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Concessionary match results Apr 2017 to Sep 2018

Rook Hall Farm | 25 Sep 2018  | 13 fished

1st   Alan Wilson               peg  21                8lbs  2ozs
2nd  Graham Shirmer       peg  11                 6lbs  15ozs
3rd   Roger Smith              peg  3                   6lbs
4th   John Christensen      peg  4                   5lbs  15ozs
5th   Rob Rowbotham        peg  13                 4lbs  13ozs
6th   Alan Beard                peg  9                    2lbs  12ozs
7th   Les Drury                  peg  19                  1lb  4ozs  8dms
8th   Bert Savage               peg  1                     8ozs
Jt 9th   Bill Berry/Keith Leverett/R Lamb/D Nicholls  all 4ozs

There was 1 did not weigh

Total weigh of  40lbs  5ozs  8dms

An early 3 degree frost which made the grass white gave us a bad start for our first visit to Rook Hall for a number of weeks.

Several perch to 3lb  3ozs were caught. Alan Wilson had the best fish prize.

Our next match is  Heybridge  Basin on the 2nd October. Should be a good one.

We will be increasing our £3 winning fund to £3.50 that is a 50p increase for a best fish prize which will add a bit of excitement to our home matches.


Little Park both lakes | 18 Sep 2018  | 13 fished

1st   Rob Rowbotham     peg 7           32lbs  1oz
2nd Bert Turner             peg 22         31lbs  6ozs
3rd  Graham Shirmer    peg 21          29lbs
4th  John Christensen   peg  4           4lbs  10ozs
5th  Roger Smith           peg  6           2lbs  8ozs 8dms
6th  Allan Wilson          peg  9            1lb  10ozs  8dms
7th  Dave Auston          peg  1            1lb  9ozs  8dms
8th  Robert Lamb         peg  17           1lb  3ozs  8dms
9th  Keith Leverett       peg  5              15ozs
10th Dave Nicholls      peg 18             11ozs  8dms
11th Don Carter          peg  20             6ozs
12th Bert Savage         peg  8               3ozs
13th Bill Berry             peg  19             2ozs

Total weight of 106lbs  6ozs  8dms

Strong winds made presentation difficult, which made only 3 decent weights.

Next week Rook Hall farm. Bring your weed rakes.


A12 Cuton Match Lake | 11 Sep 2018  | 11 fished | AWAY match

1st  Keith Leverett         peg  17             33lbs  3oz
2nd Graham Shirmer   peg    5              32lbs  5ozs
3rd Rob Rowbotham    peg   12             18lbs  8ozs
4th Bert Savage            peg  33               16lbs
5th John Christensen  peg 15                 15lbs  15ozs 8dms
6th Barry Lewis            peg 30                13lbs  15ozs
7th Pat Mott                  peg 27                11lbs  6ozs
8th Bert Turner            peg  9                  8lbs  11ozs
9thRichard Seabright  peg 7                    6lbs  6ozs 8dms
10th Don Carter           peg 3                    4lbs  6ozs
11th Dave Nicholls      peg 10                   2lb  10ozs

Total weight of  169lb 12ozs 8dms

Not a bad day but strong winds made presentation difficult.

Not many bream showed on the day,  which kept the weights down.


Papermill Lock Canal  | 04 Sep 2018  | 11 fished

1st Barry Lewis            peg 11                12lb  14ozs
2nd Graham Shirmer   peg  3                 9lb  15ozs  8dms
3rd Bert Turner            peg 2                  9lb  8ozs 8dms
4th Roger Smith            peg 7                  9lb 3ozs 8dms
5th Geof Green             peg 6                   7lbs 10ozs 8dms
6th Dave Harley            peg 10                 7lbs  6ozs 8dms
7th Rob Rowbotham     peg 8                    5lbs 7ozs
8th Keith Leverett          peg 4                   3lbs  14ozs  8dms
9th Dave Nicholls          peg 5                   3lbs  10ozs
10th Dave Auston          peg 9                   1lb  8ozs
11th Bill Berry               peg 12                 4oz

Total weight of  71lbs 4ozs

A superb day with tench and plenty of quality roach.

Next match 11th September 2018 A12 Cuton match lake.


Boreham Black Bridge Canal  | 28 Aug 2018  | 13 fished

1st  Bert Turner              peg  11               4lb  5ozs
2nd Graham Shirmer      peg  7                 3lb  13ozs
3rd Rob Rowbotham       peg  5                 3lb  9ozs
4th Barry Lewis               peg 9                  2lb  12ozs  8dms
5th John Christensen      peg 8                  2lb  9ozs  8dms
6th Dave Harley               peg 12                2lb  7ozs  8dms
7th Geoff Green               peg 15                1lb  15ozs 8dms
8th Keith Leverett            peg 13                 1lb  6oz
Jt 9th  Dave Auston        peg 14                1lb  5ozs
Jt 9th   Bob Lamb            peg 16                 1lb  5ozs
11th Don Carter              peg 4                    6ozs
12th Dave Nicholls         peg 3.                     2ozs
13th Bill Berry                peg  10                   8dms

Total weight  of 25lbs  15ozs  8dms

Very little flow a few boats.

Next week  Papermill Lock.

Papermill Lock Canal  | 14 Aug 2018  | 14 fished

1st Graham Shirmer       peg 4             10lbs  7ozs  8dms
2nd Keith Leverett           peg 10            7lb  13ozs
3rd Bert Turner               peg 11            6lbs  15ozs
4th Bob Lamb                  peg 8              2lb  11ozs  8dms
5th Barry Lewis               peg 5               2lb  7ozs
Jt 6th Bob Pallett             peg7                2lb 5ozs
Jt 6th Geoff Green           peg 12             2lb 5ozs
8th  Rob Rowbotham       peg 16              2lb  1oz  8dms
9th John Christensen       peg 9               1lb  9ozs 8dms
10th Don Carter                peg 6               1lb  8ozs 8dms
Jt 11th Roger Smith         peg 15              1lb  3ozs 8dms
Jt 11th Dave Nicholls      peg  2                1lb  3ozs 8dms
13th Dave Auston             peg 14                12ozs
14th Bill Berry                  peg 3                  4ozs

Total weight of 43lbs 10ozs 8dms








Another good day with some exceptional quality roach being caught.

A tench and bream were also netted.

Next match A12 Cuton lake.


Oakford Fishery Top Lake  | 07 Aug 2018  | 14 fished  |  AWAY Match

1st  Graham Shirmer         peg 13        103lbs 7ozs
2nd Rob Rowbotham         peg  2          86lbs  1oz
3rd Dave Auston                peg  7          73lbs  10ozs
4th Bob Pallett                   peg  17        57lbs  11ozs
5th John Christensen        peg  20         51lbs  10ozs 8dms
6th Dave Harley                 peg 11         50lbs  2ozs
7th Roger Smith                 peg  19        47lbs  12ozs
8th Dereck Frost                peg  18        47lbs  4ozs
9th Don Carter                   peg  10         46lbs  4ozs
10th Bill Berry                   peg  16         42lbs  4ozs
11th Dave Nicholls            peg  9           40lbs  3ozs
12th Pat Mott                     peg 5            40lbs  1oz
13th Keith Leverett            peg 3            22lbs  2ozs
14th Bert Turner               peg 21          11lbs  12ozs

Total weight of  713lbs 3ozs  8dms

An excellent day with good weights.

14th August next  match Papermill  Lock

21st August  A12  Cuton Match Lake


Boreham Black Bridge Canal | 31 Jul 2018  | 16 fished

1st   Bob Pallett               peg  11            3lbs  11ozs  8dms      30 pts
2nd  Barry Lewis             peg  5              3lbs  8ozs  8dms         29pts
3rd  Graham Shirmer     peg  10             3lbs  1oz                     28pts
4th  Geoff Green             peg  13             3lbs                             27pts
5th  Roger Smith            peg  15              2lbs  15ozs                  26pts
6th  Dave Harley            peg  14              2lb  13ozs                    25pts
7th  Les Drury                peg  2                2lb  2ozs                      24pts
8th  Bert Turner            peg  9                 2lbs                              23pts
9th  Bob Lamb               peg 8                  1lb  15ozs  8dms          22pts
10th Don Carter            peg 12                1lb  13ozs  8dms          21pts
11th Dave Auston          peg 16                1lbs  6ozs  8dms          20pts
12th Pat Mott                 peg 7                  1lb   3ozs                      19pts
13th John Christensen  peg 1                   1lb  2ozs                      18pts
14th Keith Leverett         peg 3                  1lb  0ozs  8dms            17pts
15th Dave Nicholls         peg 4                  14ozs                            16pts
16th Bill Berry                peg 6                  10ozs  8dms                 15pts

Total weight of  33lbs  4ozs

A full house, no blanks, an average of 2lb 8ozs per man. Excellent result considering the river was 100 per cent covered in duck weed. Mainly roach and the best fish was a roach of 13ozs 8dms.

Next match 7th August is an away match at Oakford fishery top lake.


