lbs  3ozs
7th Richard Seabright        2lbs  14ozs
8th  Bob Pallet                    2lbs  6ozs
9th  David Earney               2lbs  1ozs
10th Roger Butler                1lb  2ozs
11th Dereck Frost                14ozs  8dms
12th Keith Leverett              10ozs
13th Geoff Green                 7ozs  8dms
14th Les Drury                     6ozs

There were 2 did not weights.

Best fish a perch of 2lb 0ozs  8dms to Bob Pallet.

Total weight of  41lbs  12ozs


Lakelands fishery Lily lake | 15 Mar 2016 | AWAY match | 13 fished

1st  Bill Woollcott                         34lbs  12ozs
2nd Jack Morley                           19lbs  10ozs
3rd Richard Seabright                  18lbs  11ozs
4th Don Carter                              15lbs  15ozs
5th David Earney                          8lbs  9ozs
6th Keith Leverett                          7lbs  7oz  8dms
7th Les Drury                                 7lbs  5ozs  8dms
8th Dave Harley                             6lbs  5ozs
9th Roger Smith                             5lbs  10ozs
10th Alan Beard                             3lbs  3ozs 8dms
11th Brian Webber                         2lbs  0ozs 8dms

There were 2 did not weighs.

Total weight of 129lbs 9ozs


Little London | 8 Mar 2016 | 14 fished

1st   Dave Harley              3lbs  1oz
2nd  Don Carter                 2lbs  4ozs  8dms
3rd  Geoff Green                1lb  12ozs
4th  Roger Butler               1lb  9ozs
5th  Dave Auston               1lb  3ozs
6th  Bill Woollcott              13ozs  8dms
Jt7th  Jack Morley & Bert Savage  12ozs  8dms
9th  Keith Leverett              7ozs
10th Les Drury                    2ozs  8dms

There were 4 did not weighs.

Total weight of  12lbs  8ozs  8dms


Browns Wharf canal | 1 Mar 2016 | 14 fished

1st   Barry Lewis                         4lbs  0ozs  8dms
2nd  Bill Woollcott                       3lbs 8ozs
3rd  Keith Leverett                       2lbs  3ozs  8dms
4th  Alan Beard                            1lb   15ozs 8dms
5th Dave Harley                           1lb   5ozs   8dms
6th  Les Drury                              1lb   2ozs
7th Brian Webber                         1lb   1oz
Jt 8th Roger Butler & Roger Smith  14ozs
10th John Christensen                  13ozs
11th Dave Auston                          3ozs  8dms

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight of  17lbs  0ozs  8dms

The 8th March match should  have been held at Tescos but it is now being switched to Little London Reservoir so we can catch.


Papermill Lock canal | 23 Feb 2016 | 9 fished

1st  Alan Beard             2lbs  12ozs
2nd Barry Lewis            2lbs  2ozs  8ozs
3rd David Earney          11ozs  8dms
4th Les Drury                5ozs
5th Roger Smith             4ozs  8dms
6th Dave Auston            2ozs  8dms

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight of 6lbs 6ozs


Lakelands Wood and Lily lakes | 16 Feb 2016 | AWAY match | 15 fished

1st   Roger Smith          15lbs  1oz
2nd Les Drury               9lbs   4ozs
3rd Brian Webber         6lbs  6ozs  8dms
4th Richard Seabright  6lbs
5th David Earney          4lbs  3ozs  8dms
6th Alan Beard              2lbs  10ozs
7th Keith Leverett          1lb  13ozs
8th Bill Woollcott           1lb  5ozs
9th Jack Morley              15ozs
10th Kim Naish               9ozs

There were 5 did not weigh’s

Total weight of 48lbs  3ozs


Bog Grove | 9 Feb 2016 | 12 fished

1st  Keith Leverett                       21lbs  4ozs
2ndDavid Earney                        9lbs  4ozs
3rd Bert Savage                          8lbs  10ozs
4th Jim Edwards                        1lbs  8ozs
5th Les Drury                             14ozs

There were 7 did not weighs

Total weight of 40lbs 10ozs 0ozs

The best day for a month, but not a lot of fish.

Next week Lakelands not Canal.


Tesco’s canal | 2 Feb 2016 | 16 fished

1st Les Drury                               1lb  4ozs  0dms
2nd John Christensen                 8ozs  8dms
3rd Keith Leverett                       7ozs
J4th David Earney & Barry Lewis    6ozs  8dms
J6th  Dave Harley & Steve Willis      3ozs  8dms

There were 9 did not  weighs.

Total weight of   3lbs  7ozs  8dms

Another disasterous day at Tesco’s


Lakelands Fishery | 26 Jan 2016 | AWAY match | 15 fished

1st  Brian Webber                             22lbs  14ozs  8dms
2nd Richard Seabright                      21lbs  13ozs
3rd Alan Beard                                  12lbs  6ozs
4th Dave  Harley                                12lbs  1oz  8dms
5th Les Drury                                     11lbs  13ozs
6th Dereck Frost                                 9lbs    8ozs
7th Don Carter                                    7lbs  14ozs  8dms
8th  Bill Woollcott                                7lbs  2ozs
9th Roger Smith                                   5lbs  14ozs
10th Jim Edwards                                 5lbs  6ozs
11th Keith Leverett                               4lbs  12ozs  8dms
12th David Earney                                4lbs  6ozs

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight of 124lbs 15ozs

Pretty good results considering there was 45mph winds. Even I caught fish.


Brown’s Wharf Canal | 19 Jan 2016 | 18 turned up but 0 fished

18 turned up  but the match was cancelled because of thick ice.

There was no alternative venue available.

-4.5 temperature was a bit too much to handle.

Lakelands next week.


Tesco’s Canal | 12 Jan 2016 | 15 fished

1st   Dave Harley       2ozs  8dms
2nd Bill Woollcott      1oz
Jt 3rd  Brian Webber, Richard Seabright, Bert Savage.. 3dms

There were 10 did not weigh’s

Total weight of 5ozs  8dms

This was a grueller. I think the environment agency should see some of these results.


Slough House Farm | 5 Jan 2016 | 15 fished

1st  Dave Harley       5lbs  8ozs  8dms
2nd Roger Smith       2lb   15ozs
3rd Brian Webber     2lbs  7ozs
4th Alan Beard         1lb  8ozs  8dms
5th Les Drury           3ozs  8dms
6th Roger Butler      3ozs

There were 9 did not weighs.

Total weight  of 12lbs  13ozs  8dms

Dave Harley won the Golden Peg.

I swapped Bog Grove for Slough House because  the banks were safer.


