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Lost & Found

We have received an excellent suggestion from one of our members (thank you Des) suggesting we have a dedicated ‘lost & found’ section on this website, and here it is.

If any of these items are yours, or you have recently lost an item while fishing our waters and you would like to ask for it to be returned, then this is the page for you.  Please email or telephone the Secretary or Membership Secretary on the phone numbers listed in your rulebook.


Harry left his electronic scales at Slough House Farm in mid September 2017.

Bert lost his rod when it was pulled out of his hand by a large carp at Slough House Farm on 27th June 2017.

Len lost the top three sections of his pole when they were pulled in by a large carp in peg 6 at Little Park (Sep-17).


Unhooking mat at Bog Grove on 31/10/17.

2 keys with ZOO embossed on them found over Little Park in Jun-17








Section of a bed chair leg left over Howells in Jun-17











Pair of glasses found over at Little park in May-17






Car parcel shelf or floor panel leaning against the car park fence at Slough House Farm on Friday 14th Oct 2016

Items from 2015 and earlier have now been removed from this page as the people who found them probably can’t now remember where they have put them either!