Heybridge Basin Canal  | 24 Jul 2018  | 14 fished

1st  Dave Auston             peg  6        4lbs  7ozs                30pts
2nd Barry Lewis              peg  10       3lbs  15ozs  8dms   29pts
3rd Bob Pallett                 peg  13       3lbs  13ozs              28pts
Jt 4thGeoff Green           peg 1          3lbs 1oz  8dms         27pts
Jt 4th John Christensen  peg 2           3lbs 1oz  8dms         27pts
6th  Alan Beard                peg 15        3lbs  1oz                   25pts
7th  Keith Leverett            peg 14         2lb  9ozs                  24pts
8th  Dave Harley              peg 9            2lbs 3ozs                 23pts
Jt 9th Bob Lamb              peg 7             1lb  11ozs  8dms     22pts
Jt 9th Pat Mott                 peg 8              1lb  11ozs  8dms     22pts
Jt 9th Dave Nicholls         peg 5              1lb   11ozs 8dms     22pts
12th Bill Berry                  peg 12            7ozs                         19pts

There  was 2 did not weighs.

Total weight of 32lbs  3ozs

Considering the temperature of 32.5 degrees the match averaged just over 3lbs per man

Excellent and no fish died in the nets.

Next week’s match is at Boreham Black Bridge.


Oakford Fishery Nounsley  | 17 Jul 2018  | 14 fished  |  AWAY Match

1st Rob Rowbotham               peg  18                                   80lbs  12ozs  8ozs
2nd Les Drury                            peg  17                                   73lbs  15ozs
3rd  Bill Berry                              peg  16                                   71lbs  11ozs
4th   John Christensen               peg  5                                      70lbs  12ozs
5th   Bert Turner                         peg  16                                    60lbs  9ozs
6th  Graham Shirmer                 peg  3                                      59lbs
7th   Dave Harley                         peg  20                                    50lbs  4ozs  8dms
8th   Don Carter                            peg  6                                      33lbs  8ozs  8dms
9th   Bert Savage                           peg  9                                      28lbs
10th Dereck Frost                          peg  7                                      27lbs  13ozs  8dms
11th  Dave Nicholls                        peg  19                                    26lbs  1oz  8dms
12th  Keith Leverett                       peg  11                                    24lbs
13th  Pat  Mott                                peg  12                                    18lbs  7ozs
14th  Roger Smith                            peg  1                                       7lbs  12ozs

Total weight of  632lbs  10ozs

Superb day,  we weighed in  half way through match  and then when we finished.


Papermill Lock Canal  | 10 Jul 2018  | 13 fished

1st   John Christensen           peg  6          4lbs  9ozs  8dms
2nd  Dave Harley                   peg  12         4lbs  8ozs  8dms
3rd  Barry Lewis                     peg  10         4lbs  2ozs
4th   Geoff Green                    peg  8            3lb  14ozs  8dms
5th   Roger Smith                    peg  7            3lbs  6ozs  8dms
6th   Les Drury                        peg  14          3lbs  2ozs  8dms
7th   Alan Beard                      peg  5            1lb   15ozs
8th   Keith Leverett                  peg  9             1lb  14ozs  8dms
9th   Dave Auston                    peg  11            1lb  12ozs
10th Bert Turner                      peg  13            1lb  11ozs  8dms
11th Bill Bury                           peg  2              1lb  2ozs
12th Dave Nicholls                   peg  3               1lb  1oz  8dms

There was one did not weigh.

Total weight of  33lbs  5ozs

Very good results considering no flow and very clear.

24th July match will be at Heybridge Basin instead of Rook Hall.


Heron Hall and Slough House West  | 03 Jul 2018  | 14 fished  |  Pairs Match

Slough West weights.                                        Heron Hall  weights.

1st  Graham  Shirmer      66lbs                         1st Keith Leverett            9lbs  7ozs
2nd Dave  Harley              16lbs  15ozs             2nd Richard Seabright     7lbs  9ozs
3rd  Bert Turner                13lbs 8ozs               3rd Rob Rowbotham       7lbs  6ozs
4th  John Christensen       4lbs 6ozs               4th Don Carter                  3lbs  10ozs
5th  Dave Nicholls             1lb  2ozs                 5th Dereck Frost               3lbs  2ozs
6th  Bill Bury                       13ozs                      6th Dave Auston               2lb  14oz
7th  DNW                                                             7th Roger Smith                2lb  8ozs 8dms

Total weight                   102lbs 12ozs                                                          36lbs 8ozs 8dms

Winning pair   Graham Shirmer and Roger Smith  68lbs 2ozs.

Second pair    Dave Harley and Rob Rowbotham   24lbs  8oz

Total weight    139lbs  4ozs  8dms

Strong winds made presentation difficult  but a good result.


Slough House Farm  | 26 Jun 2018  | 16 fished

1st  Graham  Shirmer    peg 8       15lbs  2ozs                pts  30
2nd Roger Smith             peg  25     11lbs  2ozs  8dms    pts  29
3rd  Bert Turner              peg 9        10lbs  10ozs            pts  28
4th Keith Leverett            peg10        5lbs  3ozs               pts  27
5th Dereck Frost              peg 4        4lbs  6ozs                pts 26
6th  Dave Nicholls            peg 6        4lbs                         pts  25
7th  Bert Savage               peg 2         3lbs  9ozs               pts  24
8th  Dave Auston             peg 7          2lbs  3ozs               pts 23
9th  Don Carter               peg  1          13ozs  8dms          pts  22
10th Pat Mott                  peg  11        30zs                      pts  23

There were six did not weighs

Total weight of  57lbs  4ozs  8dms

3 anglers had a total of 20lbs of small silvers roach and rudd

The winner of the 1st round of points was Keith Leverett.


Boreham Black Bridge Canal  | 19 Jun 2018  |  13 Fished

1st  Bert Turner               peg  1            2lbs  2ozs
2nd  John Cristensen        peg 12           1lb  8ozs 8dms
3rd   Geoff Green              peg   7           12ozs
4th   Keith Leverett          peg   6           10ozs  8dms
5th   Roger Smith             peg  10           10ozs
6th    Barry Lewis             peg  8             6ozs  8dms
7th    Les Drury                 peg  11           6ozs
8th    Rob Rowbotham      peg  5             5ozs  8dms
9th    Pat Mott                   peg  3             4ozs  8dms
10th  Dave Nicholls           peg  9              1oz

There were 2 did not weighs

Total weight of 7lbs  2ozs  8ozs

The river was crystal clear with virtually no flow.

I will clear a few more swims upstream before the next match.


Rook Hall Farm  | 12 Jun 2018  |  13 Fished

1st    Bob Pallett                 peg  24        15lbs  5ozs  8dms     30pts
2nd    Bert Savage               peg   1           6lbs                            29pts
3rd     John Christensen      peg   4            5lb  10ozs                 28pts
4th      Les Drury                   peg   10          4lbs  13ozs                27pts
5th       Don Carter                peg  18           3lb  10ozs                   26pts
6th        Dereck Frost            peg  13           3lb  7ozs                     25pts
7th         Rob Rowbotham     peg  19           3lb  4ozs  8dms         24pts
8th         Bert Turner                peg  9             3lb                               23pts
9th          Keith Leverett           peg  8              2lb  7ozs                     22pts
10th        Dave Auston               peg  5            2lb  5ozs                     21pts
11th        Roger Smith                peg  12          2lb  2ozs  8dms         20pts
12th        Dave Nicholls              peg  11           1lb 2ozs                     19pts

There was  one did not weigh

Total weight of  53lbs  5ozs  8dms

The day was not too bad but rather cold which gave up some bad weights .

Bert Savage had  1 fish a 6lb tench.

The winner Bob Pallett  had 6 tench only for his win.


Oakford Fishery Middle Lake  | 05 Jun 2018  |  15 Fished  |  AWAY match

1st   Bill Bury                  peg 10        47lbs  12ozs
2nd Alan Beard               peg  4          40lbs  13ozs  8dms
3rd Les Drury                  peg  17         26lbs  15ozs
4th Rob Rowbotham       peg  1           26lbs  14ozs  8dms
5th Richard Seabright    peg19           21lbs  13ozs
6th Dave Auston             peg  6           21lbs  6ozs
7th Don Carter               peg  18          21lbs
8th Bert Savage              peg 11           19lbs  12ozs
9th Dereck Frost            peg  13           15lbs 12ozs
10th Dave Nicholls         peg 15            10lbs  4ozs
11th Pat Motte                peg 14            7lbs  6ozs

There were 3 did not weighs and 1 guest.

Total weight of  238lbs  12ozs


Slough House  Farm  | 29 May 2018  |  13 Fished

1st   Bert Savage               peg  2                   20lbs  12ozs
2nd  Alan Beard                peg  1                   16lbs  6ozs
3rd  Bert Turner                peg  10                  15lbs  7ozs
4th John Christensen        peg  23                  8lbs  6ozs
5th Rob Rowbotham          peg  8                    2lbs  2ozs
6th Roger Smith                 peg 25                  1oz  8dms

There were 7 did not weighs.

Total weight of  63lbs  2ozs  8dms

All the big weights where mostly tench the best one was 5lb  14ozs.

The carp were spawning like mad.


