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Senior Match Results

Slough House Farm | 22 Sep 2018 | Annual Presidents Trophy | 13 fished

1st  Top weight to Shaun McGuinness  with  62lbs 11ozs which consisted of 4 quality carp caught from peg 16.

2nd Bert Turner with a quality net of roach, perch, tench and a mass of 6oz carp for a weight of 29lbs 1oz 8dms from peg 5.

3rd Chairman Malcolm Gardiner with another net of mixed species for a weight of 18lbs  7ozs  8dms from peg  4.

4th Keifer with a carp and a tench for a weight of 16lbs  2ozs from peg 1.

5th Roger Smith with 10lbs 5ozs from peg 6

6th Dave Nicholls with a mixed catch for a weight of 7lbs  14ozs 8dms from peg 3.

7th Geoff Green with 7lbs  from peg 23.

There were a few smaller catches and did not weigh’s.

Total weight of 180lbs 2ozs 8dms

The committee took first place. Shaun was presented with best catch trophy and also the pewter jug for best fish.

Then we all had a happy ever after buffet and beer at the Jolly Sailor pub at the basin.


Totham Pit | 02 Jun 2018 | Tom Martin Memorial Trophy | 11 fished

11 fished with a total weight of  2lbs  11ozs.

There were 6 Committee  and  5 bailiffs

The total weight of the committee of 2lbs  11ozs was enough to win.

Unfortunately the bailiffs failed to weigh in.

Many thanks to Brit for the presentation.










Keith with the Tom Martin Memorial Trophy.


Slough House Farm | 12 Aug 2017 | Presidents Match

1st     Steve Willis       25lb 4oz
2nd   Bill Walker        22lb 4oz
3rd    Brian Webber   14lb 5oz
4th    Pete Lamb          12lb 4oz
5th    Mal Gardiner      12lb -

Committee team   108lb 12oz
Presidents team    49lb -

The Roy Samuels Trophy was won by Mal Gardiner with a carp of 8lb 15oz.


Hoe Mill Canal | 06 Aug 2017 | Worms Direct Evening League Final | 10 fished

1st G Forman    8lbs 1oz
2nd C Dyall        6lbs 7oz
3rd A Stebbing  4lbs 12oz

The Worms Direct Final was fished on Sunday 6th August at Hoe Mill upstream of the footbridge. Ten Anglers took part and all caught fish, with some nice Roach and Rudd being landed. The winner of the final was Geoff Forman taking the Trophy and prize money provided by our sponsor “Worms Direct” with a haul of 8lbs 1oz of nice Roach and Rudd. Second was Chris Dyall with 6lbs 7oz of Roach and Rudd, with Andy Stebbing coming third with 4lbs 12oz. A total of 35lbs 6oz of fish being brought to the net. 

All that took part would like to give a big vote of thanks to “Worms Direct” for their generous sponsorship and continued support.







Andy, Geoff and Chris










Geoff receiving the trophy from last year’s winner Chris










A happy Geoff


Twitty Fee No.2 | 30 Jul 2017 | AWAY match MAS versus Does AC

1st   Russell Samuels (MAS)     70lb 10oz

2nd  Graham Webber (Does)   44lb 11oz

3rd   Steve Root (MAS)             44lb 5oz

Maldon won with 46 pts vs 32 pts







MAS winning team against Doe’s.


Heron Hall | 23 Jul 2017

1st  Steve Willis                43lb 1oz

2nd  Russell Samuels      38lb 2oz

3rd  Steve Root                  32lb 5oz


Heybridge Basin Canal | 21 Jul 2017 | Evening League

The last qualifying match of the Evening League was fished at Heybridge Basin on Friday, with another poor turnout, which was a pity as the average weight of fish caught was 5lbs. There were no new qualifiers for the final.

1st Dave Smith 6lbs 4oz
2nd Andy Stebbing 5lbs 10oz
3rd Chris Dyall 5lbs 8oz

A total of 25lbs 14oz of fish were landed, with one Perch over a pound.

The ten qualifiers for the final are:

Mark Campion, Chris Dyall, Andy Stebbing, Steve Willis, Geoff Forman, Peter Lamb, Dave Smith, Steve Holdon, Bill Woollcott and Kim Naish.


Tesco’s Canal | 14 Jul 2017 | Evening League | 5 fished

A disappointing turnout of five for the fifth Evening League match at Tesco’s however all caught fish and all enjoyed themselves. 

1st Chris Dyall        4lbs 5oz
2nd Bill Woollcott  3lbs 3oz

A total of 12lbs 9oz of fish were landed Roach, Perch and Rudd.

Bill Woollcott and Kim Naish go through to the final.  

The next match to fill the last two places in the final is at Heybridge Basin on Friday 21 July, draw 05.00pm at Daisy Meadow car park.


Chapmans Canal | 07 Jul 2017 | Evening League | 6 fished

The fourth round of the Evening League took place on the Chapmans stretch of the Chelmer on Friday. Six anglers took part and all caught fish and most lost good size fish believed to be Tench. Steve Willis managed to land a nice 5lbs bream and Kim Naish had a small bream of about 1lb 8oz which was nice to see that they have been breeding.  

1st Steve Willis        6lbs 9oz
2nd Geoff Forman   2lbs 5oz 8drs
3rd Dave Smith        2lbs 5oz

 A total of 17lbs 10oz of fish were landed.

Dave Smith and Steve Holden go through to the final. The next match will be held at the Tesco’s stretch where there are no parking restrictions 

The Final of the Evening League will take place at Hoe Mill upstream on Sunday 6th August.


Paper Mills Canal | 30 Jun 2017 | Evening League | 5 fished

1st    Jeff Forman        9 lbs 10 oz 8 drm
2nd   Andy Stebbing   5 lbs 7 oz o drm
3rd    Peter Lamb        5 lbs 4 oz o drm 

Total weight of 25 lbs 8 oz 8 drm

Jeff and Peter go forward to the final (Andy had already qualified).  Only five fished which was a bit disappointing especially as all caught some nice size Roach, Dace also small Perch were landed.


Boreham Black Bridge Canal | 23 Jun 2017 | Evening League | 9 fished

1st  Andy Stebbing   5lbs 5oz
2nd Steve Willis         3lbs 8oz
2nd Mark Campion   3lbs 8oz 

Nine fished and all caught, however one did not weigh in; a total of 21lbs 3oz of fish were landed, Perch, Rudd, Roach, and Dace.

Andy and Steve go through to the final.


Slough House West | 18 Jun 2017

1st  Steve Root                  14lb 8oz

2nd  Russell Samuels       14lb 5oz

3rd  Bert Savage                2lb 8oz


Heybridge Basin Canal | 16 Jun 2017 | Evening League | 11 fished

1st Mark Campion  8lbs 12oz
2nd Chris Dyall         5lbs 13oz
3rd Andy Stebbing   5lbs 11oz 

Eleven fished and all caught, Chris had a nice Tench of about 3lbs 8oz and a total of 42lbs 7oz of fish were landed, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Tench and Skimmers.

Mark and Chris go through to the final.


Bog Grove | 04 Jun 2017 | Tom Martin Memorial Trophy | 8 fished

1st     Steve Root        74lb 1oz
2nd   Steve Willis     51lb 14oz
3rd    Pete Rollls       24lb  9 1/2oz

Non Committee Team  109lb 3oz

Committee Team            83lb 13oz


Totham Pit | 14 May 2017

1st    Russell Samuels     11lb 6oz  (including two Tench of 6lb 3oz and 5lb 3oz)
2nd  Bill Woollcott           1  1/2oz


Bog Grove | 23 Apr 2017 | Silver fish only

1st    Russell Samuels     15lb 14oz
2nd  Steve Root               12lb 2oz
3rd   Pete Roll                   7lb 6oz


Bog Grove | 9 Apr 2017

1st    Pete Roll                    114lb 8oz
2nd  Russell Samuels        17lb 7oz
3rd   Steve Root                   4lb 1oz


Tesco’s Canal | 26 Feb 2017 | 5 fished

1st    Russell Samuels     1lb 11oz
2nd  Kim Naish                1lb 2oz
3rd  Steve Willis                 8½oz


Tesco’s Canal | 04 Dec 2016 | MAS vs CAA 

1st  Kim Naish – Maldon      2lb 8½oz

2nd  Dave Smith – CAA        1lb 8oz

CAA won. 


Tesco’s Canal | 20 Nov 2016 | MAS vs Does 

1st  Russell Samuels – MAS   3lb 3½oz

2nd  Mark Boulton – MAS        2lb 5oz

3rd  Lloyd Druce – MAS          1lb 13oz

MAS won and won over two rounds.


Tesco’s Canal | 23 Oct 2016 | MAS vs CAA vs BDAA 

1st  Russell Samuels – MAS      3lb 2oz

2nd  Steve Gunner – BDAA        2lb 12oz

3rd  Richard Bullard – CAA        2lb 4oz

CAA won but MAS were three anglers short.


Howells | Sat 24th – Sun 25th Sep | Annual Carp Match | 7 fished

1st Graham Surridge   93lb 14oz   (5 fish)
2nd Tony Hayden          59lb 4oz    (6 fish)

17 fish were caught for a combined weight of 259lb.

Winner of the Alan Hare Cup for the biggest fish caught in the competition was Shaun Birnie with Breeze Block the Common at a weight of 27lb 10oz.

Thanks go to our sponsors Specimen Carp Baits for their bait prize donations.


Boreham Black Bridge canal | Sun 25th Sep | Driberg Cup | 16 fished

1st     Steve Holden     8lb 15oz

2nd   Jeff Foreman     8lb 6oz

3rd    Adam Brett        7lb 12oz


Slough House Farm | Sat 13th Aug | Presidents Trophy

1st  Steve Root      14lbs 12oz

2nd Paul Kemp     10lbs 13oz

Joint 3rd Mal Gardiner and Steve Willis   8lbs 3oz

The President’s team won with 35lbs 15.5oz to the Committee team’s 28lbs 10oz.


River Chelmer Papermills | Sun 7th Aug | Worms Direct Evening League Final and Open Match

1st    Russ Samuels      12-8-0       won the open match

2nd  Chris Dyall            10-4-0     Evening League Champion

3rd   Steve Holden         6-5-0

Russ Samuels with his open match winning bag.

A happy Russ receives his winnings.

Chris Dyall the Evening League Champion 2016 with his trophies.


Heron Hall | Sun 3rd Jul | 7 fished

1st    Russell Samuels    14 lbs 15ozs

2nd   Simon Gypps         14 lbs 11ozs 

3rd   Andy Stebbings      12lbs 2ozs


Rook Hall | Sun 5th Jun | 15 fished

1st    Adam Brett              7lbs

2nd   Andy Stebbings       4lbs

3rd   Russell Samuels      3lbs 2ozs 


Totham Pit | Sun 22nd May | Tom Martin Memorial Trophy | 18 fished

1st   Keith Leverett        11 lbs 1oz  (two large bream)

2nd  Mal Gardiner          10lbs 12ozs 

3rd  Graham Webber     6lbs 5ozs

Team result:  Committee   27lbs 15ozs
                         Balliffs          12lbs 12ozs 


Slough House Farm | Sun 8th May | 10 fished

1st    Gary Button             13lbs 3ozs 

2nd   Geoff Green             8lbs 9ozs 

3rd    Russell Samuels      6lbs 12ozs


Bog Grove | 24 Apr 2016

1st     Russell Samuels     39lb 9oz     (19lbs of roach, 1 crucian of 3lb 6oz and 3 carp)
2nd   Mark Boulton         28lb 13oz
3rd   Geoff Green             2lb 6oz


Bog Grove | 10 Apr 2016

1st     Russell Samuels     24lb 8oz     (10lbs of roach to 1lb 6oz and 3 carp)
2nd   Mark Boulton         9lb 6oz
3rd   Geoff Green             5lb 8oz


Benbridge Canal | 28 Feb 2016 | 10 fished 

1st   Mick Burrell      6lbs 8ozs

2nd  Adam Brett       1lb 7ozs

3rd  Graham Childs  1lb 4ozs


Tescos Canal | 14 Feb 2016 | 8 fished 

1st   Mark Campion     1lb 5oz

2nd   Trevor Stacey      14½oz

3rd  Russell Samuels    10ozs


Benbridge to ICS Canal | 31 Jan 2016 | 16 fished 

1st   Trevor Stacey      4lbs 13ozs

2nd  Graham Childs    4lbs 3ozs

3rd  Mark Campion     4lbs 1oz


Benbridge Canal | 17 Jan 2016 | 9 fished 

1st   Mark Campion   13lbs 10ozs

2nd  Trevor Stacey     11lbs 4ozs

3rd  Russell Samuels     3lbs 8ozs


Canal | 3 Jan 2016 | Essex Interclub 

Maldon hosted the final round of the interclub league on the canal.  Mick Burrell of Maldon won on the day with 10lbs 7ozs of Roach.  The Maldon team won on the day and won the league.  Individually Russell Samuels of Maldon took top spot with 51pts closely followed by Peter Lamb of Maldon and Ian Carter of CAPS with 50pts.  Peter Lamb beat Geoff Foreman of Maldon in the individual knockout. 


Tescos   & Benbridge Canal | 27 Dec 2015 | 16 fished 

1st   Geoff Foreman   4lbs 12½ozs

2nd  Steve Joy            4lbs 6ozs

3rd  Andy Stebbing     4lbs 2ozs


Benbridge Canal | 20 Dec 2015 | Xmas match | 10 fished

 1st   Kim Naish             6lbs 13ozs

2nd  Bill Woollcott         4lbs 8ozs

3rd Warren Young      4lbs 7ozs


Tescos Canal | 6 Dec 2015 | MAS vs CAA | 16 fished 

1st   Bill Woollcott        (CAA)     1lb 10½ozs

2nd  Bill Walker            (MAS)     1lb 6½ozs

3rd  Geoff Foreman     (MAS)     1lb 6ozs

Maldon won


Benbridge Canal | 15 Nov 2015 | Club match | 10 fished 

1st   Steve Willis                    9lbs -

2nd  Warren Young (CAA)     6lbs 9ozs

3rd  Russell Samuels             5lbs 8ozs


Chapmans & Tescos  Canal | 8 Nov 2015 | Maldon vs Chelmsford | 21 fished 

1st    Bill Walker             Maldon          5lbs 14ozs

2nd   Russell Samuels   Maldon          5lbs 6½ozs

3rd= Steve Root            Maldon           4lbs 2ozs

3rd= Roger Smith         Chelmsford    4lbs 2ozs

Maldon won


Howells | 10-11 Oct 2015 | Carp match final

Congratulations to Graham Surridge for a convincing victory in this weekends MAS Carp Final on Howells , the boy smashed it with a 118lb bag sending him home with the 1st place trophy , £100 cash , 30plus stalking rod, 4kg of XL Baits & 5kg of Specimen Carp Baits plus a MAS hoody for his efforts! Well done, a worthy winner!