Boreham Black Bridge canal | 29 Dec 2015 | 10 fished

1st   Roger Butler                  5ozs  8dms
2nd  Barry Lewis                    2ozs  8dms
Jt 3rd  Roger Smith, Brian Webber & Allan Knight    2ozs
6th  Dave Harley                     1oz   8dms

There were 4 did not weighs

Total weight of  15ozs  8dms

Didn’t quite make one pound combined weight…


Tesco’s canal | 22 Dec 2015 | 17 fished

1st   Geoff Green                2lbs  3ozs
2nd  Bill Woollcott              2lbs  1oz    8dms
3rd  Dave Harley                1lb  12ozs
Jt 4th Brian Webber & Keith Leverett    1lb  9ozs  8dms
6th Les Drury                     1lb  8ozs  8dms
7th Barry Lewis                   1lb 8ozs
8th Alan Beard                    15ozs
9th Jim Edwards                  14ozs
10th Don Carter                   11ozs
11th Dereck Frost                7ozs
12th Dave Auston                4ozs

There were 4 did not weighs.

Total weight of  16lbs  5ozs

Very strong winds made conditions difficult but no rain.


Bog Grove | 15 Dec 2015 | Christmas match | 16 fished

1st  Dave Harley                      15lbs  9ozs
2nd Don Carter                         14lbs  12ozs
3rd  Jack Morley                       11lbs  13ozs
4th  Richard Seabright              11lbs   5ozs
5th  Allan Knight                        9lbs  12ozs  8dms
6th  Brian Webber                      9lbs   7ozs   8dms
7th  Keith Leverett                      8lbs   12ozs
8th  Vic Dadd                              4lbs  2ozs
9th  Barry Lewis                          3lbs  5ozs  8dms
10thDavid Earney                       1lb  8ozs  8dms
11th Geoff Green                         1lb  4ozs
12th Michael Jervis                      12ozs

There were 4 did not weighs.

Total weight of 92lbs  9ozs  8dms

Best fish David Earney 12oz  roach.


Lakelands (both lakes) | 8 Dec 2015 | AWAY match | 15 fished

1st  Dave Harley          26lbs  9ozs
2nd Don Carter            16lbs  4ozs
3rd Bert Turner            15lbs  1oz
4th Brian Webber        11lbs  10ozs
5th Keith Leverett         11lbs  6ozs  8dms
6th Richard Seabright 11lbs  2ozs  8dms
7th John Christensen   9lbs  1oz
8th Les Drury               8lbs  15ozs
9th David Earney         8lbs  5ozs
10thAllan Knight          7lbs  15ozs
11th Jack Morley         3lbs  9ozs
12th Jim Edwards        3lbs  6ozs
13th Mick Jervis          3lbs  0ozs  8dms
14th Dereck Frost       1lbs  2ozs

There was 1 did not weigh.

Total weight of 137lbs 7ozs


Papermill Lock Canal | 1 Dec 2015 | 10 fished

1st  Dave Harley        4lbs  3ozs  8dms    30pts
2nd Brian Webber      1lb  5ozs  8dms      29pts
3rd Allan Knight        1lb  4ozs  8dms      28pts
4th Barry Lewis          1lb  2oz                  27pts
5th John Christensen 7ozs  8dms             26pts
6th Keith Leverett       7ozs                        25pts
7th Alan Beard            6ozs  8dms            24pts
8th Les Drury               4ozs 8dms             23pts
9th Mick Jervis            2ozs  8dms            22pts
10th Geoff Green         1oz                         21pts

Total weight of 9lbs  11ozs  8dms

The flow was perfect and a good colour, but the fish did not agree.

Best fish a 7ozs roach caught by Keith Leverett.


Bog Grove | 24 Nov 2015 | 14 fished

1st  Les Drury               21lbs  4ozs  8dms
2nd David Earney         11lbs  3ozs
3rd Jack Morley            4lbs    5ozs
4th Don Carter              4lbs   2ozs
5th Alan Beard              4lbs   1oz
6th Geoff Green             3lbs  20zs
7th Brian Webber          3lbs
8th Jim Edwards            6ozs
9th Richard Seabright  4ozs
10th Dave Harley          2ozs  8dms

There were 4 did not weighs

Total weight of 51lbs  14ozs  0ozs


Maldon canal Tesco’s | 17 Nov 2015 | 20 fished

1st Brian Webber                        1lb   11ozs  0dms
2nd Barry Lewis                          1lb   8ozs    0dms
3rd Les Drury                              1lb   6ozs    8dms
4thBert Turner                            1lb   3ozs    0dms
5th Roger Smith                          15ozs
6th Jim Edwards                         12ozs
7th Dave Harley                          7ozs
Jt 8th Keith Leverett & Geoff Green   6ozs
10th David Earney                     5ozs  8dms
11thRoger Butler                       5ozs
12th Bert Savage                        3ozs  8dms
13th John Christensen               3ozs
14th Allan Knight                      2ozs  8dms
15th Richard Seabright             2ozs
16th Dave Auston                      1ozs

There were 4 did not weighs

Total weight of 10lbs  1oz

The best fish was won by Brian Webber with a perch of 1lb 2ozs.  He has donated his £5 prize to our Christmas dinner.


Brown’s Wharf canal | 10 Nov 2015 | Third round points match | 18 fished

1st  Dave Auston        2lbs  2ozs            30pts
2nd Dave Harley        1lb   10ozs          29pts
3rd Dave Lewis          1lb  9ozs  8dms  28pts
4th Alan Knight         1lb  4ozs             27pts
5th Roger Butler       1lb  3ozs              26pts
6th Don Carter          1lb                       25pts
7th Richard  Seabright  13ozs              24pts
8th Brian Webber     12ozs                    23pts
9th Vic Dadd             10ozs  8ozs           22pts
10th Roger Smith     10ozs                     21pts
11th Geoff Green      9ozs  8dms            20pts
12th Alan Beard        6ozs  8dms            19th
Jt 13th Les Drury & Keith Leverett  4ozs  8dms  18pts
15th Jim Edwards     3ozs  8dms              16pts
16th David Earney   2ozs  8dms               15pts
17th John Christensen   2ozs                    14pts
18th Dereck Frost   DNW                        1pt

Total weight of 13lbs  11ozs

Not a bad day , there were no total blanks.


Boreham Black Bridge canal | 3 Nov 2015 | 18 fished

1st Dave Harley                                 1lb  2ozs
Jt 2nd Les Drury & Keith Leverett  7ozs
4th Geoff Green                                 3ozs  8dms
5th David Earney                                3ozs
6th Barry Lewis                                   2ozs  8dms
7th Roger Smith                                  2ozs

There were 11 did not weighs

Total weight of  2lbs  12ozs

Needless to say it was a bad day.  Never mind Brown’s Wharf next week.