Little Park (both lakes) | 22 May 2018  |  13 Fished  |  Penn Trophy

1st Les Drury                        peg  5           11lbs  14ozs
2nd Richard Seabright        peg  18          7lbs  8ozs
3rd  Dereck  Frost                peg  1             3lb  14ozs
4th  John Christensen          peg  2             1lb  13ozs
5th  Keith Leverett                peg 16            1lb  6ozs  8dms
6th  Alan Beard                      peg  20            10ozs
7th  Don Carter                       peg 19             9oz
8th  Dave Nicholls                   peg 21             2ozs

There were 5 did not weighs

Total weight of  25lbs  12ozs  8dms

Les Drury had the Golden Peg.


Rook Hall Farm | 15 May 2018  |  15 Fished

1st   Les Drury                        peg  9       7lbs  12ozs                     30pts
2nd  Rob  Rowbotham          peg 4        5lbs  4ozs                        29pts.
3rd   Dave Harley                    peg  5        3lbs 7ozs  8dms             28pts
4th   Alan Beard                       peg  12      2lb  15ozs  8dms           27pts
5th   Richard Seabright            peg  24      2lbs  3ozs                       26pts
6th   Don Carter                        peg  13       1lb  2ozs                         25pts
Jt 7th   Roger Smith                   peg  10       7ozs                                 24pt
Jt 7th   Dereck Frost                   peg  7          7ozs                                24pts
9th      Keith Leverett                  peg  19        5ozs  8dms                     22pts
10th    Dave Nicholls                   peg  3           3ozs                                 21pts

There were 5 did not weighs

Total weight of    24lbs  2ozs  8dms

We had 2 new concessionaries join us: 1 from Billericay and 1 from Does.


Oakford Top Lake | 08 May 2018  |  11 Fished | AWAY Match

1st   Keith Leverett        peg  7          55lbs  7ozs  8dms
2nd Dereck Frost           peg  13        48lbs  14ozs
3rd  Rob Rowbotham    peg  3           46lbs  7ozs
4th  Graham Shirmer   peg  10         45lbs  14ozs
5th  John Christensen  peg  18         38lbs  2ozs
6th  Les Drury               peg 22          36lbs  7ozs
7th  Dave Harley           peg 19          33lbs  8ozs
8th  Dave Auston           peg 6            29lbs  15ozs
9th  Roger Smith           peg  21          25lbs  4ozs
10thBert Savage            peg  2            18lbs  8ozs
11th Dave Nicholls        peg 17           11lbs  11ozs

Total weight of  390lbs  1oz  8dms

A good first away match of our  season, considering the high temperatures.


Slough House Farm |  24 Apr 2018  |  12 Fished | Points Match

1st   Dave Harley            peg  13            25lbs  6ozs               30 pts
2nd  Pat Mott                  peg   7             23lbs  4ozs 8dms    29pts
3rd  John Christensen    peg  6              10lbs  3ozs  8dms   28pts
4th    Rob Rowbotham     peg  25           10lbs                        27pts
5th    Graham Shirmer     peg  22           8lbs  3ozs                 26pts
6th    Keith Leverett          peg  1              6lbs  6ozs                 25pts
7th    Bert Turner              peg  16            3lb  1oz                     24pts
8th    Alan Beard                peg  23            2lbs  7ozs                  23pts

There were 4 did not weighs.

Total weight of  90lbs  14ozs

The majority of fish caught were tench up to 5lbs plus a carp of 10lbs and a perch of  1lb 8ozs.

No silver fish were caught..


Rook Hall Farm |  17 Apr 2018  |  13 Fished

1st     Rob Rowbotham       peg  9                            5lbs  14ozs  8dms
2nd     Bert Turner                peg  8                            5lbs   2ozs
3rd      Les Drury                    peg  10                          4lbs   2ozs  8dms
4th       Roger Smith               peg  3                            10ozs  8dms
5th       Keith Leverett            peg  13                           4ozs  8dms
6th        Dave Harley               peg  24                           4ozs
7th         Dave Nicholls            peg  5                              8dms
8th         Alan  Beard                peg  4                               4dms 

There were 5 did not weighs

Total weight of  16lbs  6ozs  8dms


Bog Grove |  10 Apr 2018  |  12 Fished

1st   Dave  Harley                peg  21                  24lbs  8ozs          30pts
2nd  Alan Beard                    peg  14                  7lbs  14ozs           29pts
3rd   Rob Rowbotham         peg  2                     4lbs  15ozs           28pts
4th   Dave Nicholls                peg  8                     3lbs   3ozs             27pts
5th   Bert Turner                    peg  22                   2lbs  12ozs           26pts
6th   John Christensen           peg  1                      2lbs                        25pts
7th   Keith Leverett                peg  6                        1lb  4ozs               24pts
8th   Dave Auston                    peg 15                      12ozs                     23pts
9th   Bert Savage                      peg7                           6ozs                       22pts
10th Roger Smith                     peg  9                         2ozs                        21pts

There were 2 did not weighs.

Total weight of  47lbs  12ozs

Next week Rook Hall.


Little London Reservoir  |  20 Feb 2018  |  12 Fished 

A very hard day, everyone blanked.


Tesco’s Canal  |  13 Feb 2018  |  12 Fished 

1st      Dave Nicholls                       3lb 15oz
2nd   Barry Lewis                           3lb 3oz
3rd     Graham Shirmer                 2lb 8oz
4th    Bob Rowbotham                  1lb 

8 D.N.W.

Total weight 10lb 10ozs


Bog Grove | 06 Feb 2018 | 18 fished 

1st=      Geoff Green                    Peg 5              1lb
1st=      Jack Morley                     Peg 7             1lb
3rd=    David Earney                   Peg 10              8dr
3rd=    Bob Rowbotham             Peg 12               8dr

14 D.N.W. 

Total weight 2lb 1oz

2 Carp and 2 roach caught.


Tesco’s canal | 30 Jan 2018 | 17 fished

1st   Graham Shirmer     5. 5. 8
2nd  Bert Turner              2.14.8
3rd   Alan Beard               2. 8. 0
4th   David Harley             2. 0. 0
5th   Roger Smith             1.13. 0
6th   Bill Woollcott            1.10.0
7th   Don Carter               1. 7. 8
8th  David Earney            0. 9. 8
jnt 9th David Auston       0. 6. 8
jnt 9th  Barry Lewis           0. 6. 8
11th   John Christensen   0. 2. 0
jnt 12th  Les Drury           0. 1 .8
jnt 12th  David Nicholls     0. 1. 8
There were 4 DNW

Total Weight  19.6.0

A good day and not a carp in sight


Colemans Cottage | 23 Jan 2018 | AWAY Match | 16 fished

1st   Dave Earney                                          12lb  7oz
2nd  Bob Rowbotham                                   7lb 15oz 8dr
3rd John Christensen                                   7lb 11oz 8dr
4th Don Carter                                               6lb   3oz
5th Roger Smith                                             5lb    9oz
6th Bill Woollcott                                           5lb    0oz 8dr
7th Dave Harley                                              4lb  10oz
8th Bert Turner                                               4lb   7oz 8dr
9th Pat Mott                                                    4lb   3oz
10th Alan Beard                                              4lb
11th Jack Morley                                            3lb  14oz
12th Graham Shirmer                                    3lb 11oz
13th Richard Seabright                                  2lb 14oz
14th Dave Auston                                           2lb  8oz
15th Les Drury                                                 2lb  5oz
16th Derek Frost                                                    13oz 8dr 

Total Weight                  78lb 4oz 8dr     All silverfish

Everyone weighed on an enjoyable day.


Little London Reservoir  | 16 Jan 2018 | 16 fished 

1st    Brian Webber                        Peg 3         4lb 3oz 8dr
2nd  Les Drury                                Peg 5          1lb 5oz 8dr
3rd   John Christensen                 Peg 1          1lb 4oz
4th   Roger Butler                          Peg 4               10oz
5th  Roger Smith                            Peg 9                 8oz
6th Dave Auston                            Peg 7                 3oz 8dr
7th Dave Earney                            Peg 12               1oz 8dr
8th Dave Nicholls                          Peg 8                         8dr 

8    D.N.W.

Total Weight     8lb 4oz 8dr 

Well done Brian the Golden Peg winner.


Bog Grove | 09 Jan 2018 | 11 fished 

1st       Dave Harley                Peg14                          3lb 3oz
2nd     Bert Turner                 Peg  3                           1lb 8oz
3rd      Jack Morley                 Peg16                                13oz 8dr
4th      Geoff Green                Peg 8                                 6oz 8dr
            Bob Rowbotham        Peg13                                 6oz 8dr
6th      John Christensen      Peg 9                                 3oz
            Dave Nicholls              Peg 1                                 3oz  

 4 D.N.W.  

Total Weight      6lb 11oz 8dr. 