Well done also to Andy Flower who took home the 2nd place trophy ,£50 cash, Wychwood spod rod 4kg of XL Baits & 2kg of Specimen Carp Baits with matching pop ups and glug plus a MAS hoody.

Tosh Welton wins the Alan Hare cup for the biggest fish in all heats and the final by bagging breezeblock at 28.14lb in the final.

Many thanks to Angling Essentials , XL Baits & Specimen Baits for sponsoring the MAS carp matches 2015/16 & supporting our carp restocking program.


Howells | 24 Aug 2015 | President’s Trophy

The committee again took the trophy with a  winning weight of 20lbs 1oz 8dms. The presidents team weighed in 12lbs  10ozs.

1st  Mal Gardiner   16lbs  8ozs  8dms. He also had the best fish a carp of 16lbs 8ozs  8dms.
2nd Peter Lamb  with  3lbs  15ozs
3rd  B Walker with  3lbs  3ozs
4th  Mark Boulton  with 2lbs  12ozs


Totham Pit | 8-9 Aug 2015 | Carp match heat 4

Results from the weekends carp match on Totham Pit, which turned out to be slow going with a total of 5 fish on the bank.  Jamie Smart managed to nick 1st place with 2 of that 5 weighing in at 24.12lb.  Michael Perkins took second place with a late 17lb common from the reeds.  Shaun Birnie qualifies for the final in 3rd place with a fish of 15.4lb as Michael has already qualified in a previous heat. Michael also came up trumps when his number was drawn out the hat to win the Thinking Anglers unhooking mat, once again thanks to all the anglers involved, making it another great weekend on the bank.

Michael recieves his Thinking Anglers unhooking mat from Jamie.


Twitty Fee No.2| Sun 2nd Aug | MAS vs Does AC (AWAY) 

1st   Graham Childs (Does)    97lb 8oz

2nd  Andy Stebbing (MAS)     88lb

3rd  Dusty Miller (Does)       54lb

Does won team event.


Tescos canal | Fri 24th Jul | Worms Direct Evening Series

1st   Peter Lamb (MAS)           3lb 14oz

2nd  Warren Young (CAA)      2lb 6 1/2 oz

3rd  Russell Samuels (MAS)    2lb 5oz


Heybridge Basin canal | Sun 19th Jul | Club match

1st   Russell Samuels       7lb 5oz

2nd  Mark Campion         6lb 11oz

3rd  Geoff Green              3lb 15oz


Boreham Black Bridge canal | Fri 17th Jul | Worms Direct Evening Series

1st   Mark Campion (MAS)    5lb 5 1/2 oz

2nd  Gary Button (MAS)         3lb 12oz

3rd  Russell Samuels (MAS)     2lb 11oz


Heybridge Basin canal | Fri 10th Jul | Worms Direct Evening Series 

1st   Mark Campion (MAS)    4lb 12oz

2nd  Adam Brett (MAS)         4lb 3oz

3rd  Geoff Foreman (MAS)     3lb 15oz


Howells | 4-5 Jul 2015 | Carp match heat 3

1st Graham Surridge 97lb 10oz

2nd Dean Andrews 43lb 10oz

Shaun Birnie deservedly took home the Thinking Angers unhooking mat after winning the match day prize draw

Dean Andrews now leads the race for the Alan Hare cup for biggest fish in all heats and final with a lovely common of 26lb 4oz.   Graham & Dean now join Michael Perkins, Andy Flower, Luke Harris & Tony Hayden in the October final on Howells with two qualifying heats remaining.


Paper Mills canal | Fri 3rd Jul | Worms Direct Evening Series

1st   Andy Bridger (CAA)    8lb 12oz (2 tench)

2nd  Peter Lamb (MAS)         8lb 5oz

3rd  Geoff Foreman (MAS)     3lb 15oz


Boreham Black Bridge canal | Fri 26th Jun | Worms Direct Evening League | 13 fished 

1st   Mark Campion     5lb 6oz

2nd  Dave Smith          2lb 12oz

3rd  Geoff Foreman     2lb 5oz


Heybridge Basin canal | Fri 19th Jun | Worms Direct Evening League | 20 fished 

1st   Warren Young       7lb 12oz

2nd  Mick Burrell            5lb 15oz

3rd   Mark Campion       4lb 15oz


Bog Grove | Sun 7th Jun | Tom Martin Memorial Trophy Match | 20 fished 

Committee & Ex-Committee team   63lb 6oz

Bailiffs & Match Anglers team         56lb 3½oz

1st   Alan Hare             26lb 8oz

2nd  Michael Perkins    23lb 8oz

3rd   Mal Gardiner        14lb 6oz

4th   Vic Dadd               12lb 9oz

After a closely fought team match (my 35 rudd and 30 roach for a total weight of 1lb 5oz will testify to that) the Committee team bounced back from their defeat to the Bailiffs team last year to win the 2015 Tom Martin Memorial Trophy at Bog Grove.

Individual winner Alan Hare receives his winners bubbly from lake owner Britt Snelling.

Winning team captain Mal Gardiner receives the Tom Martin Memorial Trophy from Britt.


Slough House Farm | 16-17 May 2015 | Carp match heat 2

35 fish landed

1st Luke Harris, who had 3 decent fish in the last hour , with 88.3lb

2nd Tony Hayden with 83.7lb

Luke went on to draw his own number out of the hat to also win the Aqua Buoyant weigh sling in the prize draw.

Tony Hayden is now leading the race for the Alan Hare cup with a fish of 22lb.


Heron Hall | 10 May 2015 | Club match MMOY2 | 7 fished

1st   Steve Willis  7lbs 12ozs – golden peg
2nd  Simon Gypps  4lbs 7ozs
3rd  Mark Boulton  14ozs
4th  Gary Button  7ozs


Bog Grove | 26 Apr 2015 | Club match MMOY1

1st Russell Samuels 43lbs 15ozs (10 carp plus a few roach )
2nd Steve Root 30lbs 12ozs 8drms
3rd Mark Boulton 25lbs 2ozs 8drms


Totham Pit | 18-19 Apr 2015 | Carp match heat 1 | 12 fished

1st place went to Michael Perkins with 2 fish weighing in at 36.12, a 19 & 17.12 , floaters bay peg

2nd place went to Andy Flower with 2 fish weighing in at 31.8 a 18.10 & 12.14, middle reeds peg

Graham Surridge is winning the Alan Hare cup at the moment for biggest fish in all heat matches and Final with a 19.10 from Kyff’s corner peg .

Sam Gower won the match day prize draw and went home with a Thinking Anglers unhooking mat.


Tesco’s Canal | 25 Jan 2015 | Open match | 8 fished 

1st   Mick Burrell            4lb 14½oz
2nd  Mark Campion        3lb 5oz
3rd  Steve Allgood         2lb 9½oz


Tesco’s Canal | 28 Dec 2014 | Open Match 

1st  Mark Campion – Maldon           1lb 6oz
2nd  Bill Walker – Bill’s Tackle         1lb 4½oz
3rd  Paul Rossington – Harwich           8oz 8drms


Tesco’s Canal | 14 Dec 2014 | Xmas Match | 7 fished

 1st  Mark Campion   4lb 7oz
2nd  Steve Willis        3lb 3oz
3rd  Dave Lewis        2lb 2oz


Canal | 30 Nov 2014 | Open match | 20 fished 

1st   Bob Cheeseman      6lb 8½ oz
2nd  Bill Walker                6lb 6oz
3rd  Keith Gooderham     4lb 14½ oz
4th  Steve Gunner           4lb 4½ oz
5th  Bill Woollcott             3lb 5oz
Slough House Farm | 16 Nov 2014 | Club match | 0 fished



Heron Hall | 26 Oct 2014 | Club match | 5 fished

1st  Gary Button             6lb 13oz
2nd  Russell Samuels     5lb 11oz
3rd  Simon Gypps           2lb 9oz


Chapmans Canal | 14 Sep 2014 | Club match | 8 fished 

1st   Mick Burrell         4lb 9oz
2nd  Mark Campion    3lb 15½ oz
3rd  Joe Harber           2lb 13oz


Boreham & Papermills Canal | 7 Sep 2014 | Open match | 15 fished 

1st   Mark Campion (Maldon)                            16lb 9oz
2nd  Nigel Pankhurst (One Stop Angling)                14lb 8oz
3rd  Steve Joy (Maver Image)                         12lb 5½oz
4th  Dave Tarrel (Chelmsford)                            7lb 9oz


Slough House West| Sat 30th Aug | Presidents Trophy | 18 fished

Individual  weights:
1st  Russell Samuels (Committee team)     32lbs 15oz    (4 carp to 12lb 3oz)
2nd  Peter Lamb (Presidents team)            11lbs  13oz
3rd  Gary Button (Presidents team)            8lbs  6oz
4th  Steve Root (Presidents team)                5lbs 2oz

Team weights:
Committee team   40lb 2oz
Presidents team    35lb 15oz

Maldon Angling Society held their Presidents Trophy match at their new Slough House West lake. Captain Keith Leverett’s committee team took on the Presidents team. It was a hard fought match with 18 anglers using every method possible and the committee team came out on top with 40lbs 2ozs to the Presidents team 35lbs 15ozs.  The best fish was a common carp of 12lbs 3ozs caught by Russell Samuels which gave him the Roy Samuels memorial trophy for the biggest fish.

Keith Leverett receives the Presidents Trophy as captain of the winning committee team from chairman Mal Gardiner.

Russ Samuels won his dad’s memorial trophy for catching the biggest fish (a 12lb 3oz Common) during the match.
Browns Wharf Canal | 25 Aug 2014 | Driberg Cup | 9 fished 

1st   Steve Willis         27lb 14oz
2nd  Mark Campion    17lb
3rd  Steve Root           8lb 13oz
Chapmans & Golf Course Canal | 17 Aug 2014 | Open match | 15 fished 

1st   Warren Young (Chelmsford)    4lb 1oz
2nd  Dave Smith (Chelmsford)        3lb 12½ oz
3rd  Mick Burrell (Match Pack)         3lb 10oz
4th Russell Samuels (Maldon)          3lb 8oz
Canal | 3 Aug 2014 | Essex Summer League | 40 fished

1st  Mark Banks        8lb 1oz
2nd  Chris Sale          6lb 7oz
3rd  Danny Mason     6lb 3oz
4th  BillWalker          5lb 13oz
Heybridge Basin Canal | 27  Jul 2014 | Tony Druce Memorial | 12 fished

1st  Joe Harber              12lb 8oz
2nd  Russell Samuels      4lb 13oz
3rd  Graham Childs         4lb 1oz

Russ presenting the trophy to Joe.

Joe Harber – winner of the Tony Druce memorial trophy 2014.
Tescos Canal | 25 Jul 2014 | Worms Direct Evening Series | 12 fished

1st  Bill Woollcott   (Chelmsford)   6lb 9oz 8dm
2nd  Simon White  (Chelmsford)    5lb 7oz
3rd  Dave Lewis  (Maldon)             5lb 4oz
Chelmer Canal | 20 Jul 2014 | Essex Summer League | 40 fished

1st  Dave Saville  (Spectrum)              58lb 15oz  Speeney  (8 bream to double figures)
2nd  Chris Sale  (Bills Tackle Black)    28lb 3oz  Speeney
3rd  Geoff Foreman (Match Pack)       21lb 3oz  Speeney
4th  Simon White  (Bills Tackle)          18lb 7oz  Papermills
5th  Danny Mason  (Bills Tackle)        17lb 11oz  Boreham
Totham Pit | 2o Jul 2014 | Tom Martin Memorial Trophy | 15 fished

1st  Steve Root (Bailiffs team)
2nd Joe Harber (Bailiffs team)
3rd Simon Greengrass (Committee team)

This was a committee versus bailiffs team event in memory of our Vice President Tom Martin who passed away last season.   The bailiffs triumphed by a good margin.
Boreham Black Bridge Canal | 18 Jul 2014 | Worms Direct Evening Series | 11 fished

1st  Mark Campion  (Maldon)   17lb 14oz (all roach)
2nd  Trevor Stacey  (Maldon)    7lb 14oz
3rd  Steve Root  (Maldon)         7lb 3oz
Heybridge Basin Canal | 11 Jul 2014 | Worms Direct Evening Series | 12 fished

1st  Peter Lamb  (Maldon)         9lb 1oz
2nd  Mark Campion  (Maldon)   8lb 7oz
3rd  Dave Lewis  (Maldon)        4lb 12oz
Boreham Black Bridge Canal | 4 Jul 2014 | Worms Direct Evening Series | 13 fished

1st  Mark Campion  (Maldon)       6lb 12oz
2nd  Lloyd Druce  (Maldon)          4lb 8oz
3rd  Ricky Mead  (Chelmsford)    2lb 10oz

Papermills canal | Fri 27th Jun | Worms Direct Series Round 2 

1st   Steve Holden        10lb 11oz
2nd  Dave Lewis             6lb 4oz
3rd   Trevor Stacey         5lb 15oz

Heybridge Basin canal | Fri 20th Jun | Worms Direct Series Round 1 | 11 fished 

1st   Warren Young       9lb 1oz
2nd  Steve Holden         7lb 13oz
3rd   Gavin Askew         7lb 1oz

Bog Grove | Sun 1st Jun | Club match MMOY 2 | 5 fished

1st   Dave Alexander        68lb 15½oz
2nd  Russell Samuels        24lb 6oz
3rd  Vic Dadd                       4lb

Golden peg not won.

Totham Pit | Sun 18th May | Club match MMOY 1 | 7 fished

1st   Dave Alexander        10lb 15½oz  (2 bream)
2nd  Russell Samuels         6lb 11oz  (inc 3lb 2oz Tench)
3rd   Geoff Green                       8oz

Golden peg not won.

Wendover Arms | Sun 27th Apr | Travellers Cup vs CAA | 0 fished


Slough House Farm | Sun 23rd Mar | 7 fished

1st    Russell Samuels   2lb 14½oz
2nd   Kim Naish             2lb 6oz
3rd   Simon Gypps       1lb 10oz

Golden peg not won.
Totham Pit | Sun 16th Mar | 6 fished

1st    Russell Samuels     1lb 15oz
2nd  Everyone else        0lb 0oz

Golden peg not won.