Bog Grove | 27 Oct 2015 | Silver Fish Match | 18 fished

1st Jack Morley                  15lbs  13ozs
2nd Dave Harley                 13lbs  7ozs  8dms
3rd Brian Webber               12lbs  12ozs  8dms
4th Richard Seabright        11lbs
5th Les Drury                     9lbs  6ozs
6th Ernie Vinton                7lbs  11ozs  8dms
7th Keith Leverett              4lbs  1oz   8dms
8th John Christensen         2lbs  15ozs  8dms
9th Vic Dadd                       2lbs  13ozs  8dms
10th Bob Pallet                   2lbs  8ozs
Jt 11th David Earney & Roger Butler   1lb  7ozs  8dms
13th Dave Nicholls             1lb   5ozs  8dms
14th Mick Jervis                 8ozs

There were 4 did not weighs

Total weight of 89lbs  1oz  8dms

Best fish an eel of  3lbs 15ozs  caught by Keith Leverett


Slough House Farm | 20 Oct 2015 | Points match second round | 23 fished

1st  Steve Holden              9lbs  11ozs                  30pts
2nd Ernie Vinton               5lbs  2oz                     29pts
3rd Brian Webber             4lbs  15ozs  8dms        28pts
4th Bill Woollcott              3lbs  12ozs  8dms        27pts
5th Roger Smith                3lbs   7ozs                    26pts
6th Allan Beard                 2lbs  15ozs  8dms        25pts
7th Geoff Green                2lbs  12ozs  8dms         24pts
8th Bob Pallett                  2lbs  11ozs  8dms         23pts
9th Vic Dadd                     2lbs  5ozs    8dms         22pts
10th David Earney            2lbs  2ozs                      21pts
11th Dave Harley              1lb   14ozs   8ozs          20pts
12th Allan Knight             1lb   14ozs                     19pts
13th Bert Savage               1lb   8ozs                       18pts
14th David Nicholls          15ozs  8dms                   17pts
15th Les Drury                  15ozs                             16pts
16th Malcolm Willis          13ozs  8dms                  15pts
17th Roger Butler             12ozs  8dms                   14pts
18th Keith Leverett           11ozs  8dms                    13pts
19th Mick Jervis               11ozs                               12pts
20th Dereck Frost             10ozs                               11pts
21st Richard Seabright    9ozs   8dms                      10pts
22nd Don Carter               7ozs   8dms                      9pts

There was only 1 did not weigh

Total weight 51lbs  5ozs  8dms

This was the last match of the 2nd round of the points. Top points to Brian Webber with 125 points, 2nd Geoff Green with 111pts, 3rd Bill Woollcott with 107pts.


Lakeland Lakes | 13 Oct 2015 | AWAY match | 17 fished

1st    Steve Holden with    44lbs  1oz
2nd   Brian Webber           30lbs  8ozs  8dms
3rd   Dave Harley              22lbs  14ozs 8dms
4th   Bob Pallett                 22lbs  10ozs
5th   Roger Butler              20lbs 12ozs
6th   Allan Knight               18lbs  5ozs
7th   John Christensen       13lbs  12ozs  8dms
Jt 8th Mick Jervis & Roger Smith  12lbs  7ozs
10th Keith Leverett              12lbs
11th Bert Savage                  11lbs  12ozs
12th Don Carter                   11lbs  4ozs
13th Ernie Vinton                 11lbs
14th Richard Seabright        8lbs  12ozs  8dms
15th Alan Beard                    3lbs  2ozs  8dms
16th Dereck Frost                 1lb  12ozs  8dms

There was 1 did not weigh.

Total weight of 257lbs 9ozs

A good day considering the drop in temperature.


Tesco’s canal | 6 Oct 2015 | Senior Citizen’s Trophy | 21 fished

1st  Roger Butler                   3lbs   12ozs   8dms
2nd Bert Turner                     3lbs    6ozs
3rd Keith Leverett                  2lbs    8ozs    8dms
Jt4th Geoff Green & Kim Naish  2lbs  2ozs
6th Steve Willis                       2lbs   0ozs    8dms
7th Bill Woollcott                    1lb    14ozs
8th Vic Dadd                            1lb   12ozs
9th Barry Lewis                        1lb     8ozs   8dms
10th Brian Webber                   1lb     8ozs
11th Steve Holden                     1lb     5ozs   8dms
12th Allan Beard                       1lb     5ozs
13th Don Carter                        12ozs
14th Malcolm Willis                  10ozs  8dms
15th Les Drury                          10ozs
16th Roger Smith                       8ozs  8dms
17th Allan Knight                      6ozs
18th Richard Seabright             3ozs
19th John Christensen              2ozs
20th Jack Morley                       1oz

1 did not weigh

Total weight of  28lbs  11ozs  8dms


Papermill Lock canal | 29 Sep 2015 | 19 fished

1st    David Earney                     3lbs  0ozs  8dms
2nd  Vic Dadd                             2lbs 12ozs 8dms
3rd  Steve Holden                       2lbs   2ozs
4th  Roger Butler                       1lb     8ozs
5th  Don Carter                          1lb    7ozs  8dms
6th  Alan Beard                          1lb    5ozs
Jt 7th  Bill Woollcott & Brian Webber   1lb  1oz
Jt 9th  Barry Lewis & Geoff Green     14ozs
11th Les Drury                              8ozs  8dms
12th Roger Smith                          4ozs
Jt 13th Jack Morley & Keith Leverett   1oz  8dms
15th John Christensen                  8dms

There were 4 DNWs.

Total weight of 16lbs  1oz  8dms

Best Fish  perch 1lb 10ozs  Vic Dadd.