Little London Reservoir  | 02 Jan 2018 | 8 fished  

1st   Dave Harley                         Peg 15        2lb 10oz
2nd Bert Turner                          Peg 14        1lb  7oz 8dr
3rd Bill Woollcott                        Peg  2               13oz
4th Bob Rowbotham                  Peg 16                5oz 8dr
5th Geoff Green                          Peg   5                5oz
6th Pat Mott                                Peg  8                 2oz 

2       D.N.W.

Total weight      5lb 11oz 


Lakelands | 19 Dec 2017 | AWAY match | 15 fished

1st      B. Savage                                      6lb 6oz
2nd    B.Turner                                        2lb 8oz 8dr
3rd     L. Drury                                               14oz
4th     D. Auston                                             11oz 8dr
           J. Morley                                              11oz 8dr
6th      J. Christensen                                     10oz 8dr
7th     D. Harley                                                 9oz
8th     P.Mott                                                      7oz 8dr
9th     R. Rowbotham                                               8dr 

6         D.N.W.

Total weight     12lb 15oz

Match moved from a frozen Bog Grove.


Tesco’s canal | 05 Dec 2017 | 18 fished

1st    Bert Turner                  peg  10             5lb  9ozs
2nd   Bill Woollcott               peg  14             3lb  10ozs
3rd    Roger Butler                 peg  15             3lb  6ozs
4th    Geoff Green                  peg  13             2lb  12ozs  8dms
5th    Allan Knight                    peg  11             1lb  9ozs  8dms
6th    Brian Webber                peg  16              1lb  8ozs  8dms
7th    Rob Rowbotham            peg  9                 1lb  3ozs
Jt 8th Pat Mott                          peg  8                 6ozs
Jt 8th Dave Auston                    peg  8                 6ozs 

There were nine did not weighs.

Total weight of  20lbs  6oz  8dms

Weather change and no flow  did not help

Next match London Reservoir is our Christmas table match.


Slough House West | 28 Nov 2017 | Presidents senior citizen trophy | 15 fished

1st     Pat  Mott               peg  7                6lbs  4ozs  8dms        30pts
2nd    Brian Webber       peg  13               4lbs  12ozs  8dms      29pts
Jt 3rd Geoff Green          peg 11                2lbs  15ozs  8dms       28pts
Jt 3rd  Les Drury               peg 14                2lbs  15ozs 8dms        28pts
5th     Don Carter              peg 8                   1lb  12ozs  8dms        26pts
6th     John Christensen   peg 4                    11ozs  8dms                25pts
7th     Richard Seabright   peg  12                 9ozs                              24pts
8th     Rob Rowbotham     peg   5                  3ozs  8dms                   23pts
9th     Dave Nicholls           peg  17                 2ozs                               22pts

There were 6 did not weighs.

Total weight of 20lbs  6ozs  8dms

Not a bad result considering the weather.


Lakelands Lily & Wood Lakes | 21 Nov 2017 | AWAY match | 20 fished

L =Lily  W= Wood  lakes 

1st  Brian Webber              peg W16         24lbs  3ozs  8dms
2nd Jack Morley                  peg  W21        21lbs  13ozs  8dms
3rd  Richard Seabright       peg L10            20lbs  8ozs
4th  Roger Butler               peg W14          19lbs  7ozs
5th  Rob Rowbotham        peg  L14           18lbs  8ozs 8dms
6th Bill Woollcott               peg  L18           17lbs 9ozs
7th Pat Mott                        peg W17         16lbs 1oz  8dms
8th Alan Beard                     peg W15         15lbs 10ozs
9th Dave Harley                   peg W20          14lb  7ozs
10th David Earney               peg L12            14lb  1oz
11th Keith Leverett             peg L15             10lb  11ozs
12th Bert Turner                  peg W19           9lb  5ozs  8ozs
13th Les Drury                      peg L20             7lb  4ozs
14th Don Carter                   peg  L17             6lb  15ozs
15th John Christian              peg L7                5lbs  2ozs 8dms
16th Dave Auston                 peg W18            3lb  6ozs       

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight of 215lbs  1oz

A very  good day  for us considering the change in weather.


Bog Grove | 14 Nov 2017 | 20 fished

1st   Brian Webber          peg  15       18lbs  14oz           30pts
2nd  Don Carter                peg   14      17lbs                      29pts
3rd   Richard Seabright    peg   9         10lbs  8ozs           28pts
4th   Dave Auston             peg   8         9lbs  4ozs             27pts
5th   Dave Harley              peg  3          8lbs                       26pts
6th   Jack Morley               peg  25       7lbs  13ozs           25pts
7th   Graham Shirmar       peg  21       6lbs                        24pts
8th   Alan Beard                 peg  13        5lbs  4ozs              23pts
9th   Les Drury                    peg  2           5lbs                       22pts
10th David Earney             peg  22          4lbs  6ozs 8dms  21pts
11th Roger Butler              peg  24          3lbs  3ozs             20pts
12th Roger Smith               peg  6            3lbs  1oz  8dms  19pts
13th John Christensen      peg  17          2lbs  11ozs          18pts
14th Keith Leverett           peg  16           1lb                        17pts
15th  Geoff Green              peg  12           3ozs                     16pts
Jt 16th Rob Rowbotham   peg 23             1oz                      15pts
Jt 16th  Dave Nicholls        peg  7               1oz                      15pts 

There were 3 did not weighs.


Little London Reservoir | 07 Nov 2017 | Ted Cornwell Trophy | 18 fished

1st    Dave  Harley             peg  19                4lb  6ozs  8dms
 2nd   Dave Earney              peg  17                3lbs  5ozs
3rd    Brian Webber           peg   3                  2lbs  3ozs
4th    John Christensen      peg  20                 2lbs
5th    Geoff Green               peg  16                 1lb  10ozs  8dms
6th    Jack Morley                peg  2                    1lb  8ozs  8dms
7th    Roger Smith               peg  1                     1lb  4ozs
8th    Bill Woollcott             peg  7                     1lb  3ozs  8dms
Jt 9th Pat Mott                     peg  6                     1lb
Jt 9th Don Carter                  peg 15                    1lb
11th  Keith Leverett             peg  12                    13ozs
12th  Bert Turner                  peg  10                     10ozs  8dms
13th  Alan Beard                   peg  8                         9ozs  8dms
14th  Rob Rowbotham         peg  11                       6ozs
15th  Dave Nicholls               peg  18                       2ozs

There  were three did not weighs

Total weight of 22lbs  4ozs


Papermill Lock Canal | 31 Oct 2017 | 19 fished

1st   Les Drury              peg  1             5lbs  4ozs        30pts
2nd   David Earney      peg   3             2lbs  4ozs        29pts
3rd    Roger Butler       peg  2              1lb  2ozs          28pts
4th    Alan Beard          peg  6               15ozs  8dms   27pts
5th    Bill Woollcott      peg  5                13ozs 8dms   26pts
Jt  6th Bert Turner       peg  18              2ozs                  25pts
Jt  6th Roger Smith      peg  7                 2ozs                  25pts
8th    Steve Holden      peg  10               1oz  8dms        23pts 

There were 11 did not weighs.

Total weight of  10lbs  12ozs  8dms


Lakelands Lily Lake & Wood Lake | 24 Oct 2017 | AWAY match | 17 fished

Lily Lake

1st Les Drury                      peg 7                     28lbs  10ozs
2nd Richard Seabright       peg 15                   22lbs
3rd  Bill Woollcott              peg 19                    15lbs  13ozs
4th  Pat Mott                       peg 13                    6lbs  15ozs
5th  Alan Beard                    peg 9                      6lb 12ozs
6th  Bert Savage                   peg 11                    5lb  11ozs 8dms
7th  Don Carter                     peg 17                    5lbs  4ozs
8th  Dave Nicholls                 peg  21                   1lb  12ozs

Wood Lake

1st  Rob Rowbotham             peg 20                    25lbs  13ozs
2nd  Jack Morley                     peg 2                       17lbs  11ozs
3rd  Dave Earney                     peg 16                     15lbs  10ozs  8dms
4th  Brian Webber                   peg 4                        15lbs
5th  Dave Harley                       peg 10                      13lbs  7ozs  8dms
6th  John Christianson              peg 18                      9lb  2ozs
7th  Roger Butler                        peg 14                      6lb  11ozs  8dms
8th  Keith Leverett                      peg  6                       3lbs  9ozs
9th Dereck Frost                          peg  8                        2lbs  1oz

We fished 2 lakes with 2 results and a reasonable result was achieved:

Lily Lake    8 fished   94lbs  15ozs  8dms
Wood Lake   9 fished  109lbs 1oz  8dms


Little Park (both lakes) | 17 Oct 2017 | 20 fished

1st   Richard Seabright        peg  22            36lbs  6ozs                  30pts
2nd   Bert Savage                   peg  7               19lbs 15ozs  8dms     29pts
3rd    Brian Webber               peg  15             16lbs  10ozs 8dms     28pts
4th    Jack Morley                   peg  16              15lbs  8ozs  8dms      27pts
Jt 5th Dave Harley                  peg  11              8lbs   6ozs                    26pts
Jt 5th Dereck Frost                 peg   18              8lbs  6ozs                     26pts
7th    Bert Turner                    peg   6                7lbs  13ozs  8dms       24pts
8th   Alan Beard                      peg  21                4lb  1oz   8dms           23pts
9th   Allan Knight                    peg 19                 3lb  1oz                         22pts
10th Dave Nicholls                 peg  5                    2lb  5ozs                      21pts
11th Don Carter                      peg 20                  2lb  2ozs                       20pts
12th Bob Pallet                        peg 9                    1lb                                 19pts
13th John Christensen            peg 8                    15ozs  8dms                 18pts
Jt 14t Roger butler                  peg  14                 14ozs                             17pts
Jt 14th David Earney                peg 12                  14ozs                            17pts
16th  Rob Rowbotham            peg  2                    6ozs                              15pts
17th Geoff Green                     peg 17                   3ozs                              14pts
Jt 18th Dave Auston                 peg 13                   2ozs                              13pts
Jt 18th Keith Leverett               peg  4                     2ozs                              13pts