Heybridge canal at Tescos | Sun 16th Feb | Clima Cup

(Changed from open to club match)

1st   Kim Naish                 1lb 9½oz  (1 bream)
2nd  Steve Willis               1lb 4oz
3rd   Russell Samuels       9oz

Golden peg not won.

Heybridge canal at Benbridge | Sun 9th Feb | Club Match

1st   Mark Campion               12oz
2nd  Russell Samuels           9½oz
3rd  Trevor Stacey                4oz

Golden peg not won.
Heybridge canal Benbridge car park | Sun 19th Jan | Stan Farrer Memorial | 8 fished

1st  Mark Campion          2lb 14½oz
2nd  Russell Samuels      1lb 14½oz
3rd  Steve Root                1lb 13½oz

Golden peg not won.
Heybridge canal upstream of Benbridge | Sun 12th Jan | New Year Trophy | 8 fished

1st  Trevor Stacey           1lb 3½oz
2nd  Russell Samuels           14oz
3rd  Mark Campion               10oz

Golden peg not won.
Tesco canal | 29 Dec 2013 | Open match | 23 fished

1st  Simon Colclough – Browning  5lb 4oz
2nd  Danny Mason – Bills Tackle   3lb 9oz
3rd  Geoff Foreman – Maldon        3lb 1oz
4th Mark Campion – Maldon          2lb 11oz
Tesco canal | 15 Dec 2013 | Xmas match | 15 fished

1st  Russell Samuels   3lb 8½oz
2nd  Steve Willlis          3lb 3½oz
3rd  Graham Childs      2lb 3oz
4th  Gavin Askew         1lb 14oz




2ND Steve Root
3rd Steve Willis


Jack Sherwin Trophy 22nd September 2013 held on the basin

Winner Simon Gypps with a good bag of mainly Perch weighing 6lb 10oz.


Totham Pit | 7 Sep 2013 | Presidents Trophy | 14 fished

1st    Bob Gower (Presidents team)                 7lb 0oz  (mainly roach and rudd)
2nd  Russell Samuels (Presidents team)      6lb 1oz 8drms
3rd   Graham Childs (Presidents team)        5lb 13oz
4th   Gavin Askew (Presidents team)            5lb 11oz 8 drms
5th   Mal Gardiner (Committee team)          4lb 14oz

Presidents Team    34lbs 6ozs 8drms
Committee Team   11lbs 9ozs 8drms

Winner of the Roy Samuels Memorial Trophy for the biggest fish caught during the match:  Mal Gardiner (4lb 8oz bream).
Trent & Mersey Canal – Derbyshire  | 7 Sep 2013 | Division One National Angling Championship

Our first target was to avoid the 10 team relegation from the 56 teams assembled, this may sound a bit negative but is actually a reflection of the quality of teams we were fishing against, many of which were far more local to the venue than us and most of which have the benefit of big sponsorship deals from major tackle companies.

However we fared very much better than our minimum target, doing our sponsors New Hall Fine English Wines and Colchester Bait and Tackle proud by finishing the match with a collective weight of 10 kilo 160 grams which equalled 278 points to finish 30th out of 56 teams..

Star individual performers were Mark Campion finishing third in his section and Graham Garnham finishing 4th in his section Graham also finishing a magnificent 6th place overall in so doing collecting a bronze medal.

Everyone can be proud of what we achieved well done on a great team effort.

Full Team points below

































Worms Direct Qualifiers:
21st June Tesco Steve Holden 5lb 14oz 8dr
28th June Basin Gavin Askew 10lb 2oz
5th July Bembridge upstream and down Gavin won again with 8lb 13oz 8dr therefore second place qualifies with 4lb 1oz 8dr Simon White
12 July Basin Richard Mead 5lb 2oz 8dr

Our Inter-Club squad scored:
28 points from a possible 60 at Southminster Pits in round 1
32 points at Prestons in round 2
Currently lie in 7th place out of the 10 teams ahead of Billericay, Chelmsford A and Kelvedon. Our target is to try and finish fifth but most important to learn about the venues and enjoy the experience as most of the team are new to the inter club.

First round of the Harry Lynn Chelmer Challange was won by Warren Young at Tesco with 3lb 8oz current points standings are:
Warren Young 16 pts
Steve Willis 15pts
Bill Woollcott 14pts
Slough House Farm & Tesco Canal | 16 Jun 2013 |  Concessionary and Senior Pairs Claret Jug

1st Brian Webber and Tim Claydon
2nd Alan Beard and Simon Gypps

Grand Union Canal Bletchley | 2 Jun 2013 |   Travellers Cup  (away)

1st Bill Woollcott
2nd Gavin Askew
3rd Bert Turner

Totham Pit | 19 May 2013 | George Cornwell Trophy

1st Bill Woollcott
2nd Steve Willis
3rd Simon Gypps

Slough House Farm | 12 May 2013 | Club Match

1st Ernie Vinton
2nd Simon Gypps
3rd Steve Willis

Totham Pit | 21 Apr 2013 | Club Match

1st John Berwick
2nd Steve Riches
3rd Bert Turner

Slough House Farm | 14 Apr 2013 | A.G.H Engraving Cup

1st John Berwick
2nd Steve Willis
3rd= Bert Turner
3rd= Steve Root

C&B Canal – Benbridge downstream and Stoney Meadows | 10 Mar 2013 | Combined MAS & CAA Match | 24 fished

1ST     J HARBER            3lb 8oz
2ND   D STODDART            15oz
3RD   MARK CAMPION       13oz 8dr


Slough House Farm | 2 Dec 2012 | Jack Sherwin Trophy

Most anglers struggled to get a bite due to the hard frost the night before, however Colchester based Kim Naish managed an impressive 4lb+ to take top spot and return to his winning ways. His net was made up of mainly small Roach and Rudd, caught on red maggot just off the bottom.

1st      K Naish         4-10-0
2nd    B Turner       3-4-0
3rd     B Woollcott  0-3-0

Kim with his winners trophy and glass goblet.


Tesco Canal | 28 Oct 2012 | 12 fished

1st     Mark Campion
2nd   Bert Turner         3lb 1oz
3rd    Tim Claydon       3lb 0oz


Totham Pit | 21 Oct 2012 | 7 fished

1st    Dave Nicholls        1lb 14oz
2nd  Graham Webber    1lb 8oz


Heybridge Basin Canal | 7 Oct 2012 | Tony Druce Memorial Invitational Match | 19 fished

1st    Graham Childs (Does AC)        7lb 14oz
2nd  Joe Harber (Maldon AS)          7lb 10oz
3rd  Barry Lewis (Does AC)               7lb 7oz


Slough House Farm | 23 Sep 2012

1st    S G Willis         20lb 4oz
2nd L Druce             14lb 10oz
3rd  S Root                13lb 2oz
4th  B Turner            7lb 12oz


Totham Pit | 9 Sep 2012 | MAS vs Does AC Home Leg

1st PEG 8 Steve Root 16lb 9oz
2nd PEG 5 Graham Childs 14lb 3oz
3rd PEG 12 Lloyd Druce 8lb 14oz
4th PEG 1 Mick 7lb 130z 8dr

Winning MAS team against Doe’s Angling Club (won both rounds)

Steve Root the winner of the match at Totham Pit with 16lbs of roach (and one perch).
Howells | 25-27 Aug 2012 | Alan Hare 48 hour Carp Match sponsored by

1st     Pete Newell        120lb 2oz  (won 5kg of Specimen Carp Baits bait)
2nd   Dean Andrews     79lb 13oz
3rd   Chris Scales         74lb 3oz

Biggest fish: 24lb landed by Pete Newell (won another 2kg of Specimen Carp Baits bait)

Pete Newell receives one of his prize bags of boilies from Steve Johnson and Jamie Traveller of Specimen Carp Baits.


Bog Grove | 26 Aug 2012 | Club Match

Sunday’s club match was held at Bog Grove and although not too well attended all managed to catch fish. This was a silver fish only match and a few small carp were brought to the net but did not count. Kim Naish was unlucky in landing a 12lb 14oz carp but had to return it to the water.

If this carp had counted he would have won the match.

The honour of winning the match went to Steve Root with an impressive 16lbs+ of silver fish made up mainly of roach all tempted to his net on pellet.

1.     S Root           16-4-0
2.     D Newman  11-2-0
3.     S Willis         6-3-0

Steve’s winning bag of silver fish.


Beckingham Hall and Heron Hall | 11 Aug 2012 | Presidents Trophy | 21 fished

Saturday saw the annual “Presidents Match” held on two MAS lakes Beckingham Hall and Heron Hall. The match is made up of the “Committee Members” fishing against the Society’s ordinary members “The Presidents”. On Beckingham Hall Lake Kelvin Willis brought over an impressive 110lbs of Carp to his net and on Heron Hall Kim Naish skilfully managed a good weight of over 25lbs from a poor swim, both fishing for the Committee team. The Committee team won the match by a large margin of 79lbs. Kelvin Willis also lifted the Roy Samuels Memorial Trophy with the largest fish caught on the day which was an 11lbs 14oz Carp. A buffet was held at the Blue Boar after where the trophies were presented.

Beckingham Hall
1. K Willis 110-10-8 (Committee)
2. J Harber 31-4-0 (Presidents)
3. M Gardiner 18-8-0 (Committee)

Heron Hall
1. K Naish 25-3-0 (Committee)
2. R Samuels 18-6-0 (Committee)
3. P Lamb 17-11-0 (Presidents)

Team Result
Committee 1st 182lbs 15oz
President’s 2nd 103lbs 13oz

Kelvin Willis with the President’s trophy

Kelvin Willis receiving the Roy Samuels Memorial Trophy from Mrs Samuels.


Heybridge Basin Canal | 5 Aug 2012 | MAS vs Chelmsford AA interclub match

Maldon Angling Society was host to the annual interclub match with Chelmsford Angling Association. The match was fished at Heybridge Basin and got off to a good start with most catching in the first hour then the fish went off the feed and all struggled to bring fish to the net. Dave Tarrel managed to just get the better of Kim Naish by bringing 1 1/2oz more small Roach to his net to win the individual place and helped CAA to secure victory.

Team result:

1st      Chelmsford     95.5 points
2nd    Maldon           124.5 Points

Individual places:

1st    D Tarrel        3-0-8
2nd  K Naish         2-15-0
                        3rd  P Guerrier    2-12-0


Slough House Farm | 29 Jul 2012 | Club match

1st    D Newman   25-15-0
2nd  S Root            25-10-0
3rd   G Childs        22-10-0


Beeleigh Bottom Lake | 15 Jul 2012 | MAS vs Does AC interclub match – 1st leg Jimmy Jones Shield

Maldon fished the first leg of their annual match against Doe’s Angling Club on Sunday.  This was an away match and the venue was Beeleigh Bottom Lake.  All managed to bring fish to the net and despite Doe’s team members filling the first two positions it was Maldon who won the day with 46 points to Doe’s 59.  Sam Bird (of JP Tackle fame) made the most of his local knowledge to bring 84lbs to his net which was mainly made up of carp.

Team result:
1. MAS  46 points
2. DAC  59 points
(fewest points wins)
Maldon have a 13 point advantage for the return leg.

Individual result:
1.  Sam Bird   84-0-0   Does AC
2.  John Perks  66-5-0    Does AC
3.  Steve Willis  56-0-0    Maldon AS

Sam with his winning bag.

The return leg will be held at Rook Hall later in the year.


Tesco Canal | 1 Jul 2012 | Club Match

1st     B Woollcott      7-7-0       2 Bream
2nd   S Willis            5-0-0       1 Bream
3rd    T Stacey         3-13-0

Wharf Canal | 24 Jun 2012 | Club Match

1st    J Harber         9-11-0        Roach on hemp & punch
2nd   M Campion     8-5-0
3rd    S Root            6-11-0
Beckingham Hall | 10 Jun 2012 | Club Match 

1st   K Willis        26-2-0       6 Carp and 1 Rudd
2nd   S Root        1-4-0         4 Rudd

All others blanked, however everyone lost at least one carp in the weed.

Little London Reservoir | 3 Jun 2012 | Club Match

1st   K.Willis             4-8-0
2nd  M.Campion    3-4-0
3rd  S.Bridges         1-3-0


Heron Hall | 20 May 2012 | Club Match

Sunday’s club match was fished at Heron Hall and although there was a low turnout of matchmen they were not disappointed with the fish obliging and coming to the net. Mark Campion made the most of the obliging fish with a net full of over 23lbs of Rudd and Roach to take the honours. A total of over 65lbs of silver fish were landed and all matchmen had fish in their nets at the end of the match.

1st  M Campion 23-13-0
2nd  T Stacey 22-4-0
3rd  S Root 17-11-0

Mark Campion’s impressive bag of silvers.
Rook Hall | 6 May 2012 | Club Match |

1st   P.Turner   6-2-0
2nd  K.Naish    4-7-0
3rd  B.Hood     4-4-0


Bog Grove | 22 Apr 2012 | Club Match |

1st     B. Hood           (KDAA)       15-2-0
2nd   D. Filkins        (KDAA)       14-6-0
3rd   M. Campion   (MAS)          14-3-0
4th   K. Willis            (MAS)         13-12-0


Slough House Farm | 8 Apr 2012 | Club Match |

Sundays club match was fished at Slough House Farm and a good turnout of matchmen made it a competitive event. Apart from two matchmen all managed to break the double figure barrier by catching some quality Rudd and Roach.  Mark Campion made the most of the feeding fish by bringing over 33lbs to his net to take the honours.

1st    Mark Campion        33-9-0
2nd  Steve Bridges          23-0-0
3rd   Steve Root               20-15-0
4th   Kim Naish                19-13-0

Joe Harber receiving the Matchman of the Year Shield  (2011- 2012 season).  This is the second year on the run Joe has managed to take the shield, however his first match of this season he could not manage any points towards the Matchmen of the Year so is his “crown slipping”?


Please note that this page also includes the concessionary match results before April 2012


Heron Hall | 25 Mar 2012 | Club Match |

1st    Kelvin Willis    32-13-0 (all rudd)
2nd   Steve Root      12-14-0
3rd   D Nicholls         1-10-0


Cuton River | 11 Mar 2012 | Club Match |

All ten anglers blanked!