Slough House Farm | 22 Sep 2015 | 16 fished

1st     Richard Seabright                   8lbs  8ozs
2nd    Bert Turner                              7lbs  6ozs
3rd    Steve Mason                             6lbs  11ozs
4th    Brian Webber                           4lbs  13ozs  8dms
5th    Roger Butler                             4lbs  12ozs
6th   Alan Beard                                 4lbs  8ozs   8dms
7th   Les Drury                                    4lbs  5ozs
Jt 8th Dave Auston & Mike Jervis     3lbs  13ozs 8dms
10th John Christensen                        3lbs  12ozs
11th Jack Morley                                 3lbs   9ozs 8dms
12th Geoff Green                                 3lbs   4ozs  8dms
Jt 13th Bert Savage & Malcolm Willis     1lb    4oz
15th Don Carter                                   14ozs

There was 1 did not weigh

Total weight of  58lb  11ozs


Rook Hall | 15 Sep 2015 | 19 fished

1st  Brian Webber       9lbs  10ozs
2nd Geoff Greem        6lbs   2ozs  8dms
3rd Steve Holden        5lbs  12ozs  8dms
4th Malcolm Willis    3lbs  12ozs
5th Keith Leverett      3lbs   1oz  8dms
6th Alan Beard           2lbs  12ozs
7th Vic Dadd               2lbs   8ozs
8th Allan Knight         1lb   13ozs  8dms
9th Don Carter           1lb   5ozs
10th Roger Butler      1lb   0ozs   8dms
11th Dave Auston       13ozs
12th David Earney      11ozs
13th Dereck Frost       8ozs
14th Mick Jervis         7ozs
15th Bob Pallett          6ozs  8dms
16th Richard Seabright  8dms

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight of 40lbs  11ozs  8dms


Cuton Lakes | 8 Sep 2015 | 2nd Round (AWAY) | 19 fished

1st Steve Holden                         20lbs  9ozs
2nd Don Carter                           15lbs  7ozs
3rd Barry Lewis                          14lbs  1oz  8dms
4th Brian Webber                       12lbs 14ozs 8dms
5th Bill Woollcott                        8lb   14ozs
6th Mick Jervis                           8lb   6ozs  8dms
7th Richard Seabright                7lbs  6ozs  8dms
8th John Christensen                 7lbs  3ozs  8dms
9th Keith Leverett                       7lbs  0ozs  8dms
10thAlbert Kitchen                     6lbs  3ozs  8dms
11th Allan Knight                        4lbs  8ozs
12th Ernie Vinton                       3lbs  5ozs  8dms
13th David Earney                      1lb   11ozs  8dms
14th Malcolm Willis                    1lbs  4ozs   8dms

There were 5 did not weighs.

Total weight of  119lbs.

Steve Holden won the two match affair with a total weight of 56lbs 8ozs, Allan Knight was 2nd with 44lbs  15ozs.

The final results were very disappointing, with too many blanks.  It’s back to the drawing board.


Totham Pit | 1 Sep 2015 | Askew Cup | 17 fished

1st   Vic Dadd                  3lbs  2ozs                  30pts
2nd David Earney            1lb  14ozs  8dms       29pts
3rd  Bob Pallett                1lb  10ozs  8dms       28pts
4th  Les Drury                  1lb    6ozs                  27pts
5th Roger Butler              13ozs                         26pts
6th Brian Webber            10ozs  8dms               25pts
7th jt.Keith Leverett & Geoff Green with  5ozs  24pts
9th Jack Morley              4ozs  8dms                  22pts
10th Allan Knight           2ozs                              21pts
11th jt.David Nicholls & David Harley   1oz  8dms    20pts

Mick Jervis, Don Carter, Dereck Frost, Bert Savage and Dave Auston all had 1 point.

Total weight of  10lbs  13ozs

A very disappointing day which we have now got used to at Totham.


Slough House Farm | 25 Aug 2015 | 23 fished

1st Steve Holden                  12lbs  12ozs  8dms
2nd Dave Harley                  10lbs   9ozs
3rd  Allan Knight                  9lbs    9ozs
4th  Kim Naish                      8lbs    9ozs   8dms
5th  Bill Woollcott                 7lbs    5ozs
Jt 6th Bert Turner & John Christensen     6lbs  8ozs
8th Vic Dadd                          6lb     4ozs
9th Bob Pallett                       5lbs  12ozs   8dms
10th Les Drury                      5lbs   5ozs
11th Roger Butler                 5lbs   11ozs  8dms
12th Richard Seabright        4lbs   12ozs  8dms
13th Brian Webber               4lbs   8ozs    8dms
14th Rob Rowbotham           3lbs  7ozs    8dms
Jt 15th Ernie Vinton & Dereck Frost  2lbs  14ozs  8dms
17th Keith Leverett                2lbs  13ozs  8dms
18th Alan Beard                    2lbs  10ozs
19th  Roger Smith                 2lbs   6ozs
20th Mick Jervis                    1lb   8ozs  8dms
21st David Earney                1lbs  7ozs  8dms
22ndDon Carter                    14ozs

There was 1 did not weigh.

Total weight of 114lbs 12ozs  8dms

Most of the weights came from the left hand half of the lake that’s back and front and end.


Papermill Lock canal | 18 Aug 2015 | 22 fished

1st   Steve Holden              8lbs  4ozs            30pts
2nd  Bill Woollcott             5lbs  3ozs            29pts
3rd  John Christensen       4lbs  7ozs            28pts
4th  Brian Webber             4lbs  4ozs  8dms  27pts
5th Alan Beard                   3lbs  3ozs            26pts
6th  Les Drury                     2lbs  11ozs          25pts
7th  David Earney               2lbs  10ozs          24pts
Jt 8th Barry Lewis & Dave Harley     2lbs  9ozs          23pts
10th Roger Smith                 2lbs  2ozs            21pts
11th Allan Knight                1lb  14ozs             20pts
12th Rob Rowbotham          1lb  12ozs            19pts
13th Kim Naish                    1lb  9ozs              18pts
14th Richard Seabright       1lb  5ozs               17pts
15th Geoff Green                 1lb  4ozs  8dms    16pts
16th Dereck Frost                14ozs  8dms         15pts
17th Don Carter                  11ozs  8dms          14pts
18th Dave Auston                8ozs  8dms            13pts
19th Mick Jervis                  5ozs  8dms            12pts
20th Vic Dadd                      5ozs                       11pts

There were 2 did not weighs.

Total weight of 48lbs  12ozs.