There was 1 did not weigh


Slough House Farm | 10 Oct 2017 | 17 fished

1st     Richard Seabright          peg  22           34lbs  4ozs
2nd    Les Drury                         peg  16           25lbs
3rd    Bert Savage                     peg  6             16lbs  2ozs  8dms
4th     Brian Webber                 peg  9              13lbs  2ozs
5th      Bert Turner                    peg  25            11lbs  11ozs
6th     Rob Rowbotham            peg  15             9lbs
7th     David Earney                   peg  4                8lbs  9ozs  8dms
8th     Dave Auston                    peg  7                7lbs  13ozs
9th     Allan Knight                      peg  17              6lbs  7ozs  8dms
10th   Alan Beard                        peg  18              6lbs  6ozs
11th   Bob Pallett                        peg  10              6lbs  3ozs  8dms
12th   Roger Smith                      peg  23              4lbs  7ozs
13th   Roger Butler                      peg  2                4lbs  6ozs  8dms
14th   Dereck Frost                      peg  1                 3lbs  2ozs  8dms
15th  Don Carter                          peg  14                1lb  9ozs  8dms
16th  Jack Morley                         peg  19                1lb  1oz  8dms

There was 1 did not weigh.

Total weight of 163lbs 6ozs

Richard Seabright had the golden peg


Lakelands Swan Lake | 3 Oct 2017 | AWAY match | 14 fished

1st   Brian Webber         peg  10                          42lbs 4ozs
2nd  Jack Morley             peg  7                            16lbs  5ozs
3rd  David Earney           peg  1                             12lbs  11ozs  8dms
4th  Bert Turner              peg 35                            8lb   14ozs
5th  Roger Smith            peg  11                           8lb  11ozs
6th  Bill Woollcott          peg  3                             7lbs  9ozs
7th  Les Drury                 peg  9                             5lbs  7ozs
8th  Rob Rowbotham   peg  5                               5lbs  1oz
9th  Dereck Frost          peg  8                               3lbs  12ozs  8dms
10th Richard Seabright    peg 34                         2lbs  6ozs  8dms
11th Dave Nicholls        peg 36                             2lbs  3ozS  8dms

There were 3 did not weighs.

Total weight of 115lbs  5ozs

Poor weights for the venue . Strong winds made presentation difficult.


Rook Hall Farm | 26 Sep 2017 | 13 fished

1st   Les Drury                    peg 24             15lbs  2ozs  8dms   30pts
2nd   Brian Webber            peg  9               13lbs  6ozs  8dms   29pts
3rd   John Christensen        peg  8               10lbs  13ozs            28pts
4th   Bert Turner                   peg  6               7lbs  10ozs                27pts
5th   Keith Leverett               peg  3                5lbs  1oz  8dms      26pts
6th   Pat Mott                         peg  13              4lbs  13ozs 8dms   25pts
7th   Dave Auston                   peg 10               4lbs  0ozs  8dms     24pts
8th   Don Carter                       peg  4                4lbs                           23pts
9th   Richard Seabright           peg  12              3lbs  13ozs  8dms    22pts
10th Rob Rowbotham             peg  23              3lbs  9ozs  8ms         21pts
Jt 11th Dave Nicholls               peg  1                 2lbs  4ozs  8dms       20pts
Jt 11th Dereck Frost                 peg  5                 2lbs 4ozs  8dms        20pts
13th   Bert Savage                    peg  2                  8ozs                             18pts

Total weight of   77lbs  7ozs  8dms

The last match at Rook Hall this year was successful.  A good number of tench were caught.

The winner was Les Drury who also had the golden peg No.24.  He also won the second round of the points trophy with 134 points, 2nd was Rob Rowbotham with 111points, 3rd Graham Shirmer with 103pts, 4th Keith Leverett with 101pts.


Tesco’s Canal | 19 Sep 2017 | moved from Heybridge Basin | 15 fished

1st    Bert Turner                 peg  7         5lbs  1oz               30pts
2nd   Graham Shirmer        peg  13        2lb  130zs             29pts
3rd    Bill Woollcott              peg  2          2lb  10ozs             28pts
4th    Les Drury                      peg 10         2lbs 5ozs 8dms   27pts
5th    Rob Rowbotham         peg  11         2lbs 0ozs 8dms   26pts
6th    Allan Knight                  peg   8          1lb 13ozs             25pts
7th    Roger Smith                  peg   5          1lb 12ozs 8dms   24pts
8th    John Christensen          peg  3            1lb 12ozs             23pts
9th    Dave Auston                  peg  9             1lb  7ozs              22pts
jt10th Alan Beard                    peg 15            1lb  3ozs              21pts
jt10th Keith Leverett               peg  4             1lb  3ozs              21pts
12th    Dave Nicholls                peg  14           1lb                        19pts
13th    Don Carter                     peg  9              15ozs  8dms       18pts
14th    Barry Lewis                    peg 12              14ozs                   17pts

Bert Savage  did not weigh    1pt

Total weight  of  26lbs  14ozs


Oakford Middle Lake | 12 Sep 2017 | AWAY match | 14 fished

1st   Jack Morley                     peg  9          73lbs  14ozs
2nd  Brian Webber                  peg  13        72lbs  8ozs  8dms
3rd   Don Carter                       peg  17        71lbs  7ozs
4th    Les Drury                          peg  4          53lbs  12ozs
5th    Roger Smith                      peg  1          53lbs  3ozs  8dms
6th    Rob Rowbotham              peg   3          52lbs  14ozs  8dms
7th    David Earney                     peg  15        49lbs  14ozs  8dms
8th   Keith Leverett                    peg   18        42lbs  6ozs   8dms
9th   Bill Woollcott                     peg   16        38lbs  14ozs
10th  Dave Auston                      peg  11          21lbs  14ozs  8dms
11th   Dereck Frost                      peg  14         17lbs  5ozs
12th   John Christiansen              peg  10         12lbs  5ozs
13th   Dave Nicholls                     peg  6             10lbs  9ozs
14th   Bert Savage                         peg  21           5lbs

Total weight of  576lbs

A very  reasonable day everyone happy.  8 and 12mm pellets for hookers with 2 and 4mm for  feed.


Slough House West | 05 Sep 2017 | 14 fished

1st Bert Turner & Graham Shirmer        pegs 4 & 19           14lbs 3ozs
2nd Roger butler & Brian Webber          pegs 5 & 18           10lbs 2ozs 8dms
3rd Jack Morley & Dave Auston              pegs 7 & 16           8lbs 13ozs 8dms
4th Pat Mott & John Christensen           pegs 9 & 14          8lbs 9ozs 8dms
5th Allan Knight & Dave Nicholls           pegs 17 & 6           5lbs 13ozs
6th Roger Smith & Keith Leverett          pegs 10 & 13         3lbs 15ozs 8dms
7th Dereck Frost & Don Carter               pegs 8 & 15            3lb 1oz 8dms

Total weight of 54lbs 5ozs 8dms

Good result for a first trial on Slough West


Totham Pit | 29 Aug 2017 | 20 fished

1st   Dave Nicholls              peg  2              9lbs  3ozs
2nd   Les Drury                     peg 13              7lbs  7ozs  8dms
3rd    Brian Webber            peg  14             5lbs  9ozs
4th    Alan Beard                  peg  10              5lb  3ozs
5th    Geoff Green                peg  20               1lb  10ozs
6th    John Christensen        peg  6                 1lb  3ozs  8dms
7th    Graham Shirmer          peg  19               15ozs
8th   David Earney                 peg  3                   14ozs
9th   Roger Butler                   peg  5                   11ozs
10th Don Carter                      peg  1                    7ozs  8dms
11th Dave Auston                   peg  4                     6ozs  8dms
12th  Keith Leverett                peg  7                     30zs  8dms
13th  Pat Mott                          peg  16                   2ozs
14th  Dave Harley                     peg  18                   1oz

There were six did not weighs

Total weight of 34lbs 0ozs  8dms


Paper Mill Lock Canal | 22 Aug 2017 | 19 fished

1st   Brian Webber       peg  18              9lbs  15ozs             30pts
2nd  Steve Holden        peg   6                8lbs   5ozs  8dms   29pts
3rd   Geoff Green          peg  14               6lbs                          28pts
4th   David Earney         peg  2                  5lb  6ozs                  27pts
5th   Barry Lewis             peg 10                 5lb  4ozs                  26pts
6th  Bill Woollcott          peg  20                4lb  14ozs                 25pts
7th   Dave Harley             peg 11                 4lb  12ozs                 24pts
8th   John Christensen     peg  17                4lb  5ozs  8dms       23pts
9th   Les Drury                   peg  9                   4lb  1ozs                   22pts
10th Graham Shirmer       peg  12                3lbs  10ozs 8dms     21pts
11th Rob Rowbotham       peg  8                   3lbs  5ozs                  20pts
12th Roger Butler               peg  3                    2lb  11ozs                 19pts
13th Keith Leverett             peg  13                  2lb  5ozs                   18pts
14th  Bert Savage                peg  7                     2lb  3ozs                    17pts
15th  Alan Beard                  peg  1                     2lb  0ozs  8dms        16pts
16th  Don Carter                   peg   16                  1lb  11ozs                 15pts
17th  Roger Smith                 peg  19                    1lb  10ozs                14pts
18th  Dave Nicholls               peg  5                       14ozs                        13pts
19th  Dereck Frost                 peg  15                     2ozs                          12pts

Total weight of 73lbs 7ozs

A good result getting back to 30 year old results.