Benbridge Canal | 29 Jan 2012 | Club Match |

1st     Joe Harber       5-2-0
2nd   Lloyd Druce    1-12-0
3rd    R Ankin             0-1-0

All others blanked.  Joe won the golden peg £19 extra.
Bog Grove | 17 Jan 2012 | Concessionary Match |

Owing to ice on the canal at Heybridge Basin the Tuesday concessionary match was changed to Bog Grove.  This match was fished as a silver fish only match, so any Carp that were caught were returned straight to the water and were not counted in the final weight. Dave Harley had the best catch of the day by weighing in over 6lbs of Roach and Perch.

1st     Dave Harley         6-14-0
2nd   Allan Knight         4-10-0
3rd   Keith Leverett      4-2-0


Benbridge & Tesco Canal | 15 Jan 2012 | Club Match | Stan Farrar Memorial Cup

Sunday’s club match was the Stan Farrar Memorial Cup and a good turnout of members took part to try their luck in winning the cup. The match was fished over two sections of the canal at The Benbridge and Tesco’s in Heybridge.  It was a cold day with ice on part of the water, but most anglers caught fish. Kelvin Willis had the best of the day with a net of over 3lbs of nice Roach caught on bread punch on the Benbridge section.

1st       Kelvin Willis      (MAS)  3-8-8
2nd     Joe Harber        (MAS)  1-14-0
3rd      Steve Root        (MAS)  1-6-0
4th      D Filkins           (KDAA)  1-5-0

Kelvin (left) receives the Stan Farrer Memorial Cup.
Tesco Canal | 11 Dec 2011 | Club Match | 18 fished

Tim Claydon won his first MAS match since returning to Blighty from France to move off the bottom of the Matchman of the Year table.

1st     Tim Claydon (MAS)          1-15-0
2nd   Steve Willis  (MAS)            1-13-0
3rd    Sam Everett (KDAA)         1-2-0
4th   Graham Webber (MAS)     1-1-8

Slough House Farm | 6 Dec 2011 | Concessionary Christmas Match | 16 fished    

Sixteen concessionary matchmen attended the Christmas Match which was fished at Slough House Farm. The fish must have gone away on their Xmas break as all fishing had blanks, not one fish was caught! Some very nice prizes were supplied bythe Club and some members added to them. Prizes were drawn for and all ended up with a goody. The Concessionary Match Secretary John Woodhams would like to thank all matchmen for their support over the last year and for the additional gifts on Tuesday.

1st=   All 16 competitors     0-0-0

Boreham Black Bridge Canal | 29 Nov 2011 | Concessionary Match | 14 fished    

As expected on Tuesday’s concessionary match most of the anglers ended the match with dry nets. The match was at Boreham Black Bridge but gin clear water and no flow made the day very slow.  Dave Harley was one of the three competitors who did find some hungry Perch, enough to make the 1lbs barrier and take the money on the day. Fourteen matchmen made the effort but eleven of them blanked!

1st      Dave Harley               1-1-0
2nd=   June Woodhams    0-3-0
2nd=  W Marchant              0-3-0


Bog Grove | 22 Nov 2011 | Concessionary Match | 20 fished

A silver fish only match was fished at Bog Grove on Tuesday and the colder weather did not seem to deter the senior anglers as 20 put on an extra pair of socks and tried their luck. Dave Foster fishing the right hand bank had the best of the day but needed quite a few small Roach and Gudgeon to make up his winning weight of 6lbs. All matchmen got their keep nets wet and the overall weight of the match was over 63lbs of silver fish.

1.   D Foster       6-0-0
2.   D Harley      5-1-0
3.   A Kitchen    5-0-0


Churchgate Bottom Lake | 20 Nov 2011 | Club Match (AWAY) |

Sunday’s club match was fished at Churchgate Fisheries and this was the last away match of the year. Although poorly attended some good weights were achieved. Kim Naish found winning methods by fishing red maggot and caster to net over 16lbs of Bream. He also managed his first win of the season and drawing the golden peg he managed to get £32 extra prize money.

1st    Kim Naish          16-6-0
2nd  Steve Root        15-15-0
3rd  Kelvin Willis     11-12-0


Tesco Canal | 15  Nov 2011 | Concessionary Match |

Gin clear water on the canal at Tesco’s did not help the fishing on Tuesday’s concessionary match. Although most anglers found the fish none could make the 2lbs mark. A variety of fish found the scales including Roach, Rudd, Perch, and the winning weight of 1 lb 14 oz also included a good size eel; this was netted by Bert Savage who at 82 years old must be one of the oldest anglers.  Well done Bert. 

1st     A Savage          1-14-0
2nd   W Woolcott    1-13-0
3rd   D Foster           1-10-0


Tesco Canal | 13  Nov 2011 | Annual 3-Way Club Match | 30 fished

Sunday saw the annual three-way between Maldon Angling Society, Chelmsford Angling Association, and Billericay & District Angling Association. The match was fished on the canal at Tesco’s where the water was gin clear and all 30 matchmen struggled to catch fish. Joe Harber managed to net over 3lbs of Perch and Roach using chopped worm and pinkies. This year’s winning team was Chelmsford Angling Association with 67 1/2 points.

Individual Results:

1st     J Harber (MAS)      3-3-0
2nd   A Bridger (CAA)     3-0-0
3rd= D Nicholls (MAS)   2-14-0
3rd= C Dyall  (CAA)         2-14-0

Team Results: 

1st     Chelmsford    67.5 points
2nd   Maldon              55 points
3rd   Billericay       47.5 points

The victorious Chelmsford AA team.


Slough House Farm | 8  Nov 2011 | Concessionary Match | 20 fished

Twenty concessionary matchmen turned out for Tuesday’s competition at Slough House Farm. Once again some good bags of Roach and Rudd were brought to the scales at the final whistle. Fishing on the left-hand end of the lake in the reeds Brian Webber had the best of the day taking over 16lbs of silver’s. The overall weight of the day was 138 lbs 6 oz and this included some Perch but was mainly Roach and Rudd.

1st      B Webber              16-13-0
2nd    L Drury                  15-11-0
3rd    W Marchant          11-14-0


Tesco Canal | 1  Nov 2011 | Concessionary Match | 21 fished

The canal at Tesco’s was the venue for a Tuesday’s concessionary match. A good turnout of match men attended as 21 keen anglers lined the banks but only half of them manage to find any fish. Four competitors broke the one pound barrier and the top man on the day was Chris Robertson, his 1 lb 1 oz was enough for him to take the prize money.


Golf Course Canal | 25 Oct 2011 | Concessionary Match | 17 fished

Tuesday’s concessionary match was fished on the golf club stretch of the canal. Seventeen matchmen turned out on the day to try their skills in bringing fish to the net. However due to the bright sunny conditions and clear water only nine managed to bring fish to the scales. Bill Woolcott managed to catch over 2lbs of small roach to take the prize money.

1st    B Woolcott          2-6-0
2nd  D Auston              1-0-0
3rd    C Robertson      0-12-0

Bill’s 2lb 6oz winning bag.

Tesco Canal | 23 Oct 2011 | Club Match |

Sunday’s club match was fished at Tesco’s on the canal. Although the conditions were not ideal with clear water and bright sunshine everybody managed to catch fish.  Mostly small Roach but a few nice perch were also landed.  The honours went to Ray Ankin with just over four pounds. 

1st     Ray Ankin       4-2-0
2nd    S Willis            3-4-0
3rd     S Bridges       3-1-0
4th     S Root             2-11-0


Black Bridge Boreham Canal | 18 Oct 2011 | Concessionary Match | 15 fished

The river at Black Bridge Boreham was the venue for Tuesday’s match and 15 concessionary members struggle to get a bite and half of them did not even make the scales. The fish of the day seemed to be tiny perch as Malcolm Willis tempted a few to make a winning weight of 14 ounces.

1st       M Willis                   0-14-0
2nd     L Drury                   0-8-0
3rd     C Robertson          0-6-0


Bog Grove | 11 Oct 201 1 | Concessionary Match | 20 fished

Bog Grove hosted Tuesday’s concessionary match and twenty member’s tried their luck. The match was a pair’s match and the dynamic duo on the day was Les Drury and Chris Robertson. With a combined weight of 48lbs they made sure of victory.

1.  L Drury & C Robertson        48-0-0
2.  J Woodhams & D Foster     29-13-0
3.  T Claydon & D Taylor          8-2-0

Slough House Farm | 9 Oct 2011 | Club Match |

Sunday’s club match was fished at Slough House Farm and again there were some very good weights. Joe Harber had the best of the day by amassing an impressive weight of over 36lbs. This was made up of Roach and Rudd tempted by maggot and hemp seed.

1st    J Harber      36-10-0
2nd   S Root          31-3-0
3rd   K Willis       28-12-0
4th   S Bridges    20-12-0

Joe’s winning bag.

Howells | 8-9 Oct 2011 | Alan Hare Carp Trophy Carp Match Final | 8 fished

12 people had qualified for the final but only 8 turned up:

1st   Pete Newell           78lb 1oz    (won £40)
2nd  Dean Andrews     42lb 10oz  (won £30)
3rd   Ben Milne              19lb 8oz    (won £10)

The biggest fish caught over all of the matches was Chris Scales 25lb 6oz Common which won Chris £30.

Total prize money paid out = £110.
Slough House Farm | 4 Oct 2011 | Concessionary Match | 22 fished

An excellent turn out of matchmen saw 22 keen anglers fish at Slough House Farm on Tuesdays concessionary match.  At the final whistle over 256lbs of silver fish were brought to the scales, these were mainly Roach and Rudd but a Tench and a Perch also made a show. Weighing in over 23lbs Les Drury took the top spot, fishing in the reeds at the left hand end of the lake, he netted some fine Roach.

1       L Drury 23-3-0
2       D Foster 18-7-0
3=    A Beard  16-10-0
3=   A Saggs 16-10-0


Heybridge Basin Canal | 27 Sep 2011 | Concessionary Match – Ted Cornwell Memorial Cup | 19 fished

On Tuesday at Heybridge Basin the Ted Cornwell Memorial Cup was fished for. Nineteen concessionary members tested their skills to lift the trophy. Although the fish were reluctant to take the bait, Vic Dadd did manage to temp enough of them to secure victory. The cup was presented to the winner by Mrs Rosemary Cousins (Ted’s wife). Thanks must go to her for attending the match and most of the anglers had their chance to reminisce stories about Ted’s fishing days.

1st  V Dadd            3-10-0
2nd B Webber       3-3-0
3rd  W Woolcott  3-0-0

Vic receiving the cup from Rosemary.


Heybridge Basin Canal | 25 Sep 2011 | Club Match – Lloyd Druce Memorial Cup |

1st     J. Harber        6-15-0
2nd   L. Druce          5-15-0
3rd   S. Root             5-5-0
4th   M. Campion   4-14-8

Won by Joe Harber pictured here receiving the trophy from Tony’s son Lloyd (who finished second).


Slough House Farm | 17-18 Sep 2011 | Alan Hare Cup Carp Match | 8 fished

1st     Shaun McGuiness   60lb 4oz    (3 fish including Mirrors of 21lb 2oz & 23lb 8oz)

2nd   Chris Scales            10lb 10oz  (1 fish)
4 fish caught and 7 lost.  £80 raised for carp stock fund.


Cuton Lakes | 6 Sep 2011 | Concessionary Match (AWAY round 2 of 2) | 12 fished

On Tuesday Cuton Lakes hosted the second leg of the Cuton Cup Match. The overall winner this year was John Woodhams with a combined weight of 41-4-0. Only twelve anglers fished the poorly attended second leg because of the bad weather. MAS members would like to thank Neil Copeland the owner of Cuton Lakes for the good competition and arrangements. The competition will be again held at the same venue next year.

Combined weights for both matches:

1st      J Woodhams        41-4-0
2nd    D Foster                 36-14-0
3rd    W Claydon             19-1-0

John being presented with the Cuton Cup by Neil.


Slough House Farm | 30 Aug 2011 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished

Slough House Farm produced some nice Roach and Rudd at Tuesday’s concessionary match. Nineteen members attended and all had fish at the final whistle. Dave Foster had the best of the sport fishing in the reeds at the far right hand end of the lake. He ended the day with over 13lbs of silver fish but alas no Tench.

1st        D Foster       13-15-0
2nd      A Savage      12-2-0
3rd       D Harley       10-4-0

Rook Hall | 23 Aug 2011 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished

Nineteen concessionary matchmen attended Tuesdays match at Rook Hall. Most anglers had a good day catching small Rudd and Roach but the fish all were looking for was the Tench. Rook Hall has an excellent head of Tench and John Woodhams found eight of them, only small but just enough to pip Kim Naish who was only 11ozs behind.

1st        J Woodhams          12-7-0
2nd      K Naish                     11-12-0
3rd       D Foster                   9-15-0

John’s best Tench of the match.
Rook Hall | 21 Aug 2011 | Interclub Match vs Does (HOME) | Jimmy Jones Memorial Shield

The return match with Doe’s Angling Club was held at Rook Hall on Sunday. MAS had a good win on the day beating DAC by 6 points. However due to MAS trailing by 15 points from the first match DAC won the series by 9 points and took the Jimmy Jones Memorial Shield.

1st      B Lewis             (Does AC)        42-14-0
2nd   G Goodchild    (Maldon AS)   36-2-0
3rd   M Campion       (Does AC)         17-3-0
4th   D Miller              (Does AC)         15-6-0

Brian’s winning net of carp.

Does AC winning team with the Jimmy Jones Memorial Shield.
Howells | 20-21 Aug 2011 | Carp Match | 4 fished

1st   Pete Newell    87lb 2oz
(included Mirrors of 24lb 14oz and 25lb 4oz and a 22lb 4oz Common)
4 fish caught, one fish lost.
Basingstoke Canal | 20 Aug 2011 | Angling Trust Division 2 National (AWAY)| 470 fished

Maldon Angling Society’s match fishing team achieved a fantastic 3rd place in the Angling Trust Division 2 National. The match was fished on the Basingstoke canal on Saturday 20th August. 47 teams fished the match and each team was made up of 10 members. The conditions were not good and all struggled to catch fish, however MAS team stuck rigidly to their match plan and all caught fish giving the team 311 points, enough to take the Bronze medals, 3rd place and promotion to the  Angling Trust’s Division 1.  I understand that the MAS team are already making plans to practice for the Angling Trust’s  Division 1 match which will be fished on the Bristol Avon on 18th August next year.
The team members are (not in order): Russell Samuels, Roger Church, Trevor Stacey, Lloyd Druce, Geoff Forman, Arron Goodchild, Mick Burrell, Andy Stebbin, and Steve Holden:

Congratulations must also go to Lee Tomlin who came third overall individually, fishing for the Billericay Angling Club team he had a weight of 25lbs 5oz.