Best fish perch 13ozs  Alan Beard


A12 Cuton Lake | 11 Aug 2015 | 1st round AWAY match | 25 fished

1st   Allan Knight        40lbs  7ozs
2nd  Steve Holden       35lbs  15ozs
3rd  Bert Turner         32lbs  14ozs
4th  Jack Morley         23lbs  7ozs
5th  Dave Harley         22lbs  10ozs
6th  Richard Seabright    16lbs  4ozs  8dms
7th  Rob Rowbotham       15lbs  1oz  8dms
8th  Roger Smith          12lbs
9th  Ernie Vinton         10lbs  1oz
10th Keith Leverett       9lbs  4ozs
11th Jim Edwards         9lbs  2ozs
12th John Christensen 8lbs  10ozs
13th Barry Lewis          7lbs
14th Mick Jervis           6lbs  7ozs  8dms
15th Bill Woollcott        6lbs
16th Alan Beard           5lbs  4ozs
17th Kim Naish            4lbs  3ozs
18th Albert Kitchen     2lbs  7ozs
19th  Geoff Green        2lbs  6ozs
20th Bob Pallett           2lbs  2ozs
21st Malcolm Willis    1lb  3ozs  8dms

There were 4 did not weighs

Total weight of  282lbs 13ozs


Heybridge Basin Canal | 4 Aug 2015 | 18 fished

1st    Allan Knight         5lbs  3ozs  8dms   30 pts
2nd  Ernie Vinton          3lbs  14ozs            29 pts
3rd   Dave Harley           3lbs                       28pts
4th   Mick Jervis             2lbs  13ozs            27pts
5th   Bill Woollcott          2lbs  10ozs            26pts
6th   John Christensen    2lbs  9ozs              25pts
7th   Richard Seabright   2lbs  3ozs  8dms    24pts
8th   Brian Webber          2lbs  1ozs  8dms     23pts
9th  Joint   Barry Lewis  & Keith Leverett   1lb  14ozs  22pts
11th Joint  Dave Auston & Don Carter       1bs  9oz      20pts
13th Joint  Geoff Green & Vic Dadd            1lb  1oz      18pts
15th Jim Edwards             1lb                          16pts
16th Steve Holden             15ozs                      15pts
17th Malcolm Willis          5ozs                        14pts
Did not weigh Dereck Frost                           1pt

Total weight of 36lbs  4ozs  8dms

Reasonable day a bit of flow would have helped.


Rook Hall | 28 Jul 2015 | Pairs match | 21 fished

Brian Webber had top weight of 10lbs 0ozs 8dms he also had no partner.

1st pair  Jack Morley & Geoff Green   10lbs  13ozs
2nd pair Don Carter & Roger Butler  7lbs  13ozs
3rd pair Keith Leverett & Rob Rowbotham  7lbs 3ozs 8dms
4th Pair Dave Auston & John Christensen  6lbs  6ozs
5th Bert  Turner & Richard Seabright  4lbs  9ozs
6th Dave Harley & Malcolm Willis  3lbs  11ozs
7th Pair Allan Beard & Bert Savage  3lbs  5ozs
8th Bob Pallett & David Earney  2lbs  14ozs
9th Mick Jervis & Jim Edwards  2lbs  11ozs
10th Vic Dadd &Dereck Frost  1lb  8ozs 8dms

Total weight of  55lbs 7ozs 8dms

Weights unfortunately were low because of the recent heavy rain that we have experienced. The water temperature had dropped most significantly.


Slough House Farm | 21 Jul 2015 | Alf Burton Trophy | 21 fished

1st  Steve Holden                   29lbs  7ozs
2nd Bert Turner                      17lbs  5ozs
3rd Geoff Green                      14lbs  4ozs
4th John Christensen              12lbs
5th Brian Webber                    11lbs  5ozs
6th Allan Beard                       9lbs  11ozs  8dms
7th Bill Woollcott                    9lbs  2ozs 8dms
8th David Earney                     8lbs  4ozs
9th Ernie Vinton                      7lbs  12ozs
10th Mick Jervis                       7lbs  10ozs  8dms
11th Les Drury                          7lbs  10ozs
12th Keith Leverett                    7lbs  6ozs
13th Rob Rowbotham                 7lbs  3ozs  8dms
14th Roger Butler                       6lbs  8ozs  8dms
15th Dave Auston                       5lbs  4ozs  8dms
16th Jack Morley                        5lbs  1oz
17th Vic Dadd                             3lbs  14ozs
Jt 18th Richard Seabright & Roger Smith  3lbs  3ozs
20th Malcolm Willis                     2lbs  14ozs
21st  Dereck Frost                        1lb  11ozs  8dms

Total weight of 190lbs  12oz

Best fish  Tench   3lbs  12ozs  8dms   Brian Willis

Exceptional day no blanks, considering the strong winds.

Steve Holden – the winner of this year’s Alf Burton Trophy.


Papermill Lock Chelmer Canal | 14 Jul 2015 | 20 fished

1st   Barry Lewis                    5lbs                           30pts
2nd  Dave Harley                    3lbs  14ozs  8dms    29pts
3rd  Roger Smith                    3lbs  12ozs                28pts
4th  David Earney                   2lbs  15ozs               27pts
5th  Alan Beard                       2lbs  11ozs  8dms     26pts
6th  Mick Jervis                       2lbs   8ozs                 25pts
7th  John Christensen             1lb     13ozs 8dms     24pts
8th  Geoff Green                     1lb     9ozs                 23pts
9th  Roger Butler                     1lb    8ozs   8dms      22pts
10th Brian Webber                  1lb    6ozs                  21pts
11th Bill Woollcott                   1lb   5ozs   8dms       20pts
12th Richard Seabright           1lb   4ozs   8dms        19pts
13th Malcolm Willis                 1lb  3ozs                    18pts
14th Vic Dadd                          1lb  1oz                      17pts
15th Dereck Frost                     1lb                             16pts
16th Allan Knight                     15ozs                          15pts
17th Keith Leverett                   12ozs                           14pts
18th Jim Edwards                     11ozs                           13pts
19th Dave Auston                      8ozs                            12pts
20th Robert Rowbotham           6ozs                            11pts

Total weight of  36lbs 4ozs

Reasonable results considering very little flow and the water was crystal clear.

First round points winner was G. Green with 132pts with B.Webber in second with 125pts.


Oakford Fishery Top Lake | 7 Jul 2015 | AWAY match | 17 fished

1st  Bert Turner                    97lbs  9ozs  8dms
2nd Jack Morley                   83lbs   4ozs
3rd Brian Webber                 70lbs
4th  Don Carter                     57lbs  9ozs
5th  Dave Harley                   54lbs  10ozs
6th  Roger Butler                   43lbs  11ozs  8dms
7th  Rob Rowbotham             42lbs  10ozs
8th  Bill Woollcott                  37lbs  9oz
9th  David Earney                   35lbs 14ozs
10th Keith Leverett                  31lbs 14ozs
11th  Dereck Frost                  30lbs  13ozs
12th  Alan Beard                     28lbs  9ozs  8dms
13th  Les Drury                       28lbs  10ozs
14th Mick Jervis                      20lbs  15ozs
15th Malcolm Willis                20lbs  9ozs  8dms
16th Roger Smith                    16lbs  1oz
17th Richard Seabright           11lbs  5ozs

Total weight of 711lbs 10ozs

An excellent day with some good catches. Only carp were weighed in.