Whitehouse Farm | 15 Aug 2017 | 16 fished

1st   Les Drury             peg  2                                      40lbs  3ozs  8dms
2nd  Graham Shirmer peg  3                                       13lbs  10ozs  8dms
3rd  John Christensen peg  11                                     13lbs  2ozs
4th  Dave  Harley         peg  14                                      6lbs  11ozs
5th  Roger Butler          peg  10                                      3lbs  12ozs  8dms
6th  David Earney         peg  15                                        3lbs  11ozss
7th  Pat Mott                 peg  12                                         2lbs  12ozs  8dms
8th  Geof Green             peg  7                                           2lbs  11ozs  8dms
9th  Dave Auston           peg  18                                         2lb  10ozs
10th Bob Pallett             peg  6                                           1lb  10ozs  8dms
11th Brian Webber        peg  5                                           1lb  4ozs
12th Keith Leverett        peg 15                                           14ozs
13th Dereck Frost           peg  13                                           13ozs
14th Don Carter              peg  4                                              9ozs  8dms

There were 2 did not weighs

Total weight of  94lbs  7ozs  8dms

John Christensen had a 1lb Roach.

The reservoir was the lowest that I have seen it.


Slough House Farm | 08 Aug 2017 | 18 fished

1st   Keith Leverett                  peg  6                                   20lbs  8ozs
2nd  Richard Seabright           peg  22                                  15lbs  6ozs
3rd  John Christensen            peg  8                                      11lbs  15ozs  8dms
4th  Les Drury                          peg  18                                    10lbs  14ozs
5th  Bill Woollcott                   peg  12                                    10lbs   30zs  8dms
6th  Graham Shirmar              peg  13                                     8lbs  11ozs
7th  Don Carter                        peg  11                                     8lbs  3ozs
8th  Bert Turner                       peg  7                                        7lbs  3ozs  8dms
9th  Dave Harley                      peg  1                                         7lbs  1oz
10th Jack Morley                      peg  23                                      6lb  14ozs
11th Brian Webber                  peg  15                                       5lbs  13ozs  8dms
12th Roger Butler                     peg  4                                         5lbs  6ozs
13th  Jim Edwards                    peg  17                                        5lbs  1oz
14th  Rob Rowbotham             peg  10                                        3lbs  14ozs
15th  Dereck Frost                     peg  9                                          3lbs  9ozs
16th Bert Savage                       peg  25                                        3lbs  7ozs
17th Dave Nicholls                    peg  14                                         3lbs  2ozs  8dms
18th Dave Earney                       peg  2                                           1lb  15ozs

Total weight of 139lbs 3ozs  8dms

Not a bad day everybody caught.


Bog Grove | 01 Aug 2017 | 18 fished

1st   Brian Webber                     peg  14                  90lbs 7ozs     30pts
2nd  Dave Harley                        peg   6                    60lbs 2ozs     29pts
3rd  Bill Woollcott                      peg  15                   32lbs 12ozs   28pts
4th  Bert Turner                          peg  3                     22lbs               27pts
5th  Pat Mott                               peg  11                   18lb 6ozs        26pts
6th  Jack Morley                          peg  9                      17lb 2ozs       25pts
7th  Dave Earney                         peg  7                      16lb 1oz         24pts
8th  Geoff Green                         peg  8                       15lb 1oz         23pts
9th  Alan Beard                            peg 2                        12lb 3oz         22pts
10th Les Drury                             peg 24                    11lb 6ozs 8dms   21pts
11th Rob Rowbotham                peg 10                     9lb   10ozs         20pts
12th Keith Leverett                     peg 23                    9lb 2ozs 8dms     19pts
13th Dave Nicholls                      peg  16                        7lbs                    18pts
14th Jim Edwards                        peg  5                           6lb 1oz               17pts
15  Roger Butler                         peg  21                        3lbs                     16pts

There were 3 did not weighs

Total weight of 330lbs 6ozs


Rook Hall | 25 Jul 2017 | Alf Burton Trophy | 21 fished

1st  Brian Webber          peg  4                             13lbs  9ozs         30pts
2nd Dave Harley             peg  3                               8lbs   3ozs         29pts
3rd  Bert Turner              peg  23                             7lbs   5ozs         28pts
4th   Graham Shirmer    peg  13                              7lbs   1oz          27pts
5th   Rob Rowbotham    peg  12                             5lbs  12ozs       26pts
6th   Les Drury                 peg   6                              5lbs  4ozs  8dm  25pts
7th   Pat Mott                  peg   9                               3lbs  13ozs        24pts
8th   David Earney           peg  2                                3lbs  2ozs           23pts
9th   Don Carter               peg  24                              2lb  9ozs  8dms  22pts
10th Roger Butler            peg  27                              2lb  9ozs             21pts
11th Keith Leverett         peg  10                               2lb  6ozs             20pts
12th Bert Savage             peg  1                                  2lb  5oszs           19pts
13th Dereck Frost            peg  20                                1lb  14ozs  8dm 18pts
14th Bob Pallett               peg  19                                 1lb  12ozs           17pts
Jt 15th Jack Morley         peg  14                                   1lb  11ozs           16pts
Jt 15th Jim Edwards         peg  5                                     1lb  11ozs            16pts
17th  Richard Seabright   peg  18                                   1lb  8dms             14pts
18th  Dave Nicholls           peg  8                                      5ozs                       13pts

There were 3 did not weighs

Total weight of  72lbs  5ozs

Brian Webber took trophy and the Golden Peg.


Slough House West and Heron Hall | 18 Jul 2017 | Pairs match | 18 fished

1st  pair  Bert Turner & Les Drury    39lbs  10ozs
2nd pair  Graham Shirmer & Jim Edwards  26lbs  14ozs
3rd  pair John Christensen & Alan Beard  16lbs  6ozs
4th  pair  Dave Auston & Brian Webber  15lbs  5ozs
5th  pair  Pat Mott & Roger Butler  14lbs 4ozs
6th pair  Bert Savage & Dereck Frost  7lbs  12ozs 8dms
7th  pair  Dave Nicholls & Rob Rowbotham 4lbs  12ozs
8th  pair  Jack Morley & Don Carter  3lbs 15ozs
9th  Pair  Roger Smith & Keith Leverett  3lb  12ozs

Individual Slough House West 1st Les Drury  29lbs  8ozs   2nd Roger Butler  4lbs  10ozs  8dms

Individual Heron Hall     1st  Graham Shirmer 22lbs  13ozs   2nd Bert Turner 16lb 6ozs

Total weight:  Slough House West  52lbs 8ozs 8dms,  Heron Hall 87lbs 4ozs

Total over the 2 venues: 139lbs 12ozs 8dms


Oakford Fishery Top Lake | 11 Jul 2017 | AWAY match | 17 fished

1st   Graham Shirmer       peg  20                          104lbs  9ozs  8dms
2nd  Dave Harley                peg  7                             91lbs  9ozs
3rd  Bill Woollcott              peg  6                              90lbs  11ozs
4th  Bert Turner                  peg  2                              85lbs  6ozs  8dms
5th  Brian Webber              peg  12                            69lbs  3ozs
6th  Richard Seabright       peg  1                               49lbs  4ozs  8dms
7th  Rob Rowbotham         peg  10                             47lbs  2ozs
8th  Don Carter                    peg  17                             46lbs 15ozs  8dms
9th  Les Drury                       peg  8                                41lbs  14ozs
10th Keith Leverett              peg  13                             40lbs  2ozs
11th Roger Smith                  peg 5                                37lbs  4ozs
12th Bob Pallett                    peg 14                               34lbs  7ozs
13th Pat Mott                        peg 18                               33lbs  14ozs
14th Bert Savage                   peg 4                                  32lbs  1ozs
15th Alan Beard                     peg 19                                26lbs  15 8ozs
16th Jim Edwards                   peg  21                               23lbs  1oz  8dms
17th Dereck Frost                   peg  11                               22lbs  4ozs

Total weight  of 877lbs 6ozs

That’s  51lbs 8ozs average per man what a day.