Tesco’s Canal | 16 Aug 2011 | Concessionary Match |

Although there was quite a lot of duck weed making fishing a bit hard a good show of matchmen turned out for Tuesday’s concessionary match on the canal at Tesco’s. Only one man broke the three pound barrier and that was Vic Dadd he landed a nice Tench of 4lbs plus which gave him the silver ware the Askew Cup.

1st     V Dadd        5-3-0
2nd   D Harley    2-12-0
3rd    A Saggs       2-7-0

Vic Dadd’s first place catch.

Vic Dadd receiving the Askew Cup from John Woodhams.


Rook Hall | 13 Aug 2011 | Presidents Trophy Club Match | 24 fished

The Presidents Match was fished on all three lakes at Rook Hall on Saturday. This match is fished between the MAS Committee Members and the Club Members, each team had 12 anglers and this year the Committee Members had a great victory with them taking the first three places. Danny Gower had over 46lbs of carp from the middle lake followed by Paul Kyffin whose 24lbs+ from the far lake included two nice carp of 9.08 and 10.04 along with 5lbs of silver fish.  John Woodhams finished third overall fishing the first lake with almost 18lbs made up of  nice Tench and silver fish. All anglers managed to catch fish.

Individual weights:

1st        Danny Gower           (Committee)            46lb 12oz
2nd      Paul Kyffin                (Committee)           24lb 14oz
3rd      John Woodhams    (Committee)            17lb 15oz
4th      Roger Church          (Presidents)              17lb 3oz

1st  Danny Gower (Committee)

2nd Paul Kyffin (Committee)

3rd John Woodhams (Committee)

Overall result:
Committee Team:                          123lb 15oz
Presidents (Members) Team:   92lb 3oz


Boreham Black Bridge – Canal | 9 Aug 2011 | Concessionary Match | 15 fished 

The MAS concessionary match on Tuesday was fished at Boreham Black Bridge on the river. Fifteen anglers made the effort but early fast flowing water made things a bit hard at the beginning of the match. Brian Webber found the right tactics and his net of Perch and small Roach gave him the honours on the day.

1st       B Webber            4-3-0
2nd    W Woollcott       3-8-0
3rd    A Beard                 3-0-0


Bog Grove | 2 Aug 2011 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished

Bog Grove hosted Tuesday’s concessionary match, and saw a good turnout of matchmen; nineteen lined the banks. The weather was kind and most anglers found the scales at the final whistle. The man to beat on his favourite water was John Woodhams and his five carp were ample to take top spot, but some nice Roach were also netted.

1st      J Woodhams        37-0-0
2nd   D Foster                   20-4-0
3rd   A Saggs                      11-1-0


Papermill Lock – Canal | 26 Jul 2011 | Concessionary Match | 14 fished

Paper Mill Lock hosted Tuesday’s concessionary match and fourteen keen members tried their luck to pick up the Alf Burton Trophy. Alf was a keen angler but sadly is no longer with us. His late wife Mary agreed to present the cup to the winner and many thanks must go to her for making the time and effort to do so, next year the venue will be a lot easier on the legs. This year’s victor was Dave Harley and although no big weights were recorded his catch was enough to secure the trophy.

1st     D Harley          2-13-0
2nd     W Woolcott      2-5-0
3rd      D Foster           1-15-0

Dave Harley with his winning weight and receiving the trophy from Mary Burton.


Heybridge Basin Canal | 24 Jul 2011 | Interclub Match vs CAA| 

Maldon AS hosted an inter club match against Chelmsford AA on the canal at Heybridge Basin. Although Kelvin Willis, Maldon Team Captain, took the honours with a net of 7lbs plus of skimmers the rest of the team struggled allowing Chelmsford to win the match by 28 points.

1st          K Willis                  (MAS)        7-14-0
2nd=     J Christiansen    (CAA)        2-13-0
2nd=     C Cawston             (CAA)        2-13-0
3rd        J Clark                    (CAA)        2-7-8


Little London Reservoir | 19 Jul 2011 | Concessionary match | 13 fished

Tuesdays Concessionary match was held at Little London Reservoir and a nice brace of Bream fell to Chris Robertson’s feeder rig. Only thirteen matchmen turned out for the event and all enjoyed the day but most only weighted in ounces.

1st      C Robertson     8-2-0
2nd    B Webber          6-0-0
3rd     D Foster            3-4-0


Totham Pit | 16-17 Jul 2011 | Carp Match | 4 fished

1st    Chris Scales        67lb
2nd   Tony Hayden    25lb 7oz
3rd   Pete Newell         16lb 8oz
Twitty Fee No.2 | 17 Jul 2011 | Interclub Match vs Does (AWAY) | Jimmy Jones Memorial Shield

 Sunday saw the first leg of an interclub match with Doe’s  fished at their water Twitty Fee No2 lake. Doe’s managed to take the first three places to win this leg by 15 points. Gavin Askew put local knowledge to good use and amassed a good net of Carp for 107lbs plus. The next leg will be held at Heybridge basin on 28 July which is Maldon’s water and hopefully the tables will be turned!

1st     G Askew       (Does AC)      107-7-0
2nd   G Childs        (Does AC)     87-2-0
3rd    K Willacey  (Does AC)     78-6-0

Sadly Does AC member Jimmy Jones, who was due to fish this match, passed away unexpectedly in the week leading up to the match and this two legged match will now be fished annually in his honour as the Jimmy Jones Memorial Shield.


Cuton Lakes | 12 Jul 2011 | Concessionary Match (AWAY round 1 of 2) | 17 fished

The first match of a two match series was fished at the Cuton Lakes on Tuesday. Seventeen concessionary matchmen attended and all had a good days fishing. The weather stayed fine and thanks must go to Neil Copeland (the owner) for an enjoyable day. Nice Roach and some sizeable Bream were netted and a few small Carp also made a show. Dave Foster found the method on the day and skilfully netted over 36lbs of fish. The trophy winner will be decided on the next leg, which will be fished on the 6th September.

 1st       D Foster               36-14-0
2nd     J Woodhams      26-4-0
3rd     W Claydon           15-10-0


Layer Marney No.3 | 10 Jul 2011 | Club Match (AWAY) |

Sunday’s club match was fished on Kelvedon’s water at Layer Marney Reservoir No3 and all MAS members caught silver fish. Steve Root managed to have a good catch of Roach and Rudd  with over 12lbs in his net at the end of the match.

1st      S Root                 12-9-8
2nd    K Willis               7-11-8
3rd    J Woodhams    5-13-0
4th    G Webber           5-0-0


Heybridge Basin Canal | 5 Jul 2011 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished

Nineteen concessionary match men enjoyed fine weather on the canal at Heybridge Basin. The water was gin clear not the best conditions for fishing as the weights proved, all but two anglers struggled to make the 2lb barrier. But after losing a 5lb Tench, Les Drury went on to net another good fish to take top spot. This week’s MAS Concessionary match is away at Cuton Lakes.

1st     L Drury              7-1-0
2nd   J Woodhams    2-6-0
3rd   A Knight             1-15-0


Beeleigh Canal | 3 Jul 2011 | CAA Club Match | 17 fished

Chelmsford AA fished their first Canal match of the new season at Beeleigh just before the “dead section”, seventeen matchmen took part. Although the conditions were not good, bright sunshine and gin clear water; all managed to catch fish. Geoff Goodchild showed how it was done by fishing hemp to gain a net of over 10lbs of good Roach.

1st      G Goodchild    10-14-0
2nd    A Hughes          5.15-0
3rd     C Cawston        3-13-0


Rook Hall | 28 Jun 2011 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished

Rook Hall hosted Tuesday’s cup match. This was the Senior Citizens Trophy. Nineteen matchmen braved the weather and most got a good soaking as rain thunder and lightning spoiled a good days fishing. John Woodhams took home the silverware catching four nice Tench plus some good Roach.  He ended the match with a net of 19lbs.

1st      J Woodhams     19-0-0
2nd    B Webber            14-13-0
3rd    W Woollcott       11-4-0

Canal – Browns Wharf | 26 Jun 2011 | Club Match | 9 fished

Browns Wharf was the venue for Sunday’s club match, nine matchmen turned out to fish this venue that has not been used for matches for some time. Conditions were not good with bright sunshine and clear water but all managed to catch fish. Lloyd Druce fishing peg 9 where a “Horseshoe “ was found just before the match, made the most of this lucky omen and had a nice bag of Roach of over 8lbs to take the honours.

1st      L Druce      8-14-0
2nd    J Harber    8-9-0
3rd    K Willis       5-4-0
4th    R Church    4-15-0

The lucky omen comes up trumps – Lloyd with his winning net of fish.

Kelvin’s third place 5lb 4oz bag

What do you reckon?


Canal – Tesco Stretch | 21 Jun 2011 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished

The first match of 2011 on the canal was fished at the Tesco’s stretch. Blanket weed and cabbage spoiled the day but still nineteen concessionary matchmen braved the conditions.  Fishing the end peg at the Chapman’s end Dave Foster skilfully coaxed a 5lb plus Bream to his bait and took the prize money, most of the other competitors struggled to make a pound.

1st      D Foster           5-4-0
2nd    A Saggs            2-7-0
3rd    C Robertson   1-14-0


River Stour at Dedham | 19 Jun 2011 | Club Match (AWAY) | 14 fished

1st    D Filkins           (KDAA)   1-3-0
2nd   M Campbell   (KDAA)  0-12-0
3rd   P Turner          (KDAA)  0-11-0
4th   S Root               (MAS)     0-10-0

Everybody else blanked (only 8 fish caught in total).


Slough House Farm | 7 Jun 2011 | Concessionary Match | 18 fished

Eighteen keen concessionary matchmen turned up for Tuesday match at Slough House Farm. Everyone had a good day and all weighed in a catch. The fish of the day seemed to be mainly Roach and Rudd but some 4lbs plus Tench were also netted. Vic Dadd had the best day with a nice catch of over 20lbs of silvers.

1st    V Dadd              20-9-0
2nd D Foster             18-10-0
3rd  J Woodhams   16-8-0
4th A Saggs               10-9-0


Whitehouse Farm | 31 May 2011 | Concessionary Match | 10 fished

Whitehouse Farm failed to attract the anglers on Tuesday’s concessionary match. Only ten members tried their luck and only five of them made the scales. John Woodhams using pellet on the long pole had the best day, he even lost six Carp but managed to weigh in a winning weight of over 25lbs. Kim Naish lost an epic battle of over thirty minutes with a Carp, probably a twenty pounder! Hard luck Kim.

 1st   J Woodhams  25-7-0
2nd  D Foster           7-14-0
3rd  A Beard            1-12-0


Church Gate Fishery (Away) | 29 May 2011 | Club Match | 12 fished

Sundays club match was fished on an away water Church Gate Fishery. A good turn out of members saw all catch fish and most nets were in double fugues. John Woodhams fishing a sheltered spot out of the wind managed to bring over 70lbs to the net. He had some quality Bream, Roach and a nice Goldfish of over a pound in his haul.
1st J Woodhams (MAS)  70-9-0
2nd K Willis (MAS)  43-0-0
3rd S Root (MAS)  38-0-0
4th D Filkins (KDAA)  28-1-0
 Steve Root’s 38lb bag.
 Kelvin’s 43lb haul.
Part of John’s winning catch.
Rook Hall | 24 May 2011 | Concessionary Pairs Match | 18 fished
Rook Hall hosted Tuesdays pairs match and eighteen concessionary matchmen attended. Nice weather saw the dynamic duo of John Woodhams and Les Drury take some good Tench, Rudd and Roach to amass a winning weight of over 12lbs, not a big weight but enough to take the prize money.
1st J Woodhams & L Drury 12-7-0
2nd A Knight & A Saggs 11-12-0
3rd D Auston & A Beard 10-6-0

Little London | 17 May 2011 | Concessionary Match | 12 fished

Fish were reluctant to feed at Tuesdays concessionary match at Little London Reservoir. Twelve matchmen had good weather, but the man to beat on the day was Dave Foster, and he struggled to break the two pound barrier.
1st   D Foster  2-10-0
2nd  V Dadd    2-5-0
3rd   A Saggs  1-15-0


Howells | 14-15 May 2011 | Carp Match |

1st  Chris Scales  115lb

2nd  Pete Newell  110lb 4oz

3rd  Kris Garrett   66lb 3oz

Biggest fish caught weighed 28lb 10oz

Total weight of carp caught was 415lb 14oz

£70 raised for carp stock fund.

Little Park | 10 May 2011 | Concessionary Match |

Tuesdays concessionary match was fished at Little Parks Langford and was for the Dennis Penn Trophy with the match starting at 2pm. There was a very good turnout of members and Kim Naish turned up to defend the cup. It looked a great day for fishing with good weather and calm conditions but no one told the fish which were very hard to tempt to the net. Les Drury again using his secret bait on the method feeder managed to catch only two Bream, one of 8lbs 2oz and the other 6lbs 10oz to win the trophy.  Kim could only manage 11oz and reluctantly had to hand over the Dennis Penn Trophy. Only five other matchmen managed to get over a pound of fish with a couple of nice Roach showing.