Heybridge Basin canal | 30 Jun 2015 | 17 fished

1st  Barry Lewis       3lbs  10ozs  8dms
2nd  Dave Harley     3lbs   4ozs   8dms
3rd  Keith Leverett   1lb   12ozs  0dms
4th  Brian Webber   1lb    6ozs   8dms
5th John Christensen    1lb  6ozs
6th Geoff Green       1lb  4ozs
7th Bill Woollcott     1lb  3ozs  8dms
8th Alan Beard         1lb  1oz  8dms
9th Dave Auston       1lb  0ozs  8dms
10th Mick Jervis       13ozs
11th Roger Smith     12ozs
12th Malcolm Willis  11ozs  8dms
Jt 13th  Richard Seabright and Rob Rowbotham  8ozs  8dms
15th Allan Knight     6ozs  8dms
16th Jack Morley    3ozs

There was 1 did not weight the Jury is out.

Total weight 13lbs  7ozs 0dms

A poor day very hot and very weedy.


Slough House Farm | 23 Jun 2015 | 20 fished

1st    Bert Turner       18lbs   3ozs  8dms  with a crucian carp of 3lbs 7ozs 8dms
2nd   Geoff Green       13lbs  9ozs
3rd   Brian Webber    12lbs  14ozs
4th   John Christensen 9lbs  3ozs
5th   Dave Harley        7lbs  8ozs  8dms
6th   Bert Savage         7lbs  6ozs
7th   Jack Morley         7lbs  5ozs
8th   Roger Butler         7lbs  3ozs  8dms
9th   Allan Knight         7lbs  0ozs  8dms
10th David Earney        5lbs  11ozs
11th Les Drury              5lbs  10ozs  8dms
12th Dave Auston          4lbs  11oz
13th Bill Woollcott         4lbs  5ozs  8dms
14th Vic Dadd                4lbs  2ozs
15th Dereck Frost           3lbs  7ozs
16th Keith Leverett          3lbs  4ozs
17th Alan Beard              3lbs  2ozs
18th Rob Rowbotham      2lbs  14ozs
19th Mick Jervies             2lbs  7ozs
20th Roger Smith             2lbs  6ozs  8dms

Total weight of  136lbs  5ozs  8dms


Boreham Black Bridge | 16 Jun 2015 | Senior Citizen Trophy | 19 fished

1st   Dave Harley              3lbs  11ozs
2nd  Roger Smith              1lb  7ozs  8dms
3rd  Ernie Vinton              1lb   2ozs
4th  John Christensen       1lb   1oz  8dms
Joint 5th  David Earney & Steve Holden      1lb  1oz
7th  Geoff Green                14ozs  8ozs
8th  Malcolm Willis            13ozs
9th  Brian Webber              11ozs  8dms
10th Bill Woollcott             9ozs
11th Rob Rowbotham         8ozs
12th Dave Auston               7ozs  8dms
Joint 13th  Les Drury, Jack Morley & Allan Knight    5ozs  8dms
16th  Keith Leverett             4ozs

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight of 14lbs 12ozs

The river had next to know  flow and was crystal clear.

Winner Dave Harley with the Senior Citizen Trophy.


Slough House Farm | 9 Jun 2015 | Silver fish only | 19 fished

1st   John Christensen             19lbs  10ozs
2nd  Keith Leverett                   15lbs   8ozs
3rd  Dave Harley                       11lbs  1oz  8dms
4th  Brian Webber                     10lbs  14ozs
5th  Bill  Woollcott                     10lbs  5ozs
6th  Geoff  Green                        9lbs  8ozs
7th  Roger Butler                        8lbs  14ozs  8dms
8th  David Earney                       7lbs  12ozs
9th  Don Carter                            6lbs  4ozs
10th Rob Rowbotham                   4lbs  15ozs  8dms
11th David Nicholls                      4lbs   9ozs   8dms
12th  Dereck Frost                         4lbs  8ozs   8dms
13th Jack Morley                           4lbs  7ozs   8dms
14th  Mick Jervis                            3lbs  14ozs  8dms
15th  Richard Seabright                  3lbs  13ozs
16th  Roger Smith                             2lbs  10ozs  8dms
17th  Vic Dadd                                   2lbs  8ozs
18th   Malcolm Willis                        1lb    1oz    8dms

There was 1 did not weigh. He had a big hole in his net.

Total weight of 132lbs 9ozs  8dms

Best fish Tench  4lbs  6ozs

Good day had by all, even with the wind.


Little London and Slough House West | 2 Jun 2015 | Pairs match | 20 fished

1st  Keith Leverett and  Mick Jervis    57 points
2nd Geoff  Green and Steve Holden    56points
3rd  Brian Webber and Roger Butler  55 points
4th  Alan Beard and Don Carter  52  points
5th  Ernie Vinton and  Vic Dadd  51 points
6th  Jack Morley and Rob Robotham  48points
7th  Richard Seabright and Dave Harley 31 points
8th  John Christensen and Dereck Frost  29 points
9th  Dave Auston and Bert Savage  26 points
10th Bill Woollcott and Les Drury  2 points

Gale force winds and a lack of fish made it a hard day.

Total weight    10lbs  15ozs


Rook Hall | 26 May 2015 | 16 fished

1st   Brian Webber               13lbs  12ozs               30 pts
2nd Geoff Green                  6lbs  11ozs  8dms       29pts
3rd Steve Holden                  5lbs  10ozs                  28pts
4th Bob Rowbotham            4lbs  14ozs  8dms        27pts
5th Alan Beard                     4lbs  6ozs  8dms          26pts
6th Bill Woollcott                  3lbs  9ozs  8dms          25pts
7th Richard Seabright           3lbs  7ozs  8dms         24pts
8th Vic Dadd                          2lbs  4ozs  8dms         23pts
9th Les Drury                         1lb  13ozs  8dms        22pts
10th Keith Leverett                 1lb  11ozs                   21pts
11th Bert Savage                    1lb  9ozs                     20pts
12th Jack Morley                    1lb  6ozs                     19pts
13th Don Carter                      15ozs                          18pts

3 did not weighs: D.Harley, D.Frost, M.Willis all 1 point each.

Total weight  52lbs  2ozs  8dms

Best fish Richard Seabright  with Tench of 3lbs  5ozs.


Little Parks | 19 May 2015 | Dennis Penn Trophy | 19 fished

1st  Les Drury                               7lbs  14ozs              bream  5lbs 14ozs
2nd Keith Leverett                         6lbs  12ozs  8dms  bream  6lbs  11ozs
3rd Brian Webber                          3lbs  3ozs   8dms
4th Dave Earney                            2lbs 2ozs
5th Mick Jervies                             8ozs
6th Richard Seabright                   7ozs  8dms
7th Dave Harley                            5ozs  8dms
8th Steve Holden                           2ozs  8dms
Joint 9th Vic Dadd & Jim Edwards  1oz  8dms

There were 9 did not weighs.