Boreham Black Bridge Canal | 04 Jul 2017 | 21 fished

1st   Les Drury                peg  20                6lbs  7ozs             30pts
2nd  Roger Butler          peg   1                  5lbs  10ozs           29pts
3rd   Barry Lewis            peg   10                5lbs  5ozs             28pts
4th   Geoff Green           peg  8                   5lbs   3ozs            27pts
5th   Graham Shirmer    peg  9                   5lbs                       26pts
6th   Jack Morley            peg  21                  4lbs  13ozs           25pts
7th   Dave Earney           peg  3                     4lbs  10ozs           24pts
8th   Dave Harley            peg  12                   4lbs  5ozs  8dms 23pts
9th   Alan Beard              peg  11                   3lbs  10ozs 8dms 22pts
10th Bert Turner             peg 6                       3lbs  1oz                21pts
11th Bill Woollcott          peg 18                     3lbs  0ozs  8dms  20pts
12th Dave Auston            peg 17                     2lbs  13ozs            19pts
13th Rob Rowbotham     peg 7                       2lbs  7ozs  8dms    18pts
14th Roger Smith             peg 5                       2lbs  6ozs  8dms     17pts
15th Keith Leverett          peg 13                     1lb  12ozs 8dms     16pts
16th Dave Nicholls           peg  4                       1lb  7ozs                  15pts
17th John Christensen     peg  15                      1lb  4ozs  8dms      14pts
18th Don Carter                 peg  14                     15ozs  8dms             13pts
19th Jim Edwards               peg 16                      12ozs  8dms             12pts
20th Dereck Frost               peg 19                       11ozs                        11pts
21st Bert Savage                 peg 2                          DNW                         1pts

Total weight of  65lbs  11ozs  8dms

This was the best result at Black Bridge for 5 years. There was also 4 chub caught.


Slough House Farm | 27 Jun 2017 | 20 fished

1st   John Christensen        peg  1                 10lbs  4ozs  8dms
2nd  Les Drury                      peg  17                9lbs  9ozs
3rd  Bert Turner                  peg  16                8lbs  10ozs
4th   Bill Woollcott              peg  12                8lbs
5th   Graham Shirmer         peg  14                7lbs  5ozs  8dms
6th   Brian Webber              peg  9                  6lbs  7ozs  8dms
7th   Richard Seabright       peg  5                  3lbs  15ozs
Jt 8th  Pat Mott                    peg 15
Jt 8th  Roger Smith              peg  11
Jt 8th  Roger Butler              peg  3                 all 3lbs  1oz
11th  Dave Auston               peg  4                  2lbs  13ozs  8dms
12th  Alan Beard                   peg 13                2lbs  7ozs
13th  Rob Rowbotham        peg  10                2lbs  2ozs
14th  Don Carter                   peg  8                  1lb  4ozs  8dms
15th  Jim Edwards                 peg 6                   1lb  2ozs  8dms
16th  Jack Morley                  peg 20                  15ozs
17th  Keith Leverett              peg 18                   14ozs
18th  Dave Nicholls               peg  7                      4ozs  8dms

There were 2 did not weighs.

Total weight  of  75lbs  5ozs  8dms

Bert Savage lost a quality carp as it swam of it pulled the rod out of his hand. So if anybody hooks it you know who it belonged to.

A real change in the weather certainly put the big fish down. The 8 to the 1lb roach filled the nets.


Heybridge Basin Canal | 20 Jun 2017 | Senior Citizen Trophy | 14 fished

1st Graham Shirmer          peg  3                            3lbs  2ozs
2nd Bert Turner                  peg  4                             2lbs  12ozs  8dms
3rd  Rob Rowbotham        peg 10                             2lb   4ozs
4th  Pat Mott                       peg  9                              2lb  2ozs
5th  Jack Morley                  peg  11                            1lb  13ozs
Jt 6th  B.Woollcott               peg 8                               1lb  9ozs
Jt 6th  Bob Pallett                 peg 6                               1lb  9ozs
8th  Dave Auston                  peg 2                                1lb  8ozs
9th  Allan Knight                   peg 12                               1lb  2ozs
10th Alan Beard                    peg  7                                 1lb  1oz
Jt 11th Dave Nicholls            peg 15                                15ozs
Jt 11th  Keith Leverett           peg 1                                  15ozs
13th Roger Smith                    peg 14                                14ozs

There was 1 did not weigh.

Total  weight of 21lbs 8ozs 8dms

Graham Shirmer won the Snr citizen trophy.

John Christensen won the first round  points trophy.


Rook Hall Farm | 13 Jun 2017 | 20 fished

1st     David Earney          peg  1            9lbs  1oz
2nd    Graham Shirmar    peg   23          6lbs  15ozs  8dms
3rd     Rob Rowbotham    peg   13          6lbs  13ozs
4th     Keith Leverett         peg  9              6lbs  1ozs
5th     Roger Butler            peg  27            5lbs  13ozs
6th     Geoff Green             peg  19            5lbs  10ozs
7th     Bob Pallet                  peg  10           4lbs  12ozs  8dms
8th     Bert Turner                peg  21           3lbs  11ozs  8dms
9th     John Christensen      peg  18            3lbs  10ozs
10th   Dave Auston              peg  24            3lbs  9ozs  8dms
11th   Alan Beard                  peg  11            3lbs  2ozs
12th   Brian Webber             peg  3               2lbs  9ozs  8dms
13th   Dave Nicholls              peg  12             1lb  11ozs
14th   Les Drury                      peg  8               1lb  8ozs  8dms
15th   Don Carter                    peg  20             1lb  2ozs
16th   Bert Savage                   peg  2                1lb  1ozs
17th   Allan Knight                  peg  4                 14ozs  8dms
18th   Dereck Frost                  peg  5                 10ozs  8dms
19th   Richard Seabright         peg  22               9ozs  8dms
20th   Jack Morley                    peg  7                 7ozs  8dms

Total weight of 70lbs  2ozs

Best Tench  4lbs  6ozs  David Earney    Best perch Roger Butler  1lbs  6ozs  8dms


Oakford fishery middle lake | 06 Jun 2017 | AWAY match | 9 fished

1st   Brian Webber                  peg  15         100lbs  6ozs
2nd  Richard Seabright            peg  14         61lbs  4ozs  8dms
3rd   Keith Leverett                  peg  13          52lbs  11ozs
4th   Rob Rowbotham               peg  10          49lbs  0ozs  8dms
5th   Les Drury                            peg  11          28lbs  6ozs
6th   Bert Savage                        peg  6             10lbs
7th   Dave Nicholls                     peg  17            5lbs  7ozs

There were 2 did not weighs

Total weight of 306lbs 8ozs

The weather conditions were diabolical with 40mph winds and heavy rain.


Slough House Farm | 30 May 2017 | 18 fished

1st  Richard Seabright     peg  22        29lbs  0ozs  8dms  30pts
2nd  Keith Leverett            peg  23        26lbs  10ozs           29pts
3rd   John Christensen       peg 16        16lbs  2ozs  8dms   28pts
4th   Don Carter                  peg  17         13lbs  9ozs  8dms  27pts
5th   Brian Webber             peg  14         10lbs  12ozs  8dms 26pts
6th   Rob Rowbotham        peg  12          10lbs                         25pts
7th   Dave Harley                 peg  13           9lbs  10ozs              24pts
8th   Bert Turner                  peg  8              9lbs  1oz                  23pts
9th   Geoff Green                 peg  9              9lbs                           22pts
10th Allan Knight                  peg  15            7lbs  4ozs                 21pts
11th Les Drury                       peg  25            7lbs  2ozs  8dms      20pts
12th Dave Auston                  peg  18             4lbs  6ozs  8dms     19pts
13th  Roger Butler                  peg  6               4lbs  2ozs  8dms      18pts
14th  Dereck Frost                  peg  2               3lbs  10ozs  8dms     17pts
15th  Alan Beard                     peg  11              3lbs  0ozs  8dms       16pts
16th  Dave Nicholls                 peg  4                2lbs  15ozs                 15pts
17th  Bert Savage                     peg  3                1lb  1oz                       14pts
18th  Bob Pallet                        peg  7                 DNW                           1pt

Total weight of  167lbs  8ozs  8dms

Best tench R.Rowbotham 5lbs  10ozs


Rook Hall Farm | 23 May 2017 | 18 fished

1st   Allan Knight           peg 18                    11lbs  5ozs  8dms
2nd  Dereck Frost           peg  10                   6lbs  14ozs
3rd  Jack Morley             peg  20                   3lbs  8ozs
4th  Brian Webber         peg  2                      3lbs  5ozs  8dms
5th  Bert Turner              peg  3                      3lbs  4ozs  8dms
6th  Bob Pallet                 peg 7                       3lbs  3ozs  8dms
7th  Keith Leverett          peg  19                    2lbs  11ozs
8th  Rob Rowbotham     peg  13                     2lbs  8ozs
9th  Geoff Green             peg  11                     2lbs  4ozs
10th John Christensen    peg  12                     2lbs  2ozs  8dms
11th Dave Auston            peg  21                     1lb  10ozs  8dms
12th Bert Savage              peg  1                        1lb  9ozs
13th Alan Beard                peg  27                      1lb  7ozs
14th Dave Harley              peg  24                       1lb  3ozs  8dms
15th Pat Mott                    peg  23                       15ozs
16th Richard Seabright     peg 28                        11ozs  8dms
17th Dave Nicholls            peg  6                           5ozs

There was 1 did not weigh.   Very few tench caught considering reasonable weather.