1st L Drury                  14-12 0
2nd J Woodhams      2-9-0
3rd =  P Bird                1-12-0
3rd= D Frost               1-12-0
5th A Knight              1-6-0

Les, Peter, Derek and John (but not in that order) at Little Park
 Les Drury receives his trophy from John
Rook Hall | 8 May 2011 | Club Match | 17 fished
Sundays club match was fished at Rook Hall and there was a good attendance of seventeen matchmen. The weather was perfect and all competitors managed to bring fish to the scales.  Some nice Tench were caught but the winning weight was made up of mainly Rudd and Roach. Dave Filkins, fishing a whip baited with maggot amassed an impressive catch of over 24lbs.  Not only did he take the prize money but he also won the “Golden Peg” which added extra to his winnings, well done Dave!
1st   D Filkins (KDAA)    24-14-0
2nd  L Druce (MAS)    16-6-0
3rd  G Webber (MAS)  12-7-0
4th  M Chalk (KDAA)     12-0-0
Totham Pit | 3 May 2011 | Concessionary Match | 17 fished
Totham Pit hosted Tuesday’s concessionary match and seventeen matchmen attended. Although Don Carter found two nice Tench the rest of the anglers struggled to find any fish, and only three broke the one pound barrier. Nine competitors failed to get their nets wet.
1st   D Carter   6-3-0
2nd  V Dadd    4-0-0
3rd  A Knight  1-13-0
4th  D Harley  0-13-0
Slough House Farm | 26 Apr 2011 | Concessionary Match | 15 fished
An excellent concessionary match was fished at Slough House Farm on Tuesday. Fifteen anglers enjoyed good weather and all had nice bags of Roach and Rudd at the final whistle. Some nice Tench were also weighed in. Fishing at the reeded end of the lake Les Drury had the best day, weighing in over 20lbs of fish he won the “Over Sixty’s” trophy.
1st    L Drury           20-7-0
2nd  V Dadd            19-12-0
3rd   K Leveret       17-9-0
4th   A Freeman   16-12-0
Bog Grove | 24 Apr 2011 | Club Match |
Sundays club match was fished at Bog Grove and was a silver fish only match.  A good turn out of members attended. Kelvin Willis fishing a 3 meter whip amassed 18lbs plus of small Roach, Rudd and Gudgeon. All competitors managed to bring fish to the scales.
1st    K Willis    18-7-0
2nd  S Root      12-13-0
3rd   D Filkins   9-2-0
Whitehouse Farm | 19 Apr 2011 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished
Tuesdays concessionary match was held at Whitehouse Farm, 19 matchmen turned out fully expecting some good weights. The weather was bright and sunny but the fish were not playing and only four managed to bring fish to the scales. Les Dury only had one bite which resulted in an 18lb Common Carp which won the match. The other three matchmen caught small Roach.  Keith, who came second, said later in JP Tackle  ‘I couldn’t believe it, I had landed over 100 roach and was in first position with only 5 minutes to go when Les hooked and landed an 18lb carp to win the match’.
1st   L Dury         18-0-0
2nd  K Leverton    2-2-0
3rd  J Woodhams 0-11-0
Rook Hall Front Lake | 12 Apr 2011 | Concessionary Match | 20 fished
Rook Hall was the venue for the Concessionary match on Tuesday and a good turnout of 20 members took part in this first points match of the new season. Kim Naish, who has been unable to take part in recent concessionary matches due to other commitments, showed that he had not lost any of his skills by his absence. He won the day with a net full of Rudd, Roach and Ide for a weight of over 9lb.  Fishing red maggot on the pole was his winning method.
1st         K Naish              9-8-0
2nd       L Dury                 8-1-0
3rd=     D Foster               6-10-0
3rd=     C Robertson        6-10-0
It is rumoured that Kim’s correct choice of hat for the match conditions on the day is the secret to his success.
Bog Grove | 5 Apr 2011 | Concessionary Match | 14 fished
On Tuesday Bog Grove was the venue for the concessionary match, fourteen matchmen enjoyed the days fishing. Les Drury had the limelight on the day, fishing the right hand bank on the method. He weighed in over 24 lbs, this included two nice Bream. The second and third matchmen weighed in Carp of over 9 lbs.
1st     L Drury            24-7-0
2nd   J Woodhams      20-2-0
3rd   D Carter           13 -2-0
4th   B Webber         6-8-0

Slough House Farm | 2-3 Apr 2011 | Alan Hare Cup Carp Match (first of new season) | 9 fished

1st     Dean Andrews    46lb 9oz  (4 fish)

2nd   Chris Scales       30lb 5oz  (3 fish)

3rd   Kris Milton           17lb 2oz  (1 fish)

11 fish caught and 7 lost.  £90 raised for carp stock fund.

Oak Tree Lakes Southminster (Away) | 27 Mar 2011 | Club Match |
Sundays club match was the final away match of the season and was fished at Oak Tree Lakes Southminster. After good practice results were  recorded the lake looked in top condition for some good weights but they failed to materialise. Joe Harber found the method to draw the fish to his net. Fishing red maggot just off the bottom he found over 2lbs of fish to win the match.
1st     J Harber   2-9-0
2nd   S Root      1-14-0
3rd    S Willis    1-6-8
Tesco Canal | 13 Mar 2011 | Club Match | 15 fished
Sundays club match was held on the canal at Tesco’s and a good turn out of 15 members took part. Conditions were perfect for a good days fishing, although some struggled to get a reasonable weight but all made it to the scales. Joe Harber fishing bread punch found a nice Bream plus Skimmers and Roach for a weight of 9lbs plus. John Woodhams the “Birthday Boy” was hoping for a good weight but failed to make the frame (better luck next year).
1st    J Harber   9-9-8
2nd  R Church  4-13-8
3rd   D Foster   4-9-0
4th   K Willis    4-7-0
Joe’s winning bag.
Heybridge Basin Canal | 8 Mar 2011 | Concessionary Match | 18 fished
A frosty cold morning greeted 18 Concessionary anglers on the canal at Heybridge Basin. The weather did turn out fine but the fish were hard to find and bites were rare. Fishing favoured peg3 Chris Robertson made the most of it, and caught small Roach from the start, he ended the match with a well earned 3lbs 7ozs of fish and the winners place.
1st  C Robertson  3-7-0
2nd  D Harley       2-9-0
3rd   D Foster      1-4-0
4th  B Webber     0-14-0
Slough House Farm | 27 Feb 2011 | Club Match | 11 fished
Slough House Farm was the venue for the club match.  A good turn out of matchmen attended and the water looked in top condition, pity the weather could not of been kinder what with the strong winds and then the rain. Kelvin Willis fishing peg 2 which was a sheltered swim, took the honours with a good bag of quality Roach of over 20lbs. Fishing maggot just off the bottom he manged to keep the fish feeding throughout the match.
1st   K Willis    20-4-0
2nd  J Harber  12-8-0
3rd   K Naish   12-1-0
 Kelvin with his winning bag of Roach from Slough House Farm.
Tesco’s Canal | 6 Feb 2011 | Club Match |

A good turn out for the club match was achieved despite the strong winds on the canal at Tesco’s. The winds did not put the Roach off feeding and most matchmen  managed to bring fish to the net but the strong winds made detecting the bites hard. Russel Samuel’s managed a good 4lbs plus to take the day.

1st   Russel Samuels  4.13.0
2nd  Kelvin Willis        4.2.0
3rd   Lloyd Druce       2.15.8


Causeway Bank  Canal | 30 Jan 2011 | Club Match | 14 fished

1st      Roger Church   1-9-0
2nd    Mick Burrell      1-0-8
3rd=  Steve Bridges   0-6-0
3rd=  Lloyd Druce     0-6-0


Tesco’s Canal | 18 Jan 2011 | Concessionary Match | 16 fished

Sixteen concessionary members enjoyed the good weather on Tuesday’s match on the canal at Tesco’s. Most anglers moved the scale’s but only one broke the two pound barrier and that was Bill Woolcott, fishing to the left of Tesco’s just inside the trees his bag of Perch and Roach was enough to secure top spot. The third concessionary series winner of 2010 was Vic Dadd with a score of 15 points.
1st   W Woolcott  2-3-0
2nd D Harley       1-8-0
3rd  L Drury         1-6-0
4th  V Dadd         1-1-0

Tesco’s Canal | 4 Jan 2011 | Concessionary Christmas Match | 15 fished

At last the Christmas Concessionary match was fished at Tesco’s. Fifteen matchmen donned there Xmas hats and tried their luck. The water looked very fishable with a slight colour but not to much flow plus the rain kept at bay, the only problem was the fish were very reluctant to play. Only one angler broke the pound barrier with a weight of 1lbs 11oz and that was Brian Webber. The only consolation was that everyone went home with a prize. Dave Harley, Vic Dadd and Kieth Leveret also donated some prizes but thanks must go to MAS Committee for the majority of gifts.
1st    B Webber   1-11-0
2 nd  V Dadd       0-11-0
A Beard      0-11-0
D Carter      0-11-0
M Willis      0-11-0

The Xmas match presentation.

Dave Harley the  winner  of the second points series matches with his trophy.



Bog Grove | 23 Nov 2010 | Concessionary Match |

This weeks concessionary match was fished at Bog Grove. It was requested that this be a Silver fish only match so any Carp that were caught were returned without being weighed. The left hand corner peg drawn by Dave Foster produced the best weight of the day as he found  a nice shoal of small Roach and using a whip won the match with a weight of over 5lbs.
1st    D Foster         5-7-0
2nd  L Drury          5-6-0
3rd  B Webber       4-3-0
4th  W Woolcott   4-1-0
Chelmer and Blackwater Canal – Paper Mill | 21 Nov 2010 | Club Match |
The senior club match was fished at Paper Mills on Sunday.  The recent cold weather and clear water conditions made catching fish difficult. However Russell Samuels found himself in front of a shoal of Roach and managed a winning weight of over 7lbs, while other matchmen struggled to bring a pound of fish to the net.
1st    R Samuels   7-14-8
2nd  S Root          1-6-8
3rd  A Cooper     1-5-0
Russell with his winning net of Roach
Russ swings in one of his winning bag of Roach
Graham Webber waiting for the next bite
Chelmer and Blackwater Canal – Boreham Black Bridge | 16 Nov 2010 | Concessionary Match |
Black Bridge at Boreham failed to produce the fish on Tuesdays concessionary match. A hard frost in the morning made fishing hard work but Allan Beard coaxed one small Perch to his bait and took top spot. Second and third could not even make the ounce.
1st        A Beard                     0-2-0
2nd=   D Harley                   0-0-8
2nd=   K Leverett               0-0-8
Totham Pit | 9 Nov 2010 | Concessionary Match | 13 fished
High winds and rain made it a hard match at Totham Pit on Tuesday’s concessionary match. Thirteen members struggled for the bites and some ended the day with empty nets. Vic Dadd broke the 2lbs barrier on the day with some nice Perch but most anglers were glad to get home.
1st    Vic Dadd           2-13-0
2nd  Allan Knight    2-7-0
3rd   Dave Harley    1-11-0


Lakelands (Away) | 7 Nov 2010 | Club Match | 8 fished

Sundays senior club match was fished at Laklands. With a sharp frost and a cold wind conditions were not looking good for the match. John Woodhams fishing peg No1 took the conditions in his stride and fishing pellet and had an excellent winning weight of mixed fish which included some nice Tench and Carp for a weight of over 31lbs.

1st   John Woodhams    31-9-0
2nd  Kelvin Willis            23-12-0
3rd  Graham Webber      7-1-0


John with part of his winning weight holding a nice Tench.

Chelmer and Blackwater Canal – Tesco Stretch | 2 Nov 2010 | Ted Cornwell Cup Concessionary Match | 20 fished

On Tuesday at the canal at Tesco’s the Ted Cornwell Trophy was fished for. An excellent attendance of members saw twenty matchmen try their skill, many of them remembering Ted Cornwell very well and recalling memories of when he used to fish with us. Teds wife kindly attended the match and presented the trophy to this years winner. Catching some skimmers and small Roach Peter Bird took honours this year and accepted the trophy from Mrs Cousins.

1st      Peter Bird             3lb 11oz
2nd     Albert Saggs        2lb 11oz
3rd      Les Drury              1lb 9oz
4th=   Chris Robertson  1lb 8oz
4th=   Brian Webber       1lb 8oz

Mrs R Cousins presenting Peter Bird with the Ted Cornwell Cup which was fished at Tesco’s on the canal. Peter seems to be taking all the clubs “Silver” this season!

Bog Grove | 26 Oct 2010 | Over 60′s Concessionary Match | 18 fished

Bog Grove hosted the over sixty’s match on Tuesday and a good turn out of members saw 18 fish the match. Allan Knight one of the MAS Bailiffs for the water knew the answers and landed some nice Carp to take his winning weight to over 24lbs. Colder weather will affect the future match weights but hopefully not the attendances.
1st    A Knight        24-9-0
2nd  D Foster       13-8-0
3rd   W Claydon   10-4-0
4th   B Webber     7-10-0
Chelmer and Blackwater Canal – Papermill Lock | 24 Oct 2010 | Interclub Match | 
Sunday saw the inter club match between Maldon, Chelmsford and Billericay angling clubs fished at Paper Mills on the canal. Yet again Maldon were victorious with Lloyd Druce producing a winning weight of over 15lbs of quality Roach to help the Maldon Team. All managed to catch fish with lots of good Roach falling to bread punch in the later half of the match.
Individual Result
1st    L Druce        15-11-8
2nd  G Goodchild 13-7-0
3rd   A Goodchild  12-10-0
Team Result
1st   MAS    55-7-8
2nd  CAA    54-8-0
3rd   BDAC  27-5-0
Chelmer and Blackwater Canal – Golf Course stretch | 19 Oct 2010 | Concessionary Match | 17 fished
The Golf  Course stretch of the canal failed to produced any reasonable weights for the concessionary match on Tuesday.  17 members could only produce ounces at the final whistle.  Only one angler broke the pound barrier and that was Les Drury who scraped over a pound of small Roach to take the honours.
1st    L Drury          1-4-0
2nd  D Carter         0-12-0
3rd   C Robertson   0-6-8

Little London | 12 Oct 2010 | Concessionary Match |

Most matchmen struggled for a decent weight on Tuesdays concessionary match at Little London Reservoir. Fishing the swim nearest the car park produced the best day for Albert Saggs, he found some nice Perch and Roach to end the match with a hard earned 3lbs plus.
1st   A Saggs 3-2-0
2nd  L Drury  2-3-0
3rd  P Bird    2-1-0
Chelmer and Blackwater Canal – Chapmans | 10 Oct 2010 | Stan Farrer Memorial Trophy Club Match | 12 fished

 Sunday saw the Stan Farrar Memorial cup being fished for at Chapmans on the canal. The weather was fine and Sunny which put the fish off but all managed to catch fish. Roger Church managed a mixed bag of over 7lbs to take the cup off Lloyd Druce last years winner who only managed to come second.

1st     Roger Church     7lb 10oz
2nd   Lloyd Druce        4lb 10oz 8dr
3rd   Jo Harber              4lb 2oz
4th   Geoff Foreman   3lb 10oz

chapmans 026

Roger Church receiving the Stan Farrar Memorial cup form last years winner Lloyd Druce

Slough House Farm | 9-10 Oct 2010 | Carp Match Final | 8 fished

The Alan Hare Carp Match final was fished at Slough House Farm in Scraley Road Heybridge on the 9th and 10th October.  9 people qualified for this 24 hour match and 8 people fished.  12 fish were caught and the winner was Robert Smith for the second year running with 45lb of carp comprising two 16lb Mirrors and a 13lb Common.  The biggest carp caught in all the matches was a 25lb 9oz Linear Mirror caught by Kris Garrett who won £30 and was awarded the Specimen Carp Shield.