Total weight  21lbs  10ozs  8dms

Keith Leverett had best fish.


Oakford Middle Lake | 12 May 2015 | AWAY match | 18 fished

1st Steve Holden 113lbs 8ozs
2nd Brian Webber 63lbs 5ozs
3rd Les Drury 47lbs 2ozs
4th Don Carter 46lbs
5th R.Rowbotham 40lbs 4ozs
6th Bert Savage 39lbs 1oz
7th Dave Harley 35lbs 12ozs
8th Roger Butler 34lbs 9ozs
9th Bill Woollcott 34lbs 7ozs
10th Keith Leverett 24lbs 10ozs
11th Alan Beard 22lbs
12th Malcolm Willis 21lbs 12ozs
13th Roger Smith 18lbs 10ozs
14th Dereck Frost 15lbs 14ozs
15th Richard Seabright 14lbs
16th Bert Turner 13lbs 11ozs

There were 2 did not weighs.

Total weight 584lbs 9ozs

Malcolm Willis was taken ill in the car park, and was taken to Broomfield Hospital by ambulance. Hopefully all will be sorted. We wish him all the best.

UPDATE:  Malcolm Willis is recovered and feeling better. He was suffering from dehydration. So at Little Parks we set him up a spring water bottle drip and he managed to last the day.


Rook Hall | 5 May 2015 | 16 fished

1st peg 5 Brian Webber 8lbs 9ozs
2nd peg 10 Rob Rowbotham 6lbs 11ozs 8dms
3rd peg 3 John Christensen 5lbs 3ozs
4th peg 20 Jim Edwards 3lbs 10ozs 8dms
Jt 5th Peg 7 Keith Leverett & peg 17 Alan Beard 3lbs 9ozs 8dms
7th peg 4 Bert Savage 3lbs 7ozs 8dms
8th peg 1 Geof f Green 3lbs 6ozs
9th peg 12 Don Carter 3lbs 3ozs
10th peg 2 Les Drury 2lbs 12ozs 8dms
11th peg 8 Dereck Frost 1lb 13ozs 8dms
12th peg 23 Bill Woolcott 1lb 11ozs 8dms
13th peg 21 Dave Auston 1lb 10ozs
14th peg 24 M.Jerveis 1lb 3ozs

There were 2 did not weighs.

Total weight 50lbs 12ozs 8dms

Just a few tench today


Slough House Farm | 28 Apr 2015 | Over Sixties Trophy | 20 fished

1st peg 1 Geoff Green 14lbs 1oz
2nd peg 15 Jim Edwards 10lbs 1oz
3rd peg 17 Les Drury 8lbs 1oz
4th peg 11 Brian Webber 5lbs 11ozs
Jt 5th peg 6 Keith Leverett peg 16 Don Carter 3lbs 15ozs
7th peg 7 Jack Morley 3lbs 8ozs 8dms
8th peg 2 Roger Butler 2lbs 7ozs
9th peg 23 Vic Dadd 2lbs 6ozs 8dms
10th peg 19 John Christensen 2lbs 4ozs 8dms
11th peg 21Steve Holden 1lb 13ozs
12th peg 20 Dave Harley 1lb 8ozs
13th peg Rob Robotham 14ozs 8dms
14th peg 22 Bill Woollcott 11ozs 8dms
15th peg 5 Dereck Frost 10ozs 8dms
16th peg 13 M.Jervies 7ozs

There were 4 did not weighs

Total weight 62lbs 7ozs 0dms

Notable fish caught a good number of tench to 6lbs, Ide to 1lb 4ozs 8dms also quality roach.


Oakford fishery | 21 Apr 2015 | AWAY match | 16 fished

1st Les Drury 62lbs 6ozs
2nd Brian Webber 59lbs 6ozs
3rd Steve Holden 47lbs 6ozs 8dms
4th Keith Leverett 41lbs 15ozs 8dms
5th Alan Beard 24lbs 9ozs 8dm
6th Bert Savage 22lbs 7ozs 8dm
7th Bill Woollcott 22lbs 2ozs
8th Don Carter 21lbs 11ozs 8dm
9th Allan Knight 20lbs 13ozs 8dms
10th Jim Edwards 20lbs 6ozs
11th Dave Harley 14lbs 12ozs 8dms
12th Jack Morley 12lbs 15ozs 8dms

There were 4 did not weighs.

Total weight 370lbs 14ozs

A reasonable day with a few bad patches. A good start for the new season.


Rook Hall | 14 Apr 2015 | 14 fished

1st Brian Webber 10lbs 14ozs
2nd Alan Beard 9lbs 6ozs 8dms
3rd Jack Morley 8lbs 11ozs 8dms
4th Richard Seabright 7lbs 10ozs 8dms
5th Geoff Green 7lbs 8ozs 8dms
6th John Christensen 6lbs 6ozs 8dms
7th Les Drury 6lbs 4ozs
8th Bob Pallet 5lbs 14ozs
9th Rob Robotham 5lbs 5ozs 8dms
10thDave Auston 4lbs 15ozs 8dms
11th Keith Leverett 4lbs 4ozs
12th Roger Smith 4lbs 2ozs 8dms
13th Allan Knight 1lbs 8ozs
14th Bert Savage 1lbs 7ozs 8dms

Total weight 84lbs 6ozs 8dms

An excellent result for the first Rook Hall match. Some swims under water but we had plenty of others to use. The new pegs went down well with us now having 28 pegged swims.

Many thanks to Richard Seabright for covering for me over the last 4 weeks.


Bog Grove | 7 Apr 2015 | Silver fish only match | 10 fished

1st John Christiansen 5lbs 2oz 8drms
2nd Jack Morley 4 10 0
3rd Les Drury 3 9 0
4th Roger Smith 3 6 0
5th Geoff Green 3 3 0
6th Brian Webber 2 10 0
7th Bob Routhbotham 2 9 0
8th Dave Auston 1 2 0
JNT 9th Richard Seabright 0 13 0
Bert Savage 0 13 0

Lots of small fish with the odd better ones showing up occasionally.


