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Concessionary match results Oct 2018 onwards

Tesco’s Canal | 27 Nov 2018  | 14 fished

1st  Steve Willis            peg  7               5lbs  14ozs

2nd Graham Shirmer   peg  8               4lbs  4lbs  7ozs

3rd Roger Smith           peg  5               2lbs  2ozs  8dms

4th Keith Leverett        peg  4                1lb   11ozs  8dms

5th Bill Berry               peg  10              1lb  7ozs  a perch best fish

Jt 6th Alan Wilson p6,Dave Nicholls p11 ,John Christensen p4. 1oz  8dms

9th Bob Lamb              peg  13              1oz

There was 5 did not weighs.

Total weight of 15lbs  15ozs  8dms

The agency has done a good job clearing bankside and repairing fences.


Bog Grove | 20 Nov 2018  | 13 fished

1st    Rob Rowbotham          peg  5           23lbs  3oz

2nd Dave Harley                  peg 7            14lb   7ozs

3rd Keith Leverett                peg  10          9lb   3ozs

4th Graham Shirmer           peg  4            6lbs  6ozs

5th John Christensen          peg  9            4lbs  14ozs

6th Bill Berry                       peg  22           2lbs  3ozs  8dms

7th Alan Wilson                   peg  16           1lb  5ozs  8dms

8th Dave Nicholls                peg  15           1lb  4ozs  8dms

9th Les Drury                      peg  2              11ozs

There were 4 did not weighs.

Total weight  59lbs  3ozs  8dms

The 5lb weighing system worked excellent.


Little London Reservoir  | 13 Nov 2018  | 15 fished

1st   Roger Smith           peg  12           4lb  1oz         30pts

2nd  Dave Harley            peg  13           3lb  15ozs     29pts

3rd  Graham Shirmer     peg  11           2lb  8ozs       28pts

4th  Bert Turner              peg 16            1lb  8ozs      27pts

5th Keith Leverett           peg  8              14ozs           26pts

6th Rob Rowbotham       peg 14             12ozs           25pts

7th Don Carter                peg 15             2ozs  8dms  24pts

8th Les Drury                 peg  4               2ozs             23pts

9th Pat Mott                    peg 2               1oz  8dms    22pts

10th Dave Nicholls         peg 5               1oz               21pts

There was 5 did not weighs each receives 1 point.

Total weight of  14lbs  1oz  0dms

Concessionary match next week is Bog Grove.


Lakelands Lily and Wood Lakes | 06 Nov 2018  | 13 fished  |  AWAY match

Lily Lake.

1st  Graham Shirmer         peg  17         33lbs  2ozs

2nd  Roger Smith                peg  7           17lbs  3ozs

3rd  Bert Turner                  peg 19          10lbs  10ozs

4th  Pat Mott                        peg  11         7lbs  10ozs

5th  Les Drury                      peg  9            6lbs  11ozs

6th  Bert Savage                   peg  15          1lb

Wood Lake.

1st Dave Harley                  peg  2              69lbs  4ozs  8dms

2nd Rob Rowbotham          peg  16            39lbs  6ozs

3rd  Bill Berry                     peg  20            35lbs  12ozs

4th  Don Carter                  peg  8               17lbs  12ozs

5th Keith Leverett               peg  4              9lbs  2ozs

6th Alan Wilson                  peg 6               8lbs  10ozs  8dms

7th  Alan Beard                  peg  18             4lbs

Not a bad day considering quick change of weather.

Total weight of  262lbs 15ozs


Slough House West | 30 Oct 2018  | 16 fished

Everyone blanked

Certainly our worst day ever.

16 fished with not a single bite.