Chelmer and Blackwater Canal – Tesco stretch | 5 Oct 2010 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished

The canal at Tesco’s hosted the concessionary match on Tuesday. Nineteen anglers fished the match and seven failed to make the scales. The water was gin clear but Peter Bird with bread ‘punched’ his way to a weight of over 8lbs and deserved the Askew Cup and first place. This is the second trophy Peter has lifted this month.

1st      Peter Bird                  8lb 11oz
2nd= Chris Robertson  5lb 2oz
2nd=  Don Carter            5lb 2oz
4th=  Bob Pallett            4lb 11oz
4th=  Malcolm Willis    4lb 11oz

Peter.birdPeter Bird  receiving the Askew cup from John Woodhams.


Chelmer and Blackwater Canal – Cuton Sandon Lock | 3 Oct 2010 | Club Match |

Sunday’s club match was fished at Cuton, Sandon Lock on the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation, this venue has not been used for matches for several years. After Steve Root had a net of 12lbs plus of quality Roach and all competitors had fish in their nets at the end of the match, this venue will feature again in future matches!

1st   Steve Root       12-3-0
2nd  Lloyd Druce   11-8-0
3rd  Joe Harber      6-0-0
4th  Steve Willis     4-15-0
Rook Hall | 28 Sep 2010 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished

Rook Hall saw an excellent turn out of matchmen on Tuesdays concessionary match. Although the bigger fish were hard to find, some reasonable nets of Roach, Rudd and Perch were weighed in. Taking top spot by just one ounce John Woodhams found over 8lbs of fish. Some swims were very weedy but competitors made the most of it and all enjoyed the day.

1st   John Woodhams    8lb 15oz
2nd  Brian Webber         8lb 14oz
3rd  Bob Pallett              6lb 15oz
4th  Keith Leverett       6lb 8oz
Papermilll Lock | 21 Sep 2010 | Concessionary Match | 16 fished

1st   John Woodhams    6lb –
2nd  Les Drury                5lb 11oz
3rd  Chris Robertson    5lb 9oz
4th  Brian Webber         4lb 9oz
Bog Grove | 14 Sep 2010 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished

1st   Albert Kitchen   27lb 9oz
2nd  Allan Knight      21lb 2oz
3rd  Keith Leverett   13lb 10oz
4th  Brian Webber    13lb 7oz

Heybridge Basin Canal | 12 Sep 2010 | ClubMatch | 
Tony Druce Memorial Trophy

On Sunday the Tony Druce Memorial Trophy was fished at Heybridge Basin. This was one of Tony’s favourite venues and memories of him standing behind you when you were fishing telling you how to fish are still vivid. There was a good turn out for Tony and all managed to catch fish. The victor this year was Mick Burrell who managed an 8lbs plus bag of Roach on hemp seed.

1st   Mick Burrell         8-14-0  (Roach on hemp)
2nd  Lloyd Druce         6-0-0
3rd  Joe Harber           5-6-0
4th  John Woodhams  5-3-0

Heybridge Basin M Burrell receiving trophy from Lloyd
Mick receiving the Tony Druce Memorial Trophy from Tony’s son Lloyd.
Heybridge Basin Canal | 7 Sep 2010 | Concessionary Match | Senior Citizens Trophy
The Senior Citizens Trophy was fished for on Tuesday on the canal at Heybridge Basin. A good show of competitors turned up for the match and the long walk to their pegs numbers  did not deter them. The weather was fine and Allan Beard made the most of it by having the winning weight of just over 5lbs. His mixed bag of Perch, Roach, Rudd and Skimmers was enough to secure the trophy for this year
1st   Allan Beard         5-1-0
2nd Bob Pallett          4-0-0
3rd  Brian Webber    3-1-0
A Beard receiving trophy from J Woodhams
Allan Beard receiving the Senior Citizens Trophy from John Woodhams.
Cuton Lakes | 31 Aug 2010 | Concessionary Match (Away) | 15 fished
The second leg of the Cuton Cup match was fished on Tuesday at the Cuton Fisheries at Chelmsford.  Peter  Bird was the overall winner with a combined weight of over 44lbs. A total of seventeen concessionary members fished one or both of the matches, and thanks must go to Neil Copeland the owner of the lakes for his hospitality and help on both of the matches.

Result on the day:

1st  Peter Bird   25lb –
2nd  Kim Naish  23lb 12oz
3rd  Les Drury  20lb 13oz
4th  Albert Kitchen  19lb 2oz
Combined result:

1st   Peter Bird                44lb 10oz
2nd  Kim Naish                34lb 9oz
3rd  Les Drury                 32lb 5oz
4th  John Woodhams     31lb 15oz

Neil Copeland Peter Bird Cuton Cup
Neil Copeland presenting Peter Bird with the Cuton Cup
Canal Boreham Black Bridge | 24 Aug 2010 | Concessionary Match |
The river at Blackbridge Boreham was the venue for Tuesday’s concessionary match. Although the river was running quite fast Les Drury managed to pip Dave Harley by 1 ounce and take the honours with a modest weight of over 4lbs.
1st   Les Drury                 4-11-0
2nd Dave Harly              4-10-0
3rd  John Woodhams   2-4-0
Rook Hall | 22 Aug 2010 | Club Match | 18 fished
Sunday saw the return match against Does Angling Club. The first match was held on the DAC water at Twitty Fee No2 lake which DAC won. The return match was held on MAS water at Rook Hall which is a complex of three lakes. All were used in the match and a good variety of fish were caught. MAS won the match with a total weight of over 99lbs but Dusty Miller won the individual top spot for DAC with over 31lbs made up of Tench, Bream and Rudd.

Individual results:

Far (Top) Lake:

1st  Kelvin Willis     MAS  30lb 10oz (included carp of 11lb 3oz and 11lb 4oz)

2nd  Gavin Askew   DAC  16lb 10oz
Middle Lake:

1st  Steve Willis     MAS  15lb 8oz

2nd  B Lewis          DAC  10lb 6oz

Farm (First) Lake:

1st  Dusty Miller     DAC   31lb 11oz

2nd  Steve Root     MAS  16lb 12oz

Team result:

MAS  99lb 15oz
DAC  80lb 7oz

Maldon Team 22 Aug 2010
The winning MAS team.
Rook Hall | 17 Aug 2010 | Concessionary Match | 18 fished
18 Concessionary matchmen attended Tuesday’s match at Rook Hall. Fair weather made it an enjoyable day but the bigger fish could not be coaxed to the bait.  John Woodhams fishing one of the car park swims found over 7lbs of Rudd, which was just enough to give him the match.
1st  J Woodhams  7-14-0
2nd D Frost          7-8-0
3rd  V Dadd          7-6-0
4th  D Foster        7-4-0
Rook Hall 1, 2 & 3 | 14 Aug 2010 | Presidents Trophy | 20 fished
Saturday saw the Presidents Trophy match fished at Rook Hall. This match puts a committee team up against a members team and is a prestigious trophy to win. This year saw the committee team victorious  with a grand total weight of 66lb+ although Lloyd Druce from the members team had the best weight of the day with a net full of Rudd weighing 16lbs plus.
Swan Mussel
John Woodhams while cleaning his swim found a swan mussel which was the largest anyone had ever seen! He believed that it would “give him the mussel” to win the match but sadly he could only manage fourth place.

Individual results:

Far (Top) Lake:

1st   David Spalding  Presidents  12lb 3½oz (included carp of 8lb 10oz)

2nd  Kim Naish          Presidents  8lb 5oz

Middle Lake:

1st  John Woodhams Presidents  9lb 10oz (included carp of 7lb 12oz)

2nd  Allan Beard        Members    8lb 3oz

Farm (First) Lake:

1st   Lloyd Druce       Members   16lb 14oz

2nd  Steve Root        Members    12lb 15oz

Team result:

Presidents  Team  66-15-8

Members Team    64-11-0
presidents 001
The victorious Presidents Team.
Tesco Canal | 10 Aug 2010 | Concessionary Match | 
1st  Dave Harley    8-13-0
2nd  Dave Foster  3-10-0
3rd  Chris Robertson  2-12-0
Dave Harly 13 002
Dave Harley with his winning bag of skimmers.

Little Park | 3 Aug 2010 | Dennis Penn Trophy | 14 fished 

1st   Kim Naish  9lb 2oz

2nd  Dave Foster  5lb 5oz

3rd  Chris Robertson  1lb 8oz

4th  Malcolm Willis  1lb 2oz

winer little parks 009

Dave Foster with his 5lb Tench.

winer little parks 011

John presents Kim with the Dennis Penn trophy.

winer little parks 014

Left to right:  Chris Robertson, Kim Naish and Dave Foster.

Little London | 27 Jul 2010 | Concessionary Match | 14 fished 

1st  Dave Harley  5lb 4oz

2nd  Vic Dadd  5lb 1oz

3rd  Dave Foster  3lb 3oz

4th  Allan Beard  3lb 1oz

Heybridge Basin Canal | 25 Jul 2010 | MAS vs CAA | 14 a side 

1st  Mick Burrell (MAS)

2nd  Trevor Stacey (CAA)

3rd  John Christiansen (CAA)
CAA  46lb

MAS  32lb

Heybridge Basin Canal | 20 Jul 2010 | Concessionary Match | 14 fished

 1st  Dave Harley  14lb 10oz

2nd  Albert Saggs  4lb 6oz

3rd  Allan Knight  3lb 11oz

4th  Dave Foster  3lb 1oz

Twitty Fee No. 2 (Away) | 18 Jul 2010 | MAS vs Does AC | 12 a side 

1st  Graham Childs (Does)  201lb

2nd  Robin Palmer (Does)  147lb

3rd  Kelvin Willis (MAS)  106lb

Does AC  598lb

MAS  491lb

Bog Grove | 13 Jul 2010 | Concessionary Match | 15 fished 

1st  Dave Harley  48lb 9oz

2nd  Allan Freeman  40lb 8oz

3rd  Bill Claydon  31lb 10oz

4th  Don Carter  30lb 3oz


Papermill Lock Canal | 6 Jul 2010 | Concessionary Match | 13 fished

 1st   Derrick Frost  2lb 7oz

2nd  Dave Foster  2lb 5oz

3rd  Allan Beard  1lb 14oz

4th  Chris Robertson  1lb 12oz

Totham Pit | 4 Jul 2010 | Club Match

1st  Joe Harber  9lb 6oz  (3 tench)

2nd  Kelvin Willis  7lb 13oz  (lost carp after 1 hour)

3rd  Lloyd Druce  1lb 10oz 


Cuton Lakes | 29 Jun 2010 | Concessionary Match (Away) | 17 fished

1st  Peter Bird  25lb –

2nd  Kim Naish  23lb 12oz

3rd  Les Drury  20lb 13oz

4th  Albert Kitchen  19lb 2oz

Howells | 26-27 Jun 2010 | 24 Hour Carp Match | 11 fished

1st  Kris Garrett  75lb 9oz

2nd  Pete Newel  47lb 2oz

3rd  Reece Balcombe  34lb 13oz

(17 carp landed, 11 carp lost, biggest carp landed 25lb 9oz)

Little London | 22 Jun 2010 | Concessionary Match | 16 fished

1st  Les Drury  3lb 4oz

2nd  Peter Bird  2lb 4oz

3rd  Allan Knight  2lb 2oz

4th  Allan Beard  1lb 15oz

Chapmans Canal | 20 Jun 2010 | Club Match

1st  Kelvin Willis  4lb 7oz

2nd  Bill Woollcott  1lb 3oz

3rd  Steve Willis  9oz

4th  A Cooper  7oz

Rook Hall | 15 Jun 2010 | Concessionary Pairs Match | 19 fished

1st  Don Carter & Albert Saggs  16lb 6oz

2nd  Vic Dadd & Bill Woollcott  14lb 15oz

3rd  Dave Foster & Bert Savage  11lb –

Whitehouse Farm | 8 Jun 2010 | Concessionary Match | 14 fished

1st  Bob Pallett  9lb 4oz

2nd  Don Carter  5lb 13oz

3rd  Allan Freeman  4lb 3oz

4th  Bill Claydon  2lb 9oz

Whitehouse Farm | 6 Jun 2010 | Club Match

1st  Kelvin Willis  18lb 11oz  (inc 12lb 12oz carp on pole)

2nd  Steve Willis  8lb 11oz  (inc 6lb 11oz bream)

3rd  Vic Dadd  6lb 15oz

4th  Kim Naish  5lb 15oz

Bog Grove | 1 Jun 2010 | Concessionary Match | 11 fished

1st  Bill Claydon  33lb 10oz

2nd  Dave Harley  31lb –

3rd  Allan Freeman  14lb 7oz

4th  Don Carter  13lb 4oz

Totham Pit | 25 May 2010 | Concessionary Match | 10 fished

 1st   Bill Woolcott  27lb 9oz

2nd  Allan Knight  22lb 4oz

3rd  Bert Savage  5lb 6oz

4th  Albert Saggs 3lb 15oz

Bog Grove | 18 May 2010 | Over Sixties Trophy | 18 fished

 1st   John Woodhams  17lb -

2nd  Allan Knight  11lb -

3rd  Albert Saggs  10lb 6oz

4th  Kim Naish  10lb 4oz

Rook Hall No 1 | 16 May 2010 | Club Match

 1st   R Beauclerk  (KDAA)  11lb 12oz

2nd  J Harber  (MAS)  7lb 13oz

3rd  S Bridges  (MAS)  7lb 10oz

4th  R Everett  (KDAA)  5lb 12oz

5th  S Holden  (MAS)  5lb 6oz

Rook Hall No 1 | 11 May 2010 | Concessionary Match | 18 fished

 1st   Dave Foster  11lb 6oz

2nd  Allan Freeman  10lb -

3rd  Vic Dadd  8lb 7oz

4th  Chris Robertson  6lb 15oz

Little London Reservoir | 4 May 2010 | Concessionary Match | 14 fished

 1st=  Allan Beard 14oz

1st=  Bill Woolcott  14oz

3rd=  Allan Freeman  8oz

3rd=  Dave Harley  8oz

New Hall Vineyard | 2 May 2010 | Club Match

 1st   S Root  13lb 12oz

2nd  J Harber  5lb 8oz

3rd  L Druce  5lb 3oz

4th  S Bridges  5lb 1oz

5th  D Groves  3lb 8oz

Howells | 24-25 Apr 2010 | Carp Match Final

Report from the Maldon & Burnham Standard:

The 2009 MAS Alan Hare trophy carp match was held on Howells Lake near Heybridge. Ten fished the event with a number of good fish coming from pegs all around the lake. The winner, Robert Smith, pictured, took four fish – all on 18mm Activ-8 boilies . The largest of his fish was a fantastic 27lb mirror closely followed by another mirror of 26 lb 4oz and was joined by another ‘twenty, this time a common of 24lb 12oz. A couple of smaller fish gave Robert a total of 109lb 12oz easily beating runner up Tony Haydon who weighed in with 62lb 9oz. Committee member Pete Newell came third with a total of 44lb 11oz. Robert said ‘I’m absolutely delighted to win, this is my first time out this year so wasn’t expecting much but the fish were in my swim and I was lucky enough to put them on the bank’.