Cuton Lakes | 31 Mar 2015 | AWAY match | 12 fished

1st Barry Lewis 15lbs 6oz 0dr
2nd Roger Smith 10 12 0
3rd Bob Roubotham 9 9 0
4th Jack Morley 7 12 0
5th Kim Naish 6 3 0
6th Don Carter 5 14 0
7th Brian Webber 2 14 0
8th Richard Seabright 2 13 8
9th Dave Harley 1 12 0
10th Bill Woollcott 1 10 0

2 DNW Very tough day with the wind


Oakford Fishery | 24 Mar 2015 | AWAY match | 16 fished

1st Don Carter 43. 3. 0
2nd Dave Harley 30. 0
3rd Alan Beard 27. 4
4th Brian Webber 26.14. 4
5th Jack Morley 25.15. 8
6th Bert Savage 16. 8.
7th Bill Woollcott 14. 8
8th Roger Smith 11. 8
9th Richard Seabright 10.12
10th Keith Leverett 10. 8
11th Bob Roubotham 8. 12
12th Derek Frost 7. 8
13th John Christenson 7. 0

3 did not weigh


Lakelands | 17 Mar 2015 | AWAY match | 14 fished

1 Bert Savage 28 4 0
2 Dave Harley 22 15 8
3 Jack Morley 15 6 8
4 Brian Webber 13 3 8
5 Dave Auston 11 11 0
6 Roger Smith 7 13 8
7 Bob Routhbotham 3 14 8
8 Don Carter 3 11 0
9 Bill Woollcott 3 9 0
10 Richard Seabright 1 14 0



Papermill Lock canal | 10 Mar 2015 | 15 fished

1st John Christensen 13ozs
2nd Roger Smith 4ozs
3rd Dave Harley 1oz 8dms
Jt 4th Bill Woollcott & Les Drury with 1oz

There were 10 no weighs

Total weight 1lb 4ozs 8dms

A sad finish with the last river match 15 anglers turned up for the match, but only 9 fish made an appearance.


Heybridge Basin canal | 3 Mar 2015 | 12 fished

1st Allan Knight 15ozs
2nd Bill Woollcott 14ozs 8dms
3rd Keith Leverett 3ozs
Jt 4th Geoff Green & John Christensen 1oz 8dms
Jt 6th Les Drury, Barry Lewis, Dave Harley 8dms

There were 4 did not weighs

Total weight 2lbs 5zs 0dms

Very cold and a hard match. Thankfully the last basin match till June 16th.


Little Parks | 24 Feb 2015 | 15 fished

1st Keith Leverett 7lbs 4ozs
2nd David Earney 5lbs 5ozs 8dms
3rd Jack Morley 3lbs 6ozs

12 did not weighs

Total weight 15lbs 15ozs 8dms

Moved from Bog Grove – a very hard day.

Tesco’s canal | 17 Feb 2015 | 18 fished

1st Bill Woolcott 1lb 14ozs 8dms
Joint 2nd Alan Beard, Les Drury, Barry Lewis, Allan Knight, John Christensen & Roger Smith with 1oz

11 did not weighs

Total weight 2lbs 4ozs 8dms

What a day

Heybridge Basin canal | 10 Feb 2015 | 16 fished

1st Bill Woollcott 1lb 1oz 8dms
2nd Don Carter 12ozs 8dms
3rd Les Drury 8ozs
Jt 4th Barry Lewis & Alan Beard 2ozs

There were 11 did not weighs

Total weight of 2lbs 10ozs 0dms

The 24th February match should have been at Bog Grove. Because of the ground conditions we are now holding the match at Little Park. All depending on the weather conditions.

Bog Grove | 3 Feb 2015 | 8 fished

1st Bert Savage with 5lbs
2nd Dave Harley with 5oz 8dms
3rd Alan Beard with 3ozs

There were 5 did not weighs.

Total weight of 5lbs 8ozs 8dms

Papermill Lock canal | 27 Jan 2015 | 12 fished

1st Dave Harley 7lbs 1oz 8dms
2nd Bill Woollcott 2lbs 12ozs
3rd Barry Lewis 2lbs 7ozs 8dms
4th Don Carter 1lb 14ozs
5th Les Drury 1lb 2ozs 8dms
6th Allan Knight 14ozs
7th Roger Smith 11ozs
8th Brian Webber 4ozs 8dms
9th Richard Seabright 3ozs 8dms

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight 17lbs 6ozs 8dms

Bog Grove | 20 Jan 2015 | 12 fished

Tesco’s canal was frozen so Bog Grove was fished

1st Dave Harley 5lbs 8ozs 0dms
2nd Bill Woollcott 4lbs 9ozs 8dms
3rd Brian Webber 3lbs 6ozs 8dms
4th John Christensen 2lbs 9ozs 0dms
5th Dave Auston 2lbs 8ozs 0dms
6th Allan Knight 2lbs 6ozs 0dms
7th Alan Beard 2lbs 0ozs 0dms
Jt 8th Les Drury & Keith Leverett 1lb 13ozs 8dms
10th Roger Smith 1lbs 9ozs 0dms
11th Jim Edwards 15ozs 0dms
12th Bert Savage 14ozs 0dms

Total weight 30lbs 0ozs odms

Dave Harley won the Golden Peg for his excellent catch of silvers. Bill Woollcott had best fish a 10oz roach. A good decision to fish Bog Grove certainly more fish than would have been caught at Tesco’s canal.

Lakelands Fishery – Wood Lake | 13 Jan 2015 | AWAY match | 13 fished

1st Les Drury 25lbs 1oz
2nd Jim Edwards 6lbs 5ozs 8dms
3rd Richard Seabright 6lbs 1oz 8dms
4th Don Carter 5lbs 10ozs
5th Brian Webber 5lbs 8ozs
6th Roger Smith 5lbs
7th Alan Beard 1lb 5ozs

6 did not weigh’s

Total weight 54lbs 15ozs

Too much cold water running into the lake.
Chelmer Brown’s Wharf | 6 Jan 2015 | 15 fished

1st Bill Woolcott 2lbs 15ozs 8dms 30pts
2nd Les Drury 2lbs 6ozs 8dms 29pts
Jt 3rd Dave Harley & Brian Webber 1lb 13ozs 8dms 28pts
5th Allan Knight 1lb 8ozs 8dms 26pts
6th Roger Smith 1lb 6ozs 25pts
7th Alan Beard 1lb 5ozs 24pts
8th Barry Lewis 1lb 4ozs 8dms 23pts
Jt 9th Dereck Frost & John Christensen 22pts
11th Keith Leverett 10ozs 21pts
Jt 12th Richard Seabright & Bert Savage 8ozs 8dms 20pts
14th Dave Auston 8ozs 18pts
Don Carter DNW 1pt

Total weight 18lbs 7ozs 0dms

Surprisingly a reasonable day considering the last 3 match weights and cancellations.