Total weight of 49lbs.

Allan Knight first put out with his pole and sweetcorn baited hook had a fine carp of 10lbs 15ozs.


Little Park Lakes | 16 May 2017 | Dennis Penn Trophy | 20 fished

1st Jack Morley                   peg 22           26lbs  7ozs            30pts
2nd Dave Harley                  peg 17            19lbs 13ozs           29pts
3rd Geoff Green                   peg  8              16lbs                     28pts
4th  Rob Rowbotham            peg 4              14lbs 9ozs 8dms  27pts
5th  John Christiansen          peg 9               8lb  15ozs             26pts
6th  Brian Webber                 peg 21             8lbs  4ozs              25pts
7th Richard Seabright            peg 5               7lbs 8ozs 8dms     24pts
8th Les Drury                           peg 19             6lb  2ozs                 23pts
9th Don Carter                         peg 14             5lbs  13ozs             22pts
10th Roger Butler                    peg 20              4lbs 14ozs  8dms  21pts
11th Bob Pallet                         peg 3                11oz  8dms             20pts
12th Allan Knight                      peg 6                 5ozs  8dms              19pts
13th David Nicholls                   peg 7                5ozs                           18pts
14th Dave Auston                      peg 10              4ozs                           17pts
15th Pat Mott                             peg 2                 2ozs                            16pts

There were 5 did not weighs  they each receive 1 point each.

Total weight of  120lbs 2ozs 8dms

This was one of the best results for quite a while with only 5 DNW’s

John Morley – winner of the very impressive Dennis Penn Trophy for 2017


Little London Reservoir | 9 May 2017 | 15 fished

1st Richard Seabright       peg  20         14lbs  3ozs  8dms
2nd Brian Webber             peg  16          4lbs
3rd  Les Drury                     peg  9            3lbs  12ozs
4th  John Christensen        peg 17           3lbs  7ozs 8dms
5th Alan Beard                    peg  13          3lbs  4ozs
6th Don Carter                    peg  3             2lbs  9ozs
7th Pat Mott                        peg  10           2lbs  2ozs  8dms
8th Roger Butler                  peg  12           1lb  15ozs  8dms
9th Jack Morley                    peg  15           1lb  1oz  8dms
10th Dereck Frost                 peg  5             1lb
11th Rob Rowbotham         peg  18            14ozs
12th Dave Nicholls               peg  7               8ozs  8dms
13th Geoff Green                 peg  11             7ozs

There were 2 did not weighs.

Total weight of  39lbs  3ozs  8dms

Richard Seabright in his catch had a fine bream of 9lbs (above). 
Brian Webber had a 15oz roach


Oakford Top Lake | 2 May 2017 | AWAY match | 18 fished

1st   Steve Holden         peg  16           121lbs 13ozs  8dms
2nd  Les Drury                peg  12           57lbs   14ozs
3rd Richard Seabright   peg  13            50lbs  9ozs
4th Rob Rowbotham     peg  2               45lbs  15ozs  8dms
5th Keith Leverett          peg  20             44lbs  8ozs  8dms
6th Roger Smith              peg  5               39lbs  4ozs
7th Graham Shirman      peg 9                35lbs  7ozs
8th Don Carter                 peg 11              32lbs  1oz  8dms
9th Dave Harley                peg 4                30lbs   11ozs   8dms
10th Brian Webber          peg  8                28lbs  13ozs 8dms
11th  Dereck Frost            peg 19              23lbs  6ozs
12th Bill Woollcott            peg  3                 21lbs  7ozs
13th Dave Nicholls             peg 21                19lbs  15ozs  8dms
14th Alan Beard                  peg 7                   19lbs  10ozs  8dms
15th John Christensen       peg 18                  16lbs  1ozs
16th Bert Savage                 peg  1                    13lbs  5ozs
17th Roger Butler                peg  10                  12lbs  15ozs  8dms

There was one did not weigh in.

Total weight of 603lbs  15ozs  8dms

This was a very good start for our new season.


Slough House Farm | 25 Apr 2017 | 19 fished

1st   Steve Holden         peg  11         8lbs  14ozs           30pts
2nd  Dave Harley           peg   6          5lbs   7ozs            29pts
3rd   Roger Smith           peg  13         4lbs  12ozs           28pts
4th   Allan Knight           peg   8          4lbs  9ozs  8dms  27pts
5th   Richard Seabright   peg  17          4lbs  7ozs             26pts
6th   Bert Turner              peg  14          3lbs 10ozs            25pts
7th   Graham Shirmer      peg   21          3lbs  7ozs             24pts
8th  Alan Beard               peg  22            2lbs  12ozs           23pts
9th  Roger Butler             peg  3              2lbs  11ozs           22pts
10th John Christensen      peg  23            2lbs  2ozs 8dms   21pts
11th Brian Webber           peg 12              2lbs  1oz              20pts
12th Bill Woollcott            peg 16              1lb   8ozs              19pts
13th Don Carter                peg  1                15ozs  8dms         18pts
14th Dave Auston             peg  7                 14ozs  8dms         17pts
15th Keith Leverett           peg  9                  14ozs                   16pts

There were 4 did not weighs they each received 1 point.

Total weight of 49lbs  20zs

Roger Smith caught a tench of 4lbs

Richard Seabright caught a tench of 4lbs 7ozs.

A strong north wind and freezing temperature gave a poor start to the day.


Bog Grove | 18 Apr 2017 | Concessionary Cup | 20 fished

1st Richard Seabright       peg  22        9lbs  15ozs
2nd John Christensen        peg  15        8lbs  2ozs
3rd  Brian Webber              peg  10        7lbs  0ozs  8dms
4th  Graham Shirmer          peg  9           6lbs  10ozs
5th  Allan Knight                  peg  16          4lbs  6ozs 8dms
6th  Rob Rowbotham          peg  5            4lbs  6ozs
7th  Les Drury                        peg  21         4lb  1oz
8th  Dave Harley                    peg  23         4lbs  0ozs  8dms
9th  Alan Beard                      peg  2            3lbs  13ozs
10th Pat Mott                        peg   1            3lbs  12ozs  8dms
11th Roger Butler                  peg  8             3lb  7ozs  8dms
12th  Roger Smith                  peg  11           3lbs  3ozs  8dms
13th  Jack Morley                   peg 12            2lbs  15ozs
14th  Geoff Green                   peg  7             2lbs  13ozs  8dms
15th  Keith Leverett                peg  24          2lbs  2ozs
16th  Don Carter                      peg  20          1lb  4ozs
17th  Dave Nicholls                 peg  3              1lb
18th  Dave Auston                   peg  13            12ozs  8dms

There were 2 did not weighs.

Total weight of 73lbs  3ozs

The newly named concessionary trophy was won for the third time by Richard Seabright he also had best fish a rudd of 1lb 2ozs 8dms.

There were bream up to 2lbs caught and some quality roach and rudd.

Very cold day was had by a few some were in “T” shirts in the sun.


Rook Hall Farm | 11 Apr 2017 | 21 fished

1st   Roger Smith        peg  3              6lbs  8ozs
2nd  Bert Turner         peg  24             5lbs  5ozs
3rd   Dave Harley        peg  13             4lbs  12ozs
4th   Keith Leverett     peg  8                4lbs  6ozs
5th   Pat Mott              peg  15              3lbs  12ozs
6th  Bill Woollcott       peg  20              2lbs  11ozs  8dms
7th  Don Carter            peg  9                2lbs  5ozs  8dms
8th  Jack Morley          peg  19               2lbs  5ozs
9th  Rob Rowbotham  peg  14               2lbs  2ozs
10th Richard Seabright peg  12              1lb  14ozs  8dms
Jt 11 Alan Beard  peg  11 &  Geoff Green  peg  10  1lb  13ozs 8dms
13th John Christensen  peg 17                1lb  11ozs  8dms
14th Brian Webber        peg  1                  1lb  7ozs
15th Les Drury                peg  18                1lb  0ozs  8dms
16th Dave Auston          peg  5                   1lb
17th Dave Nicholls         peg  23                 12ozs  8dms

There were 4 did not weighs.  A temperature drop of nearly 10 degrees in 24 hours was too much of a drop for a tench day.


Bog Grove | 04 Apr 2017 | 18 fished

1st   Dave Harley               peg 9                    56lbs 6ozs
2nd  Allan Knight               peg 7                     38lbs 10ozs
3rd  Brian Webber            peg 15                   38lbs 6ozs 8dms
4th  Richard Seabright     peg  10                   23lbs 5ozs 8dms
5th  Les Drury                    peg  3                     19lbs 5ozs
6th  Jack Morley                peg  23                   12lbs 2ozs
7th  Keith Leverett            peg  5                      11lbs 8ozs 8dms
8th  Geoff Green               peg  18                     7lbs  1oz
9th  Don Carter                  peg  24                     5lbs 8ozs
Joint 10th  Dave Auston peg 22 & Bert Savage peg 14  with  5lbs  4ozs

There were 7 who did not weigh in.

Jack Morley  was Handed the tench trophy for producing a 5lb 10oz. Well done

Dave Harley is donating  a roach trophy  to be presented to the angler  who catches the best fish of the season, also a £50.00 prize purse