Robert Smith – Carp Match Final Winner 2009/10

Bog Grove | 18 Apr 2010 | Club Match

 1st   J Harber  (MAS)  27lb 14oz

2nd  K Willis  (MAS)  16lb 13oz

3rd  D Filkins  (KDAA)  14lb 9oz

4th  R Beauclerk  (KDAA)  11lb 11oz

5th  S Bridges  (MAS)  9lb 4oz

Rook Hall | 6 Apr 2010 | Concessionary Match | 19 fished

1st   L Drury       5lb 14oz
2nd W Claydon  5lb
3rd  D Auston     4 lb 13oz
4th  A Beard      3lb 5oz

Rook Hall 6th April 2010 009

Les Drury with his winning bag of silver fish at Rook Hall

Rook Hall 6th April 2010 002Dave Harley had a pleasant surprise when he was presented with the ‘Ted Cornwalls Cup’ which he won way back in November! The Match Secretary John Woodhams thought he had lost it.  Congratulations to Dave on his win and we hope he will enjoy the cup for the short while that he has it (photo to follow).


Lakelands Back Lake Hatfield Peverel | 4 Apr 2010 | Club Match (Away)| 19 fished

1st  J Harber     33lb 15oz        MAS

2nd  D Groves   19lb 12oz         MAS

3rd  D Foster     19lb 1oz 8dr    MAS

4th  D Filkins     17lb 6oz 8dr    KDAA

5th  G Surridge  16lb 2oz         KDAA


Canal at Boreham| 16 Feb 2010| Concessionary Match | 7 fished

1st  Kim Naish  3lb 6oz
This was the only fish caught and only Kim, John Woodhams and Dave Harley stayed till the end of the match:
win borham 004

Golf Course Canal Stretch | 19 Jan 2010 | Concessionary Match | 12 fished

 1st  Bill Woolcott  2lb 5oz

2nd  Allan Knight  15oz

3rd  Kim Naish  12oz

4th  Dave Foster  8oz

Tesco’s Canal | 17 Jan 2010 | Club Match | 16 fished

 1st  Russell Samuels  5lb 13oz

2nd  Pete Bullard  4lb 14oz

3rd  Roger Church  4lb 5oz

4th  Steve Willis  3lb 13oz

Canal | 20 Dec 2009 | Open/League Match | at least 3 fished

Result TBC!
Match in snow 1
Match in snow 2
Match in snow 3

Tesco’s Canal | 15 Dec 2009 | Concessionary Match | 18 fished

Xmas Match

 1st  Les Drury  3lb 6oz

2nd  Dave Harley  2lb 9oz

3rd  Kim Naish  1lb 8oz

4th  Chris Robertson  1lb 5oz

5th  Bill Woolcott  15oz

 Xmas match 09 008

John and the gang at the Xmas match

Tesco’s Canal | 8 Dec 2009 | Concessionary Match | 16 fished

1st  Dave Harley  3lb 10oz

2nd  Bill Woolcott  2lb 10oz

3rd  Chris Robertson  2lb 8oz

4th  Les Drury  1lb 14oz


Tesco’s Canal | 6 Dec 2009 | Club Match | 12 fished

 1st  Trevor Stacey  5lb 6oz

2nd  Russell Samuels  5lb 2oz

3rd  Lloyd Druce  4lb 14oz

4th  Joe Harber  4lb 9oz

Bog Grove | 1 Dec 2009 | Concessionary Match | 11 fished

 1st  Chris Robertson  16lb 5oz

2nd  Dave Foster  4lb 7oz

3rd  Allan Beard  2lb 12oz

4th  Bill Woolcott  2lb 10oz


Chelmer Black Bridge | 24 Nov 2009 | Concessionary Match | 13 fished

 1st  John Woodhams  15oz

2nd  Dave Auston  14oz

3rd  Dave Harley  8oz

4th  Dave Foster  5oz


Tesco’s Canal | 17 Nov 2009 | Concessionary Match | 16 fished

1st  Allan Beard  4lb

2nd  Dave Harley  3lb 3oz

3rd  Bill Woolcott  2lb 4oz

4th  Dave Foster  2lb 2oz


Golf Course Canal Stretch | 15 Nov 2009 | Club Match | 10 fished

Stanley Farrer Cup

1st  Lloyd Druce  6lb

2nd  Russell Samuels  5lb 2oz

3rd  Bill Woolcott  3lb 3oz

4th  Kelvin Willis  1lb 13oz

Golf club match 002

Stanley Farrer Cup winner Lloyd Druce

Tesco’s Canal | 10 Nov 2009 | Concessionary Match | 18 fished

Ted Cornwell Trophy

1st  Dave Harley  2lb 15oz

2nd  Kim Naish  2lb 14oz

3rd  Dave Foster  2lb 3oz

4th  Bill Claydon  2lb 1oz

tesco canal 003 Ted Cornwell Trophy winner Dave Harley.

Little London Reservoir | 3 Nov 2009 | Concessionary Match | 13 fished

 1st  Dave Harley  3lb 13oz

2nd  Kim Naish  3lb 9oz

3rd  Bill Claydon  2lb 11oz

4th  Allan Beard  2lb 4oz

Heybridge Basin | 27 Oct 2009 | Concessionary Match | 20 fished

1st  Bill Woolcott  5lb 4oz

2nd  Chris Robertson  4lb 12oz

3rd  Malcolm Willis  3lb 1oz

4th  Dave Harley  2lb 13oz

Bog Grove | 20 Oct 2009 | Concessionary Match | 16 fished

Askew Cup

1st  John Woodhams  21lb 6oz

2nd  Dave Foster  13lb 10oz

3rd  Allan Beard  9lb 7oz

4th  Chris Robertson  4lb 11oz

Freya and Bog Grove 20 oct 010

John Woody Woodhams, winner of the Askew Cup

Little London Reservoir | 18 Oct 2009 | Club Match | 8 fished

 1st  Joe Harber  9lb 2oz

2nd  John Woodhams  3lb 6oz

3rd  Steve Willis  3lb 2oz

4th  Kelvin Willis  3lb


Papermill Lock | 13 Oct 2009 | Concessionary Match | 14 fished

1st=  Chris Robertson  1lb 1oz

1st=  Bill Woolcott  1lb 1oz

3rd   Kim Naish  1lb

4th   Don Carter  15oz

Little Park | 6 Oct 2009 | Concessionary Match | 14 fished

1st  Allan Freeman  15lb 3oz

2nd  Dave Auston  1lb 11oz

3rd  John Woodhams  1lb

4th  Eric Lewis  8oz

Tesco’s Canal | 29 Sep 2009 | Concessionary Match | 15 fished

1st  Dave Auston  1lb 2oz

2nd  Chris Robertson  15oz

3rd  Dave Foster  11oz

4th  Allan Knight  8oz

4th  Les Drury  8oz

Rook Hall | 22 Sep 2009 | Concessionary Match | 17 fished

1st  Kim Naish  10lb 8oz

2nd  Vic Dadd  8lb 7oz

3rd  John Woodhams  7lb 7oz

3rd  Dave Foster  7lb 7oz

Bog Grove | 15 Sep 2009 | Concessionary Match | 17 fished

1st  John Woodhams  20lb 9oz

2nd  Allan Beard  13lb

3rd  Kim Naish  11lb 9oz

4th  Allan Knight  9lb 2oz

Heybridge Basin | 13 Sep 2009 | Club Match | 10 fished

Tony Druce Memorial

1st  Kelvin Willis  13lb 2oz

2nd  Joe Harber  4lb 12oz

3rd  Don Groves  3lb 14oz

4th  Lloyd Druce  3lb 12oz

Kelvin Willis Winner of Tony Druce Memorial Trophy

Tony Druce Memorial winner Kelvin Willis.

 Chelmer Black Bridge | 8 Sep 2009 | Concessionary Match | 15 fished

Senior Citizens Trophy

1st  Dave Harley  3lb 7oz

2nd  Dave Foster  1lb 14oz

3rd  Chris Robertson  1lb 6oz

3rd  Albert Kitchen  1lb 6oz

Bog Grove | 18 Aug 2009 | Concessionary Match | 16 fished

1st  John Woodhams  47lb 15oz

2nd  Don Carter  23lb

3rd  Albert Kitchen  11lb 12oz

4th  Allan Freeman  5lb 9oz

Tesco’s Canal | 11 Aug 2009 | Concessionary Match | 16 fished

1st  Dave Foster  1lb 12oz

2nd  Kim Naish  1lb 5oz

3rd  Allan Beard  1lb 1oz

4th  Peter Bird  1lb

Little Park | 4 Aug 2009 | Concessionary Match | 13 fished

Dennis Penn Trophy

 1st  Vic Dadd  3lb

2nd  June Woodhams  1lb 2oz

2nd  Dave Harley  1lb 2oz

4th  Chris Robertson  12oz


Winner of Dennis Penn Trophy at Little Park (left to right 2nd June Woodhams, 1st Vic Dadd and 2nd Dave Harley - June and Dave were joint second).

Cuton Lakes | 26 May 2009 and 28 Jul 2009 | Concessionary Match | 14 fished

Cuton Trophy (2 matches)

 1st  Dave Harley  50lb 4oz  (30lb 10oz and 19lb 10oz)

2nd  John Woodhams  48lb 14oz  (41lb 4oz and 7lb 10oz)

3rd  Bill Claydon  40lb 15oz  (22lb 12oz and 18lb 3oz)

4th  Kim Naish  37lb 4oz  (22lb 14oz and 14lb 6oz)

CutonJWDH Cuton Cup winner Dave Harley receives his trophy from John Woodhams

Cuton Middle Lake | 28 Jul 2009 | Concessionary Match | 13 fished

1st  Dave Harley  19lb 10oz

2nd  Bill Claydon  18lb 3oz

3rd  Kim Naish  14lb 6oz

4th  Albert Kitchen  14lb 4oz

Heybridge Basin | 26 Jul 2009 | Club Match | 11 fished

1st  Joe Harber  7lb 8oz

2nd  Kelvin Willis  6lb 11oz

3rd  Les Drury  5lb 11oz

4th  Don Groves  5lb 2oz


Heybridge Basin | 21 Jul 2009 | Concessionary Match | 13 fished

 1st  Dave Auston   6lb

2nd  Kim Naish  5lb 9oz

3rd  Bob Pallett  5lb 3oz

4th  Allan Beard  3lb 10oz

Little London | 14 Jul 2009 | Concessionary Match | 11 fished

1st  Vic Dadd  5lb 14oz

2nd  Dave Foster  3lb 3oz

3rd  Kim Naish  1lb 9oz

4th  Chris Robertson  1lb 8oz

Tesco’s Canal | 7 Jul 2009 | Concessionary Match | 16 fished

1st  Dave Harley  2lb 15oz

2nd  Peter Bird  2lb 10oz

3rd  Dave Foster  1lb 9oz

4th  Vic Dadd 1lb

Cuton Lakes | TBC | Concessionary Match | 13 fished

1st  John Woodhams  34lb 2oz

2nd  Albert Kitchen  18lb 11oz

3rd  Dave Harley  13lb 4oz

4th  Dave Foster  12lb 14oz

30th Jun 2009 | Bog Grove | Concessionary Pairs Match | Pegs 17

Place Name Weight
1st Bill Claydon & Albert Kitchen 35lb 3oz
2nd Chris Robertson & Malcolm Willis 15lb

23rd Jun 2009 | Rook Hall | Concessionary | Pegs 16

Place Name Weight
1st Dave Foster 9lb 2oz
2nd Albert Kitchin 7lb 10oz
3rd Kim Naish 6lb 3oz
4th John Woodhams 5lb
4th Peter Bird 5lb

21st Jun 2009 | Tescos Canal | Club| Pegs 8

Place Name Weight
1st Kelvin Willis 2lb 5oz
2nd Bert Savage 1lb 2oz
3rd Steve Willis 1lb 1oz

16th Jun 2009 | Tescos Canal | Concessionary | Pegs 15

Place Name Weight
1st Dave Auston 3lb 3oz
2nd Peter Bird 2lb 3oz
3rd Eric Lewis 15oz
4th Chris Robertson 14oz

9th Jun 2009 | Howells | Concessionary | Pegs 14

Place Name Weight
1st John Woodhams 24lb
2nd Vic Dadd 16lb 2oz
3rd Chris Robertson 10lb

2nd Jun 2009 | Little London Reservoir | Concessionary | Pegs 11

Place Name Weight
1st Bill Claydon 44lb 8oz
2nd Peter Bird 3lb 4oz
3rd Dave Auston 1lb 9oz
4th Dave Foster 1lb 1oz

31st May 2009 | Bog Grove | Club Match | Pegs 12

Place Name Weight
1st Graham Webber 36lb 6oz
2nd Kelvin Willis 16lb 8oz
3rd Steve Bridges 13lb 0oz
4th John Woodhams 10lb 2oz

26th May 2009 | Cuton Match Lake | Concessionary | Pegs 16

Place Name Weight
1st John Woodhams 41lb 4oz
2nd Dave Harley 30lb 10oz
3rd Kim Naish 22lb 14oz
4th Bill Claydon 22lb 12oz

19th May 2009 | Bog Grove | Concessionary | Pegs 14

Place Name Weight
1st Alan Freeman 24lb 6oz
2nd John Woodhams 13lb 12oz
3rd Allan Beard 12lb 9oz
4th Albert Kitchin 10lb 7oz

12th May 2009 | Rook Hall | Over Sixties Trophy | Pegs 17

Place Name Weight
1st Alan Freeman 8lb 2oz
2nd Chris Robertson 6lb 14oz
3rd Fred Bottle 6lb 6oz
4th Dave Foster 5lb 10oz