Slough House Farm | 23 Oct 2018  | 17 fished

1st    Les Drury                    peg  23                 29lbs  1oz  8dms

2nd  Graham Shirmer         peg  7                   11lbs  13ozs

3rd  Dave Harley                 peg  15                 10lbs  2ozs

4th  Bert Turner                  peg  14                  8lbs  10ozs

5th  Bert Savage                 peg  25                   8lbs  6ozs

6th John Christensen        peg  6                     7lbs  4ozs

7th Pat Mott                       peg  2                     7lbs

8th Keith Leverett              peg 10                    6lbs  12ozs  8ozs

9th Dave Auston                peg 3                      5llbs  13ozs

10th Roger Smith              peg 11                    4lbs  12ozs  8dms

11th Rob Rowbotham       peg 12                    3lb  11ozs

12th Alan Beard               peg  1                      3lb 8ozs

13th Don Carter               peg 4                       2lb  2ozs

14th Rob Lamb                peg  5                      1lb 4ozs  8dms

15th Bill Berry                peg  13                     1lb  0ozs 8dms

16th Alan Wilson           peg  8                        7ozs  8dms

17th  Dave Nicholls        peg 9                         3ozs 8dms

Total weight  of 112lbs

A reasonable day considering the gale force winds.

Best fish went to Les Drury with a tench of  3lbs  14ozs

Next week we are at Slough House. It will be a full house.


Tescos Canal | 16 Oct 2018  | 16 fished

1st  Rob Rowbotham     peg  7               2lbs  10ozs  8dms   30pts

2ndGeoff Green             peg  11             1lb  13ozs  8dms     29pts

3rd Graham Shirmer    peg  4                1lb  12ozs  8dme     28pts

4th Roger Smith            peg  1                1lb  9ozs  8dms       27pts

Jt 5th Pat Mott                peg  10              1lb  0ozs  8dms       26pts

Jt 5th Barry Lewis         peg 13                1lb  0ozs  8dms       26pts

7th  Keith Leverett         peg  15               15ozs                       24pts

8th  John Christian       peg  14               14ozs                        23pts

Jt 9th Alan Wilson        peg  16                10ozs  8dms             22pts

Jt 9th Les Drury            peg  8                  10ozs  8dms             22pts

Jt 11th Dave Nicholls   peg  11                 8ozs                          20pts

Jt 11th Dave Harley     peg  5                    8ozs                          20pts

13th  Dave Auston        peg  3                    6ozs                          18pts

14th  Alan Beard          peg  6                    5ozs  8dms                17pts

15th Don Carter           peg  2                    3ozs  8dms                 16pts

16th Bert Savage          peg  9                    2ozs                            15pts

Total weight of  15lbs 2ozs

We were looking forward to this one but it did not happen, the water was crystal clear very bright.

Next match Slough House farm.


Lakelands Lily Lake | 09 Oct 2018  | 11 fished  | AWAY match

1st   Rob Rowbotham      peg  16      43lbs  ozs
2nd  Keith Leverett           peg  13      33lbs
3rd  Roger Smith              peg  10       31lbs  1oz
4th  Bert Savage               peg  14       29lbs
5th  Les Drury                  peg  20        21lbs  11ozs  8dms
6th  Pat Mott                    peg  21        21lbs  10ozs
7th  Alan Wilson              peg  17        11lbs  6ozs
8th Alan Beard                peg  19        7lbs  4ozs
9th  Don Carter                peg  8          6lbs  6ozs
10th Dave Nicholls           peg  2          4lbs  14ozs
11th Bill Berry                  peg  18         1lb  4ozs

Total weight of  211lbs  4ozs

A reasonable day cold start then the sun came out and so did the fish.

Next week 16th Oct 2018 venue Tesco’s we have a working party this Thursday to clean up and make swims.


Heybridge Basin canal | 02 Oct 2018  | 13 fished

1st  Rob Rowbotham     peg  9         7lbs  6ozs
2nd Bert Turner             peg  8         5lbs  6ozs  8dms
3rd Barry Lewis              peg 3          4lbs  0ozs  8dms
4th  Les Drury                peg  10        3lbs  14ozs
Jt 5th Alan Beard           peg 6           3lbs  1oz  8dms
Jt 5th Keith Leverett      peg  1           3lbs  1oz  8dms
7th  Roger Smith            peg  11         1lb  7ozs
8th  Rob Lamb                peg  7           1lb  0ozs  8dms
9th  Don Carter               peg  12         1lb
10th Dave Nicholls         peg  5            12ozs
Jt11th Alan Wilson       peg  2             10ozs
Jt11th Bill Berry           peg  13            10ozs
13th Bert Savage            peg 4               8ozs  8dms

Total weight of  32lbs  14ozs

Not a bad day considering the strong winds.

Best fish a roach 10ozs  8dms caught by Les Drury.

Lakelands next week should be Wood Lake.